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  1. this makes me feel very old, in 1989 essex county council ran a "rock school" weekend for young musicians, henry Thomas came and taught bass and deidre cartwright did the guitars, henry Thomas made all the bass players play a bit so he could assess us, he made some notes, I saw his notes later on and next to my name was "v.good" - that still makes me chuckle, then i got to play in deidre cartwrights band for the rest of the weekend, having been told I was "v.good" she handed me some sheet music, I pointed out I could not play a note, she said just jam on "g" and then go to "e" when I nod..... oh and I got to play henry's g & l bass, the first active high spec bass I had ever played at that time, it was amazing. in his way henry Thomas was probably as important as mark king in the early 80s to the british bass explosion
  2. I am interested, how much to post/courier to Essex? cheers Darren
  3. Hi, whilst i can see it has alembic pickups what active circuit is fitted? assuming knobs are volume, blend and one more is it a parametric sweep eq? (like on the alembic essence). Also, how old is this bass? for shipping does it come with a hard case? Thanks
  4. hi, Is this 34 or 35 scale? And, what pre amp does it have?
  5. dms


    Hi there, i have a status jonas helborg fretted which i may be interested in selling. it has a carbon fibre neck rather than wood and the bridge pickup is in the normal status position rather than tight against the bridge as per jonas's specification. it has the jonas eq fitted. its pretty much as new with a hard status case. Its a great bass. Let me know if it sounds of interest.
  6. Hi, i am thinking of selling my Zoot Supreme 6 string bass. An early example of Mike Walsh's work from 2002. Bartolini jazz pick ups with OB3 circuit. With Mike at the moment for a full service and set up. Great sounds and condition is as new. I will post some pictures and full spec when i get it back. If anyone has any thoughts on value let me know - I paid £1600.
  7. Hi, i have a Hartke HA3500 - 350 watts head I am thinking fo selling. Im based in Essex. Any interest? Can sell with a flight case if required.
  8. Hi, i have a 20 fret jazz copy neck - rosewood board(i think), block inlays plus it has Shaller pegs and brass nut fitted. It came off of an old japanese jazz copy which i used as the base for a super jazz - in the end i took all of the electrics id fitted and put them onto a marcus miller. If it sounds of interest PM me and i can send you some pictures.
  9. Hi, I am thinking of selling my 5 string fretted Wal. Its a 5 string Mk2 fretted Wenge - VGC with Wal case. Serviced by Wal in the Summer. If i decide to sell I would be looking for £3000. Any interest? If so PM me with your e mail address and i can send some pictures. Im based in Essex.
  10. Hi there, are you still looking for a 4 string status? I am thinking of selling my 4 string Jonas Helborg bass - will be looking for £1350 ono - its pretty much as new, carbon fibre bolt on neck plus v.high spec active circuit. Pretty similar to a Series 2 in many ways but a smaller body. Had a ramp fitted by Martin Petersen at the Gallery who also gave it a full service in the summer. If you are interested i can send you some photos. I am based in Essex as well so easy for you to pop over to try it out.
  11. Hi , I have a 4 U rack flight case - standard black/metal design. pretty much brand new. £50. I am based in Chelmsford so a short train journey from London. I'd sell for £45 for a quick sale if you collect. Any interest?
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