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  1. The only thing missing is the truss rod cover, does anyone know where I could get one ?
  2. Thanks bassfinger, I didn’t think of that, fortunately there wasn’t any damage, I think it had just been stored away for a long while, I’m guessing many years , it smelt like my 93 year old aunt Hilda’s fur coat 😁
  3. I haven’t weighed it but it’s definitely heavier than anything else I have 🙂, I’ve still got more work to do ,but to get it working i re soldered a wire and I put a set of flats on and it works great
  4. The nut polished up really good and the fretboard cleaned up well too , it’s had 2 coats of lemon oil
  5. Thanks Paul, yeah I took the flags off and here’s the back
  6. I removed the strings and the nut fell off as it wasn’t fixed, and I could get to the fretboard to clean it , i was pleasantly surprised to see the fret markers were brass, I also removed the stickers from the headstock and the body
  7. I just thought I’d share this little project with you, I bought what Im pretty sure is a late 70s or early 80s Kay cort (please correct me if I’m wrong here 🙂). It was in a pretty grimy condition in an old case, but after a closer look I’d say all original , it didn’t work very well, the jack socket had a few spiders in it 😁 , and there was a broken wire on the pickup selector switch, so I set to work cleaning it up , more pics to follow 🙂
  8. Sounds good 👍, Family man, Robbie and flabba Holt all got a great tone from their hofners, they also used the steinberger L-2 or XL-2
  9. Not sure if it’s what you’re looking for meterman but Sandberg do a super light, a TT4 I believe, and it might be worth looking at some of the Ibanez hollow body range, the AGB260 looks nice 🙂
  10. According to google the sc 11 washers are ,Outer diameter: 10 mm; Hole diameter: 6 mm which are almost the same as the fender ones 🙂
  11. Reggaebass


    Welcome Heber ☝️
  12. Just an idea, If you can get the nut off you might be able to measure the centre hole against the measurements below , to see if the fender ones are suitable 🙂
  13. Very nice storky, 👍I regret selling my one , great basses
  14. Could an engineering shop repair it or make you another one silky
  15. That’s a stunner Al ☝️, I’d like that in a 4 string
  16. I would have the frets dressed if it’s possible to increase playability, if the bass is 100% original it will keep it original and maintain its value 🙂
  17. My first 5 was a Yamaha 415 which I still have , i too mainly play jazzes and I was quite surprised how easy the Yamaha was to play, the nut is only 42mm I think, I can check if you want , and it’s pretty slim front to back, which I like , they are a great bass and very good value for money 🙂
  18. Dave very kindly went out of his way and sent me a fender bag and wouldn’t accept any money, an outstanding member of the BC community, many thanks, Tony 👍
  19. Might be worth trying hand gel hooky, I’ve just removed some stickers from a bass and the gel took the glue off easily 🙂
  20. Very nice Paul, that neck pickup looks cool 👍
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