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  1. I always look for second hand. Most of my gear is used or b-stock
  2. I actually really like the jazz, so a fender may be what I need. I played a mates low end fender and liked it, just viewing options.
  3. Modding a cheap bass is always an option and I have done that for guitars, so I have all the tools, as long as I find a style and colour I like
  4. To everyone here, thanks to people who actually gave suggestions of basses I do have an idea of what I'm looking for, I'm just a little confused over different models. I've been a guitar player for most of my life, so I'm more familiar with those ranges than basses Of course I will try some out beforehand. Thank you to the numerous people offering this sage advice
  5. I never like to compromise on choice but I also search for the cheapest version of what I want. And no way I'm spending 2k on a bass anytime soon I'm definitely going to be trying some out first I just want an idea of how high a price point it's worth going up to find a noticeable change in quality
  6. Which Sr and L mdel would be comparable to fender or best 'bang for buck'?
  7. Is the player series a big jump in quality for the price point? Or is worth saving an extra 150-200 for the next price point
  8. An upgrade for me. Build, electronics, feel (although that's subjective) The audience don't matter. Especially when it's just the bar staff!
  9. Good looking bass have to look out for one. I don't have to go away from fender, just wondering what's a appropriate jump, player series or low end American made
  10. I've grown up/matured and moved on to bass permanently for my rock covers band. I currently own a squire vm j bass and it does the job well but I'm looking at possible upgrade. What's a decent jump up in quality? Without going in to the £1000's I'm still looking at 2 passive pick ups, doesn't have to be j bass but I do like that style style. I've been playing guitar/bass in some form for close to 19 years so I'm seasoned. Thanks, Chris
  11. Just got my vitoos Iso8 works a dream, small and quite possibly quieter than my walrus audio aetos, all for £41 Some people may point at the power to it being a 2.1mm barrel but I have no qualms and unless you're kicking your power supply about, it's not coming loose anytime soon I've nly just received it so will see what it's like in a few months time
  12. Probably still more than I'd like to spend, looking at ebay prices. I'll more than likely go down the amp head and cabinet route and steer clear of di's as I'll have to bring my own p.a to venues
  13. I'm not going ampless. I will buy one and in the meantime the practice room has an ashdown 4x10 combo to use. It would be great to go through a di box but most places don't have a good enough p.a or you have to bring your own
  14. I've never been happy with zoom. They do a lot of sounds that are at best adequate. So I won't be going down that route
  15. I don't have an amp at the moment (no money or gigs) one will be purchased when my band are ready to play. Long story short, last band fell apart, hard to start from scratch with new members. I would like an always on drive pedal for certain songs, like my chorus
  16. Big muff sounds up my street. I have other pedals to fatten my sound, like a chorus and compressor, so don't want a multi fx pedal
  17. I would like it but £190 is a little out of my price range. I'll try to find the non DI version
  18. Yes I will have to try but I needed a starting point and I'm not as knowledgeable on bass drives as I am guitar fx. I can see the mojomojo is getting some love or a dedicated bass drive like source audio are good options
  19. I can't find the source audio used or for under £139 And the tech 21 I can only find the di version so have to keep my eyes peeled
  20. OK I'll narrow the choice with some papameters; Play in rock covers band playing the likes of qotsa, the hives, typical pub rock Less than £100 If it can go fuzzy, than that's a bonus not a necessity There's not much choice near me so it would mean just buying and selling again, which can get expensive
  21. My guitar overdrive pedals are not working well with my bass so need another pedal! A mate showed me the full tone mosfet bass drive which sounded nice but being discontinued and on the pricier side I'm wondering if there's another option out there? Thanks, chris
  22. got the corona to use others tone prints rather than mess with parameters endlessly. The compressor was dirt cheap! Such a bargain and recommended by ovnilab
  23. Just got a tc electronic corona mini for £40. So if I like it, then it's a bargain. If not, I can probably sell it for more
  24. Although it covers a lot bases, it's more than I'm hoping to spend and I want something fairly simple as I won't be using it very much. A turn on and leave pedal
  25. Could the Vitoos Iso8 power all 8 pedals comfortably? No glitching, cutting out or overloading?
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