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  1. Good luck in your new venture mate. Im sure you will get plenty of gigs in whatever you do.
  2. The fans used to boo up until we played this. They wanted this one all night. They loved it and always gave their biggest cheer when we launched into it.
  3. You could do that with our SR16 as well. Just add a cheap foot pedal. We had a good load of the more complicated songs programmed but a lot were pre programmed beats and we added fills with the foot pedal.
  4. This just fits this scene perfectly!
  5. We used to play in standard and E flat so we had two guitars each. One tuned to standard and the other flat. Obviously you would have to fine tune but they were in the general area so two guitars.
  6. Thing is, up this way in the early to mid 90's live music was struggling as disco had taken over. A two piece with drum machine was quite common round here. Gradually live music started to re assert itself and bands started playing with drummers again. We were forced into the drum machine world because our band had gone their separate ways and we had to adapt. My mate, the guitarist suggested trying this drum machine and just doing it on our own. It was great for years and we made a small fortune in gigs at that time. We used to play places you couldn't swing a cat in but they paid the same money as the larger venues as the band brought in people. It was definitely a good part of my life. I do prefer a full band situation but necessity sometimes forces things.
  7. They are very dependable but not too exciting. Try the Samuel L Jackson model. Better action.
  8. We played as a two piece for many years in the 90's and it was great. We used an Alesis SR16 and it was superb. Real drum sounds. We never had any hassles and could play really small venues as well as larger places. We eventually went back to a drummer to get that truly live feel. If you make a mistake right enough with a programmed drum track you are fecked, whereas a drummer can turn his beat to fit you. Apart form that it was a great little tool.
  9. I have couple of P's, a couple of J's and an Aerdoyne. Yes the necks are slimmer on the J's and Aerodyne but I find no problem with the chunkier neck of a P. If you are so set on a P body and J neck buy a neck second hand from the internet. This is an easy fix without having to buy a new bass.
  10. It was our biggest song. The cheers when we played this at the end of the night!
  11. We definitely sold out. Started a band playing rock and metal ended up playing traditional songs and wagon wheel in pubs. Anything to get a pay day.
  12. Many, many years ago I watched a documentary about the Campbell brothers and their famous folk singer dad. The Campbell brothers were of course in UB40. This was in their early days (two albums I think) They said we sing about oppression and injustice. If you ever hear us singing love songs you know we have sold out. I guess they admit they sold out then.
  13. I always liked them but wasn't an uber fan. When they played one of their hits, I was like, oh, that's their big hit. Then they would play something else and I was like oh, now that's their big hit. So on the night went. I had no idea they had so many big hits. I am now a resurged fan!
  14. We always heartily welcomed any potential groupies. Probably why I went from one failed relationship to another back in the day.
  15. Well I am the singer so I'm safe there but that doesn't stop drunken punters from talking to you.😉
  16. Ive just watched a how to play on Youtube and the solo isn't as hard as I thought. There was no Youtube back when we were playing this song and he played the high G and drags his finger onto the open A. I always thought the high notes were played and the A was picked with the thumb. Hence my reluctance in attempting it.
  17. They played Oban last weekend and I noticed that they swapped for certain songs. Can't say I noticed anything going awry. They had a really clear sound and the bass cut through clearly and well defined. Thoroughly enjoyed the night. The Byson family who supported were superb. They had a dep. singer as Phil Campbell is apparently in rehab but he did the job perfectly.
  18. I know the chorus. We used to play this. I played the right notes but lower. Same with the backing to the solo. Just played it lower, The chorus is a few notes but not overly complicated. The solo backing however needs you to play high AND pump the A string as well. That requires dexterity I didn't have. I never worked on it right enough as I didn't think the song desperately needed it that much. No one was noticing whether I was high or low anyway.
  19. So you said that you can play the solo correctly and yet you said to me that the chorus wasn’t easy? 😂
  20. It was played to death in bars and to be honest if I heard a band doing it now I think I would groan. Unless it was done really well of course.
  21. Yeah, I had to sing it too so the chorus was played by me on lower notes rather than higher. Not as close to the original but worked. I couldn’t master the plucking and picking at the same time for the solo. To be honest I thought in our three piece it filled out more when played lower.
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