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  1. I’d love to hear some sounds from both the bass and the pedalboard. Do they sound as good as they look?!
  2. I had an issue with mice when my stupid cat kept bringing in live ones for sport and misplaced a couple. One of them did my Barefaced cab in (probably heard about tolex issues and thought I wouldn’t notice).
  3. Encore Blaster - any good like the old Encores, or rubbish?
  4. Awesome! What are the individual effects in the box? And who made the bass?
  5. Very cool! Who made them? And how the hell do you navigate that board?!
  6. Tried to edit my post to sound less stupiderer, but double posted instead. There’s no hope for me.
  7. I too relate it to my early years, as my dad used to restore antiques. This has that vibe!
  8. The “battered 200yr old old violin” look I see on Marleaux basses is awesome. How would one replicate it?
  9. I actually swore aloud looking at the pics! Jealous!!! You’ve got a load of space to put in some decent acoustic treatment. Are you buying or making panels? They are easy and cheap to DIY.
  10. Oooh. I liked the Affinity ones, but these FSR Affinity’s (oxymoron?) are another few steps closer to me wanting to get one. If only they’d do an olly white….
  11. You will definitely notice a differ adding more speakers - more air will be moved. Advice these days is to match your speakers, so ideally same size/brand. What combo did you end up with?
  12. I like the gold! Beautiful instrument, absolutely lovely.
  13. Also, more surface area on a 1x15 compared to a 2x10 (if my maths is right - 157” compared to 176”?). But driver efficiency and box tuning are doubtfully equal, thus rendering my pseudo-science useless.
  14. I like the look of the modded Ashdown! But does make me wonder why it needed it - drivers original/up to spec? At least you can see what sort of condition the Peavey driver is in. Bet the Peavey is heavier though.
  15. My trusty old Squier JV P. To be honest, the venue is a little acoustically hindered, so I think I felt more than I heard, but that too is fun!
  16. Slightly off topic, but I just had my first gig tonight after lockdown (and we had a slow 2019, too!). Ampeg PF350 into my Two10, no PA support, 9 piece soul band. Lovely!
  17. I think the filtering is to do with “landscape”orientation (stacking 2x Two10s, and the Four/Six/Eights). If you’ve got them all stacked vertically, there will be no issues with the filtered driver. The filtering is to aid lateral dispersion, as two drivers side by side can negatively affect each other.
  18. I bought one of the “Deko” ones off Thomann a few years ago - weighed sooo much, but sounded really nice. Sold it to a mate who uses it exclusively for recording. Is yours heavy?
  19. Oh me oh my, that’s pretty. It seems quite difficult to come up with a “new” shape that still looks organic. This hits the spot.
  20. Should be fine - I regularly gigged mine (but we did have decent PA support). I got the 2nd when I started playing with Marshall-equipped GnR-fan guitarists, playing without decent PA. 2 made such a cute mini-stack, and I had the option of using just 1 for jams & rehearsals.
  21. I used to use a PF350 through a One10, then two One10s, now one Two10. I like it! The tweeter would have been useful in our new rehearsal space last week, as I was having trouble distinguishing pitch (must have been in a null or something).
  22. The scratch plate and control plate look off - maybe later additions. The overspray on the arm contour suggests ply body. It doesn’t scream “decent” to me, but then maybe it plays like a dream? Off images alone, it would be a no from me.
  23. I am an enthusiast, definitely not any sort of authority, so please take anything I say with a pocketful of rocksalt, but here’s what I found on the web; a drum kit is regularly quoted as 120dB, so @ 75 metres that would still be 82.5dB, which would still wind up the suitably inclined. What materials are to be used internally? Plasterboard is about 10kg per M sq, and home studios trying not to bother anyone usually go for a system with a 40kg per M sq in their wall structure.
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