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  1. Impressive looking setup. I'm waiting for the day that the rest of the band members don't rely on me for the PA 😂 I'll then try out my RCF 745's in the same setup. I once did a gig where the bass player in the main band used 3 monitors. Two in front and one behind. I sound checked with it and it was fabulous. B'trds turned them off when we played! GLWTS.
  2. Had a pair of their 12's. Great lightweight cabs. Still miss them and regret moving them on. GLWTS.
  3. The cat may have had some industrial dental work 😂 I would have bought the bass (don't need the cat) last week. Unfortunately, I'm all bassed up now. GLWTS
  4. Well, Jeff supports free markets and in this instance, the case is greatly inflated in price obviously because Jeff is famous. Notorious it seems. It's a scandal really. Jeff obviously gave this away in good spirit and the capitalists are profiteering via his good will. As if any BC'er could afford the asking price anyway! It's tantamount to cruelty really. The world doesn't know what it's on about anymore and neither do I. I love beer me 😂
  5. I got one of these combos (the Warfedale version). It's great for the money. Warm and creamy and loud as it should be. The 30% mode works really well for bedroom and recording.
  6. Now that explains it 😂 - https://www.thriftbooks.com/a/mark--------phillips/201443/
  7. I bought Andy's SUB bass. Great fella to deal with. It arrived when he said it would and totally as described. I wouldn't hesitate to deal again. Thanks again Andy. Cheers Dunc
  8. I bought John's Bennett semi bass. Arrived when he said it would and exactly as described. Top bloke to deal with. Thanks again John. Cheers Dunc
  9. Fabulous basses. Went from Precision to one of these. Can't see me going back, although I miss my P immensely. GLWTS
  10. Bought a strap from Paul. Arrived quickly and totally as described. I wouldn’t hesitate to buy again. Thanks again Paul. Cheers Dunc
  11. Wow! I was building flat wagons at the age of 5 that were more advanced than that! I stare into space bewildered! 😂
  12. From a previous BC thread - [quote name='basskit_case' timestamp='1392199753' post='2365772'] I was looking at the P3110 on Thomann yesterday, they have a link to the manual and I read it as 160w or 300w with extension cab. [/quote] The quote is from Talkbass. I have found the wiring diagram somewhere too. If I find it I will post it... "Nice thing about the P3110 is the internal speaker has two 8 ohm voice coils wired in parallel thus you have the full 300 watts with the internal speaker. When you plug in the external speaker one of the 8 ohm windings is disconnected. A very innovative feature and a great amp. I have the P3115 (same amp diff cabinet) and love it. Enjoy". Conflicting info indeed. But the 8ohm winding in the combo is supposed to split into 2x150w when an 8ohm extension is attached resulting in 300w either way. Jiggery pokery beyond my feeble mind I'm afraid. Mine was pretty loud on its own but it t is a 110 and not an 810 😁
  13. I seem to remember that these put out 300w as is and 300w with an extension cab? The article may even be on BC about the jiggery pokery used to achieve that. Still tempted! 😁
  14. Decent little combos these. I'm tempted. Really lightweight and has a tilt back thingy. Ummmmmm.
  15. I'm called Duncan but I don't know who effin Jeff is. Neither do I want the case. How much will it cost for you not to sell it to me without postage then? Fully insured of course.
  16. Clarky bought my Shergold. Flawless transaction and wouldn't hesitate to deal with him again. Thanks again Clarky. Cheers Dunc
  17. Oh, come on. I've nearly made the switch to six a few times. If I had the dosh I'd definitely be a 6'er now. Beautiful thing that it is. GLWTS
  18. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  19. Apologies as I haven't read the whole thread but these look great value if you can fnd one - https://albionus.wordpress.com/2012/03/22/albion-review-tct-35/
  20. Thank goodness! I'll be able to sleep now! 😁
  21. Exactly the opposite unfortunately. They had fans fighting doing the same thing the night before.
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