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  1. I bought the orange kongpressor and after a little play last night it's a good pedal. Lots of options to dial in. There's an led which is blue when activated but sometimes turns a pink/red usually when the compressor/volume dial is on full Does this mean its being pushed too much? Clipping? I can't find out online
  2. I'm sure some has had experience with either or both. If so what's the pros and cons of both. I'm looking at the 350w head which is more than enough and then buying a cheaper/used 4x10 cab. But I have access to mixing desk and p.a
  3. I've done a lot of trading and buying when I was a guitarist so I'm indeed a GAS victim! Definitely getting second hand Don't mind travelling if I know I love the sound of the amp, just not to test it.
  4. I've told others I'm a way off buying as I have to get funds and try some out first but thanks for the offer.
  5. I'm compiling a list of amps and may adjust budgets later down the line and ask for opinions then I have looked at some older trace Elliot heads which are plentiful on the web.
  6. Which is where I went. They have a huge collection from budget to the ridiculous. Sometimes not the cheapest but I can spend hours there
  7. I'll compromise and change the scratch plate 👍
  8. I know it's not a six string Dingwall custom shop but I've played it a few times and it's what I need in my price range!
  9. I'm out and about at the moment but pictures will come soon
  10. Just found out my mates amp head is a Laney G150. Only 150 Watts and old but his 4x10 made it sound huge. So maybe 300 watts is more than I need
  11. And so it's begun... Just purchased Squier Jazz Vintage Modified in white. Thanks everyone for your help, amp and pedal suggestions next. But that's it. I swear
  12. I'm pleasantly surprised the amount of people rocking a cheap amp and happy with it
  13. I'm patient. My band has only just set up so still learning songs at the moment, another couple of months yet
  14. That Ampeg is a good bit of gear. I'll check 4 or 8 ohms
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