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  1. While demo videos give us quite a good idea of the pedals' features, just like the videos above way too often they are recorded with instruments soloed, in a band mix or at least with drums the pedals will either sink or swim, and that's the real test unless you plan on playing rock riffs as a solo act at your local pub's open mic, then they're perfect representations of what you need and what you'll get!
  2. Witam na forum - and dude, that cab of yours looks mental!
  3. Pilichowski used to play a Rybski bass, waaay back in the 90s edit: not sure if you need to be on facebook to see this but it's on Rybski's profile (old 2014 post):
  4. welcome to the forum, Jirka! there always seems to be one in the yamaha london store, and you may get it slightly cheaper when you're in there if you speak to them nicely https://www.yamahamusiclondon.com/Guitars/Bass-Guitars/Signature-Series/
  5. ok, one more from me - the legend that is Mike Watt I only learnt of his existence around early 90s when the Ball-Hog or Tugboat? record came out, since then saw him live with Iggy Pop, his Missingmen project playing his Hyphenated-man record(s) but my favourite were gigs with Il Sogno Del Marinaio, Stefano on guitar and the monster drummer Andrea Belfi on drums, life-affirming live music experiences, here's a vintage 90s video with the then gunge stars:
  6. same here, saw him with Primus in brixton academy some years ago and it was just not very good. but he's been doing some strange stuff recently, some annoying as hell, like the willy wonka-type theatre style bs but the Claypool Lennon Delirium project is superb, South of Reality they released last year is one of my favourite 2019 records
  7. two pages in and no mention of Les Claypool yet? what's wrong with you lot?! although you might be on to something, hard to describe what he does as 'singing' ...
  8. I ventured to some different websites, you know, that Internet thing beyond basschat, and I bring you a quote which may perhaps be helpful for the abstinence challenge (although there is a bit there that can equally be GAS-inducing, oh well, you've been warned) here goes, quote is from Marcus Miller [original formatting]: The bass players we admire most only played one bass “When I think of the guys that really made an impact on me - Jaco [Pastorius] played a 1962 Jazz Bass, Stanley Clarke plays an Alembic bass, Victor Wooten plays that Fodera, Larry Graham plays a Fender Jazz Bass and James Jamerson played a Fender Precision. “They didn’t walk around with five basses and say, 'For this song, I’m going to play my blahblahblah…’ They were connected to their instrument and their voice became that instrument. And this includes me, too, because I’ve been playing the same [Fender] Jazz Bass since my mom bought it for me in 1977. Although it’s really fun, and I have, like, 35 basses or something like that, I only really ever play one consistently. “This is just something to consider. It’s not a rule, because music is music and there’s a lot of merit to switching basses, and sometimes I really have to fight the limitations of my Jazz Bass. Just consider that if you’re looking for an individual voice on your bass, you might not want to switch around so much.”
  9. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  10. well yours at least has white strips, Andy had to dial it in with all-black miniknobs great pedal, good price considering what they cost when you import
  11. I don't think you're serious about selling the bass on here without any pics (and not sure why I am even writing this) but to save you searching through the forum - no second hand bass if I remember correctly, regardless of the upgrades, has ever sold on here for more than a new one. But what do I know, perhaps the right type of a customer will come along, glwts ...
  12. Romeo2

    EBS Micro Bass 3!

    Power supply included - and it would be a p*ss take if it wasn't at this price. I have the mkII and it's just the best, so this is of no interest to me; it only would be if mine broke, and it's rather unlikely considering how well it is made. Ok, I tell a lie - it was of no interest to me until the basstheworld video
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