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  1. largo

    Punchiest amp?

    I’ve got to suggest the Mesa M6 as well, the most lovely in-yer-face punchy sound in my opinion. I’ve owned a lot of amps & of them all, this was the one! Got a Mesa D800 now and it’s a great amp but not even close to the M6, again in my opinion.
  2. largo

    Cab help... too loud?

    I had a Mesa M6 with a couple of Vanderkley 210’s and had the same problem. Best rig I’ve owned but too much for the band I play in even with volume at 1, so head ruled my heart & it’s now gone. In my case I felt that I needed to drive the amp & speakers at certain volumes to get the tone I was after. Could probably have achieved the same with some tweaking on the bass volume or pedals as others have suggested. However, I expect my gear to suit me not me suit the gear, so I moved it on. you live & learn.
  3. largo

    Ex-Barefaced users?

    Have you tried https://archive.org
  4. largo

    RCF HD 10 vs Barefaced One10

    Isn't this the law of diminishing returns as well? A 2nd BF One10 will add another 7kg of weight but a second RCF will add another 12kg. Does look like a great wee setup mind you.
  5. largo

    P (or P/J) Bass 5 string & neck through?

    I play weddings & functions mostly but believe me when I say there’s a very strict one in, one out policy. Only ever have a couple of basses max so I try to make sure they’re what I like and buying/selling doesn’t work out too expensive in the long run. Still hankering for an early Warwick Stage 2 4-string the same as one of my first basses though, although I know it doesn’t make sense for the band I’m in and can’t bring myself to part with the Shuker’s. Heart over head and all that.
  6. largo

    P (or P/J) Bass 5 string & neck through?

    Going a bit off topic because neither of these were PJ but here’s a couple of pics of the Sei basses I had built & used to own. Proper Jazz thru-necks and I have no idea why I sold either of them 😟 can only guess Basschat GAS but they led me to my Shuker’s so all good in the end 😁
  7. largo

    P (or P/J) Bass 5 string & neck through?

    Cheers Cuzzie, It’s currently sporting a tort pickguard as Jon Shuker cut me a mint white, a tort & a white pearl pickguard when the bass was built. No extra to pay, he just thought I’d fancy different options. He really is a fantastic person to build a bass with.
  8. largo

    P (or P/J) Bass 5 string & neck through?

    Funnily enough I love a thru-neck too and got a passive PJ 5-string built by Jon Shuker a couple of years back with a set neck option. Pretty much a Fender 70’s Jazz style with MOP blocks on the neck. Got a similar styled “active” 5-string from him too but that has Wizard Humbucker pickups instead of the PJ. Both cracking basses & cant beat that thru-neck feel.
  9. largo

    Ashdown EVO IV - Internal Rewiring

    I’m struggling to understand why you would want the input to be on the rear. Don’t basses plug into the front even when an amp is rack mounted?
  10. Yes, plan is to use these with the D800 & fingers crossed it's not a bouncy stage
  11. Too late now anyway, the third One10 was ordered this morning and if Alex "gets the finger oot" as they say in Scotland I'll have this for my next pub gig on the 27th! Reports to follow but I'm certain I'll be very happy and the guitarist in the band will (hopefully) complain I'm too loud. Always thought the Acme cab badges worked well for horizontal & vertical, maybe something like that for your One10 & Two10 cabs where they can be positioned both ways.
  12. Alex did say he could do a Two10 with the badge aligned for vertical but it came with a customisation charge! I won't say how much but it wasn't cheap to simply glue it in a different position. I'm pretty certain I'll go with another One10 and stack them 3 high. It'll be quite narrow so hope it doesn't topple over!
  13. Unfortunately not with the cloth grills
  14. Thanks everyone for your comments & advice. One of my thoughts with going for the Two10 is aesthetics, I'd really prefer the badges to be right-way up and if I go for a Two10 & One10 then both badges are on their sides. So, I'll likely go for another One10 based purely on that. However, I'd be interested to hear why Alex doesn't think a 3x10 is worth the bother so might drop him a PM unless he's reading this and is happy to answer. If, like he say's these little cabs are as good as a decent 15" or 2x10" then it will be like going from a 4x10 to a 6x10 and that's got to shift a bit more air! The added height will also help bring the stack to ear level, 45" for 3xOne10 or 48" for 2xTwo10 Still happy to hear other thoughts though.
  15. I have a Mesa Subway D800 and couple of Barefaced One10's and 99% they work really well. Once or twice though, I've felt I just needed a bit more "heft" for want of a better word If I'm being honest, it's usually pub gigs rather than the usual wedding stuff and it's probably when I want to feel the bass as much as hear it. Anyway, my question to the masses is... Should I get another One10 (could make this my home/practice rig) and have a 3 x One10 stack for the pub gigs or should I bite the bullet, sell a One10 and go for a Two10 so I always run a 3x10 setup. I'd welcome some opinions & if anyone has run a 3x10 stack before it would be great to hear from you.