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  1. how do I end up checking out a BBN5 II on ebay... you guys are a bad influence.
  2. killer looks, passive, humbuckers and split coil delight and separate volume/tone controls for each pup - thanks Andy, I will now, like you have, obsess over it and not get any sleep, yeah, cheers ...
  3. @Al Krow Andy is obviously right, what is quite special about this cheap BB is it's a smaller body than the more fancy (or later) BB models but more importantly, it just seems perfect: light, super-well balanced and for the money I paid for it on here it's ridiculously good in terms of every note ringing like it was a £1.5k instrument. I bought it on here from a chap who in the advert said he bought it on here as well so it's changed hands a couple of times, I think I'm not letting it go. Adding shielding in the cavity would make it tour-ready. Yamaha FTW.
  4. I am intrigued by the blue one, I assume there is a separate thread on it with specs, photos and sound samples - Andy, share the link, please. (If such a thread does not exist, how dare you!)
  5. what next, eh? you gonna post a video when you also play the drums?! you're seriously killing it man, a pleasure to listen to and watch the videos - and your P with a pick spiel is a pretty good GAS-killer, I'm off to play some more instead of scrolling through the for sale section
  6. it's this song's first birthday, I think it fits very well in this thread - righteous anger for all the valid reasons:
  7. some of my favourite rock and roll songs in this thread, love it! from Ministry's Psalm69 album Jesus built my hotrod is awesome but there is also TV II, my earliest memory of thinking WHAT WHY HOW YEEEAAAAH!!!, also completely relentless: There is fresh p****d off music too, I really don't want anyone to miss out on this London's trio righteous anger, and yes, my colleagues can get me worked up on Teams too, I am struggling to imagine what it will be like when we're back in the same room...
  8. How about Teethgrinder by Therapy? :
  9. years back when Microbass II was my way to play along to tracks without audio interface and DAW I used to plug in beyerdynamic 990 pro into the headphone out on the EBS unit - all the bass you can wish for, all day long, just beautiful, ten years later I still regard these headphones as one of the best out there, hard to beat for comfort, sound and durability (and price). PS. still have the microbass II, still love it, it might outlive me it's so well-built; headphones are on I think fourth pair of replaceable cushions, as good as new
  10. proof (if one was ever needed) that I spend way too much time on basschat - just watching the very fresh demo of this pedal from Nate Navarro, he dives into other users' presets and I see 'quatschmacher', hmm, where did I see this word before, I scratch my (balding) head, a-ha! Your preset comes up at 4.38:
  11. Well, the record is out and the only gripe I have with it is that it feels too short - otherwise, love it, a great trip into jazz-ish experimental territory, on repeat listening for me at the moment. https://open.spotify.com/album/5fsq4qeIWboRRPG7mGGfxr?si=9mWvGLNjQT6tkm3VU38jNA
  12. I'm surprised to see the phrase "enough basses" slip past BCs profanity filter.
  13. Wow. Great work and what a brilliant write up of the project. Thank you.
  14. Well turns out I really knew very little about Pino's gigs, glad I posted this, more stuff to check out! I am a kid/victim of the 90s so even though I knew who he was I only got really interested when he started playing with Trent and toured with NIN (initially was sad to see Justin being replaced...).
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