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  1. Now that doesn't sound like a particularly useful system at all.
  2. That makes no sense. Subs and tops are full range. The system is only reproducing what you are putting in. Any sub loaded system is going expect the appropriate use of HPF. Even if you are using just tops, you will want to use A HPF to retain headroom. If you aren’t going to make use of amp sapping lows, get rid of them…
  3. If you add quite a bit of saturation to your signal (but not necessarily so it's heard as audible distortion) - you'll soon get the drivers jumpin' You're right though, when playing through them clean, drivers don't tend to do that - and as pointed out earlier in the thread, a lot of amps have HPFs built in because it really frees up the headroom in the amp.
  4. Theres a lot of me me me in that response. If the band was stinky poo hot, why would you expect any different response? Asking for commitment is a simple ask. How you manage your time is up to you - if you can make it work whilst adhering to their requirements that’s fine. It’s their perogative to not have to compromise. But if you are going to cause problems for them - whether that be through lack of rehearsals, or double booking on gigs, I fully understand why they wouldn’t be bothered with the headache. What’s wrong with that? I think these threads are an interesting insight into how self centred musicians can be. Most of the time, all this can be avoided with a straight forward, cards on the table conversation.
  5. Why does ability come into it? This is just about being decent and setting expectations.
  6. These threads always make for interesting reading. A swing band wanting a bass player at all their rehearsals. Doesn't sound that unreasonable to me. Hardly a cult. And setting out expectations from start. I'd say they sound like a straight up, decent lot.
  7. It was an accidental black and white tbh. The lights that the PA company were using were just flooding the stage with green lights. The lead singer's top is green and black - and added with the fact that everybody's face was looking like the hulk, for this particular song, it made more sense for it to go to black and white as the lighting show just killed it.
  8. More adventures in one man and a bunch of cameras... Plus getting to help out a mate with his promo. OK - so a different vibe on this one to look different to the Silverstone gig. The gig was a private event in some guys garden that decided that given that he couldn't go to any festivals this year, he'd have his own. This one is shot black and white - and shot on the longer end of the lens and a "bit more in their faces" to deliberately give the videos a different feel. The sound is a bit err... shonky with the fx. That's what we got from the desk, warts and all. Hey, it's live and we got what we got! Oh and I've cut my hair since then!
  9. I take it that you don't move you own gear? If you do move your own gear, you won't be for much longer.
  10. Being as good as he says he is... I'm sure if you asked the Gallagher brothers what they thought of themselves in the founding days of Oasis, they would be sure of their abilities too. It's all relative. They seem to have done alright from themselves. Sometimes attitude gets you places, regardless of talent... or perceived talent.
  11. Perhaps Im thicker skinned than most - but that sounds like somebody that has got a plan, a work ethos and drive to get things going. That's the very thing that sets bands that "make it" apart from the bands that meander in a sea of nothingness. Say what you want up front, then you can kick people out who don't adhere to the plan. You always can refer them back to the original advert when they don't play ball. Most musicians are inherently lazy - so fair play to this guy looking to cut the dead wood and starting afresh. Some may call him a bell end... but I think he's pretty decent in setting expectations up front. If you think he's over selling himself, you should read some of the corporate lies on LinkedIn.
  12. Just thought I would drop this here - singer with my band has been looking to change her inears and she asked me for a short list of my recommended IEMs. Turns out there's some offers on UE at the moment and she's just gone with UE18+ - which are pretty awesome. As people may know, UE6 and UE18 are my fave from UE. Anyway, for those looking to get into the game, theres some decent savings to be had on the 11, 18s and Lives. http://www.custom-inearmonitors.co.uk/offers.html
  13. type 4x10, then go back and delete the x and retype it...? EDIT: or not
  14. Yes - they are effectively earphone sleeves. The issue is that for bass, they don't really deliver the goods. You need a good multi driver unit to get something worthwhile.
  15. If in doubt, ratchet strap! Look like the real PA deal then!
  16. And doesn't it look so much more high brow?
  17. As @ped said, there appeared to be some dodgy formatting (grey text) introduced at some stage. I've gone and fixed it, so all should be good now!
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