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  1. I never thought I'd sell this, I instantly got the sound I'd been searching for for years. It's a great little combo that truly has a great sound and in good condition for its age. It's very loud for its wattage too (will have to check but I think it's 130). I've had much higher wattage combos that weren't as loud as this. I thought it was going to be really heavy too but to be honest, it's perfectly manageable and compact. I've now found myself with a room full of gear and unfortunately this has to be part of my clear out. I got it a few months ago from BC'er Kevvo66 and fully intended to use it as a 1st choice with PA support but changing projects and acquiring a BF Big Twin, I'm finding little use for it. I would love to keep it at home for recording but if you could see how much gear is already packed into such a small room, you would fully understand! 😂 I'll try and get some more photos when I can make some space. A Trace Elliot combo for £75 has to be one of the greatest bargains on BC at the moment. 😀 Collection from BB22SH or could possibly meet up. You are welcome to send your own courier. I'll pack it well for you.
  2. That could well explain the tweeter blowing then! We live and learn! Thanks for the info!
  3. I think this might be yours. I got it from Pestie. I used Walshy's pic as it was the only one I could find until I could actually get photos of the unit. The history sounds familiar too. It is a great cab. Thanks for the heads up.
  4. I couldn't agree with you more. It's a really transparent cab and does not need the horn to compliment it. You are right, it reproduces exactly what is put into it. If the horn did work, I'd turn it off anyway! Thanks for the thumbs up Potato Bass! It is a great cab. 👍
  5. As above, in good but used condition. Quite a bulky cab but extremely lightweight (think Barefaced light). At approx 14 kg and is a one hand lift. Height: 29" or 74 cm. Width: 20.5" or 52cm. Depth: 15.5" 40cm. It has handles both sides for easy lifting. The tweeter has blown. It has a horrible vibration. I just turn it off at the back. It's on spade connectors and so very easy to remove completely or replace. The knob on the rear panel for the tweeter is also missing. I was going to replace them but thought I'd offer it on here at a cheaper price either to fix or use as is. Selling as I've recently acquired a 4ohm Barefaced Big Twin and so have no need for an 8ohm cab. Pics to follow. The grill screws are only partially screwed in on the pics as I've been investigating the tweeter. 😀 May trade for a bass head to use as a spare. Collection from BB22SH, possible meet up. Can pack for shipping but buyer to arrange their own courier and insurance etc.
  6. Great cabs these. FRFR or an immense onstage PA monitor. GLWTS.
  7. Not used anymore. Audio Technica M2 and Shure 535 IEM's. The 535's will need new buds (easily purchased online cheaply). Works well but obviously not new. So, will have signs of use but not abuse. Collection preferred or could meet up. Will post as a last resort at buyers expense and risk.
  8. Sold Colin some iem receivers recently. Great transaction with no hassles at all. A pleasure to deal with you Colin. Cheers Dunc
  9. Sold llian an iem system recently. Great chap to deal with. Everyting as it should be with no hassles at all. Thanks again llian. Cheers Dunc
  10. Did a trade with Paul. Everything went as easy as could be. Great communion and a thoroughly good chap to deal with too. Highly recommended BC'er. Thanks again Paul, the twin is great!
  11. £225 Great little combo and extension that's done me proud over the years but alas it's time to go. Only selling to buy a backup head. In good condition and works well. There are marks etc on both units but nothing major. I've used the combo itself as a monitor with PA support many times and got the extension to fill the sound out a bit (which also worked well) Portable and light, the head is removable which makes it even more versatile. I may sell the cabs and keep the head as a backup if anyone is interested in those? Otherwise, trades swaps are welcome for a lightweight head, Eden, TE Elf etc but may consider others (Ashdown Evo, Ampeg etc). Collection preferred from BB22SH, may be able to meet up but will post as a last resort at the buyers risk and expense. Pics to follow.
  12. A mate of mine has Its twin and on occasion I've used it live. Fantastic well crafted piece of kit and sounds like thunder. Someone's in for a rare old treat! GLWTS.
  13. Bought a Mac in a hassle free deal from Owen. Arrived quickly and exactly as described. Great guy to deal with. Have no fear! Thanks again Owen. Cheers Dunc
  14. Nice basses these. I had one for a while and thoroughly enjoyed it. If finances were better, I'd have this. GLWTS.
  15. Adam and the Ants on Saturday, roped into seeing The Wonder Stuff next Thursday and the next one so far is Wire in January.😀
  16. I think you might be right. Celestion definitely rings a bell.
  17. Absolute bargain. Great cabs. Very very tempting indeed but I'm unsure of the adverse reaction from the vampire, I'll see what mood she's in when it gets a bit darker. GLWTS.
  18. I remember these sounding quite nice and louder than a really loud thing twice its size. Its got to be a bargain too. GLWTS.
  19. For the first time, I'm glad someone won't post! I've got too many amps already! Bargain. Hope you are ok Paul. You could always drop it off at mine? 😂😂😂😂 GLWTS.
  20. Complete Control and Rudy Can't Fail by The Clash. Marvellous 😀
  21. It says Devon/Somerset border area but you won't see that if you are on a mobile device methinks. 😁
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