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  1. Totally this ☝️. Get so fed up of JMB most of the time - but then every so often a gem pops up. Got into a decent busy pub band a few months back on there, and prior to lockdown I landed a spot in a tribute band that was a lot of fun for a while. Probably 20 dead ends and 3 or 4 wasted evenings trying out for other bands to get those though.
  2. Nice review, glad you are liking it!! 👍
  3. So the original seller listed it as pending, and it's turned up again with another seller in Sudbury for £750. Guessing they bought it cheaper and selling on at a profit. Also selling for their Dad apparently. Still listed as unplayed (buckle rash says otherwise), but more photos for those wondering about its preamp etc: https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/620141369349375/
  4. It was definitely passive as far as I could tell - no battery box to be seen!
  5. Had a look and walked straight away sadly. Firstly it was fretless which the seller hasn't mentioned! Not a deal breaker but not really that useful to me as I don't gig fretless much at all. Secondly it was far from immaculate - not terrible, but definitely used. Action was also awful, but neck was straight so probably just needed lowering at the bridge. Apparently the ladies Dad worked for Status and built basses for Rhino amongst others - had some photos of his previous builds. Doesn't have any real info on the bass itself though or know about them (hence not knowing the difference between fretless and fretted!). I forgot to check the serial number unfortunately or I could have checked myself. Not for me, but if anyone else near Chelmsford is interested I can pass you the details!
  6. No idea tbh. I think it's passive with a bolt on neck if that helps?! Hopefully will find out more when I see it. They are asking £800. I have no idea if that's good or not??
  7. Hi All. This is for sale up the road from me and hopefully going to have a look at it today. The only info they give is they think it was made in 1988. Apparently it was owned by the sellers dad who worked for Status at the time and it's virtually unplayed. Anyone know anything about them? Any idea on value? Thanks! Matt
  8. Ha. Had exactly the same thing happen when I took mine out on a gig the first time - confused the hell out of me for about half hour!
  9. Downsizing the pedalboard plus clearing out some I hoarded over lock, so have a few for sale!! This one hurts a bit though - I always wanted one of these, but none of my current projects need it so it's been nudged off the board and I could really use the cash due to gassing for a fender road worn jazz! Pretty much as new, boxed and with PSU. Handbuilt in the UK, retail on these is £299 at the moment - so absolute bargain for someone. Price includes UK postage. Tube drive and wah can be engaged separately or together and in either order, so loads of options. Any questions let me know.
  10. Downsizing the pedalboard plus clearing out some I hoarded over lock, so have a few for sale!! EBS Wah and Volume pedal, boxed and in excellent condition. Was velcro'd to the board but that has been removed. I could only find one of the original rubber feet, but is included. £95 posted within the UK. The Blurb: The EBS WahOne is a truly versatile wah-wah pedal designed specifically to enhance your bass groove. This unique pedal is based on the classic wah-wah concept but with extended features. With an easy dial-in design the choice is yours - use it as a wah-wah filter or volume pedal. Also the WahOne offers several cool options like the built-in tube simulator circuit, reversed action of the footboard let you choose between 'whooa' or 'aoowh' type of effect, Low-pass filter, and Hi-Q setting that narrows the midrange span that the effect work within. All these features are activated by switches on the front panel. There's also a Range control that decides wherein the frequency range the pedal will create the effect.
  11. Downsizing the pedalboard plus clearing out some I hoarded over lock, so have a few for sale!! Markbass Supersynth, boxed with PSU and in excellent condition. Some really great preset sounds plus programmable via Markbass software. Price includes UK postage.
  12. Downsizing the pedalboard plus clearing out some I hoarded over lock, so have a few for sale!! This is my Downtown Express multi effects/DI. Immaculate condition and boxed - prices includes postage within the UK. Fitted with Velcro but original feet also included. Loads of info online. Very versatile pedal - covers all the basics in one small package. Any questions let me know!
  13. My new RM800 met it's partner in crime for the first time this evening - a Barefaced Big Baby II. Smart little rig and sounds great at home -straight out to a gig tomorrow night for a proper test!
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