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  1. Downsizing the pedalboard plus clearing out some I hoarded over lock, so have a few for sale!! This one hurts a bit though - I always wanted one of these, but none of my current projects need it so it's been nudged off the board and I could really use the cash due to gassing for a fender road worn jazz! Pretty much as new, boxed and with PSU. Handbuilt in the UK, retail on these is £299 at the moment - so absolute bargain for someone. Price includes UK postage. Tube drive and wah can be engaged separately or together and in either order, so loads of options. Any questions let me know.
  2. Downsizing the pedalboard plus clearing out some I hoarded over lock, so have a few for sale!! EBS Wah and Volume pedal, boxed and in excellent condition. Was velcro'd to the board but that has been removed. I could only find one of the original rubber feet, but is included. £95 posted within the UK. The Blurb: The EBS WahOne is a truly versatile wah-wah pedal designed specifically to enhance your bass groove. This unique pedal is based on the classic wah-wah concept but with extended features. With an easy dial-in design the choice is yours - use it as a wah-wah filter or volume pedal. Also the WahOne offers several cool options like the built-in tube simulator circuit, reversed action of the footboard let you choose between 'whooa' or 'aoowh' type of effect, Low-pass filter, and Hi-Q setting that narrows the midrange span that the effect work within. All these features are activated by switches on the front panel. There's also a Range control that decides wherein the frequency range the pedal will create the effect.
  3. Downsizing the pedalboard plus clearing out some I hoarded over lock, so have a few for sale!! Markbass Supersynth, boxed with PSU and in excellent condition. Some really great preset sounds plus programmable via Markbass software. Price includes UK postage.
  4. Downsizing the pedalboard plus clearing out some I hoarded over lock, so have a few for sale!! This is my Downtown Express multi effects/DI. Immaculate condition and boxed - prices includes postage within the UK. Fitted with Velcro but original feet also included. Loads of info online. Very versatile pedal - covers all the basics in one small package. Any questions let me know!
  5. My new RM800 met it's partner in crime for the first time this evening - a Barefaced Big Baby II. Smart little rig and sounds great at home -straight out to a gig tomorrow night for a proper test!
  6. Seems to fluctuate a bit, must be a currency thing - I paid £290 last week! Arrived on Monday - no extra charges. Only thing is that it comes with an EU kettle lead - but they included a free adapter!!
  7. Price drop as have a new amp and cab incoming and need to make space. £300 - no offers thanks. Will be going on eBay shortly. May also possibly trade/px for a quaily wireless guitar or IEM system.
  8. Officially a member of the club now!
  9. Have you considered going direct to Ashdown to get it checked out before returning it? They are really good with that sort of thing!
  10. Yep, I looked at second hand before I ordered mine - but most advertised weren't much less than the MP prices but without warranty, box, postage etc so it didn't make sense. Worth keeping as the perfect back-up amp surely? I never gig without having a spare with me.
  11. Sorry to hijack the thread, but which EQ do you use, and do you mind sharing your settings? Have been considering doing something similar on my HX Effects patches, but haven't got round to trying the EQ's out yet. Would give me a starting point at least. Cheers!
  12. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  13. Ha 😀. Made sense to me. I use a Big Twin II for big gigs which is less supposed tonally coloured (more FRFR) than the 10 inch BF models. Guess the PJB's would have similar characteristics in that regard, which is a good thing in my book!
  14. That's interesting - thanks - makes sense of a few other things I've read. Good to have some input from someone who has used both!
  15. Well thanks to @Merton and this thread I have also taken the plunge on an RM800 from MP for my new small pub rig. Just need to find a cab to match with now, thinking BF210, or maybe a PJB C8 (or two C4's). Depends on what I can find reasonably priced second hand!
  16. Last chance before it goes on eBay - £55 posted in the Uk
  17. Mike at Zoot is really good. He's near Witham. He's on here as @cosmicrain
  18. Yep certainly to an extent, although even a few inches width and a few kg's lighter makes all the difference to how easy it is to get through narrow doorways etc, so would like smaller if possible, but that might be the compromise. There's a nice Hartke HD500w combo for £365 on eBay, or a small stack with 2 X 112 and a 500w head for £550 which would also do the job. You and @Merton may have convinced me to relook at Barefaced though, but maybe only one rather than a stack. If I could find a single BF 210S second hand and pair it with a second hand RM500/800, then whilst it would be slightly over budget it would absolutely fit the bill in every other department. Thanks guys!
  19. That's pretty tempting!!
  20. Yep getting the 210 cab crossed my mind too. It works on price, power, sound and features, but not on footprint. Might look at an RM500 or 800 head with smaller cabs though.
  21. £332?? Is that right?? They are £849 from Ashdown! The only thing that puts me off is that you'd realy need another cab underneath to get the full 500w out of it, but it's mighty tempting! Good find - and I do love Ashdown...
  22. I really love my Big Twin and ABM, I don't want to change it as it's perfect for my other projects. I have a custom Zoot plus a Stingray that just sound the nuts trough it. I've spent years and thousands of pounds (and not to mention lots of false starts/dead endings with other gear) putting it together and I absolutely love it. This is not the gig for that gear. This is playing small/medium sized pubs with rowdy punters and a lively band in small alcoves! I'm using sub £300 basses that I don't care if they get knocked over, hit into cymbals etc so aside from the practicalities of the Big Twin/ABM and not wanting them to get damaged/nicked there's very little point in using such a high end amp for this gig. I just need a half decent sub £500ish set up that's small and up to the job, and again I don't mind if it gets knocked about. I'll save my other set up for other gigs.
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