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  1. Fancy a trade for Mrs friskydingo? Mainly bedroom use, usual signs of wear and tear. She has a small footprint but surprisingly loud and powerful
  2. Is sensitivity reliably measurement? If so I'll try to find it and add. I have to find the tweeter options. Some brands are more helpful than others.
  3. I would like a kemper. I know the initial price is a lot but considering you can have every amp sound ever! It's a steal. I just don't think I have time to learn how to use it and fiddle with the settings. The cab looks amazing and I may up for 2x12 or 2x10 once funds are available, as they're not cheap!
  4. Is this a discontinued product? I'm only adding cabs which are for sale
  5. I'm going to get round to adding other models, I just wanted a representative of each manufacturer. At the moment on mobile which makes if far more challenging to edit!
  6. If Jesus existed he would definitely slap! I'll add schroeders later
  7. I'll probably add other models for various brands soon, I just wanted to represent each manufacturer in case people want matching cabs or a particular sound. Can't do anything about the Watts stated by the manufacturer. I only put what they state. I hope people will do a bit more research into loudness/power. My list gives at least a ball park figure. I added an extra column if the cab has a tweeter, which is incorporated in to weight. If I have time I'll add what the crossover frequency is. I'll happily add you to have edit permission
  8. Yes 'program' rated, some brands don't disclose continuous
  9. I may add the misc section and let others do the work for me. If users post the details I need I can then copy and paste it to the spreadsheet. Also alusonic! Another one I missed, although the list was meant to have more common brands or easily available
  10. I don't mind a couple of people helping out. I don't want everyone having access just in case there's constant edits or bickering or even worse someone deletes it
  11. That's something I've been contemplating as a tweeter also adds weight and is a factor
  12. I really do things half-assed. Which is shown in my bass playing
  13. I'm an idiot! Thanks for pointing that out. Spreadsheet has been updated
  14. Jesus! You want me to do your gardening as well? I think you're right, I'll add more specs later on. This will be a living list and maybe the Mods can use it
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