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  1. Didn't she play on most of the Motown hits? 😉 *Gets coat and leaves the room
  2. P.S. Does anyone want to buy my Rackenbicker? 🙂
  3. Is it just me or does anyone else get bothered by someone selling a Squier bass and advertising it as a Squire? It's on the headstock of the item you're selling FFS 😉
  4. Yes I meant Chrome Knobs to replace original black Knobs that definitely fit.
  5. Yes. They were for a Squier Jazz I had at the time, 70s Vibe. The item was an eBay purchase but checked measurements but get what you pay for I suppose 🤔 Willing to spend more money as long as they fit!
  6. Hi, looking to replace the black volume and tone knobs on my Fender 70s Vintera Jazz, does anyone know of a brand that will DEFINITELY fit. The last ones I bought, two fitted and the other didn't and they were in the same pack!
  7. Methylated Spirit. Simply leave strings in a jar of the stuff overnight. Works for me, hardly ever buy new strings nowadays.
  8. Bought Sansamp VT bass deluxe from Gary. Good price, great condition, well packaged and quick delivery. Very easy and straightforward transaction, would definitely deal with him again.
  9. I've just purchased a Sansamp VT bass deluxe and noticed it runs on phantom power. Would it run off of my amp xlr or does it have to be a mixing desk? Amp is TC ELECTRONIC thrust BQ500 with balanced xlr out. Thanks in advance 👍
  10. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  11. I play a Squier 70s vibe jazz bass that only buzzes when I play through my pre-amp pedal. That said, when I touch bridge or jack the buzzing stops. Thanks in advance for any information.
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