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  1. binky_bass, guess no more, you are right, quick google search directed me to a which? article from last year: "In fact, just three of the 119 products we tracked - that's 1% - were at their very cheapest price on Black Friday." there is a site in the country of my origin called fakefriday - some guy put it up and it essentially has bots scanning tech websites, you can look for a product and see if it really is a deal. obviously, it almost never is
  2. WOW looks like an absolute masterpiece, won't be picking up my jaw any time soon we need a demo, go on, just the intro to Jeremy and we can start a cult in your name
  3. if you can't feel it under your hands when playing then I would say live with it but email pics with concerns of QA to the shop, you may get a discount/store credit in the process but we also want pics of the whole bass!
  4. Romeo2

    NBD F Bass BN5

    beautiful, and it probably plays and sounds equally good - jealous!
  5. The kind of bassline that makes me feel proud it's an instrument I can play,:
  6. lots of great channels suggested so far, cheers all! if you scroll down to videos from years ago, Marcin Pendowski did a lot of really good demos, no talking, his own (very good) groovy lines and different techniques so you can hear what the basses can sound like (warning, GAS inducing stuff!): https://www.youtube.com/user/pendowsky/videos
  7. you're literally* giving it away at this price, and it's still here?! I have the exact same bass, if the serial numbers mean anything mine is two years older, and it is just an amazing instrument, just had it back from the bass gallery, paid them to level/crown frets (after playing the bass relentlessly for a decade!) and the pro-luthier treatment made it sound not like one but two million dollars. so, anyway, good luck with the sale *ok, not literally, geez ...
  8. All right, while it's clear we just cannot stop loving the genius of Donny, let's refocus on why I posted this in the Bass Guitars section, for those who did not have the courage to explore Mr Experience's uploads. This next one features a Faux Steinberger, an octaver and some chorus. As a bonus, gratuitous amounts of charm from the Sophisticated `Lover himself:
  9. Not sure if this should maybe go in general discussion but hey, a fretless Musicman is supposedly the star fo the show here: oh, actually, there is a separate video devoted to the bass alone:
  10. with this budget, you can get almost anything you want, 2nd hand (maybe not a Ritter, or a Fodera...) get a bass that you find comfortable playing, the neck must be perfect for your fretting hand, and the body not biting into your forearm, the rest is - apart from weight - sort of aesthetics. for versatility it should have two pickups and maybe active electronics, active/passive switch in a P/J config gets you almost any sound you can dream up try before you buy - happy adventures!
  11. if shape does not need to be of the classic J but you're more after passive two single coil pickups then I bought a 2nd hand yamaha bbn4, taiwanese made light small body super nice neck 24 fret jazz killer sound, replaced jack socket and it could do with the cavity screening but can't be bothered, really nice bass I got for less than 150 quid word of caution on some of your shortlisted basses - if you buy without playing first you may be surprised with how heavy some of them can be I also own a G&L L2k, my go to most favourite bass ever - but it's not a jazz, just isn't. two uberpowerful humbuckers and a chunky neck (although newer tributes have apparently a more manageable profile) give you a super versatile cut through bass but it's not a jazz sound
  12. This might be the most pointless thread on BC I've seen (apart from some of the OFF Topic ones where I simply don't understand what they are about and why they go on for years), and I absolutely am loving it. Is there going to be a difference in silks lining up or not between different string manufacturers, ultra precise production line vs not so much? Genuinely intrigued now. No pics from me, currently al basses strung with DRs, no silk
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