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  1. Her fella was half decent on trumpet too 😁
  2. The new pickups seem to have a wider frequency response and are fuller sounding as you say .. I take it the tech didn't change strings when replacing pickups ? Would be cool to hear you A and B the same bassline before and after change 👍
  3. As has been said its just practice to get timing nailed down ...I think slap is a lot harder than people think so they tend to give up but it is well worth persevering as it will help all aspects of your playing ..more or less everyone of the top players can slap even if they don't use it a lot of the time.. I would suggest going back to the originator of slap bass himself and learn Larry Graham ... You can hear his influence on Marcus in this filthy funk rock masterpiece from 1973
  4. Mike Clarke and Paul Jackson jnr. were kind of telepathic
  5. To my ear maple necks have always seemed brighter than rosewood ,and rosewood slightly warmer sounding...how does this comparison video sound to you lot ?
  6. Great bit of playing ,and great track ..i love the p bass but i do miss Scotts jazz sound on this sort of thing having said that i completely get where Scott is coming from regarding the way a p makes you play.
  7. Perhaps it's Roger Daltrey and he's blocked it for fear of receiving loads of hate mail for being such a Dikk !
  8. Ivor no idea what the problem is I'm just getting blanks where the adds should be ...maybe it's the work of that shadowy Russian media mogul Ivor Bollokoff
  9. Well the show Moscow on regardless !
  10. Yesterday I was getting adds all over the place but it all seems to have calmed down now 👍.. Just out of interest how does one go about becoming a Russian bride as I've been thinking of a career change ?
  11. Fender jazz Sandberg California Fretless Marusczuk ( or however it's spelt )
  12. I'm loving the Techniques too at the moment..Rock steady at its finest
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