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  1. Not sure of the weight of this but my Cort gb74 is the lightest solid body bass I've ever had ..just over 7lb https://www.cortguitars.com/product/item.php?ca_id=103020&it_id=1547002327&page=2#tab_Specifications
  2. My pleasure it's good to be back mate 🙂👍
  3. Just in case there's no Wailing Souls on here 🙂
  4. The Riddim before the above (48secs) sounds a bit like Yellowman 'I can't stand it' Although probably a recycled riddim
  5. The line at 58 secs with filter is Flabba from my favourite dub album .. Not sure if it comes from and earlier tune maybe Wailing Souls off top of my head
  6. Blimey I thought I'd try and catch up since I was last here.. I'm going to need a while 😁
  7. All good mate been practising alone and writing a bit in light of everything.. Had been half way through recording a reggae album with the Sg's which went on hold and will hopefully get back on track now.. Hope you're well
  8. I'd also highly recommend the Headhunters album minus Herbie for Paul Jackson at his absolute funkiest
  9. You can't beat Donald Birds Places and Spaces album with Chuck sounding superb
  10. Been going through a Bad Brains faze lately..
  11. I haven't been on here for ages and completely missed this thread .. Good call 👍👍 Still a worthy sentiment from LKJ
  12. Her fella was half decent on trumpet too 😁
  13. The new pickups seem to have a wider frequency response and are fuller sounding as you say .. I take it the tech didn't change strings when replacing pickups ? Would be cool to hear you A and B the same bassline before and after change 👍
  14. As has been said its just practice to get timing nailed down ...I think slap is a lot harder than people think so they tend to give up but it is well worth persevering as it will help all aspects of your playing ..more or less everyone of the top players can slap even if they don't use it a lot of the time.. I would suggest going back to the originator of slap bass himself and learn Larry Graham ... You can hear his influence on Marcus in this filthy funk rock masterpiece from 1973
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