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  1. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  2. Think I'm done. I play in a rock covers band so not many effects needed. It would be nice to have a preamp di like tech 21 or darkglass but not urgent
  3. I went for Adventure audio glacial zenith mk I version. The mkII has even more control and both have a boost switch which can be used pre or post gain. I found one for £80 and does light break up to full drive. Love playing hives and qotsa bass lines with it
  4. I have looked mxr m87 which is slightly cheaper. They tax us for string size, amplifier watts and compression. It's 'racist against the bassist'
  5. I recently sold my Carl Martin Opto-compressor because my amp came with built in compression. I'm having seller's remorse, as the pedal was very good, and if I go to a practice room or venue without compression on the amp I'm stuffed! So please enlighten me with what limiter I could buy to help tame my notes to compliment my amp compressor (trace elliot gp1215) P. S I've looked at ovnilab and boss lmb-3, pigtronix philosopher's bass, mxr m87 all seem good limiters Thanks, chris
  6. Not too worried about an expression pedal as I like to turn on a pedal and leave it. Heard a lot of good things about the cog
  7. I can't read through every page so sorry if this has been asked but has Anyone used the pigtronix octava micro? Small footprint and the option of a fuzz is nice
  8. Anyone used the pigtronix octava micro? Small footprint and the option of a fuzz is nice
  9. Fully working compressor pedal. I primarily used it on bass and is amazing for both bass and guitar. Gain, level, compression and attack dials. Couple of nicks off the paint show in pictures. I'm willing to meet the buyer halfway if reasonable distance.
  10. Different choice. What pedal is it close to, mxr? Boss? I don't like the sound of the pog or other synthy pedals more basic octave
  11. As the title suggest I have some money to burn! I have a new amp with a built in compressor so I can sell my compressor pedal and free up space on my pedal board. Anyone with some suggestions? I've only ever tried the Boss (twas good) because there's not many to try near me
  12. I can't find any dates on it, sorry to be no help
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