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  1. I know it's not a six string Dingwall custom shop but I've played it a few times and it's what I need in my price range!
  2. I'm out and about at the moment but pictures will come soon
  3. Just found out my mates amp head is a Laney G150. Only 150 Watts and old but his 4x10 made it sound huge. So maybe 300 watts is more than I need
  4. And so it's begun... Just purchased Squier Jazz Vintage Modified in white. Thanks everyone for your help, amp and pedal suggestions next. But that's it. I swear
  5. I'm pleasantly surprised the amount of people rocking a cheap amp and happy with it
  6. I'm patient. My band has only just set up so still learning songs at the moment, another couple of months yet
  7. That Ampeg is a good bit of gear. I'll check 4 or 8 ohms
  8. You're not convinced but you kept in buying new gear? If that's not GAS in action I don't know what is 😂 I'm more knowledgeable of guitar brands so is hartke a respected/reliable brand? I've heard of it before but don't know it's standing in the bass community
  9. Is that ha3500? I'm just borrowing the 4x10 but it does sound good, so may try to convince him to part with it
  10. I have seen an orange 500 for £3-400. Its simplistic which I don't mind as too many options make me constantly want to change the tone. I've also seen an older trace Elliot on here
  11. So I'm getting a squier jazz and I'm looking round at amps, preferably heads, to see what is around. I gig in a rock covers band with two guitars and like the sound of 90's punk and grunge. There's some great gear on sell on this forum but I don't know where to start. £350 would hopefully buy a good used head and I can borrow my mates hartke 4x10 for now. Suggestions?
  12. She has already accepted I'll need new gear for a bass rig. I have been selling stuff already and she got a new pair of Dr martens, so a compromise was made.
  13. I'm in Exeter at the moment and went to two quality music stores, recommend them for choices and got to play through a fender rumble and Mark bass. My decision is squire jass, cv or vm, in white, possibly burst. I love the tone and feel and I can always take off some of the lacquer. Now it's off to find one. Thanks guys for suggestions and help
  14. I get confused with a 5 string! Also my back isn't that strong for a 3 hour set but maybe one day
  15. Pushing gear is something I can get behind! It's an expensive habit but unlike drugs there's resale value. Also it stops me buying more 6 String items and accessories
  16. There’s an identical pj on reverb right now that I’m watching for about £270 and I thought of taking the plunge. my favourite bassists use squire precision (Scott shiflett and Matt Freeman)
  17. I have played a vm jazz but not cv yet. I also played a sub ray4 which I also liked. Being in Ipswich I have to travel to find a good selection. Next is bass amp but that's for another thread
  18. I'll take that on board. Is a cv better 'built' than vm jazz? I. E better electronics, pups, fret work?
  19. Which bass has a smoother neck? I.e less lacquer and poly?
  20. I've seen a few squire jazz classic vibes and vm 2nd hand good price. I personally want olympic white or a burst but beggers can be choosers
  21. Both good perspectives. Does the Sub come with a lower output pup? Or a different maker like a vintage or harley Benton have a better clean tone? I've seen a few squire j bass used and liked how it played when I tried it
  22. In brief: I've moved over to bass for my rock covers band to accommodate another guitarist. I've been playing and gigging for about 17 years but this will be first time gigging on bass! I have a bass (that shall not be named) which I want to replace. I'm liking the sterling stingray or squire jazz. Played both recently. After selling/trading my current bass I'll have about £350 to spend, I play with a pick if that matters. Your thoughts and opinions? Any other suggestions? Thanks
  23. So I have turned to bass to accommodate new members of my rock covers band. I've been playing about 17 years and this will be the first time gigging with bass. I have a tokai bass, styled like a brand which doesn't like being copied. What I don't have is a bass amp, so please help with suggestions for something £500 max, head or combo. Thanks, chris
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