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Sei flamboyant 6 - NOW SOLD

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I've been on the fence for a while about the bass. It is an excellent, excellent, early sei. Beautiful feel and perfect at 34 scale. B is huge but defined and it's got a great tone for whatever is required be it old school, modern, upper register stuff etc.

I acquired the bass in a trade always with the intention of moving it on, couldn't quite do it (and Mrs Bassdoyle is always tremendously supportive) but the reality is I have another Sei 6 which Martin made for me a couple of years ago. They are very different but 'my' bass edges it and this one is rarely played.

Some of the other key features are as follows:

String spacing 18mm

Weighs around 10lbs, very good balance in my view

Low action around 2.5mm at the 12th fret

Blue side led's activated with a push/pull on the vol control

Shack active circuit 3 band with dip switches in the back for different tonal options

Piezo pickups in the bridge totally blendable

Bartolini pickups

Carbon bars in the neck

Decent hiscox case included (has a crack but only cosmetic). I could probably do a gigbag instead if you would prefer.

It's up for sale but really I'm looking to flip for a decent Milleresque jazz or possibly a spector 5/6 Euro. If you have something else and want to trade ideally with some cash my way this could well be cool too.....

It is not a new bass to the forum, here is a previous listing:



Some current shots:








You'll notice one shot with a crack in the finish. This has been checked by Martin at the Gallery, it's surface only, no issues.

Finally, in answer to some of the questions the bass is in Norwich. You are welcome to try if you like, or I'd be happy to travel for around an hour to handover if helpful.

All the best,



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21 hours ago, andybassdoyle said:

Yes it is. Lot's of enquiries but no-one has gone past the first date yet...

I certainly imagined doing more, but long-distance relationships don't work for me. :)

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    • By samuelcroberts
      Lowdown Basses custom 6 string fretless for sale. Lowdown basses are built by Chicago bassist/luthier Tim Seisser, who is a small but fantastic bass builder based in the US. I've owned this bass for over a year and have gigged it a lot, but just don't quite get on with it how I thought I would. Beautifully made, plays great, sounds great, looks great, but my requirements have changed somewhat for several reasons.
      This bass is based on the 'catacomb' design that Skjold basses use a lot. It has a multi-layer body - top and back are solid, centre piece is solid but thin-ish, largest layers are heavily chambered. This creates a middle ground sound between solid body and hollow. Essentially a heavily chambered body, but done so with a solid central core. More details on the Lowdown site: http://www.lowdownbass.net/custom-series-sold/qqrk2ppsmg8uattu5gsd7r89sd741h
      There are a few signs of wear - the top of the body near the back (see pics) has a couple of dings in. Purely cosmetic, but they are there.
      Also a note on the one piece ramp/pickup cover - this originally had a 4 black screws with small heads. These weren't quite up to the job and were pulling on the wood layers of the ramp so I replaced them with larger headed screws and nylon washers on top and underside. This doesn't look as beautiful as it could do, but can easily be altered. This was just my originally fix and I never found reason to change it. Functions absolutely perfectly.
      Controls are: Vol/pickup blend, passive tone w/ pull to engage passive mode (passive tone is in parallel and can be used in active or passive mode), Mid boost/cut with freq. selector, treble/bass stack cut/boost. Mini toggle switches turn on/off 'turbo' mode on the Nordstrand Fat Stacks. Not 100% what this is, but it makes it a bit louder, fatter and noisier! Nordstrand say 'This will result in a meaner version of the large tone these pickups deliver — albeit with 60 cycle noise that single coils inherently posses.
      Looking for £1700 ono all things considered, but open to offers. Will provide a Mono vertigo gig bag with bass. Based in Birmingham if you would like to come a give it a blast. Can ship fully insured at buyers expense, but would prefer collection. Can arrange meeting half way etc. if necessary. A lovely bass that deserves more use!
      I will consider trades (with a bit of cash either way) for something like a Rob Allen Mouse or similar, possibly a nice jazz or other fretless. Also willing to trade for quality EUB (BSX Allegro etc.). Willing to listen to offers, but sensible ones please.
      Thanks for looking!
      - 33" scale 6-string fretless bass
      - 17mm string spacing
      - Figured Myrtle top
      - Black Accent Veneer
      - Multi Layered thick body w/Chambered Butternut core pieces
      - 3 pc center body laminate of Walnut/Bloodwood/Walnut
      - Figured Claro Walnut back
      - Bolt-on one piece Quartersawn maple neck
      - Gabon Ebony fingerboard with 24 Bloodwood lines, 16" radius
      - One piece Bloodwood top Ramp/Pickup cover with Butternut base and Walnut/Bloodwood accent layers
      - Nordstrand Fat Stacks with Single Coil/Hum Canceling Stack tap switches
      - John East U Retro Preamp. Bloodwood cavity cover
      - Hipshot A Bridge and Ultralite Tuners
      - Dunlop Dual Design Straplocks
      - Ebony nut
      Originally strung with TI flats, but have been using DR Sunbeams on it for a while. Both sound good and obviously offer their own voice. Bass isn't particularly light or heavy - will weigh if you want!

