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  1. ‘What makes this song great’ is the best thing on ‘tinernet. Totally watchable, and whilst he’s no virtuoso he’s a ridiculously talented musician. His enthusiasm is such a pleasure to soak up.
  2. He is and they are unfortunately. Some classy music consigned to the bin by sniffy music journalists and Spotify listers. 😒 Always thought of the Crusaders as 'New-York' sounding.
  3. Like the look of that - and it restored the household harmony 😄
  4. Cheers for that - expensive aren't they?
  5. Yep, a 2017 Elite bought from Karlfer of this parish as a 50th birthday pressie. It's so playable with great passive and active sounds including a great bridge pickup 'bark. Pickguards are so subjective aren't they? The particular 9-hole 'guard I would need are like hen's teeth so I'd have trouble sourcing a different one anyway!
  6. Thinking of a tort pickguard for this one...
  7. Check out Travis Carlton- brilliant tone and groove.
  8. I used to own a 70s spaced pickup jazz and currently own one with the 60s spaced pickups. Ok definitely prefer 60s spacing. It's less nasal and the string tension is reduced there, making plucking more comfortable (really!)
  9. What a man and what a player. Lovely to see a pro stuff up too. Makes me feel ever-slightly-better about my own playing.
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