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  1. Nellie the Elephant: The Toy Dolls (Sunderland-based band I think)
  2. Suitcase combo and 4B extension cab here - not one fault in the 10+ years I've owned and used the rig. Quality gear and compact for tight stages.
  3. Very nice - don’t see too many sunburst Warwicks over here in the UK.
  4. How about a Yamaha BB3000? Hope ChunkyMonkey doesn’t mind me using his pic.
  5. Utterly brilliant - after finding out about toy matinee through Guy’s videos, it’s become one of my all-time favourite albums. All of the people involved have (had in Kevin Gilbert’s case) an awesome amount of musiciality. Tim Pierce’s guitar work is breathtaking for a start - no wonder he’s played on so many sessions. Thanks for posting!
  6. Dave Lee Roth on the ‘A little ain’t Enough’ tour at Whitley Bay Ice Rink back in 1991. Stupidity loud - Just a wall of distortion so really not enjoyable. Some other band played there a while later and managed to take half the ceiling tiles down with a few air cannons 😜
  7. Here's my Olympic White Jazz - Looks that colour in most lights so I'd say it's cream. @lou24d53 I've just changed my pickguard from black to tort and I'd say it's an improvement.
  8. Really pleasing on the eye, the Caprice.
  9. Great vid - still in awe of his playing on the Dave Lee Roth and Mr. Big albums
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