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  1. The jazz has a great tone to me, nice playing 👍
  2. I just looked at one of my cases, I’d guess as long as the surface is clean the vinyl paint would stick 🙂
  3. Isn’t tolex a kinda vinyl ?, you can get vinyl spray paint
  4. I’ve never seen a bump option on any of my wanted ads
  5. My P bass special does a very good job of this , but it’s the older 1998 model, they do come up now and again and are reasonably priced
  6. I play with a really low action and the only thing I did on one jazz was to widen the nut slightly when I tried some heavy flats , I used an old roundwound string to widen the slot , which was a good little trick
  7. If anyone spots a dubster 2 out in the wild give me the heads up as I’m looking for one, cheers ☝️
  8. I didn’t look at the price, I like the finish but not for 3k 🙂
  9. I’m confident to set up most my basses, perhaps not a vintage one, I would leave that to a professional, but all the basses I’ve ever had have never needed anything done to the nut , it’s one thing I wouldn’t touch
  10. For any sunburst fans you might like this
  11. Reggaebass


    Is that £50 each 😁
  12. It’s been posted before but I love the version by eek a mouse .
  13. The 414 is very good, and it’s got a single action truss rod I believe, which failed on mine, the 1024 which I’ve got now has a double action one which I think is a good improvement, apart from that I would definitely have another
  14. I’ve never done one, I don’t see any point really, if I want to go private I just PM 🙂
  15. From what I remember my 414 had a very shallow neck from front to back, really nice to play, and my1024 isn’t much different but maybe a touch more rounded
  16. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  17. Just been listening to this great old tune from 1979 , I bought it when it came out and I’ve still got it on 12in ☝️
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