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  1. Neutrik connectors, heave gauge Cordial cable. Both unused, £8 each posted to a UK address.
  2. I've just got a G75 (birthday yesterday 😁) Very impressed so far, the build quality is great and the transmitter is sleek. It has a scan feature, where you can view 16 channels and the interference on each. It continually scans too, so you can watch it for a few seconds and get a good picture of what's what.
  3. Anybody got any recommendations for a 12" PA speaker to pair with a Helix as a monitor. Just for me, just for bass. I'm looking at cheap, JBL 610, EV ZLX12, Alto TS312... I'm guessing they're all much of a muchness?
  4. LM3s were once AB. My one was, that was new in 2011.
  5. Helix is sorted, so trade wise, I'm after an active PA speaker, or a small practice amp. Otherwise, I've dropped the price to £520, collected. Can look into p&p if needed.
  6. I enquired about the Burgundy Mist 5 a couple of months ago, Andertons were expecting delivery in July, at the time.
  7. That's good to know. My main band has a quiet stage, if not on in ears, guitarist uses an FBT 8 with his Helix, drummer uses in ears and a TD50, I just listed my amp and am acquiring a Helix. I've been looking at cheaper monitors that might do a job when needed and for practice, and smaller gigs. Was wondering if the Headrush or Alto 312 was worth a shot. I figure that when I use an amp, the volume is at about 9 or 10 o'clock (for what that's worth) , so I don't need huge volume anyway!
  8. @Al Krow doesn't have one, he was close! I'm obviously biased, but I don't think there are many, if any, combos that offer what this does. The effects and amp/cab sims are genuinely quality and sound great. If you want to line up filters, drives, chorus, synth sounds, or set up an Ampeg & 8x10 drive patch, next to a clean SWR style patch, it's all there, or, if you just want a bit of EQ or compression and to create your own patches, and to not get involved in the modelling, it's all good. There's few nice additions and a bit of extra power to the already great Rumble 500.
  9. Same for me, but only on Chrome. Firefox mobile seems OK.
  10. Only had this since February, owned from new. In 100% A1 condition. It comes with a Hotcovers cover, also the Fender footswitch, which controls effects, switches patches and controls the looper and tuner. It's a cracking all in one solution, if like me, you want to ditch pedals but still keep your effects. The amp models and effects are great too, very well designed and easy to set up and tweak, or to create your own patches from scratch. It's only ever been my stage monitor, I sold my last rig as it was overkill, and this is still pretty loud!! I don't think volume has been past 10 o'clock. However, I just don't need an amp and this is an opportunity to down size further. Edited to add, it is 400w as is, through the 2 x 10 Eminence woofers, or you can run it with other cabs at 4 or 2.67ohm to get the full 800 watts. So, trade wise, active PA speakers or practice amps 😊
  11. Ah man, now I know this exists I want it! Of all the P bases I've had my 2012 in sunburst was EASILY the best. It was about that weight and was just a peach. I had another 2012 at the same time, which was nice, but the sunburst one was the one.
  12. I love the BB aesthetic too. When I first saw the 2025x I thought it was hideous, not sure what changed my mind. I love the look of the 35. Just looks so classy and refined.
  13. @Al Krow nah, not that many. This year and next will probably be 150+/-. Last year I did 100 on one bass! I really should get another 🤔 I liked with those D'Addario strings that they still sound great after the newness wears off.
  14. I felt a fraud, and thought best to change it! Haha. Yes, the ones that came stock are D'Addario EXL170-5. They're 45-130s. I really like them, plus they're very reasonable priced. I liked them as the ones on yours are, which are definitely worn in, but they could probably do with a fresh set if you like that new-string-zing! I'd have got another month out of them!
  15. Dimebag. Just the circumstances of it. Horrific.
  16. If it doesn't make sense pm me and I'll record it. It's a fun bass part! I've got a bit of time tomorrow, so will check the chorus too.
  17. That is useful. I weighed mine last night, just under 6.8lbs. Lighter than the gigbag it's in 😂
  18. Haha, looks great! Nice rig, too.
  19. @Ed_S the finish does seem thin. But, I think if it doesn't prove robust, it will wear nicely, a bit of natural 'road wear'. Dunno about yours, but the grain on mine is beaut as well. More so on the back than the front 😂 I just got in, very very happy with the bass! You guys were correct about it being a bit shy for low end. But this suited me well and I didn't actually end up boosting it. I can't believe how comfortable it is to wear. It wasn't just the weight, but the neck and body size and balance. Unfortunately didn't mess with EQ too much. But... Punchy! Amazing slap sound, really clean on the higher registers, lovely ring to chords. Great B string and a nice growl to it. I actually liked the stock strings alright too. They're not too rough for SS. Blurry spare room floor, un-vacuumed carpet photo to prove ownership ⬇️
  20. Can't wait! Hoping I can get a few mins before soundcheck to give it a go. Or, after the gig. I usually end up with a global bass cut on my amp, so will remove that and start there. Thanks for the heads up 👍🏼
  21. They do a hardcase?! I do have a Fusion, will probably use that, but will need a hardcase too.
  22. My TT5 SL just arrived, and I'm out the door in 30 mins to a gig with a new band, so throwing it straight in. 1st impressions, it's light 😂 like, "this is witchcraft" light. The body is very light, but there is no neck dive and it sits nicely on a strap. The finish is beautiful, I thought it might look a tad boring, but it's great. I think it'll wear nicely too with age. Not plugged it in, but acoustically, it's bright and loud and resonant. I wasn't a huge fan of their strings, so we'll see how they go.Think she's gonna be a slapper. Lastly, their gigbags are still a bit of a token gesture. It's nice, but, come on...
  23. Blimey! What are you feelings on Dingwall basses, then?! Haha.
  24. Actually really surprised the P35 weighs that much! I thought Yamaha had weighed it for me and it came in around 9.6! Maybe they weighed a 735! I'll have to check old emails. It does sit well on the strap, glad you find it comfy. I liked the VVT controls, not for everyone, but I liked the anonymity of it. Granted, I didn't solo either, so the option to favour one slightly more than the other suited me well; and a decrease on one or the other gave some different and great results. Great weight on the Ibanez. You've definitely piqued my interest, I was on their website last night! I do need to check them out. Though, one of the gigs I do, I think the band leader would panic if I turned up with something non Fender looking!
  25. I ran one of these with a Vanderkley 2x12. Can't really say enough about how good it sounded. Beautifully built too!
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