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  1. Stupid Girl - Garbage I loved this song back in the 90's and not just because I fancied Shirley Manson. I was barking up the wrong tree there.
  2. I think it looks quite nice but then beauty is in the eye of the beerholder
  3. For something which is similar but different, there's the Retrovibe Telenbacker. I think these look awesome and they sound pretty good as well.
  4. Didn't Gary Numan share a statement from Spotify recently showing about £30 for a million plays? Band used to make a lot more money in the days before streaming. I knew a couple bands who were only moderately successful yet made a good amount of money. These days ticket sales are a much bigger part of their income so a £45 ticket for a big show seems reasonable but unfortunately companies like ticket master buy them before they go on general sale to us scum and they'll mark up the price by obscene amounts. There's something wrong when a business who literally add nothing useful make more profit out of a ticket than the band who write and perform the music and bring their show around the world for the fans. The government did start an investigation in to the practice of ticket master but guess what happened after they made a considerable "donation" to the Conservative Party.
  5. Even at festivals I always prefer the smaller stages. I'm a Glastonbury regular and I find the pyramid stage a very dull experience. Even if you're at the barrier, the distance to the band is further than being at the back of a venue like Bristol academy. I'd rather go to a sweaty punk show in the leftfield tent than watch the big headline set from half a mile away surrounded by people sat in folding camp chairs and picnic blankets.
  6. I saw Foo Fighters at Wembley Stadium. The sound was terrible, for the support acts it was dreadful. That's probably the biggest rock band in the world and they didn't sound great. Best venue I go to for sound quality is the Fleece in Bristol, capacity of about 300, brilliant sound, never more than 5 seconds from the bar and they get some awesome bands. Killing Joke at the Fleece was probably the best night of live music I've ever had and it cost me £22. Dave Grohl should have stayed in Killing Joke.
  7. I stopped going to big shows because of companies like ticketmaster buying all the tickets before they go on sale and reselling them for several times the price. I just refuse to give in to them. I'd rather pay £20 - £30 for smaller shows and still see some awesome bands who often put on a better performance
  8. Ideally a competent, professional instrument painter
  9. Is it expensive to get a bass repainted?
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