    • By kaomny
      Price: £1800 or 2100€

      For sale:
      Modulus Graphite Quantum 6 Spi Custom
      Cocobolo Top 
      Graphite neck, no truss rod
      Bartolini soapbars
      Active 9 v electronics (Vol, pickup blend, bass, treble, 3-way coil selectors for each pickup)
      Kahler 6-axis adjustable bridge.

      Built in 1991
      incl. hardshell case 

      Fingerboard refretted in 2017. Bass is  easy to play. Some minor dings on the body (on lacquer finish), but nothing serious.
      Flickr gallery : https://flic.kr/s/aHsm2afJfK

      Some sound clips: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B2fyqGDMyRzHeTJuY1ZjeGdGQUU?usp=sharing
      (All are recorded with pickup blend on equally both pickups.)

      Asking 1.800 GBP or 2.100 EUR plus shipping from Finland. 

    • By TorVic
      *Now For Sale Only - no trade offer please*
      My feedback history: http://basschat.co.u...r/17989-torvic/
      Spec (copied from previous sale posts):

      "It's a 34" scale, top nut is 53mm, 17mm string spacing (adjustable), weighs approx 4.2kg, Neck-thru, Nordstrand pups with wooden covers, Aguilar OBP-3, GK-KIT-BG3 Roland system, blue LEDS"
      Nordstrand PUs Aguilar 3-band pre, series/parallel switches for each PU - 18v circuit Hipshot hardware extended range bass (29 frets) Dunlop straplocks are mounted flush with the body, one on the horn and two at the bottom so you can choose the one that works best for you blue side LEDs, which are turned on by pulling the mid control, and are powered by two AA batteries in the rear cavity factory-fitted Roland GK3 pickup - a separate DIN output connects with the included GR-20 pedal (UK power supply) a switch allows to select programs on the pedal a knob allows you to mix in the MIDI sound Reducing my collection - all basses that I am not using actively must go. This one has mostly sat unused since I bought it here.

      Shipping costs *included* (from The Hague, Netherlands). Will ship in a generic hard-case packed with sufficient padding in a cardboard box.

      I bought this here (in a partial trade deal) - it is priced to reflect the original deal value (EUR 2700)

      Original sale threads:
      http://basschat.co.u...__fromsearch__1(and the one before) http://basschat.co.u...__fromsearch__1)
    • By BigJim
      I'm selling one of my basses! I don't use it anymore and it was only used on 1 song in The Story Of Guitar Heroes which I'm using another bass now for!
      6 string (No stinky poo)
      1991 Fujigen Ibanez SR886 fully working and lovely thin neck with low action! 
      Everything works as it should and has a (which is very hard to take a picture with the phone camera) sparkly blue finish. 
      2 Band EQ, 
      Humbucking pickups
      a really heavy duty 5 Star Hard Case (the name of the company) which has been cut out to fit this bass!
      It's a cracking bass just not being used!
      There's some for sale for over £500 so £400 gets it! Collected due to the size of the bass!