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  1. That has got to be it. With a little more research it's confirmed - Bernie Worrell mentions it in an interview. Thanks folks! Now, where to find one...
  2. Hello BC! It's good to be back. I am here with a quick question. What is THAT sound? To me it sounds like rubbing a pane of glass. It's apparent in many, many P-Funk tracks - which is where I've noticed it moist prominently. I'd often wondered what it was, and I didn't know what to google and nobody I know has the answer. I bet it's obvious and I'm being stupid. Basschat, what is that sound? Here, it kicks in around the 20 sec mark. Cheers!
  3. I like the Funkadelic vibe. Sounds like it could be a cut from "Standing on the verge of getting it on"
  4. Such precision. Joe Dart is wonderful. I gave Dean Town a go, and the best I could do was get just past the first verse Notice the well placed fade out. Tell ya what, a short scale bass is useful for this kinda stuff.
  5. Sold Bert my Freqbox. Super easy, diamond geezer. The sale was stress free. I'd happily let him give me money again.
  6. So that's where it ended up! I miss the BIG Bongo dearly. I think it's just too good a bass for me, totally wasted. My 1993 Sterling 4 is the one for me.
  7. Do it. 5 string Bongos are the sh!t. BONGOS by Zak Duarte, on Flickr
  8. What's that little guy on the far right? I spot a pre-EB/Early EB headstock logo, gold hardware, early string tree placement and a mahogany finish... not a configuration I'm familiar with
  9. The Sterling HH switching is the same as the 'ray, except the coils are in series. The 'ray is wired parallel.
  10. POW! straight into the pocket. Great tone. Spot on.
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