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  1. Stunning!! 💪🏼
  2. gioby1

    Engl Ironbass

    I resurrect this topic because I discovered Engl Ironbass E1055 just few days ago. Meanwhile had someone collected additional opinions? video test (finger style and pick) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f7solxMC9Ug
  3. string spacing at the bridge? thanks
  4. ahahahahah...some of my students still ask the reason why I left 9 string ACG go away
  5. Hellzero now I'm on vacancy...but it's time this bass come home 😉 I have a friend who lives in Bruxelles, is it much distant from you?
  6. Only a man: Steve Harris Why? Many years ago I started to play bass after listening Piece Of Mind album 🤘🤘 and his sound is still unmistakable
  7. Hi, now is the bass tuned B E A D G C ? Thanks
  8. I consider myself lucky to have owned a Black Tiger 6 string... This Ken Smith is very nice! 👍 Can you remember its weight? Thanks
  9. Sorry, I scrolled down directly from description Thanks!
  10. I had a GK MB Fusion 500 and it kicks...probably all that power reduces the response a little bit: if you play fast, not all notes come out clear...contrary, for standard playing, it works absolutely great. If they would add a balance output volume control the GK Fusion would be perfect !
  11. Absolutely beautiful ! ....excuse me but if the scale is 34" its name is MTD 634 very rare in this scale... lucky man who will buy it
  12. Absolutely a great bass... that price?? Ridiculous.... I'm surprised this bass is still here...
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