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  1. I emailed them twice earlier in the year about repairing a broken receiver and never heard back. @dmdavies it seems you I may have to contact them about "another matter" like @sPiKi did to actually get a reply 🙄
  2. There's currently a bargain ABM900 for sale on Facebook if any ABM fans are interested! £150 in Sheffield.
  3. This Instagram link may be of interest to fretless fans! I had a local luthier defret and CA the board of my Yamaha TRBX605. He did a really great job and took this time lapse of the process: https://www.instagram.com/p/CgTzE09lR46/?hl=en Can thoroughly recommend Ian at Malone Guitars in Billericay should anyone need work doing!
  4. Sold on eBay Great little interface for Home Recording. I purchased in lockdown to record some online collaborations to keep me playing - and it worked brilliantly. Only for sale as I upgraded to a Yamaha unit with a few more features. Excellent condition with all the box and all the paperwork and usb cable. £50 posted within UK.
  5. Purchased when I briefly had an old Trace Elliot cab with XLR inputs - but don't think I ever even got to use it before I moved the cab on. Ideal for using a modern head with Speakon out to an old Trace cab. £15 delivered in UK.
  6. Used for a couple of gigs when I joined a new band that used IEM's. Have since gone wireless and so surplus to requirements. Great way to try out IEM's before going for an expensive system. Boxed and in excellent condition. £35 posted within UK.
  7. I've carried this around for years as a backup incase my board goes down. Old but still has some very usable sounds. Can be battery powered and also can be used with headphones so is good for silent practice. £20 posted within UK.
  8. Was a staple of on my board for a while, but since replaced by a Digitech Drop. Light signs of use. Fitted with Velcro - no box but will be well wrapped when sent. £30 posted within the UK.
  9. Lightly used, excellent condition. £30 posted within UK.
  10. Very lightly used. Unmarked and fitted with Velcro. £110 including postage.
  11. I'm guessing opportunists who accessed the stockroom and just grabbed whatever they saw first.
  12. I was actually in there the following day as they had a couple of guitars in stock that a friend wanted to try out. There were no obvious signs of a break-in at the shop (e.g. boarded up windows), so I wonder if they were taken from the stock room/warehouse.
  13. Recently purchased a Maruszczyk Jake 5p from Andy. Top guy who went over and above to get the bass to me when he was working locally. Credit to the forum!
  14. Bought a couple of cabs from Stealth. As described, packed well and posted promptly - deal with confidence!
  15. John sold me his Thumpinator. Exactly as described and really fast dispatch. Highly recommended!
  16. Any interest on here before it goes on FB/eBay?
  17. Tourtech 19inch 2U flight case: https://www.pmtonline.co.uk/tour-tech-ttabs-2u-two-unit-19-rack-case This housed my ABM600RC until recently, but have now had this mounted into a Sleeve so this case is surplus to requirements. Couple of years old, very light marks from gigging use but no dents/cracks and in full working order. Will post at buyers cost, insured post with Yodel is £6.50.
  18. Got tickets for the London show - can't wait!!
  19. Another vote for contacting Ashdown! Also consider that you don't actually need a 500w speaker if it's 8ohm, it'll only draw about half the power of the amp so 300w 8 ohm should be more than sufficient.
  20. Thanks for the confirmation - 34 inch is definitely my preference, so the fact that it is makes it very appealing! I have a Maruszczyk Jake 5p on the way next week, but the Charvel may well be next inline! Really appreciate the offer to try yours - may well take you up on that once I have the funds available 😁
  21. I played the same red Jazz V in PMT the other day - it was gorgeous!! Really tempted by one. Did some digging when I got home and different websites seem to list the scale lengths differently - some 34 and some 35. @BillyBass are you able to confirm which it is? Thanks!
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