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  1. ahpook

    Vintage Amp

    As a a rule of thumb, 25 years seems to be about right for musical stuff, but there's no hard and fast rule as far as I can tell !
  2. ahpook

    For Beatles Fans Over 65 Only

    May I ask why ?
  3. ahpook

    For Beatles Fans Over 65 Only

    The White Album is probably my favourite Beatles album, but no interest in the remasters - they have no artistic merit in my opinion. It has as much worth in my mind as deciding that the Sistine Chapel ceiling doesn't look good in photographs and deciding it needs some brighter colours. YMMV of course.
  4. ahpook

    Apparently Markbass are to make bass guitars

    Hmmmm. There's just too much going on. ...are we going to the opera ?
  5. ahpook

    Not everything about the bass is great .....

    Nope, don't understand. I don't think I have enough hubris to be be this judgement about other people's playing
  6. ahpook

    Riverhead Unicorn bass

    Bevis Frond wrote a song about them.
  7. ahpook

    Charvel Surfcaster Bass

    For some reason the like take me to this page. Recursion.
  8. The Ark of the Covenant ?
  9. ahpook

    Jack Casady bag/case

    I think Fender have revamped their range since I got a gig bag for mine, but there's a long and short scale acoustic bass bag that I guess is a similar product. Can't see any dims tho.
  10. ahpook

    Do I need a Compressor?

    He's made some great music, I loved some of the Folk Implosion stuff...and Sebadoh ? Awesome stuff.
  11. ahpook

    Do I need a Compressor?

    I take it you've seen the Dinosaur Jr. Rig Rundown ? Lou Barlow seems such a nice chap. Nice to see someone so honestly enthusiastic about their gear (certainly in comparison to Mr. Mascis ) Hopefully you'll get some other ideas as well. I reckon @dannybuoy might be able to offer some ideas.
  12. ahpook

    Do I need a Compressor?

    I bet that sounds 'kin awesome ! As someone who's very partial to some chords and overdrive as well, a compressor could help you even up the difference across the neck when you're chording, but maybe have a quick play with your EQ as well. You can sometimes tame the difference in tone with a bit of subtle EQ. That said, I do find a compressor useful when I'm rocking the Lou Barlow vibe. I use a Schalltechnik Pumpernickel, which aren't that expensive...but you do have to build them from a kit, so whether that's an option depends on how good your soldering is ! I'd look for something with parallel compression where you can mix between the clean and compressed signal, and put in the clean side of your blend, keep the grind uncompressed.
  13. ahpook

    ok really boiled my p1ss, need to let off steam

    Oh dear....I see what you mean. I was more thinking BBC Sunday evening comedy-(slight) drama but now Mr. Oliver's turned up my vignette may have to take a somewhat 'scandi-noir' turn.
  14. ahpook

    ok really boiled my p1ss, need to let off steam

    I can see it now...a few excited phone calls..."Hey, you see that gig at the Highwayman ? You did ? Yeah...I thought we could give it a go too. Is Jo still playing drums ? Brilliant...I'll bung them an email. Hope we've got enough time !!!" A slightly haphazard gig of some old crowd-pleasers, the band have a blast - old fires rekindled, the crowd dance the night away, totally oblivious to the bum notes here and there. Two weeks after the gig, the band get together and talk about how much they enjoyed it "Hey...you think we could do this more often.....?" Now, isn't that a nice picture ? That's what popped into my head when I read the ad.
  15. ahpook

    NBD: Fender PBAC-100

    I would suggest it's a PBAC-100. No prior knowledge, but this is a fretless one.
  16. ahpook

    Why do Pros use a P Bass...

    'kin amatuer ! He'd have not changed the strings on a P-bass if he was a pro.
  17. ahpook

    New Ashdown pedals

    Gulp indeed. Looks like they're aping Darkglass's pricing strategy on some of the pedals.
  18. See this is why I try not to mix with other bass players in person. You really are a bunch of miserable basstards !
  19. ahpook

    a reintroduction

    Welcome back !
  20. ahpook

    What happens to your recording?

    Well, yes....MP3 is a lossy format, I'd expect to see signal degradation.
  21. ahpook

    What happens to your recording?

    Interesting, but I'd ask is using a square wave to test the fidelity of MP3 encoding a reasonable test ? It was designed to encode music and takes into account the psychoacoustic effects of human hearing, it's not designed to create a perfect copy.
  22. ahpook

    First gig played, where and when.

    Um...somewhere in Leeds, sometime in 1986. It's another unforgettable night I can't remember
  23. Pretty much the long and the short of it for me.
  24. ahpook

    Daft as it may seem

    Never carry more that you can eat.
  25. Of course folks could just be trying to make conversation with somebody they know plays music and they're trying to choose a topic with some common ground. In those situations I try to smile and join in the conversation. I'm thinking of calling this approach 'politeness'....I've got a feeling it might be quite useful Not sure about the name yet tho.