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  1. Originally this would have had a crossover at 3500Hz for the tweeter. This often got modded, or the tweeter removed altogether. https://www.talkbass.com/threads/by-request-how-to-bypass-the-peavey-410tx-crossover.78034/
  2. It wouldn't work. THere's nothing to stop a scammer registering a fake date of birth, and you don't need to provide a DOB to Paypal anyway so they have nothing to check it against.
  3. We've used bandmule (www.bandmule.com) for a while and it seems fine if you're only in one band. The multi-band situation is not great. It's free, there's an app for the shared calendar, and I don't think there's a limit on numbers. We used to use wheresthegig.com but they put a pricing structure in place that makes it prohibitive.
  4. Lots of love for the OC-5 , if you can find one.
  5. Cliff RIchard and the Young Ones
  6. I'm not @Dood obviously, but I've done similar using a Zoom H4 - this means you don't need the mini-mixer because it's built into the H4. I used the built-in mikes for ambient, plugged an output from the bass into one socket and a monitor mix into the other socket, put the unit on a short boom mike so you can adjust levels, It works really well. I also use the ZS10s, they really are amazing for the money and you can buy assorted rubber tips off the bay if the ones supplied don't fit your lugoles.
  7. The depth of the unit went from 2U to 1U when they changed the power module to class D. I think all the Puma combos, certainly the ones with 'double height' amps, were A/B . I have a Puma 110 combo with the A/B sticker as above.
  8. Hi Mark, That's good, I'll send you a PM.
  9. Cadorina or Castorina ? I think the latter, and there is a mandolin maker Castorina Ruggieri also from Catania.
  10. Interesting find. I think it's older than '60s, it looks more like turn of the century - 1920's.
  11. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  12. Plywood double bass body, 3/4 size. Could make an interesting DIY project for someone - bookshelves, cocktail cabinet, maybe a novelty planter for the garden? Collection from Ipswich area.
  13. For the LS-02, I think you need A+B Mode, Synth dry out into LS-2 loop A, Synth wet into Delay into LS-2 loop B, output into amp. You'll also need a dummy plug in the main input to switch the unit on.
  14. And is one of those Aux outs fixed to post-eq? In which case it's not ideal for a monitor mix.
  15. Peirre Vernier. Who invented the scale in 1631, so clearly a brilliant man ahead of his time. It was probably another 150 years before the machine tools existed that could make a Vernier Caliper.
  16. Thomann used to be really bad at this, and so did GAK. Thomann have seriously cleaned up their act, and I haven't ordered anything from GAK since, so I have no idea.
  17. Can only see tiny thumbnails. Do you have some bigger pictures, preferraby one that shows it mounted on a bass please?
  18. 2 1/2 grand for something that looks like it was made in my shed by me! No thanks.
  19. Worth keeing an eye on the forums for a second-hand: Tecamp Puma Classic 112 Eich BC 112 Phil Jones Bass Suitcase Any of these would fit the bill and will drive an extension speaker if you need to make a bit more noise for the punk band. Provided it's a pretty quiet punk band, they're not going to keep up with Marshal 100W and 4x12s obviously.
  20. Pretty hard to beat a Phil Jones Bass Double Four.
  21. Not sure I'm seeing the dog biscuit connection. More like what comes out of the other end of the dog after it's eaten the biscuits.
  22. Interesting, I think that's the first time I've seen the words 'Sting' and 'bell' in the same sentence without the word 'end' .
  23. To fit the bridge properly, you need tape some sandpaper to the belly and shape the bottom of the bridge feet by moving the bridge side-to-side., like you are trying to use it to saw the body in half.
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