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  1. I suspect that you'd struggle to find a bigger louder amp for this sort of money! If I had the space I'd be tempted just for the 1 time every year I have a gig where I could justify an 810!! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Ashdown-MAG-810-EVO-II-800W-8x10-Bass-Speaker-Extension-Cabinet-Mag-600-EVO-II-/164954640951?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49286&mkrid=710-127635-2958-0
  2. I don't need it.......but I want it 🤣. Got too many amps as it is though 😬
  3. Great pedal, but recently replaced on my board with a Funk Face. Velcro fitted, some knocks and scrapes but full working order and sounds great. £65 collected from Chelmsford or will post at cost.
  4. I ask Dave Green about this a few years back. Apparently at one point they were selling 300's with 500 power sections - I have a combo for sale on the classifieds with the same!
  5. Edit:. Withdrawn. Grabbed this for a rehearsal last night and it sounded so good I can't bring myself to sell it 😂 I bought this a while back in a fit of nostalgia for my old EVO II that started my love of Ashdown. A chap up the road was selling it for his grown up daughter, who played this in a band while at school, had since been to uni and then migrated to Japan and this has been sat in their garage ever since. It was untested but looked hardly used, so I took a punt on it. I was really lucky, on taking the head out it was immaculate inside. I tested it and other than a slight crackle on a few pots it was perfect. I took it to Guy at Ashdown for a service and he gave it a once over and replaced the valve drive pot, and it's sweet now. However I've then only played it a handful of times since and am trying to raise funds to buy a CTM200, so am tentatively putting it up for sale. Cosmetically there's a few minor scratches and small knocks in the tolex, but it's probably as clean as they come for a 19 year old UK made Ashdown. The board was printed by Clive Button on 30/04/02 (see pic). Interesting it's labelled as a 500w amp. When I asked Dave Green about this when I had one before, he told me at one stage they were selling 500w amps labelled as 300's (under-promise and over deliver was the idea), but I can't confirm if this is indeed 500w. It is blooming loud though! Priced to sell at £295 - this is a lot of amp for your money, especially one that is UK made and recently serviced. Collection from Chelmsford, Essex.
  6. As per my other posts I have gone "all valve" and so my ABM600rc is for sale, complete with flight case and footswitch. If you are looking at this you'll probably already know how great these sound and how flexible they are. £450 gets you a lot of amp - new the footswitch and case would be £120+ alone! These are a huge step up from the EVO III. Bought new from PMT about 2 years ago, not been pushed hard and hardly used over lockdown as I've been using my CTM300 almost exclusively. I took it to rehearsal last week to make sure all was in order and it sounded great (and was I almost convinced to keep it 😁). Could possibly be tempted to trade for a 5 string Ibanez or Jazz, but sale is preferred as I am trying to raise funds to get a CTM200rc - as I really want something a little more portable than the 300 (which is for sale on another thread). Also available are two ABM210 cabs with covers for £325 each. Also very also very lightly used and come with Roqsolid covers with £60+ each. One or both of these would be an ideal match for this head - it's like a modular 410 and much more transportable - plus the two allow you to run the ABM at 4ohm for maximum omph! I've just gone down the Barefaced route and so these are surplus to requirements. More pics of the cab are available on the CTM300 thread. Collection from Chelmsford, Essex.
  7. Will consider splitting: £325 for each of the cabs (including covers which are £60+ each) £1100 for the head and cover. Also potentially open to swaps or PX.
  8. Well it hasn't stopped raining for a week, but I've dug out a few more photos from the rigs last couple of outings! One a small garden jam with friends (2 cabs was totally overkill but it was fun 🤣) and the other a studio session last August. The engineers were seriously impressed with the DI sound!
  9. Hi All, Tentatively putting this up for sale. It is a truly awesome set up, but I recently got a Barefaced Big Twin II for cab duties which I'm loving, and whilst I love this head I'm seriously looking at getting a CTM200 as I really want something rackmountable for a couple of Festival Gigs I have later this summer. Really excellent condition. A couple of really minor marks on the head, and one on one of the cabs, but nothing you'd notice from more than a foot away. This is a lot of amp for the money - you get 2 cabs, and the 3 covers (which were £150+ for the set), with the head for less than the retail for the CTM300 alone! These have done very little work as I started putting this together shortly before the first lockdown, so have done handful of gigs and rehearsals, plus a few days in the studio recording. The 210 cabs are much easier to lug about than a 410, with the advantage that you can just take one to smaller gigs/recordings. Of course I'd consider a trade for a CTM200 in the unlikely event anyone has one going spare and wants the 300! I may also split for sensible offers. Limited pics for now as it's raining and need to get it all outside for decent light! This was the last time I had it out just before the December lockdown plus the covers. I'll add some more when the weather improves! Collection only form Essex. Any questions ask away. Matt
  10. 37kg could be worse 😊. Are you able to measure it up for me? I have an EVOII Combo I might want to use it with, but want to check the combo will fit on the top ok. Think the 410T's might be slightly thinner than standard. Cheers!
  11. Any idea what the weight is? Cheers!
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