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  1. Romeo2

    Now recycled - Squier fretless P bass neck

    Someone will perhaps get themselves a neck with machine heads for the price of the machine heads, or quite possibly less. Sorry to disappoint the community - but I find the moral outrage that seems to be present in this thread disproportionate.
  2. Romeo2

    Now recycled - Squier fretless P bass neck

    Hey Andy, it’s Adam, the guy who picked up the spare fretless neck form you. You may remember you told me that the reason you’re not putting it up for sale is that you think it’s not even and strings D and G don’t sound right. Perhaps it’s how you set up your bass but I found it tuned and sounded perfectly fine, no problems with it. During our chat it was clear you use low tension flats and set up very low, while I tried it with rounds set up high enough not to choke notes. Yes, you are correct - these are my brand new machine heads I put on the neck. I played it for two days and decided that bass sounds better with a fretted neck. And I am now selling my machine heads with the neck I picked up from you. Now if any of you gentlemen wanted this neck so badly, the ad was up here and not sure what interest Andy had but you were free to pick it up as I did. Andy - I am not sure what agreement you think we went into but you and the rest of the shocked lads can perhaps agree I am able to do with it what I want, without your judgement.
  3. Romeo2

    Loving LEAD bass! Anyone else doing this?

    Lots of great stuff already mentioned, I can think of three other bands doing it as a two piece, Ed Schrader's Music Beat from Baltimore I think, Right Hand Left Hand from Wales, and Japandroids from Canada (admittedly, only the first one has a bass 'lead'). I used to dual amp briefly, was a lot of fun, and loud I split the signal through a DI box which had an xlr output - that went in as clean for bass into a trace elliot, and line output which went into an orange guitar cab with effects on the way in, and more effects in the fx loop section of the DI box, and had a basic Boss looper on the line going to the bass amp to send a bass line loop there, a tuner before it to mute the signal while playing 'guitar' parts over the bass loop. Now I know there are easier, more streamlined or high tech ways to do this but while it lasted, it was great fun and I enjoyed the quirkiness of it. But I did not sing, never will - would get arrested if I did. Your singing is immense, can't wait for you to go on tour here, would love to catch you live somewhere in London. What you do now, having watched the recent duo only live song sounds like a cooler version of the white stripes (cooler because you're just way cooler than jack white will ever be ). Fuzz pedals, oof, don't get us started I've got the impression that fuzz has more varieties than all other pedals combined, there's like 264 different version of big muff alone. Anyway, my favourite dirt boxes are fat fuzz factory by zvex, bass big muff by ehx and turbo rat by proco (and there are literally hundreds I want to own and try but I wouldn't have any time left for actually playing bass and enjoying it if I went down the rabbit hole!).
  4. Romeo2

    New G&L Fullerton Deluxe P and J basses

    All MFD pickups are made in the US, according to their website
  5. Romeo2

    Made in Japan 1991 Yamaha BB 3000

    Nice Your postcode points to a music shop, if you're a commercial seller then there is a separate section for you on the forum, mods can advise.
  6. Romeo2


    Bananana Matryoshka EDIT: I only later realised you want something for 80s pawp, not sure if this fits the bill, I grew up in the 90s
  7. Romeo2

    Urgent help gmr bass

    It is almost certainly a GMR Bassforce, lack of logo on headstock is mysterious but body shape, use of Warwick hardware, EMGs - a custom build originating in the 1990s, maybe early 2000s, these are my educated guesses (quite a few pics on Polish bass forums and auction sites, a plethora of varieties as it seems lots were custom builds, perhaps a customer requested no logo). If you must know for certain try contacting Roman Koc, the luthier behind the brand - there's an FB profile for both him and the brand. But what I think you have here is a vintage, handmade instrument from a well regarded luthier, an instrument which if it was a Warwick people would be queuing up to pay a grand or more, realistically you should be able to sell this for four hundred quid tops - or, well, however much anyone is willing to pay, try your luck
  8. Romeo2

    Urgent help gmr bass

    why do you need help urgently, may I ask? is there anything wrong with this instrument? the furniture is Warwick - sorry, what?
  9. Romeo2

    ***SOLD*** G&L L-1000 '83

    well that was quick! phew, otherwise I'd be in financial trouble
  10. Romeo2

    Bass Bridges

    G&L Saddle lock bridge
  11. Romeo2

    ***SOLD*** G&L L-1000 '83

  12. Romeo2

    My new custom built 'hyper' jazz

    not cheap but for a custom built looking like a work of art to be with you in three weeks - worth it methinks. happy days, do us some sound samples if you can!
  13. Romeo2

    My new custom built 'hyper' jazz

    Killer bass, one of kind, really special, aesthetically screams quality and beastly tones (shape of the headstock is somehow 'controversial' but that's what makes it stand out even more, I like it) it's passive, right? some sound samples would be great! how much does a custom build like this cost?
  14. Romeo2

    Now recycled - Squier fretless P bass neck

    Interested - message sent
  15. Romeo2

    Fame (Mayones) 4 Fretless SOLD

    Mayones used to be a small team in Gdansk, Poland who pretty much handmade small batches of instruments under the names of Flame, Fame and Zak (guitars and basses), the latter two exported outside of Poland so more expensive with better hardware, etc. - that was in the 1980s-90s. It seems it would be three times the price if it had the name starting with a W as its brand, and quite possibly were cheaper new than this is now - but in today's market this is an absolute steal, after all you've got here a vintage handmade Mayones. GLWTS PS. don't wanna sound like a smarta*** but if bigthumb is happy to ship then the buyer could simply order a new case (not that expensive) to his address and you got yourself a deal - ok, I'll shut up now.