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  1. Did McCartney play the Frog Chorus? I need to know before I risk watching it. How did one of Britain's greatest musicians come up with that abomination? I know he took a lot of drugs but that's still no excuse. Skunk Anansie were excellent and it's made me want a double humbucker Stingray and some talent. Not a set to watch if you don't like politics in music.
  2. It seems to be fashionable to blame the BBC for everything these days.
  3. Not a prius, no but once everyone is in the festival, all the roads around the area are pretty quiet. Most of the performers go in and out by road, it's just the VIP's who go from their fancy hotel to the festival by helicopter. I went out on my motorbike earlier pretty close to the festival and the roads were quiet. A lot of the roads around the festival are closed to normal traffic.
  4. I'm just out in the garden and watching the helicopters headed to Glastonbury and back roughly one every 10 minutes. For all their claims of being environmentally responsible, that doesn't seem too good for the environment.
  5. There was another couple turned up in the bar where my mate works who travelled down from Leicester. They'd been warned on the local Facebook group that tickets were non transferable and decided it was just locals trying to put off outsiders! If only they knew, outsiders are more welcome than locals in Frome these days.
  6. I've never played a stadium, I guess very few here have but I would imagine a packed small venue with a really enthusiastic crowd would be more fun.
  7. Still seems a lot less stress than most of us have to deal with.
  8. Amazing what a life of incredible wealth and no stress can do for someone.
  9. Kanye West is the self proclaimed greatest rock star in the world. He made that claim the same year he walked off stage due to booing and cancelled the rest of the tour. The same year Lemmy, an actual rock god, was touring while actually dying only ending the tour (reluctantly) due to death.
  10. I've tried watching several bands on TV but so far only Idles have really done it for me. Foals were disappointing, they're a lot less energetic than they used to be
  11. I remember watching Scissor Sisters. I'm not much of a pop fan but they're really entertaining, loads of energy.
  12. Did you see the moaning from people who didn't bother reading the very clear "non transferable, ID required" who bought tickets expecting to sell them for hundreds of pounds only to find they couldn't sell them? I saw the email announcement while I was 2 minutes walk from the cheeser but thought I'd leave the tickets to people who'd appreciate it more rather than just go because he's there.
  13. I saw Supergrass support Foo Fighters at Wembley several years ago. I really like Supergrass, great music and nice blokes but I found them rather boring live. Disappointing as they were by far my favourite 90's indie band.
  14. Thinking about it, Dev from Idles bass tone was disgusting so pretty much perfect.
  15. Could the bass tones be muffled because they're mixing it to suit a large, noisy outdoor arena? Maybe they're having to prioritise being heard over nice tones. I think the BBC mix sound from a few sources as well rather than just straight off the sound desk.
  16. I did also hear Dickie Bird was booted out for naked crowd surfing during the frog chorus.
  17. It's kind of mind blowing what he does. I enjoy his playing videos more than listening to him. I'm afraid I don't really get jazz although I appreciate it, especially the drumming.
  18. McCartney did a warm up show at our local yesterday. Apparently an excellent performance from the whole band. Tickets were only £25 and people still moaned it was too expensive! I got the email announcing the show on Thursday and fifteen minutes later an email to say it was sold out. Impressive considering ticket sales were in person from the venue only. Apparently Brian Johnson was there in the audience.
  19. Well at least I now know you don't stalk me on social media!
  20. You didn't read what u said did you? I've been many times. I enjoy what Glastonbury ìs about and I know its not a metal festival and at no point have I said it should be. Try reading next time simpleton.
  21. 75% of the people at Glastonbury are middle aged and middle class. They're the only ones who can afford a ticket. Last time I went (2017), it was about a grand for a family of four. I'm all for keeping it moving but Coldplay headlining four times in twelve years isn't really moving things forward. Some of the biggest pyramid stage audiences were for Rolling Stones and Metallica even though Glastonbury isn't a rock festival. I have always really enjoyed the festival from mid 90's to 2017 but this year seems to be a one off to me
  22. I heard some of the Kraus/Plant set on Radio6. The singing and playing was perfect but that's all I could remember about it. Nothing interesting or exciting. I also heard a couple song by Lamb and quite enjoyed that. Quite different and I should imagine perfect for a festival.
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