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  1. There’s a nice California on Bassbros at the moment, great colour
  2. I’ve never come across this problem myself, have you tried just putting on another set of strings to eliminate if it’s them or something else
  3. Just noticed you added this, that’s great Dave, top man thanks 👌
  4. Hi, can I ask what the neck is like on this, is it slim or chunky, cheers
  5. I think you’re right, I’ve read that they used Alder on their painted bodies because it took the paint better , especially on sunburst , ie ,it was less work
  6. I’ve tried a few times to play this but I’m struggling a bit as I can quite work out the notes, I think there’s lots of ghost notes in there, I’ve been through some YT videos but none sound quite right to me and lots of tabs are saying different things, if anyone can point me to a decent video or tab It would be muchos appreciated
  7. Have you tried this page PT, you should be able to go back and delete any old pics 🙂
  8. I haven’t watched any of Glastonbury but I would have watched them, I listened to all their stuff when I first heard Fireworks
  9. Despite all that, it’s had a fret polish 😁
  10. Heard this on the radio and I’ve been dipping into the Bassline, a few of the covers I looked at didn’t sound quite right so I’m going with my ear, it’s quite good to play
  11. I’m gonna end up with a house full of sponges 😁
  12. Miss reggae bought this, she doesn’t know yet but it’s a good contender for the bassmute craft knife 😁
  13. This previewed this morning, so good
  14. I like that, I used to be quite a big fan of jungle, I’d say it’s more along those lines , do you remember general levy- incredible, that was a big tune
  15. Thanks mcnach, they look like they would work well, I still just push a bit of foam under the strings sometimes but it’s really good fun just trying these different things
  16. I’d give him one last option, If all his online banking isn’t working (according to him) make a trip to the shop to collect in cash
  17. I had 14 but I really only played about 4 of them so I slimmed it down, but I’m back up to 12 😁
  18. If you don’t need the money and your not sure, don’t sell it, just keep it until you are ready , I’ve only regretted selling one and that wasn’t for the money, it was because I was running out of space
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