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  1. Your belief in my ability is heart Warming but I think I'll become too confused. As much as it tempts me, I only play rock, so it would be wasted on me
  2. I'm getting a new amp next year. It will be a struggle to justify a new bass as much as its a good idea and I want one. Apparently we need house extension done!
  3. Don't you be coming round these parts with your fancy 6 strings! We're a simple folk, with low end needs.
  4. I'll probably get a preamp/new pups as I'm happy with the tuners, saddle, etc. I'm not too worried about resale value as I got it for fairly cheap a couple of years
  5. I'd have to disagree about the John East comment. If I have to upgrade a 5.5k bass, then I brought the wrong bass or overpaid for a bass that didn't fit my precise specifications. That's why I'm using money given to me for upgrades. I won't spend £500 on upgrades as that would be a new bass territory
  6. I was thinking of getting a cheap 5 or 6 string to see how I get on.
  7. Looked at people doing it and they don't seem to have much of a clue. Most luithers don't offer it, so I won't attempt it
  8. This is the kind of impulsive thinking I'm looking for!
  9. What's the best way to roll the edges? I've done the frets using a file
  10. It does seem the low end is either on or off on the neck pickup but maybe pick up height needs adjusting
  11. As the title says got a nice tidy sum this Xmas. What do you suggest? I have a squire jazz vintage modified, nothing high end, but i've set it up to a high level (intonation, fret dress, the works) I'm already buying a new amp 😁 in case people suggest it
  12. Whatever it is, my new bass will need an extensive tummy cut in the body, as I've expanded
  13. I'm keeping to one cab. I'm already taking the pa system in my car so need the space
  14. So one 2x10 bf would be enough if it's that loud?
  15. You say I should be fine, then say its a tad ambitious. Confusing me, explain a little more?
  16. Thinking about getting a 2x10 cab for size/functionality for bedroom and live setting. (something like barefaced or hartke) Can they produce enough low end or do they become farty/distorted easier then say a 4x10 or 1x15. I mainly play rock/punk so won't need extreme amounts of low frequencies. Or would it be worth changing out speakers?
  17. She's considering it! I may have to sell gear first (there's always a catch). I couldn't buy all of it and don't think my car can fit it
  18. The fr800 but don't put anything on hold yet I have a big obstacle to overcome first - the wife! The ultimate fun killer
  19. Was just about to say that. I would say let's have bass off, but I remembered what my technical ability is like
  20. Fancy a trade for Mrs friskydingo? Mainly bedroom use, usual signs of wear and tear. She has a small footprint but surprisingly loud and powerful
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