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  1. I have been at gigs where the sound has been fantastic, then spoken to people that were at the same gig but sitting somewhere else and have said the sound was rotten. Venues can have different characteristics depending on where you plonk yourself.
  2. I am genuinely gutted about this. He was in the band that shaped my young life. I knew he was never going to play again but it still feels like something has been lost. I feel so sorry for him and his family. Their lives have been filled with sadness lately. At least he is at peace.
  3. Yup, as I say, its being rather pedantic to say the original line up was the one that made them famous
  4. What about Gillan and Glover? Ok, not wanting to be pedantic but everyone knows the classic line up of Purple.
  5. Rainbow is Ritchie Blackmore. Enough said. I went to see them and enjoyed it but there was not one original member apart from old men in tights himself. Rainbow have changed personnel regularly anyway.
  6. I have an old Status Elite bass that bore the marks of years and years of gigging. A few years ago, I stupidly decided to paint it to freshen it up. I now regret this and want to get the paint off. Does anyone know how to achieve this without ruining the paint underneath?
  7. I mean, I agree that generically they have a similar sound but rounds against flats, different pick ups etc. make a difference.
  8. You got the words to Red Barcheta wrong!
  9. I have three. They all sound quite different.
  10. As I said, the op. is a new member. Or at least hasn't posted much, so his point might seem original. He asked why people relic guitars? Which is a valid question to someone who hasn't heard it before. Just because you are sick of it, don't criticise others if they don't know that the subject has been talked about many times before. I see posts about what strings to use come up a lot but I don't moan about it. I can read new comments about the subject or, even better, I can scroll past.
  11. What you have to appreciate is there are new members who might not have seen the offending post. Then there are people like me who have been a member for a while but have not been on for a while for whatever reason. So when I see a new person asking which string to use, I will still give my opinion, not moan that this has been asked so many times. I think some folks need to chill and realise that some subjects are new to others.
  12. I think maybe a little bit of lawn feed wouldn't go amiss. It is looking rather tired in bits.
  13. Patina. Let's face it, there is a sizeable market for this kind of thing and its all a matter of taste.
  14. I certainly had harsh words. Our guitarist had a guy by the throat that sat his pint on our mixing desk!
  15. When we were gigging regularly, much as I tried to look after gear, drunken punters can fall against, knock over or even worse, grab your guitars by the neck. Thus causing dings and scratches that would never appear normally.
  16. Im not a big worrier about lyrics. I go for the melody and the sound of the instruments. Cheesy lyrics can get lost in the mix for all I care. As far as rock songs having cheesy lyrics. if you listen to ANY music, you will find rubbish lyrics, not just rock. As I say, if the song is catchy and got a good hook, I'm sold.
  17. It's down to taste. Personally, I rather like the worn look, even if it is faked. Modern guitars don't age the way older instruments do. The lacquer is different, so no matter how well used a guitar is these days, it's not going to wear out in that cool way.
  18. If I could wind the clock back, I would have taken guitar lessons in school. I have always loved music but never had the urge to play until later on in school. I more or less self taught from then. I really wish I had taken professional advice and tuition.
  19. I remember seeing a documentary back when they first started. It was basically because their father was a famous folk singer. Anyway, they said that they were singing for the people and oppression etc. If we ever play love songs then you know we have sold out. I guess they admit they sold out then.
  20. I can noodle away and am sure I am sounding great. I have a decent catalogue of songs that sound impressive when played but as soon as I go to a music shop and the guy says do you want to try it? I completely dry up. Cannot remember anything, fingers get all mixed up. You name it. I can almost see the guy thinking, yeah another wannabe that has nothing. I have played for nearly forty years and have been in a very busy gigging band and yet I sound like a novice. It's a confidence thing I am sure as I have not played live for a while now. Still sucks though.
  21. I think the common denominator here is that if you were subjected to any particular song that you were not keen on to begin with for a sustained period, then you grew to hate it. Even quite good songs can become hated if you are force fed them too much. My own period of this hell was back in the 80's and 90's when video juke boxes were all the rage. Dancing in the dark, Money for nothing, walk of life, Road to nowhere are all songs that make me cringe outwardly, as they were constantly on whenever I went out to the local for a pint
  22. I despise American Pie. Its my most unfavourite song of all time! Walk of Life by Dire Straights is a close second and if I have to choose a third then anything by the Beatles!
  23. Yup, we were going to this too. Lucky we didn't book accommodation but Ive used holidays. Gonna have to think of something else to do. Big mans health comes first right enough. Speedy recovery Biff.
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