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  1. Hi Luca, Yes it was epoxied by the factory and it's ebony 👍 Cheers, Matt
  2. May consider other trades or PX deals such as: Line 6 Stomp/Pod Go Acoustic Bass FX Pedals Ashdown RM500 Head (or Original 500) Or try me!
  3. I used to have this exact setup 20 years ago. If I had the space I'd love to have another one!
  4. Great example of a Limelight jazz. Only for sale as I'm really only playing 5 string now and want to raise the funds for a 5 string Fretless. Would consider a trade/PX for a nice lined 34 inch scale fretless. Recently restrung with a set of regular slinky's and played very little since. Also I have replaced the saddle height adjustment screws. The originals had siezed (a fault with the relicing process which Limelight have now changed). The new ones are hex rather than slotted, so not period but much easier to use - but can give you the size details if you want to change them back! I asked Mark about this history of the bass a while ago and he said the following: Limelight 00137 is quite an early one - the 37th one made in fact, and finished in october 2014. Ordered as a 1960 Stack Knob Jazz in Orange over white with a Jazz width maple neck (Not actually an option in 1960 but it was common for necks to be switched). This build was ordered with the earth strip from bridge to bridge PU, but without mute holes, and no hootenanny button either. Also requested for the thumb rest to be in the upper position above the E string (Fender moved it to this position in 1974, before then it was below the G). Also had the later (1968 onwards) barrel saddles bridge instead of the threaded bridge. There are some nice pics of it on their website here: https://classicandcoolguitars.co.uk/portfolio/limelight-custom-00137-j-bass/ Weighs in at 4.4kg (9lb 12oz) Would much prefer collection from Chelmsford or local meet up, but may post at buyers risk and expense. Any questions let me know!
  5. That's pretty much exactly how I use fretless - mainly just play it at home to improve my ear and technique. Don't have much in the way of gigging opportunities for one, but good to have it in the collection and be ready for when the gig calls for it 👍.
  6. Only one way to get good at fretless - that's play fretless! Honestly though it's not as scary as many make out, especially when you have lines as a guide. You also won't find a better fretless for the money - these Sires are excellent.
  7. Very lightly used -only home use other than one gig with a Pink Floyd tribute to play Hey You. Can't find a mark on it - and comes with original box, pick up cover and tools (not pictured as safely away in the loft at the moment). Only for sale as I pretty much only play 5 string now - so for sale to fund a 5 string fretless! Pick up from Chelmsford, or I may post at buyers risk/cost. £325 or may px for a lined fretless 5.
  8. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  9. Great pedal and bargain price. This, combined with an MXR sub octave fuzz is my absolute favourite sound at the moment!
  10. That's lovely!! I was looking for this exactly bass a few months back - ended up finding a red one but loving the top on that one! These are great basses and that's bargain! GLWTS!
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