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  1. A bit late and Excuse the mess I’ve been rearranging the workshop , but this is my bench
  2. Reggaebass


    That’s really nice, I’ve been looking at those lately and there’s not many around with the maple and black blocks
  3. I’ve seen them sell for around the £100 mark which is a bit more realistic, probably bought by someone for nostalgic reasons 🙂
  4. Yeah just looked, your right, not my thing either
  5. I’d agree with that
  6. A bit of rockers from Derrick Lara , around 1980
  7. I’ve shown it before but one of those was my first bass in around 1978, second hand for £30 😁
  8. Looks like a jedson telecaster style bass 🙂
  9. This is from their website 😁, Eastbourne, where you at? Get yourself down to the dance on 17th April 2022 for dub sirens galore and those nourishing rolling basslines. Tickets available
  10. Another colour I haven’t seen before, tequila sunrise , 12” radius fingerboard too
  11. I haven’t tried those, I’ve had a set of addigio flats on on one of my jazzes for about 7 years, they were only about £10, really nice strings, I’d say they were medium tension
  12. I’m just watching Bob Marley-catch a fire again, I taped it about a year ago on sky arts, not sure if it’s on YT, but if you get a chance it’s a good watch, lots of Aston Barrett footage
  13. Been enjoying a bit of Dennis Brown this morning .
  14. Yeah Mine is the 500, perhaps it’s a bit different to your 800 🙂
  15. Yeah, @alexclaberAlex is very helpful and knowledgeable, he helped me out massively when I was looking for the right barefaced cabs for me , I emailed him direct at Barefaced , [email protected]
  16. I don’t mind the notched volume on my RM , I don’t think it goes up massively with each increment , I’ve found it a very versatile amp, it really puts out some deep bass through my Big baby ll, and I’ve recently tried an Ampeg classic preamp pedal with it and it sounds really nice
  17. Thanks for this, there’s some great info and links in there, one took me to a king tubby track that I haven’t heard for years
  18. Reggaebass


    Welcome Andy 👍
  19. And my Friday track is the great voice of Barrington levy
  20. I’ve been down a bit of a rabbit hole lately listening to some tracks by Serge Gainsbourg, he did some work with sly and Robbie , the unmistakable Bassline from Robbie on this one and some good footage on this also a nice tune with marianne faithful
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