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  1. Was a great show - Nick Collins absolutely brilliant. Phil missed a couple of cues and in “That’s all” Went for a chorus when there was another verse. But overall - did really well. He’s obviously up against it (against all odds jokes aside…) Anyhow, if I’d paid £320 I would’ve been a bit underwhelmed, but as my tickets didn’t cost me anything I’m glad to have gone.
  2. All DNA removed…took two hours - whole strip down mate - (you know I keep basses clean). It sounds fab. Some more work to do. But plays, and sounds great, absolutely brilliant. Will attempt some recordings later tomorrow.
  3. Sounds warm like the 1024 did, but keeps the click and aggression of the 414. literally magic beans.
  4. Obligatory stood up on couch group shot.
  5. Even through the little tour bus 10 it sounds good. Now back to bed with man flu.
  6. Bought some Mad strong glue a while ago to sort some toy for one of the kids. While waiting for the permanent fix, I thought I’d chance it. I reckon it will hold up. For a week. GHS boomers applied. Going to live with it as is - but currently investigating having the brass surrounds, bridge and knobs replated by a trumpet maker I know. And if memory serves from my experience with a 2024…the 1600 wins the acoustics test - it’s absolutely alive.
  7. May have sorted this issue out. Still got some cleaning and oiling to do. So uncharacteristically…I’m going to be patient.
  8. I will be looking for some serious amount of time to find one.
  9. And nothing since to reassure me that I’ve misread the arsey tone.
  10. yeah, really arsey…(you have to read bottom to top)
  11. It’s taken 2 hours: it’s clean. ive got one hell of a plating bill on my hands. fuming:
  12. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  13. Yes. I want to keep the bass. But I’ve no clue where I’ll find another - I may have a friend who can help. it’s going to cost me: And the seller, who has already p*ssed me off…by existing…
  14. I’ve walked away right now. why do some people act like this is ok, the bass is absolutely filthy too. not just old. It smells. i am Determined to save it. The bodywork and neck are really clean now I’ve got the layers of dead skin off. I want to swear a lot.
  15. right. Not going to be a knob about it. I’m not happy. anyone got a gold bb machinehead. and yes I could get any to fit, but I want one of these.
  16. Previous list is a bit short 1100s x 2, 3 x 424x (red/white/burst) 415, 425x, 350f x 2. 450. beyond help really… 300 I’ve had 3. And another is coming in trade…most likely won’t stay, but never say never.
  17. @joeystrange absolutely love the Melissa Auf Der Maur Precision.
  18. 212 has absolutely made my life. Awesome cab. Although i suspect 2 112 would be ace as well.
  19. Can’t say. Might pee my pants. And Mrs T has sorted some financials so my mad plight of “need to sell” went bang out of the window. let’s just say there are 1600 reasons I’m excited
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