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  1. They look cool. Not a fan of the headstock, nothing that can’t be fixed with a jigsaw though, eh?!
  2. I really fancy trying their 6 string bass. Doesn’t look like it only costs £300-odd. Anyone tried one?
  3. That would be exactly the sort of thing I’d do, just to know the inside would be sooo fluffy! Unfortunately, Mrs Turgh would remove parts of my anatomy with a rusty spoon if I were to interfere with her carefully styled room!
  4. This is bringing me much joy! I have found some tubing to use for the ports, and still on the hunt around the house for wadding. Ive also taken the SubZero plate off the front and painted it metallic black, upon which will go my “Pea Turgh” transfer that didn’t get used on my last bitsa. OTT, but fun 😁
  5. I really like combos. They just feel easy. That does look like a corking rig!
  6. Ooh, lovely! 12cm x 30cm x 23.3cm, and 2x 4cm holes for ports. Thanks again, Phil 👍🏻
  7. One thing I forgot to mention was that I EQ’d the amp to make it as good as possible with the standard driver, and didn’t touch the settings when recording it with the Fane driver. With a bit of twiddling, it sounds better again.
  8. Ok, so progress has been slowed by possible Covid infection - been sleeping most of the weekend! However, the transplant is done and I am very happy with the results! I’ve made a video demonstration, but you really need headphones to appreciate the difference - you can’t hear it through phone speakers at all. I still need to put some wadding in there, and I do wonder if the ports could be improved. Need to play it in now.
  9. ... and he is a clown who needs simple crayon drawings to explain things 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 A driver-sized box arrived this morning, so all will be revealed later!
  10. £500 budget, I’d go; Mic - Aston Origin £199 https://m.thomann.de/gb/aston_microphones_origin.htm?o=117&search=1606505710 Inerface - Audient iD4 £111 https://m.thomann.de/gb/audient_id4.htm?o=78&search=1606505945 As @paul_5 said - GarageBand has decent drum options built in.
  11. Not seen the Rode interface before. Lots of love for the NT1 out there. My only prolonged experience with LDCs was my Peluso P67 (talk about sellers remorse!) so not really experienced enough to offer advice there. I think any recent interface from a trusted brand has a much higher basic quality level than over 10 yrs ago (probably, though the curve was flattening even then). Make sure you pick a manufacturer with good support - Alesis have a bit of a back catalogue of units that no longer work after major Mac updates, so personally I’d avoid them. Id assume you’re going to monitor on cans? There’s a lot more appetite for that these days, especially as you can pick up a decent set for the price of poopy monitors, and monitoring environment is then a non-issue.
  12. You could just go for one of those theee in one packages - 2ch interface, cans and a condenser for around £200 or so. Presonus and Focusrite do them. Though for electric guitars people seem to favour dynamics like the trusty old sm57. I have a few Prodipe TT1’s that look like they came from the same factory that make the M80 for Telefunken (USA).
  13. Need to get round to replacing the 12” driver in my Peterson combo, too. It had one of those EV 12Ls that guitarists love. I wasn’t that bothered, so I sold the driver, intending to replace it with something a lot lighter.
  14. Alex said in the other thread that they are still working on one. Guess it might be a while though.
  15. That went a bit weird! Ah well. I’d still be interested to see what the amp will look like.
  16. No worries at all Stew - it’s more of a chance thing really. Certainly not wanting anyone to go out of their way!!!
  17. Ah, man - isolation sucks! I’d love to have an excuse to pop over the bridge. Stupid Covid. I probably picked the worst time to try to set this up!
  18. Bought these for a bass - eBay cheapies. They don’t do bass!!! Should suit a guitar though. Yours for postage 🙂
  19. For one scary moment, I thought you’d uploaded the wrong picture, from your “private collection”. Better get my eyes checked....
  20. I can’t find Grolsch anywhere anyway. Can’t even remember if I like it!
  21. Can I get on the list for the next batch please @ped?
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