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  1. I don't think you're serious about selling the bass on here without any pics (and not sure why I am even writing this) but to save you searching through the forum - no second hand bass if I remember correctly, regardless of the upgrades, has ever sold on here for more than a new one. But what do I know, perhaps the right type of a customer will come along, glwts ...
  2. Romeo2

    EBS Micro Bass 3!

    Power supply included - and it would be a p*ss take if it wasn't at this price. I have the mkII and it's just the best, so this is of no interest to me; it only would be if mine broke, and it's rather unlikely considering how well it is made. Ok, I tell a lie - it was of no interest to me until the basstheworld video
  3. I have a Vintage Modified PJ, with Geezer Butler EMG pups and hipshot tuners (to get rid of neck dive) - and it is the best bass ever. I love how it sounds acoustically, plugged in is a monster, is light, stays in tune and tunes all over the neck perfectly. I may jinx it but I do believe it cured GAS for other basses, no money buys me 'more' or 'better', and since this feels perfect (2nd hand so for less than 250), I am done with looking for the 'one'.
  4. Romeo2

    DR Strings

    And you are correct indeed - just received an email about the import fees deposit being refunded, this is about 6-7 weeks after the purchase but automatic so didn't need to do anything. So, a pack of sunbeams for bass and pure blues for guitar, cheaper then anywhere in UK or Europe, and then five pounds back too - as already stated, great for consumers, really bad for local businesses.
  5. Romeo2

    DR Strings

    Thanks - makes sense, but it seems I didn't pay more than their estimate, nothing reimbursed still much cheaper, buying again for other basses edit: hmm, the shop I bought it from about a month ago now will not ship to the UK, tried other shops, no luck, seems I have to go with amazon export sales LLC which does not make it so much cheaper now, bugger
  6. Romeo2

    DR Strings

    Alba said on page 1 of this thread (quoted in my question...) that this is possible, wondered how exactly.
  7. Romeo2


    Welcome back. A powerful and inspiring story, Tuco (apologies for the cliched choice of words but not much else fits) - I work in mental health and a recovery story such as yours is rather rare in my experience. Hopefully you'll find the time and strength to provide peer support to others, as that seems to help more than medication/therapy alone.
  8. Romeo2

    DR Strings

    sunbeams 40-100 on my PJ and oh my, what strings, what sound, what feel, and they were much cheaper than if I bought them from a UK seller (also bought pure blues 10s for my six string guitar, really good too) but my question here is how do you get the import fees reimbursed, please?
  9. I have the EBS Classic Session 30 Bass Combo and it is very, very good. https://ebssweden.com/content2/combos/session-bass-combos/ (They now have them as MKII with a new speaker, a better one they claim, well - my MKI is excellent for home practice or even small jam sessions so perhaps 2nd hand now with this new version out you could grab a bargain.)
  10. correct, the M neck on a 4 string one is in between P and J width, with satin finish it is a very comfortable neck to play (damn, this thread is making me regret selling it ...) not sure but I think it was on the bassesbyleo web forum that the tech guy from G&L (is it Paul Gaigon?) replied to someone asking whether making M a passive bass is a good idea, and he said it isn't. My guess is they underwound their MFD pickups for the M series and then fed them together with the three-band EQ with 18V and that is it, they will simply be underpowered and sound thin without it once rewiring is done
  11. You remember correctly - a three way switch, off, active on, and active on with treble boost. One main difference between L and M is that there is no way to play M in a passive mode, while L can go on even if the battery dies (fun fact: dead or no battery and you have a killswitch, very cool for delay or synth sounds)
  12. It looks like they killed the Tribute line of the M series, and it is now only available as an US order option http://glguitars.com/product-category/fullerton-basses/ I had an M2000 which I really liked, and I even modded it with two three way switches for coil-tapping (thread here, pics missing for some reason, sadly: ) I sold it. I had too many basses and this one was getting played the least. It was the transparent black flame maple top with binding, matching headstock, played like butter. I struggled to sell it even at a ridiculously low (I think) price, something current/future owners should be aware of - if you're buying one, be prepared to keep it, there just isn't that much love for the M series (perhaps the reason why the Tribute line is now gone).
  13. I typically string my L2k with elixirs, hexcore strings 45-105 are necessary I think for this beast to sound proper. I tried a lighter gauge some time ago, an interesting experiment but i missed the authority of higher tension strings working against that rather chunky maple neck. I now have sunbeams on a squire bass and do wonder if it's a good idea for the L2k too, hmm. I've tried flats on it, daddario I think, as you can imagine - it sounded really good but again, I just missed the beast's rock'y roundwound growl. But if you have a spare set of flats, try it out, worth a punt. I bought my L2k sort of on a whim at LBassGShow in 2013, without much prior knowledge or reading, just wanted a double humbucker active maple neck bass and there it was. A Tribute shall I add. It's been a G&L love story since for me, always a little surprised how little this brand is recognised but perhaps less hype keeps prices reasonable (althougb both andertons and guitarguitar have been stocking significantly more of their stuff recently, and the company seems to have some new marketing team, the range is more focussed, there are now videos demoing different things, almost as if they woke up ten years too late into the game).
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