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  1. That is truly, truly, execrable!! Our youth leader landed this on us for Sunday: https://youtu.be/PmIEiAwrKkU "The Fruit of the Spirit's not a coconut" I was on FOH Sound, but the band all moaned like anything - until they actually came to play it when they had a whale of a time. So much so that they spontaneously played it again after the end of the service (getting half the words wrong and causing much laughter): https://youtu.be/chE0N8fxk-4?t=3165
  2. I made my own page turner from a 2 switch footswitch, the PCB from an old keyboard and a long USB cable. One switch page forwards, one page backwards. Works a treat
  3. Richard R

    Hi all

    😅 Step away from the marketplace!
  4. Welcome aboard! Given the number of members here from the Netherlands and northern Europe, I'm expecting someone to organise an Amsterdam Bass Bash next year, pandemic permitting. (Hint 😉)
  5. How very organised! At the Midlands one we sort of rolled up with odds and sods (mainly chocolate as it was all short notice) and fortunately Jamie found some tickets left over from 2½ years ago. 😅 Have a great time guys and gals.
  6. This popped up on the Spotify "Discover " playlist. Never liked or been interested in Iron Maiden, but this is excellent. Not sure if the link will work, but it's "Prodigal Son", from "Killers"
  7. That made me look up Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep: And it is even worse than I remembered.
  8. Tervetuloa! Isn't translation software wonderful!
  9. Welcome aboard!
  10. Thanks again @jebroad . Next year I really would like to see the GCSE Bass wired up and making some noise....
  11. A little off the topic, bit that made me look up the Hamlet cigar adverts. I hadn't realised they ran the same basic concept for so long. https://www.sounds-familiar.info/2018/01/hamlet-cigars/
  12. Richard R

    Hi all

    Welcome aboard! As everyone has said, excellent bass. Hope the recovery is swift and complete. Learning an instrument definitely stretches the brain as well as the fingers, and when you finally play a riff you couldn't do before it's very satisfying.
  13. Welcome aboard Re: the feel of a proper amp. Keep an eye on the Events section and see if you can get to a bass bash. People bring amps as well as basses, so you can scratch that itch. And talk rubbish with lots of friendly folks.
  14. That makes at least two of us. 👍 Welcome aboard
  15. Welcome aboard Never too late to start, or nothing left to learn.
  16. Hi Andy, Welcome aboard . Good to see you at the bash yesterday, glad you could make it. That Marcus Miller was very nice indeed. Do let us know when you've figured out what all the knobs do 😁
  17. Aarrghhh!! I forgot to try Owen's Sadowski. Oh well. Saves me gassing for it.
  18. I only took one photograph: 17.5" scale! It sounded great, but I couldn't play it, my fingers were bumping into each other 😅 An unexpected highlight was @dave moffat's bass uke. That I could play, but not as well as @verb, who played it like an acoustic guitar for a quick rendition of "Smells like Teen Spirit". The five string Mayones sounded great, and I resisted asking @owen if any of his basses were up for sale. Good to meet up with people and just natter too.
  19. It sounded fabulous at the bash. I can't remember who was playing it, probably @owen, but it is a beautiful solo instrument. You could play anything on it. Except "Mustang Sally", obviously.
  20. I don't have cakes, but I have chocolates as raffle prizes, @nickmew's Phil Jones Double 4 shoebox amp, and a luggage scale for weighing basses.
  21. The four string came out of the case this morning for the first time since February when I bought the five. (I'm going up to the midlands bass bash so I thought I had better check it was still working) Things I noted in ascending order of importance: The 4 is much lighter than the 5; the Rotosounds, which I didn't like when I put them on at Christmas, I now really like the sound of and might put them on the 5 when I next change those strings; I need to check the action on the 5, as I've been clanking the frets recently, but I didn't at all on the 4. And finally - I have no idea how to play any open strings any more, so if you want something in a key lower than G then I'm stuffed! 😄
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