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  1. SOLD ! Cort A4 Artisan Black Cherry

    I played one of these in a shop once - lightweight and fantastic neck, just right (and I think a nice flat radius too), so easy to play. In fact, I couldn't understand how such components and quality finishing can be had for half the price what others charge (guy in the shop explained it's because Cort own the factories where they build other brands so they can afford to built theirs better for less!), frets were level and nicely rounded at edges. Top quality for silly money, GLWTS

    [size=5]This fantastic funky jazz band from Szczecin, Poland (by now all on this forum should know how to pronounce the name of this city) is playing a couple of shows in the UK, I strongly encourage you to check them out:[/size] [size=5][color=#333333]12.05 Birmingham | Centrala[/color][/size] [size=5][color=#333333]13.05 Warrington | Anima Jazz Bar[/color] [color=#333333]14.05 Edinburgh | The Jazz Bar[/color] [color=#333333]16.05 London | Zigfrid von Underbelly of Hoxton[/color] [color=#333333]17.05 Brussels | Aloft Hotels[/color][/size] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BGPBdUTa7ls [size=5]PS. If you're interested in what gear you can hear live then I think bass player uses a Sire V7 (used to play a P, as in this video).[/size]
  3. The Official MARUSZCZYK CLUB!

    haha, i love how Pilichowski is now selling his Mayo basses on public peace used basses shop https://www.public-peace.de/bass-guitars/used-basses there are some vintage, expensive fender jazz basses too
  4. I like it, I like the music, the playing I mean, there are moments I like a LOT. (I don't like the singing though, I think there is a little too much of it. Not a criticism of the singer, just not really to my taste.)
  5. Ibanez ES2 meets High Gain

    I have the ES2 delay (love it btw!) and have a turbo rat before it, sounds awesome and I've not noticed a drop in volume. I have the ehx bass big muff in front of it too and again, not noticed any volume drops. One 'funny' thing I noticed is that fat fuzz factory before the delay creates sounds that just ignore the delay and I can barely hear/notice the delayed signal, especially when there is lots of drive and/or gate - but then the fat fuzz is such a weird, wild animal I don't mind what happens after it
  6. Coolest of bass players

    [quote name='SpondonBassed' timestamp='1486187056' post='3229900'] The word "kool" is [i]not[/i] cool. Heeheehee. Love yoofspeek. [Reaches for bucket] [/quote] I am definetely not cool but I used kool as reference to the song I quoted, oh I am so witty it hurts. Now put that bucket away, not healthy.
  7. Coolest of bass players

    I love this thread as it reminds me how many great bass players are out there and how many I know. (this may also make me quite sad...) But speaking of kool, Kim Gordon must get a mention here: [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SDTSUwIZdMk[/media]
  8. someone wanted one of these in the wanted section couple of days ago
  9. Sorry, no better pics available, he may be a decent bass player but a terrible photographer I'll take some pics myself when I get a chance, and I am now quite intrigued as to how that J pickup got installed and what it is. I was told that apparently the bass made its way from the US to Poland some time in the 90s with some reggae band, dudes got so relaxed post-gigging that they almost missed their flight back and in the rush to the airport left the bass behind. It seems it's been passed around the Warsaw music scene until it landed in the home studio of the keyboard player of the band I mentioned.
  10. Hmm, it does look like an antigua, especially with the serial number confirming year of production when US antiguas were made. Bass is at present owned by bass player of Pogodno, they have this mannequin challenge (wtf is that about anyway?) video on their fb, hopefully I can link it here so you can get a glimpse of it although not much better than the photo I posted earlier: http://www.facebook.com/pogodno/videos/10154976951359050/
  11. Thanks guys - you've confirmed my doubts/assumptions. Although I thought it would be more around £1-1.2k mark. The bass is not near me to check it out but once I get my paws on it, well, you never know, it may join the herd one day (especially that now I may be able to negotiate a much lower price than expected).
  12. re pickup - I am afraid I don't know, the guy who owns doe snot know neither, and is not technical enough to find out (ie don't let him hold a screwdriver or something gets broken...) serial number indicates 1977-78, when the luthier had it he told him it is deffo 1978 so he must have had a look at neck stamp or whatever else indicates that - no photos of the bass taken apart neither
  13. Andy, you've replied almost as soon as I hit the post button - genius, thanks. Anyone else?
  14. I know a guy who owns this bass, he is interested in selling it. I wanted to find out how much a bass like this is worth (obviously anything is worth as much as people want to pay ...) but I can't find this to be a production model. Anyway, some pics to give you an idea: [attachment=236028:FENDER PJ 78 BODY.jpg] [attachment=236029:FENDER PJ 78 HEADSTOCK.jpg] Did they do PJs in 1978? It does have the usual dings and scratches, and if they did not do PJs in 1978 (as I suspect as I couldn't find an example online) then it's been modded. I am told it's had luthier treatment so plays really well. What are your thoughts? Is this all original, or modded? How much could this be worth, roughly? Thanks in advance.
  15. Recommendations for P/J pickup set

    I've got the geezer butler EMG PJ set in my vm squier, really excellent sounding pups.