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  1. La Bella Limited Edition Strings

    How do you do this? I can't seem to find how to ship to the UK from their website.
  2. I just miss something with the 2 x One10's but can't quite put my finger on it. Not sure if I can justify almost £700 for another Two10 though!
  3. Warwick players...

    Totally agree, adjustable bridges make so much sense. I did reduce the BN string spacing but sure I found the fingerboard width still too much. It was a few years ago now though.
  4. Warwick players...

    I've had a few Warwick's in my time & still hark back to the '88 Stage II I owned many years ago. Didn't like the Thumb and always found it a "stretch" to play for some reason! Biggest bug bear with Warwick is this... I had a "broad neck" 5-string Stage II which had a neck like a tree trunk and 20mm string spacing & then tried a standard spacing 5-string Stage II with 16.5mm spacing. Why can't Warwick make a 5-string with a standard string spacing, i.e. 18mm or 19mm spacing.
  5. How much “more” does the 2xTwo10 give compared to a single Two10. Very tempted to upgrade from my 2xOne10 but it would have to be worth it to make me carry the extra weight 😂
  6. What type of La Bella strings are they? Cheers.
  7. Cab Conundrum...

    I used to have a couple of the GK Neo 112-ii cabs which were great, nice tone, lightweight & well built. GAS got the better of me, or I'd probably still have them. Now I have a couple of the Barefaced One10's and wouldn't argue against these or a Two10 as an option too.
  8. Could you pop it on the scales please as the new cabs are 12kg and the older ones are 15kg or so. Thanks.
  9. Barefaced Single Two 10 or 2 x One 10's

    I have 2 x One10's and don't think you'll have any problems with either. I don't think a single One10 would cut it live, certainly in a rock band but I'm in a 5-piece wedding & function band, not overly loud but I never have a problem unless I'm standing right on top of the mini stack. I'm not sure how much "looks" matter to you, the Two10 stacked vertically has the badge the "wrong" way as it's meant to sit horizontal, whereas the 2 x One10 just looks right stacked.
  10. Cheers, might just do that although still fancy trying the tape wounds too.
  11. Having used Status Half-rounds for a few years, it would seem they no longer sell these on their website. Bugger! So a quick review online and thanks to mccnach (cheers Jose) I think I'm going to try the La Bella White Tapewounds. However, the 50's are marked as being light and the 60's are standard & reviews suggest the 50's are low tension. Anybody got any advice on which string size I should go for, I'm usually a 40 or 45 type of guy. Cheers.
  12. Bergantino in the UK

    So, if I'm reading Jim Bergantino's post correctly, Bass Direct are the service "agents" for warranty repairs & the likes?
  13. Mesa Carbine M6 no question but that could have been to do with the Vanderkley 2x10s I was using too.