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  2. Strange as I tried the GKs DI/preamp box with a set of fresh looking DT770s which they just had there plugged in, the guy who gave me a jazz bass to try it out was very helpful and gave me a quick rundown of the hidden options etc. and told me to play with it as long as I liked.
  3. I suppose Yamaha don't feel like exhibiting in London because they have a massive store in Soho with all the basses ready to try out, open seven days a week, attendance is free https://www.yamahamusiclondon.com/Our-Store/ And Wunjo has lots of affordable basses right there in Denmark Street, if there is something you can't find at the show, they probably have it, also open every day.
  4. I've been to quite a few of these shows, I think my first was in 2013 when I left with an L2k G&L. This year's wasn't the best in my experience but I really liked it, here's why: I started to play guitar last December (this time properly, or so I think :D) so to be able to also check out guitars and especially the effects, heaven! I tried a PRS through the neunaber effects, incredible stuff from neunaber, the guitar wasn't too shabby neither (although I tried a different set of effects next day with a different PRS, and it was just nowhere near as good as the previous one, no idea if it was a more budget version or what); lots of cool and crazy sounds from Walrus and Beetronics but the Shergold guitar they had there was something else, never knew about the brand, fell in love; beetronics Overhive was a damn fine stompbox too. Really liked how musicman guitars were there hooked up to an array of mooer effects, got a chance to try most of the effects and guitars, felt like a kid in a playground there. I have to say that the guitar stands seemed better prepared with headphones and readiness to just plug and play. which brings me to Chowny basses - I met Stephen years ago helping out at his first time at the show, in Olympia, was great to see him now and his extended range, and he was ready for the show: a markbass amp and headphones, I sat down and played through all of his gear couple of minutes each bass, really nice and punchy pickups in his basses, nicely put together, great finishes, thoroughly enjoyed the double humbucker one in red, good comfy neck too. opportunity to see and play stuff that unless you go to bass direct, you can't try anywhere else - to my utter despair as I can't afford it I finally had a chance to try a Vigier bass, and even though the amp was a crackly one (the guy who plugged me in was very apologetic about it) I fell in love there and then, that neck, those pickups, weight/balance, sublime. Also, tons of guitar effects (another lesson reinforced: 90% of them are sort of meh, good GAS killer, they sound sooo much better in the youtube demos :D) opportunity to speak to the makers, the builders, the sellers - once you cut through the marketing spiel, some people were utterly fun to chat with, dry humour, silly anecdotes, intriguing insight into how they came up with stuff, etc. John Patitucci - what a legend, what a nice guy, humble, funny, his duet with just a piano was jaw-droppingly awesome; he was visibly touched at the receipt of the lifetime achievement award, you'd think it wouldn't matter to him much, or that he shouldn't be too surprised, well he held back tears trying to say how grateful he was. the venue - I loved it, not only it was so much easier for me to get to it, the area around it is so much nicer than around Olympia, and Olympia always seemed a little claustrophobic, this is good, I will be gutted if it moves back to west London Ok, so what I'd like to see improved: clinics/masterclasses need to be in rooms that are not disrupted by performances in the Auditorium (John P first found it amusing, then annoying, then just gave up and laughed - really should not have happened), these could also be bigger as on Saturday (I didn't even try attending these on Sunday) not only were they packed, the aircon was not being turned on, stuffy and just downright smelly, had to leave one as was feeling nauseous; luthier/tone zone talks need to be inside rooms, geez, I tried 'attending' three different ones, just could not hear anything or focus on what was being said; more interesting/varied live line-up in the Auditorium - much as I like Ariane and Cody, their solo sets of looped tapping were just not that interesting (I still stayed, the room was air-conditioned and dark so a good rest from the noisy main hall) - another musician, preferably a drummer should be the law for auditorium bass player performances - remember that year when Trujillo was there..? (Ok, Michael Manring may be exempted from this law.) Why do people slap at the show - we will never know, it shall remain one of life's great mysteries. As much as why guitar players can't play chords or riffs all of a sudden but can shred mindlessly up and down the neck like there's no tomorrow. I will be attending the show next year, hopefully it stays in the same venue and remains a guitar and bass show.
  5. I might be getting this wrong but from what people are saying, most of you reeeaaally didn't like the show. But can you imagine just for a second how ultra excited you would've been at this show pre-internet age when you didn't spend hours every day on a bass forum in the comfort of your sofa and laptop GASing for gear you could actually see and touch at the show, or watching youtube videos checking out the people who performed/did clinics? Loud and crowded seems to be the complaint, this coming from musicians - have you ever been to a gig..? I suppose people who enjoyed it can't be ar** to waste their time telling you here about it, seeing all the negativity. I'll give it a go anyway.
  6. I have a spare ticket for the Sunday, would anyone like to swap for a Saturday ticket? EDIT: as ezbass has so helpfully pointed out I can use it for entry on any day, rejoice! no spare ticket available
  7. so does anyone know how is entry for this organised? only Saturday ticket holders get to get in, or no tickets necessary at all? the email doesn't say much ...
  8. well yours at least has white strips, Andy had to dial it in with all-black miniknobs great pedal, good price considering what they cost when you import
  9. I don't think you're serious about selling the bass on here without any pics (and not sure why I am even writing this) but to save you searching through the forum - no second hand bass if I remember correctly, regardless of the upgrades, has ever sold on here for more than a new one. But what do I know, perhaps the right type of a customer will come along, glwts ...
  10. Romeo2

    EBS Micro Bass 3!

    Power supply included - and it would be a p*ss take if it wasn't at this price. I have the mkII and it's just the best, so this is of no interest to me; it only would be if mine broke, and it's rather unlikely considering how well it is made. Ok, I tell a lie - it was of no interest to me until the basstheworld video
  11. I have a Vintage Modified PJ, with Geezer Butler EMG pups and hipshot tuners (to get rid of neck dive) - and it is the best bass ever. I love how it sounds acoustically, plugged in is a monster, is light, stays in tune and tunes all over the neck perfectly. I may jinx it but I do believe it cured GAS for other basses, no money buys me 'more' or 'better', and since this feels perfect (2nd hand so for less than 250), I am done with looking for the 'one'.
  12. Romeo2

    DR Strings

    And you are correct indeed - just received an email about the import fees deposit being refunded, this is about 6-7 weeks after the purchase but automatic so didn't need to do anything. So, a pack of sunbeams for bass and pure blues for guitar, cheaper then anywhere in UK or Europe, and then five pounds back too - as already stated, great for consumers, really bad for local businesses.
  13. Romeo2

    DR Strings

    Thanks - makes sense, but it seems I didn't pay more than their estimate, nothing reimbursed still much cheaper, buying again for other basses edit: hmm, the shop I bought it from about a month ago now will not ship to the UK, tried other shops, no luck, seems I have to go with amazon export sales LLC which does not make it so much cheaper now, bugger
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