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  1. As a guest, or for goods and services?
  2. The legendary waynepunkdude managed to fit one into a Vauxhall Corsa.
  3. You could try a good high-pass filter, such as a Thumpinator.
  4. Some packets of silica gel in the cases wouldn't go amiss. Not sure I'd want to do this with my prides and joy though.
  5. It went for £1800 hammer price plus 26% in the end, so probably about right. Not to me unfortunately.
  6. I think that just means that the correspondence between Rob and the vendor is included with the sale, as part of the provenance.
  7. Think there's about 26% to be added to the hammer price.
  8. Think the headstock tuner argument is bogus, since they work from vibrations. I've used them before with no issues. Inline tuners work fine provided you have an amplified banjo. If it's purely acoustic you can't mute the natural sound. If it uses tuning pegs and gut strings, I'm surprised that it's too loud, that sort of banjo idoesn't normally make as much volume as something modern with steel strings and a tone ring. If it is too loud, a DIY mute in the form of a scarf or item of clothing wedged between the rod and the vellum will quieten it down a bit. Bonus style points may be awarded for using a soft toy instead, I have a Gabumon from Digimon living in one of my banjos for exactly this purpose. Tuning issues are sadly quite common with friction pegs. I eventually gave in and replaced the pegs on my Windsor Premier with some geared banjo tuners, and it now holds it's tuning very much better. Even the more budget models with geared guitar-type machines are better in this respect. There's not much you can do about someone who insists on tuning up over song introductions. Usually this is less the fault of the banjo, and more the banjo player being an inconsiderate derrière. If he's deaf you might need to point out how much it is affecting the audience.
  9. If you're in north Essex, Steve at Guitar Lodge in Felixstowe is not a long way away. He's great for repairs, setups, headstock breaks, etc. guitarlodge.co.uk
  10. Well done. It's not too scary is it? - I had to do a similar job on the Tenor that I got from banjo guru @binky_bassbefore the first lockdown and that improved it no end. One of my 5's was set up by Andybanjo, Glenn there really knows his stuff, and the other one hasn't needed any attention since I got it, so it shouldn't need any more attention.
  11. Anyhoo, back to the original question. Using a lolly stick as a shim under the bridge is a pretty nasty bodge. The correct way to do this is to set the neck angle, either by adjusting the co-ordinator rod(s) or by adjusting the wedges if you have an older banjo. To make the action higher, you need to extend the bottom or single rod. There are some good videos about how to do this on the Deering site.
  12. Into a toilet, without hitting the seat.
  13. Excellent Bob, welcome. My recollection is that these would be good-quality student basses imported by Boosey and Hawkes probably from somewhere in eastern Europe, and sold mostly to school orchestras and aspiring bass students. This is a great bass to have as a starter bass and well beyond that. Theres a thread here which you might find interesting, particularly the excellent posting by @PaulKing at the end of the thread which has a lot of detail on the brand.
  14. What is an SG3000 ? https://www.guitar-auctions.co.uk/sale/145/85/2004-Yamaha-Custom-Shop-SG3000-Professional-electric-guitar-made-in-Japan-ser-no-QxxxxxI
  15. Very sad news. Condolences to his family and friends. RIP Martin.
  16. I've had good results with Eneloop and also with Seven Day Shop's own brand high-capacity .
  17. 605 is supposedly 18mm, same as the 1025. If you want a Yamaha 5 with full 19mm spacing you're probably talking about a TRB 5P Mk 1, which seem to have soared in value recently 😞
  18. Korg G5. There are a couple for sale in the market place. Why go to a modern emulation when you can go to the actual pedal that was used on a lot of these tracks?
  19. For Sale has always been browsable. I think it's only the Ebay section and Off Topic which don't appear if you're not logged in.
  20. A long scale string is going to be 2" longer than a medium scale string, so you're going to need several spacers on each one.
  21. I know I'm neither, but it wouldn't stop me!
  22. What a lovely thing! @Bassassinyou need to see this.
  23. Yes, these are great little amps and definitely kick sand in the face of Rumble 40s.
  24. Hahaha the Beavertown one is hilarious. Almost Roy Lichtenstein-like.
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