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  1. What's your favourite Preamp/DI?

    check out EBS MicroBass II, had mine for years, rugged, super functional, drive knob for grit, EQ to dial in what you want, excellent input/output options
  2. any advice appreciated - apple mac/logic newbie

    macbook pro and logicx is a mighty combination, my macbook is now 7 years old, after upgrades to RAM and hdd to ssd it's still going strong, with a firewire focusrite saffire interface I can record like a pro (but I don't :D) - so if he respects what he gets from you guys then it will last him through uni and beyond problems with new macbooks he may face are: unable to upgrade capacity of ssd (i think they now solder them to motherboards and charge a fortune for successive increases, 256 vs 512 is way more than if you upgraded yourself, greedy bastards) but ssd's are getting cheaper and cheaper so he can have an external drive for backups or more space (and he may need it since recording sessions in logic get big) and poor input / output options, limited to usb-c only (i think, have not looked for a while now) - now this annoys me no end, you buy a very expensive computer and you immediately need to spend more to connect anything that does not run on usb-c, say a thunderbolt interface uni discounts used to be 14% so definitely wait for him to get his uni details before buying! he can thank us all later
  3. G&L M2000 Tribute. Opinions?

    I had one. It's a great instrument, really capable three band EQ, fantastic neck, between P and J, satin finish. It does not sound like L2k at all though, if that is the sound you are after. It's just a brilliant two humbucker active 3band EQ versatile bass.
  4. I stumbled into that said Yamaha shop in London today, ended up playing the P34 and the 2024x, both were really good. I liked the neck on the P34 more but the 2024x sounded nicer (albeit on a smallish hartke, and not played in anger). Anyway, I am not in a position at the moment to be buying such expensive instruments but if you'd like one, the man wanted to sell me the P34 300 quid less than the shop price (which I think was GBP1664 so say GBP1350, and that's with set-up and a hardcase), 3TSB, and a black 2024x for GBP1950 (I think the RRP is around the 3k mark ...). Thought I should put it out there as these seem like good deals for these brand new, if Santa does not get you what you wanted this year, well, here's a way to make it right PS. Merry Christmas everyone!
  5. Bass that Deb Googe plays these days

    Hmm, I did not know of the First Act brand. This one is definitely a custom one-off, apologies for linking to talkbass if it's not allowed, the builder explains how they arrived at this bass: https://www.talkbass.com/threads/anybody-recognise-this-bass.1272146/ Strange as they don't seem to have a website or anything, I could only find a facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/SynthpunkIndustries/ Just to be clear: I have no affiliation with anyone involved with building this bass, I only came across them when trying to find out what Deb is playing. Photo above is mine by the way, if anyone gigging in London wants black and white film photos taken - get in touch (I do this for fun, no business plan involved :D)
  6. I went to see Thurston Moore Band earlier this month at 100 Club in London. What a superb gig that was. I stood very close to Deb Googe (previously of My Bloody Valentine fame) the bass player and was floored by how cool she plays, the sound was immense - but I couldn't figure out what the bass was: I So I thought I should ask over here, you know, one of those "What's this bass?" threads. Then I thought, nah, that's just lazy, let's see what I can find online. Well no wonder I couldn't figure out what it was - turns out it's a completely custom one off creation for her. Now for those really interested look up synthpunk industries who also happen to be explaining how they created this beauty on t**kb**s under a thread 'Anybody recognise this bass (I am not sure if linking directly to that other forum is allowed on here so do your searches.) Cool bass, fantastic player, really great band - catch them live if you can!
  7. SOLD ! Cort A4 Artisan Black Cherry

    I played one of these in a shop once - lightweight and fantastic neck, just right (and I think a nice flat radius too), so easy to play. In fact, I couldn't understand how such components and quality finishing can be had for half the price what others charge (guy in the shop explained it's because Cort own the factories where they build other brands so they can afford to built theirs better for less!), frets were level and nicely rounded at edges. Top quality for silly money, GLWTS

    [size=5]This fantastic funky jazz band from Szczecin, Poland (by now all on this forum should know how to pronounce the name of this city) is playing a couple of shows in the UK, I strongly encourage you to check them out:[/size] [size=5][color=#333333]12.05 Birmingham | Centrala[/color][/size] [size=5][color=#333333]13.05 Warrington | Anima Jazz Bar[/color] [color=#333333]14.05 Edinburgh | The Jazz Bar[/color] [color=#333333]16.05 London | Zigfrid von Underbelly of Hoxton[/color] [color=#333333]17.05 Brussels | Aloft Hotels[/color][/size] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BGPBdUTa7ls [size=5]PS. If you're interested in what gear you can hear live then I think bass player uses a Sire V7 (used to play a P, as in this video).[/size]
  9. The Official MARUSZCZYK CLUB!

    haha, i love how Pilichowski is now selling his Mayo basses on public peace used basses shop https://www.public-peace.de/bass-guitars/used-basses there are some vintage, expensive fender jazz basses too
  10. I like it, I like the music, the playing I mean, there are moments I like a LOT. (I don't like the singing though, I think there is a little too much of it. Not a criticism of the singer, just not really to my taste.)
  11. Ibanez ES2 meets High Gain

    I have the ES2 delay (love it btw!) and have a turbo rat before it, sounds awesome and I've not noticed a drop in volume. I have the ehx bass big muff in front of it too and again, not noticed any volume drops. One 'funny' thing I noticed is that fat fuzz factory before the delay creates sounds that just ignore the delay and I can barely hear/notice the delayed signal, especially when there is lots of drive and/or gate - but then the fat fuzz is such a weird, wild animal I don't mind what happens after it
  12. Coolest of bass players

    [quote name='SpondonBassed' timestamp='1486187056' post='3229900'] The word "kool" is [i]not[/i] cool. Heeheehee. Love yoofspeek. [Reaches for bucket] [/quote] I am definetely not cool but I used kool as reference to the song I quoted, oh I am so witty it hurts. Now put that bucket away, not healthy.
  13. Coolest of bass players

    I love this thread as it reminds me how many great bass players are out there and how many I know. (this may also make me quite sad...) But speaking of kool, Kim Gordon must get a mention here: [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SDTSUwIZdMk[/media]
  14. someone wanted one of these in the wanted section couple of days ago
  15. Sorry, no better pics available, he may be a decent bass player but a terrible photographer I'll take some pics myself when I get a chance, and I am now quite intrigued as to how that J pickup got installed and what it is. I was told that apparently the bass made its way from the US to Poland some time in the 90s with some reggae band, dudes got so relaxed post-gigging that they almost missed their flight back and in the rush to the airport left the bass behind. It seems it's been passed around the Warsaw music scene until it landed in the home studio of the keyboard player of the band I mentioned.