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  1. That's not one of Stevies selfies. This is. I don't think he fount the rear camera button.
  2. The fact its in a rehearsal mean probably means it's hardly in the optimum state as it's likely to have 7 shades or stinky poo ragged out of it. The fact that it is in a rehearsal room... and working should probably cement its status more than anything else.
  3. But have we done the 20000ft Drop Test yeah?
  4. EBS_freak

    Show us your rig!

    I like! my back hurts looking at the flight case (looks like an awkward lift) but yeah, I like!
  5. I was referring to the pics of "here's me with Stevie Wonder" on Facebook. (When Stevie Wonder is just a blurred bob in the background, nowhere near the poster of said pic)
  6. If you just want Sandra Bullock, you may just as well get some custom vinyl printed... otherwise you are into the realms of a base colour, overlays of decals and a poly clear coat.
  7. Yup - bow finishing or sims paint shop is probably your first call - but it won’t be cheap for a proper job.
  8. Surprised your laptop can put out that much juice from the headphone socket... or is that the cab self adjusting feature coming into play?
  9. https://www.guitarbuild.co.uk/collections/bass-bodies/jb-body?sort_by= https://screlics.co.uk/price-list/ So body is 315/375 - so a spray job around 150ish quid. Gosh, thats pretty cheap for a finish. I wonder if this guy would be doing a refin or two for me... To be fair, his paisleys seem quite cool.
  10. Strong money for a Fender neck and bits. I suppose all the sourcing of parts off eBay and a paint job has been for you, I guess.
  11. A single driver eh? Did this really come out of a Peavey cab... or a Fender cab? 🧐
  12. Forgot to mention I added another section. (Silent stage)
  13. You'll need a modeller so you can switch up virtual heads and speaker cabs, so common choice for bass players is the Helix Stomp... but theres Kemper, Axe FX, Boss, Mooer, Zoom, Positive Grid etc...
  14. I know people nick alloys - but I'd be pretty whizzed coming back to a cab with the speaker nicked from it.
  15. So in answer to the question, it would appear the Peavey 1x15 BW loaded bass cab is the one.
  16. The only Andertons YT vid I found vaguely interesting was when they were doing the blind shootout Kemper vs the real amp thing. But yeah, I certainly wouldn't buy anything off the back of their videos. What you have to remember is, they are just making videos to try to get up the search engine rankings (and maybe monetise their content) and shift whatever product to make money. Would they really pull apart any product they sell...? Of course not - because it's not in their interests to do so as it could impact a sale.
  17. Pretty much. There's nothing in that review that would convince me they have a good understanding of the product that they are reviewing. It makes noise! Wahey, lets jam! OK, they were (over) enthusiastic about the products - but couldn't actually tell us why. And whoever filmed the cabs close up, crushed all the blacks so you couldn't actually see any detail of the cabs.
  18. If you only want the one prebaked sound... but what if I told you, you could carry one cab around and get the sound of a 1x10, 1x12, 2x12, 3x12, 4x12, 2x10, 1x15, 4x10, 8x10... etc You may only want one sound - but what about that guitarist who wants to go from a little Fender Deluxe to a Marshall stack... How about if you wanted a little Ampeg B15... and then a SVT 8x10... and you achieve it with just one cab? It's not for everybody - but opens up a lot of options to you in a portable package.
  19. Another ex Peavey 115BW user here. They were absolutely stonking - especially for the money.
  20. If you imagine the frequency response of the cab, a FRFR cab is tuned to be absolutely flat (although it's usually more successful with powered cabs because DSP can be used to flatten the response). Whilst your cab has drivers to cater for the different frequencies, it will still have inherent lumps and bumps in it's frequency response.
  21. FRFR - full range, full response. In other words, completely flat and characterless. You create your sound up front and the sound that comes out the speaker is not influenced of the speaker. You want the sounds of different speakers? - then they are modelled - and then sent to the FRFR speaker. Means you can carry around a virtual set of speaker cabs whilst only physically having to carry one FRFR cab to reproduce it all.
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