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  1. £1150 (so about£1200 posted). That make it any more tempting for folks? Happy to listen to offers in that region. Deffo still interested in another 424x if anyone has one in red particularly.
  2. See how I get on tonight Pat - might send you a vid x
  3. No, definitely didn’t “lose” Anything. Definitely. 100% didn’t. No loss. Whatsoever.
  4. I know that Leo Quann barely did the bridges they were famous for at some points 😂
  5. Maybe. It’s a bit patchy as an album.
  6. It’s a fairly big body - fills it out more. It’s got better height adjustment for action. It’s got better string travel options for intonation. Adds sustain. Adds a little weight to hollow body for balance. Says “Babicz” on the side so you know you’re a badass…😉
  7. If someone wants the bass as it left the factory- I’ll let you know
  8. No. Not for a long time. a BB fits me, everything else is just not me. And I started on a bb 25 years ago. So I’ve wasted hundreds of thousands of pounds. It’s been a hoot though.
  9. Hella Good - No Doubt. Verse after first Chorus. bap bap bap bap… like a machine gun. No fancy pants stuff - just love it from a production POV.
  10. Have listed the blue one - unfortunately a bass I thought would sell quickly if I didn’t get on with it has stalled…and I’ve got a few things to clear off. Pelham blue with tasteful mods at £100 less than nee, in new nick and with a bag…magic.
  11. Bought this - it’s ace, but doesn’t see use as all the projects I had in mind for it have died their death and I hate seeing it sat on the stand. Less than 12 months old. I need to realise I’ll play the same 3 basses all the time and I have some other projects in the offing. So - a limited jack Casady in Pelham blue. babicz 3 point bridge (original included) Ibanez padded bag. nowt much really to say other than it’s lovely. Postage would be risky due to construction of the bass - but man and van insured would be about £50. wearing worn in sadowsky rounds. Nice and light at 8.1lbs. Will listen to trades if it’s a Yamaha BB. Other than that - just send me a message 😉
  12. The one I saw was in A1 music (so must’ve been pre 2000) and it’d had the jack socket switched to an XLR out. I had a Yamaha BB300 at the time which I felt was heavy and this thing felt twice as hefty. It looked cool though.
  13. Not so much a break. There’s a section in Sultan’s of Swing and Knopfler says “and then the time bell rings” or something and the drummer taps out the “time bell” on the ride - really sweet.
  14. It would tempt me - but I would only sell it… Have a think on it, the BBPH’s seem hot property at the moment and you’d do well out of selling it! Its been in the case since last use - it’s so special, I don’t want it in the stand.
  15. Need to get a cover for it. @sgh has kept this thing immaculate and I want that to continue. The kids and cat seem to like my gear - I want them away from this 😂
  16. What a looker! Love these - played a prototype when they first came out. Wonderful basses.
  17. @neepheid had a victory artist I think. I only ever saw one in the late 1990’s and my only recollection was that it was heavier than the sun. They look great though
  18. Happy to entertain BB414 BB424x bb1600/BBX bb450 bb1500a (mad 1990’s active yamaha J) And will entertain offers via PM.
  19. Ah wow, it’s like the one I had, just not messed with. Great basses.
  20. What do you want to achieve with it? same as currently on it? more mass? they’re a fender fitment, luckily…
  21. Honestly if @sgh would look at my bb1300 and maybe something else I’d have this.
  22. Put it this way - if I had the cashish this would be sat in Salford
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