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  1. Nice bass Karl - it would go nicely with the Elite Jazz you sold me. 🤔
  2. To quote an old sketch show..'This week I have mostly been listening to' Cory Wong and Vulfpeck. Fantastic talent on show including the bass chops from Sonny T and Joe Dart. Cory & The Wong Notes live @ First Avenue Feb 22 (on Youtube) is a show to behold.
  3. That's a very accurate colour representation I would say (I own one)
  4. Don't forget Richard Page of Mr. Mister fame. Superb voice and decent bass player. Recently seen in Ringo Starr's All Star Band.
  5. So I've finally decided to move to a different style of rig so up for sale is a quality bass rig that has served me well in pubs/function rooms for a number of years. PJB gear is renowned for it's uncoloured sound and this rig is no exception. I've owned both items from new and have never an any technical issues with them. The rig is in perfect working order and the sale will include a mains cable and a Phil Jones speakon/speakon cable to link the combo to the cab. The two independent channels with separate 5-band EQs are so handy and it's really quiet in operation (large heat sink instead of a fan) The rig is only 350mm wide so it's great for tight stages. The finish on both is a tough black tolex-style coating, which now bear a few small scratches/nicks (as shown on the photos) but nothing too noticeable. The indents on the top of the 4B cab show a bit of marking. I don't have covers for them, but they've been looked after in my smoke-free home the whole time. Pick up or will deliver/meet within a 100mile radius of Tyneside. I would prefer not to post/courier as I don't have any suitable packaging. Suitcase Combo Specification 180W combo only; 300W with 4B cab 4 x 5'' Extended Range drivers Two switchable Active/Passive inputs Two 5-band Graphic EQs (50/160/630/2.5K/12KHz + 18dB) Optical Compressor/Limiter Headphone out Pre-Amp Out Balanced Line Out with ground lift Speaker out (8-16Ohms) Dual AC voltage 120/240 Volts Amp protection circuits & soft clip feature Weight: 23 kg 4B Cabinet 300W rated 4 x 5'' Extended Range drivers Weight: 18kg Thanks for looking - No trades
  6. We also have backing track level issues. We buy them all from the same source but the levels vary greatly. We just have to alter the level manually.
  7. Utterly awesome- love his voice and the solos are superb. Would love a Ken Smith bass too.
  8. Very impressive- so accurate, musical and with loads of ‘feel’.
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