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  1. Funnily enough, good as it was with frets, I just couldn't get it to work for me, too set in my ways with a P Bass. Fretless on the other hand......
  2. Yep, bought it from the bass gallery a few years back, it's now a fretless, thanks to John at the Gallery, and it's wonderful. It's in a good home. John.
  3. Bought some Richard Hawley tickets from Dan on Tuesday lunch, arrived on my desk Wednesday morning, an absolute pleasure doing business. Thanks Dan, looking forward to the gig.
  4. Yes, that'll be me then. I'm not currently with them, apart from a one off this weekend at Tunes in the dunes, the wonderful luke Palmer has been the bassist for the last few years, and yes he plays a squire....very well. I also played a squire for most of my time with them, an extremely playable red CV precision which had a great relic job done by Al Knight, I later installed a darkstar copy pickup called a nu-sonic made by a guy in Brighton, stuck on some TI flats, left them on for four years, and there you have it...... I later had a copy made by Al, in white with a matching headstock. The amp was indeed a GB streamliner 900 through a barefaced super fifteen, with the FOH signal split through a REDDI and a Sansamp VTDI. The Squire will be at home this weekend though as I'll be using a recently acquired JMJ mustang..... what a killer bass ! Anyway, I have to say, it's very nice to get a mention on these hallowed pages. Cheers John Lee-Man, we should get together for a bass pint, i'm in Notts, as I think a few others here are. A pub based bass bash if you will.
  5. emperormingus


    As all of the above states. Very quick and easy, my purchase arrived on time, and well packaged. Thanks Luke ! The Emperor.
  6. Just purchased some La bella flats from Ben. Very quick response to my reply, and all done and dusted in the blink of an eye. Nice and easy does it every time. Mr The Emperor
  7. Just bought a Squire vi from Sean and i'm happy to say it was a pleasure. Quick response to my pm's and very prompt shipping. John
  8. Yep sorry about that timmchale2009, it just cried out to me, buy buy buy !! Been promising myself one to replace my long gone jap reissue for a while now, and today seemed to be that day.
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