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  1. Turbo RAT, I love mine, fantastic on passive P as well as fat L2k humbuckers, works great on g***** too.
  2. I kind of like it although it feels to me a bit lost when the soloing gets going in the latter part of the song. What do you guys think? Also - what are the two basses? Robert is playing fiver with a headstock I think I remember seeing, Michael Tobias Design or am I making this up? is the other one a.. modulus of some sort?
  3. Doctor J, my experience is even more limited but I'll share just for collective insight. Indonesian G&L L2000 from 2013 has a nut which the bass gallery tech deemed fine (I asked to replace if he thought it's worth it). It seemed too high for me but the frets are mega jumbo or whatever the jargon is so it needs to be that way, and I can get the action as low as it gets so it's fine. Nut on a Vintage Modified Squire PJ is just fine, too (and the instrument itself is from possibly one of the best 'budget' instrument lines made in recent times). Yamaha BB4 and another cheap Yamaha PJ fretless have issue-less nuts too, just right. It is when I went to the London yamaha store to have their tech look at the nut on my Pacifica guitar I learned from him they are pre-cut, the one he put on as a replacement came from a tiny zip bag from a drawer with pre-cut nuts, I loved this japanese efficiency but it might be that this is how it is done in the industry, not just their idea of making it human-error free.
  4. If I understand this correctly, these days most if not all mass produced instruments have their nuts pre-cut by machines and so are pretty much error-free for the factory strings and set-up. So don't think there is ever a need for re-doing this job unless something went awfully wrong and didn't get picked up at the QC. Funnily enough I had mine replaced by a yamaha tech, turns out unnecessarily as it didn't fix the issue I was having. But something else came up and apologies for piggybacking on this thread but when changing strings recently it turns out whatever glue the chap used is now all but gone and the nut is loose. I didn't care and assumed string tension would hold it in place - alas, I use roundcore strings and thin gauges and so when I bend like there is no tomorrow, the nut moves 😮 How do I attach it back without going to a tech, is superglue just fine or do I need something more special? Please advise, thank you!
  5. „can be dialled in to pretty much any sound you'd want” - as crazy as it might seem with one split P style pickup, both volume and tone knobs make this bass shockingly versatile, tried it in my local GuitarGuitar and my jaw dropped. I have no funds for this beauty so GLWTS, someone is going to be very happy once they realise what beast they purchased
  6. if only he came to BC and read my post! (oh, and then travelled in time and redacted the whole drool he engages himself in)
  7. if there was an instrumental version of the new record I'd be happy to pay for it, I just don't get why Anthony thinks he can write lyrics or sing, and if he needs to front the band, ok but dude, have mercy, fewer words, less, less 'singing', I beg you i like it, the music on the new album i mean, feels like there is less/no pressure to write stadium bangers anymore so most of it is interesting and fun, and I like flea's sound, not sure what your complaint is chaps, it sounds solid with a bite where it needs it. john f is back and I am happy, couldn't get on with the minimalist quirk of klinghoffer (tbh, past californication i stopped listening, so much radio friendly filler it hurt)
  8. Went to a gig last night and this beauty got played, listen on record or catch them at remaining dates while they are still in the UK to hear it in action, Trupa Trupa:
  9. Turbo Rat! no clean blend but a great overdrive
  10. I have one exactly like this one, absolutely love it, your son should consider himself lucky - awesome bass for not much money. Set of fresh strings, intonate it properly and you have an insanely good 24 fret jazz bass. I posted mine here:
  11. a giant, a massive influence, and I don't even like reggae that much, will be blasting some old school sly and robbie tunes tonight
  12. i love the octamizer too - as you say, being analogue it is organic in sound and feel, you learn to play it with the way it reacts to your input level (I absolutely love how it sings with my L2k, two humbuckers both on with bass backed off a little, I can dig in and it doe snot choke, and then a totally different sound and experience when I play a passive PJ squire with geezer butler emg's, right settings and P only with tone rolled off I can almost pretend a doublebass-like sound)
  13. Fair enough, but apart from the not so perfect graphs and charts there is some interesting stuff in there which kind of surprised me, for example people listen to music much more than I thought, people seek out music and also as seen on pp10-11 during the pandemic people used music for their wellbeing. Now this may be obvious to musicians and people who are into music on a daily basis, and I was very much of the belief people don't care about music as much 'as they used to', etc, turns out I was fortunately wrong. What also rather surprised me is the extent to which people use illegal ways to listen to/obtain music, still, despite availability for free or tiny amounts for streaming services subscriptions. It's rather sad too, considering this was the year that showed how dire the situation has turned out to be for musicians and the army of people employed in sectors revolving around music - still so many people want music for free.
  14. Those of you who enjoy a graph based on data from a global survey may find this interesting: https://www.ifpi.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/10/IFPI-Engaging-with-Music-report.pdf One of my fave bits, Top 3 genres: pop, rock, 90s - I always find it fascinating a decade can be referred to as a genre.
  15. how do I end up checking out a BBN5 II on ebay... you guys are a bad influence.
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