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  1. So a good few weeks ago, I asked on basschat if anyone local to Blackburn fancied a gig. @Dankologyand @mr zed got in touch, so we had our lineup! We managed to run it ourselves - Andy/Waking Day brought their lovely PA Yousef/Dead Tenant brought lights and monitors/cameras (very posh) we brought drums/bass rig. All ran impressively smoothly - sound was great. Weather was a bit overcast, but I’d say 100-130 people passed through in a big tent. Absolutely loved both bands - Great use of Bass VI/Jazz by Yousef - some gorgeous chords and lovely songs. Andy and Waking day are just a slick unit - all played so well - Sadowsky Will Lee sounding mega. A great day was had by all!
  2. I’m out. just played at an outdoor do in Blackburn. was an absolute hoot.
  3. Nah, graphite rods. and not rare. they crop up every couple of months. I’ve had one - nice. But not £700
  4. Well… Thanks to @Machines and @TheRev Here it is…
  5. Beautiful bass. Pinnacle of Yamaha’s “mad” bb’s. don’t come up often…they’re ace
  6. Trying to justify a need of any sort - looks so cool
  7. £1400 posted guys - normal courier. £25 insured
  8. I follow them on Instagram and they’re massively variable… there was another chap (uk based) I followed but he seems to have gone very quiet
  9. Spitfire does, but they’re mega expensive
  10. That would be ever so lovely… I will cover postage and a donation to a Charity of your choice x
  11. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  12. I like them, I like twiddling and titling them…I mess with mine too much…
  13. This is on way. 1991 SB310 - need to sort knobs
  14. I keep ogling it in my living room. Close to withdrawal - think I can justify having 2.
  15. Another seamless deal with Ian - Shipped a Compressor to me after I placed a wanted ad. Heroic. we talk regularly anyhow, but makes a difference when you’re buying gear and you know it’s going to be top notch.
  16. Thought that might be the case! Lovely stuff - it looks well for 31 years old
  17. Have managed to get a massive box for shipping now
  18. @lee650has had 2 recently from Brian - both lovely, one was very dark like the late 60’s/Early 70’s “burgundy” ones.
  19. Serial number 914978 don’t know if that’s a sign of age
  20. Haha - when I had the Godlyke about 3 years ago yes…
  21. No concept of that…it’s blue 😂 edit - it’s active, so still not sure
  22. Well. I’ve been after one since I picked one up for @TheGreek and @Machines has spotted one in the wild…and picked it up for me. need 2 sgc knobs as it has some speed ones on happy though
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