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  1. Very nice! I'm a fan of single ply black too. I thought about doing the Jag with a black anodised, including control plate - jazzmaster style.
  2. My short scale squier, that I bought in 2016, left in a share house in Sydney in 2017, and hadn't seen since until yesterday! I lived in Thailand and China for 5 years, meanwhile, the Jag hasn't been out of its case. It's great! Thinking of pimping it a bit. Black hardware, some kind of high output pickups, that kind of thing.
  3. You could always take the Marcus Geard route.... suddenly weight isn't an issue! (translation: buy it)
  4. I've been slappin' the same pentatonic scales with poor technique for about 10000 hours.
  5. She sounds fabulous - just been getting acquainted with her this evening.
  6. I've been blasting No Nuclear War by Peter Tosh too loudly recently. It's just so so good.
  7. Just a reggae groove with my new Tokai Hard Puncher.
  8. I feel the same about red basses, usually. But my first reaction when the seller pulled it out of its case was "woah, that's really red" and I was converted. Back of the neck is red too. And hey, if drag Arnie is the image this bass conjured in my mind - must be a good'n!
  9. As the title suggests... I've moved country and needed a bass to keep me company while the others are back waiting for me overseas. The Tokai came up for a good deal on gumtree, I went to check it out and couldn't leave without it. This thing is mad. It's hot, bling, garish and built like an anvil. Sounds ballsy and plays superbly too. It's like if Arnold Schwarzenegger were a drag queen, but it's a bass. Anyway, here's pics.
  10. Easy way to spot an affinity is the logo. The 'squier' will be black, not gold, and the 'precision' or 'jazz' are shortened to just 'p' or 'j'. I think this changed very recently however.
  11. I simply love the approach they took when designing this - take the fender headstock and slice one side clean off. Done!
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