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  1. I spent around 2 hours the other day on YouTube just playing along to different versions of Georgia On My Mind.
  2. My '01 American Standard P dressed up like a '58.
  3. Down for the Count is a great band! Yes, The Fantastics. New album out later this year so we should be (hopefully!) gigging regularly again.
  4. Yeah, he's class. A bassist's dream! In which band do play with James?
  5. Thanks! Actually no. I play regularly with the drummer. The keys player and flautist are friends from the local scene but I rarely get to play with them, unfortunately. In fact, the keys and flute guys have never even met the drummer! That's one good thing about lockdown, I guess - working with musicians you wouldn't normally get the chance to work with.
  6. Thank you so much 🙏
  7. I got together with some of my pals to record this recently. It's one of my favourite tunes to play. Hope you enjoy it!
  8. Evening all. I have a 2004 Fender American Standard Jazz (the one with the S-1 switch) and have been looking online for the specs to see if the pickups are the same as the current Fender Original Jazz Bass Pickups seen here: https://shop.fender.com/en-GB/parts/jazz-bass-parts/fender-original-jazz-bass-pickups/0992123000.html?rl=en_US Does anyone know if Fender used these pickups in the American Standard before they started fitting the Custom Shop 60s as standard? And if not, how do they compare to the pickups in the 2004 American Standard? The reason I ask is I have two Jazz basses - an American Standard and an MIJ '66 reissue. I would like to change the pickups in both. I'm pretty much set on the CS60s for the American Standard so was thinking if my current USA pickups are the same as those in the link above I could just transfer them into the '66 MIJ. I'm after something period correct for the '66 MIJ and as these pickups are now used in the American Vintage series they should fit the bill. Thanks in advance 🙂
  9. Michael Camilo and Robert Mitchell Trio at Ronnie Scott's next month.
  10. Hi guys, I was looking a while ago at getting one of these for my Jazz bass but it seemed the only place to buy them was the USA, and they were out of stock at the time so I gave up. I recently looked again and it looks like they now have an official UK stockist. Has anyone bought anything from this site? http://www.tonestyler.co.uk Cheers!
  11. [quote name='LukeFRC' timestamp='1379486692' post='2213138'] email him and say it's for a piezo though.... depending if you've already put the pizo signal through a preamp... [/quote] I'm not sure how it will be wired as it's for one of my dad's projects but I'll let him know to get in touch with John East. Thanks. [quote name='skelf' timestamp='1379495861' post='2213254'] If it is for guitar have a look at the Tonelifter it is an excellent piece of kit. [/quote] That does look pretty good. Going for the Stellartone option though as it's passive.
  12. The Mid Sweep 01 looks like it might do the trick. Thanks guys!
  13. Hi guys. I'm looking for a stacked; sweepable (swept?) EQ knob, i.e. one control changes frequency the other cuts/boots frequency. I've been searching Google but can't find anything of the kind. Does anyone know if a control like this is available to buy or would it have to be custom-made? It would be used on a guitar (not a bass) with a piezo pickup. Thanks in advance.
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