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  1. I recently started following Flea on social media, after re-discovering my love for the Red Hot Chili Peppers and he just seems like the most wholesome, genuine man. I need to find a copy of his autobiography, or even better, the audiobook read by him. I've heard it is marvellous. Happy 59th!
  2. Here's a bit of fun I had one lockdown day. A reggae version of I Fought The Law with original vocal track.
  3. Just a quick one - my mini task of the day was preparing the bridge. The original plan was to go with a fender bridge I had kicking around, but after closer inspection, the original bridge plate is significantly more substantial, it feels about 50% heavier. So after a good clean to remove the rust, and some saddle/screw/spring replacements, I think we have the bridge.... It might get a shiny new one in the future, but I won't worry about that just yet. (I've corrected the E string saddle already )
  4. Very nice indeed! You made a great purchase, you could buy a lot worse for a lot more. The grain on the body is cool too. Looks like a one piece body? I could be mistaken, but that's something you just don't find very often, especially on modern basses.
  5. I'm slowly improving my mixing and editing skills I think. Particularly pleased with this latest video
  6. Thanks folks! I'm really excited about this bass. I must thank you all for your input and advice on the process so far. I am a new to this kind of project so it is greatly appreciated. More updates soon - but for now it's another week of tru-oil!
  7. This is a new one I had made by a local luthier, I'll keep the old one for something. But I am digging this look for now!
  8. OK, proper update! I'm still working through tru-oil coats (I have been conservatively applying 1 per day for the past 10 days and it still has a little way to go) but here's an idea of how she'll look. Pickguard arrived today and I must say I'm very happy with how it's coming along.
  9. I appear to be going through a bit of a phase, as this is the 2nd 70's Japanese P bass I've bought in the last few weeks. This is my perfect P bass. I love the punk aesthetic of the white/black combo, I love the slightly 'wrong' headstock shape. The body seems to be a little undersized, as it's very light. The neck feels somewhere between my 78 Yamaha P and my Fender Japan J. I had been eyeing it up on FB marketplace in Bangkok for a while, a really good deal. It was on sale for just a little too long so I had to go for it. It's a 78 Greco in remarkable condition. It plays superbly and sounds as good. This is a keeper, for sure.
  10. Congratulations! In the past month I've acquired 2 P basses, having never owned one before. It's true, they just work. Everything feels and sounds good on em!
  11. update from the anodising shop...
  12. Oiling has begun. There have been some very informative threads on BC about how best to do this - I must thank Honza992 for an incredibly detailed account of his telecaster build here: I am in the grain-fill stage, 3 coats of tru-oil applied. I am going to take it slow, and just keep going until it shines. It won't be perfect, it's an old bit of wood, but I am very happy with how it's going so far. I have a feeling the body will match the neck nicely in terms of colour and general 'vibe'. It's got some of the maddest grain I've ever seen on a body.
  13. I think you're right. I think I will do this kind of stain on a future project, but this isn't the right bass for it.
  14. It was a little wet still - here's experiment number 2. I did this between the neck and pickup, an area that'd be covered up. Slightly sanded, then again but dampened (I'm trying to imagine what it'll look like with tru-oil).
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