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  1. Have to disagree with you on that one. The Maiden version is good, but just too straightforward. It doesn't have the leery, grubby, slightly unpleasant, feel of the original.
  2. If you're using an Android phone, or have an old one knocking about, then check out DroidCam to replace your aging webcam. This installs on the phone, with client on the PC, and lets you use the phone as a webcam. It can either be tethered on USB, or used wirelessly. It works really well, I set one up wireless keep an eye on the cat a while back, and several guys at work use theirs as their primary webcam for work.
  3. Les Claypool on bass. If you like that sort of thing πŸ˜‰
  4. @AndyTravis I predict in the near future you will need sand, thick gloves, knee pads and Deep Heat.
  5. Now that is an impressive vice πŸ‘ Apart from gaining additional elbow room, I can see you could put a huge force through the clamp, and spread it over a long piece. Would it be even enough for laminated neck blanks?
  6. Mrs. R: What are you reading? Me: About a man building a bench. It's exciting because of something called a leg vice, which I have no idea about and I hope is actually related to woodwork. Mrs R: And that's interesting? Me: Well, perhaps not as mainstream as the article on the 1979 Aston Martin Vantage I showed you earlier. But we established that even though one would fit in the garage, and I have wanted one since I was 11, Β£250,000 is rather a lot of money. So I am reading about a man making a bench, as happiness is about achieving realistic goals. What is a leg vice BTW?
  7. It's an Andy build!! Best things on the internet. You can't NOT follow them! πŸ˜€πŸ‘
  8. 1st. Splendid Isolation: 24:3 Favorite 2nd. School's Back : 6:1 3rd. Live Gig: 2020:1 Going: nowhere. πŸ™
  9. It's like the room of requirements in Harry Potter. It wasn't there until @revd.tony asked where it was! 😁
  10. +1 for SBL and players path. For the cost of four face-to-face lessons there is easilly a year's worth of material ans a huge amount of genuinely interesting stuff. It isn't the same as having a tutor roll his eyes and forcibly move your thumb, but Scott and others do answer questions and you can submit videos for comments. The seminars with other tutors and interesting as well. -1 for the chat and email spam, but I can live with one and have a rule to deal with the other. I have just kicked off a piece at Level 2, and it is easy to play slowly and badly and bloody fiddly to get right! I dread to think what L9 is.
  11. It'll sand out, nobody will notice. πŸ˜‰
  12. Finally sitting down to watch this. Adds not too intrusive, and great playing.
  13. One consideration, if the mac/pc/linux box will be in the same room as you are recording is fan noise. Gaming PCs are rather loud when the fan kicks in, and quite capable of ruining a take, so I would hesitate at buying one. Scan computers build dedicated music PCs with low latency components where it matters, and some entirely silent machines. Not cheap, but utterly reliable. As others have said, if you like Mac, buy Mac. If you haven't used a Mac, stick to a PC. Pretty much anything will cope with 16 tracks and a few plugins.
  14. This was pre-war. I can't imagine anyone wanting it now. Just heard Satriani's Always with me, Always with you. That would be quite fitting.
  15. Fortunately the italian restaurant video played without any sound!! Frankly though, who cares? Forty years ago, yes forty years ago, Roger Waters tried to break up a legal entity which he didn't have the right to, and the other co-owners of that legal entity successfully and correctly prevented him. Not the outcome he wanted, but tough. I saw his tour last year and really enjoyed it. But I do think that if he had just released more music people actually want to listen to then his credibility would be much higher. Play the albums you like -Floyd, Waters and Gilmour- ignore the rest of the stuff.
  16. "... each visitable within a lunch hour..." would have been a better phrase 😁
  17. Sitting in the garden with a beer and listening to the birds. Rather sad that I can hear cars again. Must be time to go indoors and practice..
  18. I am slowly realising how fortunate I am living in Solihull and working in the centre of Birmingham. Bass Direct and Presto music in Leamington; PMT, Guitar Guitar, Fair Deal Music, Hobgoblin, The Little Guitar Shop all visitable in a lunch hour from the office. One in Coventry that I can never remember the name of, Express Music down the road for occasional odds and sods. I hope they all survive.
  19. So do I. So did my school friends. But the uni lot? Nope. Maybe that's why I never lost touch with school friends, but have none from university?
  20. The one album guaranteed to remove people from my room at university was, odd as it may seem, by ELO. The second side of ELO2 is very easy listening compared to some of the others here, but From the Sun to the World and Kuiama were clearly a bit much for my Dire Straits loving friends.
  21. Let the cat out! πŸ˜€ That doesn't sound like much, but two weeks ago I came downstairs to find the cat with no feeling or motion in her back legs. Mild panic, trip to the vet asap and a diagnosis of probably a slipped disc causing nerve damage. Booked for MRI the following day and facing a potentially large bill for surgery. Larger panic. Next day cat was walking with all legs, but falling over and somewhat hunched. Arrived for MRI a few hours later and the cat walked straight out of the carrier! MRI and surgery deemed unnecessary, and the diagnosis was then changed to probably a stroke in the spine, treatment being "crate rest" in a puppy cage with NSAIs to help her get better. By the middle of the week she was pretty much back to normal and we let her out around the house. Kept her in for an extra week with no meds just to be sure, but she has been desperate to get out. Obligatory photo, because, well, it's a happy cat πŸ™‚
  22. It's a bit like Zeppelin and the blues artists lifting riffs and licks from older tunes and incorporating them into their stuff. My guess is that these guys has heard the older one and wrote an updated version. Mum says thanks btw, she had never heard the full song either πŸ‘
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