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  1. He's one of those tall people who stand at the front at gigs, that who he is.
  2. He doesn't tap dance, but is actually telepathic. Shame, I heard he was in line for the lead in 'Scanners: The Musical"
  3. Thanks for posting that - I have my grandad's Hofner Senator and didn't know how old it was. It's no 2809 so that makes it 1956, nice to know. He gave it to me when his arthritis got too bad for him to play, but he used to sing to me and my sister when we were little and it's one of my most cherished possessions.
  4. 'Sinking' by The Cure It is indeed the same repeated figures, but there's something about those 10 or so notes in the verse that just work so well with the mood of the song. Rather good love version too.
  5. Brilliant ! Love the look btw.
  6. Steve Hillage Really looking forward to it, I've got two old buddies coming down from Newcastle as well
  7. ahpook

    It's over

    ...and what can I do (do do do do) ?
  8. I was in the Pirate Studios in Cheltenham at the weekend and for the rooms do sound very good. Even the small room we'd hired sounded remarkably un-boxy.
  9. That's great, nicely done. You could do a techno night just like that
  10. The wonderfully-titled Stinkfoot website has a page about the Boss ACA power supply http://stinkfoot.se/archives/726
  11. Not all pedal DIYers want to ! Each to their own of course, but I've no problem with the finish on the pedal as long as it works OK, and I quite like pedals that look like they were cooked up in a lab and labelled with a Sharpie !
  12. Check out the deleted scenes, they fill in a lot of the back story.
  13. Nice, but I'd (as is my usual complaint) have preferred to hear some sustained notes, not a slurry flurry of notes.
  14. Didn't realise I'd replied already
  15. Sorry, I can't quite hear you over the sound of grinding forestry equipment.
  16. Yes, but about 5 or 6 years ago for rehearsals, not recording. I remember it being pretty good.
  17. I wish they'd do their basses in jazz-style nut widths - I loved the Shark I had but in the end my ikkle hands needed something skinnier.
  18. Yes, me too, especially if it somehow becomes a requirement...not everybody uses it.
  19. My only rule for band names - nothing you have to spell to people. Because all you'll do is spell it to people when they can't hear it at a busy gig. 'Kyote' being my object lesson. "Coyote ?" "KIng...who ?" etc.
  20. I did have to search, but that's Unlabel ? Still going strong ? That's good to know. The band I was in around 2006 had some recordings released by them. Hope you have a great gig !
  21. None of his hats seem to cover his ears, he's bound to get chilly. Now cardigans....that's more like it. I've taken the stage in a cardigan more than once.
  22. No habits, no 'lucky socks/shoes/Y-fronts/etc.' and certainly no hats - unless you're outdoors and it's cold.
  23. The artist formerly know as StevieE
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