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  1. Have always fancied one of these! Shame you aren't a bit more local to Essex 😥
  2. Hi All, So thought I'd update you on what happened. DHL couldn't find the bass, it was last seen on CCTV in the wearhouse the day before the last scan, then it went missing. It's possibly it was damaged and "disposed of without being properly recorded", or that it went out on with an agency driver who couldn't find our address and then it got lost in the system. They aren't sure and it may resurface in an auction as some of you have suggested. There was 1 new purple burst available in the UK at Anderson's, and my email to the CEO resulted in personal contact from the head of Customer Services, who agreed as a gesture of goodwill to compensate Ollie for the extra so he could get that one. They were very helpful, even reserving the bass for us so it couldn't be sold while they investigated. So I have a very happy 13 year old who has a brand new bass rather than a used one, and I'm actually quite envious - it's a really nice bass!! Do I think this would have happened without directly emailing the CEO? Probably not given that I also emailed Customer Services independently incase the CEO didn't get my email and I eventually got a reply telling me it would be redelivered the following day, a week after I already knew they had lost it 😆 I probably wouldn't have bothered the CEO if it was just for me, I'd have just taken the PayPal refund and been cross, but I'm glad I took a stand for Ollie as he'd worked so hard and waited so long to get one. He's busy slapping some RHCP's as I write this, so was well worth it! Aside from this I also had 2 very kind offers for free basses for him, one on here and one on FB, and that also put my faith back in humanity and the bass community! All in all a very happy end to this tale. Thanks for all your input and suggestions!
  3. Actually I already did, and just had a very quick reply! He's escalated it and then I had a message from the head of customer services who is getting the depot to search for it. Fingers crossed! The Paypal refund will be easy enough, but would rather have the bass back for him!
  4. Hi All, Please keep an eye out for this bass. Our 13 year old son bought this on ebay having saved all his pocket money and worked hard doing jobs over lockdown to be able to get one. Unfortunately it has been "lost" by DHL's Basildon depot, having last been scanned there on 12th October and then vanished. How you loose a 3ft long 5kg package is beyond me, but the staff at DHL really don't seem to give a damn about trying to track it down. It's a Retrovibe Davie504 signature sn S108226. I wonder if perhaps it might turn up for sale having been "found" by someone having "fallen out" of the van. Luckily we bought on PayPal so we should get his money refunded, but it could be some time before he can find a replacement as they are like hens teeth second hand and Retrovibe our totally out of stock, even if he could afford to buy new. Also if you do see it then please let me know so we can report it to DHL/The local constabulary, and for goodness sake avoid UK Mail/DHL if you want your items delivered by a company that actually seems to care. Also if anyone has a Davie504 sig in purple they would be willing to sell to a grateful 13 year old please DM me 😬
  5. Thanks Mike, really appreciate the update - looks fantastic!
  6. Looking Awesome Mike, that's for these!!
  7. I has this recently with Pull me Under by Dream Theater. Mainly the fast section a 3 mins in. Took a break from it for a month, can back to it and nailed it pretty much first time. Sometimes it just takes the brain a while to process it all I think before it will flow. Also helps that I really worked on my RH technique in that time I think!!
  8. More progress from Mike - neck pocket and pick up recesses hand carved using the template seen in the pics:
  9. Mike is on to shaping the body now!! Love the detail of adding the dark veneer between the body and the bookmatched top!
  10. Some more build photos from Mike this weekend, all taking shape nicely!!
  11. No sorry sold now, will change the title.
  12. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  13. Brilliant, thanks for such a comprehensive review! Sounds like it would be ideal for what I have in mind based on that 👍
  14. Anyone had any experience of these? YouTube reviews seem largely favourable, but wondered if anyone has used one in a gigging or recording situation? Seems like a lot of pedal for not a whole lot of money. Cheers!
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