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  1. He did, and still does! Toots, Gil Scott Heron, the list goes on. Such a legend. 84 years old and switched right on.
  2. From Bob Marley to Duarte. I think I know which he would describe as career defining!
  3. Thought you guys would appreciate this - I put together another Ska lockdown video, but recruited the GREAT Larry McDonald for Djembe duties.
  4. It was SO much fun to produce and play on this one, with family and friends, plus some legends. Larry McDonald (percussionist for Bob Marley, Gil Scott Heron, Toots, Lee Scratch Perry and countless others) kindly agreed to be a part of this, for the sake of making music. David Hillyard of The Slackers was also humble enough to join us again. Ah man, I wish this band could play together in real life.
  5. Ahhh, beautiful. I've just been catching up with everyone's lockdown videos, and I'm glad to find these.
  6. It sounds incredible - super growly and aggressive in tone bypassed mode, super deep and phat in tone on mode. Silent in off mode!
  7. Ordered a custom Jazz bass loaded control plate from KiOgon, and his work was flawless. Super accommodating and great guy to deal with. Thank you!
  8. A 1993 MIJ I picked up in Bangkok for roughly £200. The pots had fallen apart, a few dings, but otherwise good. Good neck, with some really nice flame in the maple. I spoke to basschat's KiOgon about some new electronics, and he whipped me up a 62 3-hole control plate with a pickup selector (neck, series, parallel, bridge) and tone switch (capacitor, bypass, kill) and maaaaan she is singing. Whacked on an omega bridge and some new hybrid slinkies and I have myself a solid funk machine. Who knew that series mode on a jazz was so good? I almost didn't include it, as I was on a quest for simplicity. Also, no volume knob is fun - the bass is either on or off, fun mode or rest mode. My old school radio knobs ended up not quite fitting, so I'm now looking for knobs, but otherwise, I'm delighted. What do ya reckon??
  9. I'm loving these guys right now. Ska counts, right??
  10. Why is a Fender P more expensive than a Squier P? They look the same
  11. Thanks mate! Going to try to keep this ongoing. There's been a flood of messages from musicians wanting to get involved so I've hired a full horn section for the next one. Could get interesting.
  12. Hope it's legal to repost my own video here. I put this together with my reggae artist friend Chris Murray. Dave Hillyard of The Slackers on sax. I'm delighted with it. If you don't know them already DEFINITELY check out Chris Murray and The Slackers!
  13. Thanks Lozz. All recorded on phones too (apart from my DI'd bass). I'm no technician but with a bit of patience I think I actually managed to make it sound half decent
  14. Thanks for listening!
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