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  1. Wow. Great work and what a brilliant write up of the project. Thank you.
  2. Well turns out I really knew very little about Pino's gigs, glad I posted this, more stuff to check out! I am a kid/victim of the 90s so even though I knew who he was I only got really interested when he started playing with Trent and toured with NIN (initially was sad to see Justin being replaced...).
  3. There's more videos on Mr Mills' youtube channel promoting their forthcoming record, some very creative use of effects, capo on bass, more cool basses and remarkable musicianships. Hard to watch, I agree the quirky camerawork may get annoying. I referred to it as jazz but it kind is out there in the free, genre-less, let's make music we like sphere, closest to jazz but hardly traditional. Great thing about Pino he's done almost all the genres now - you can like him for ballad rock and RnB, or hate him for that and tune into his NIN and jazz stuff. I love it all, looking up his bass playing credits my ears / mind opened up to e.g. John Mayer and D'Angelo, the latter I don't think I would ever consider listening to.
  4. another genre Pino can add to his ever-growing list of gigs, forgive my ignorance if I missed him doing jazz before. I for one welcome Pino the jazz overlord: sweet, sweet tones from his famous fretless musicman, i like
  5. brixton academy always seemed a little too loud, after the dead weather gig in 2009 I thought I damaged my hearing permanently (fortunately not, or so I think...), I answered the phone a lot back then at work and could barely hear what people said , shouting back, for at least three days
  6. Jeff claims this is the biggest bass design leap or however he puts it since jazz bass, I suppose it's 'controversial' statements that are the marketing ploy here, and Greg from basstheworld on youtube says the pickups panning and adding or reducing volume does something special to the sound other basses dont. I WANT ONE TOO. But as others said, you have to buy one to try it as they are not really out there in the shops (irrelevant in covid times, I know...). Slim jazz-like neck is also not my thing so maybe I just need to forget it... *checks the 'for sale' thread, just in case*
  7. i tried a Duvoisin at the london bass show and these pickups are special, my jaw dropped a little at how they make the notes ring, articulate, that quirky bridge may add some to that too. this one looks very nice, good luck with the sale.
  8. joyous punk from London: I've had the album on repeat for a while now, it's just great: https://open.spotify.com/album/7ACE2v21yYt28fIF3TD1xZ?si=lsKka1zFRfG6n3iyi2LOLQ
  9. binky_bass, guess no more, you are right, quick google search directed me to a which? article from last year: "In fact, just three of the 119 products we tracked - that's 1% - were at their very cheapest price on Black Friday." there is a site in the country of my origin called fakefriday - some guy put it up and it essentially has bots scanning tech websites, you can look for a product and see if it really is a deal. obviously, it almost never is
  10. WOW looks like an absolute masterpiece, won't be picking up my jaw any time soon we need a demo, go on, just the intro to Jeremy and we can start a cult in your name
  11. if you can't feel it under your hands when playing then I would say live with it but email pics with concerns of QA to the shop, you may get a discount/store credit in the process but we also want pics of the whole bass!
  12. Romeo2

    NBD F Bass BN5

    beautiful, and it probably plays and sounds equally good - jealous!
  13. The kind of bassline that makes me feel proud it's an instrument I can play,:
  14. lots of great channels suggested so far, cheers all! if you scroll down to videos from years ago, Marcin Pendowski did a lot of really good demos, no talking, his own (very good) groovy lines and different techniques so you can hear what the basses can sound like (warning, GAS inducing stuff!): https://www.youtube.com/user/pendowsky/videos
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