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  1. I'm looking for a bass buddy, anyone in Cheshunt Herts or near can meet up occasionally and help teach the basics? I've had my bass for over 2 years a good Fender jazz AVRI and really need to start learning properly. Work and family commitments, two kids over the last couple of years has held me back a bit, the've had to come first. I've tried the online lessons thing, doesn't work for me. I love all styles of music especially disco, funk etc., just want to be able to pick it up and play at home. My favourite bass players are: Bobby Vega, Donald Duck Dunn, Norman Watt Roy, John Paul Jones. Thanks in advance! Thanks Darren
  2. Chic featuring Nile Rogers is like saying the Jackson 5 featuring Michael. Still a great bunch of live performers and Jerry Barnes does a good job.
  3. Thanks for all the recommendations guys!!
  4. Hi all, I'm thinking of buying a precision bass, (preferably one thats well worn in) but I'm put off a little by the wide necks I keep seeing. I already have a 62' AVR Jazz Bass and love the really slim neck. I also thought about a 62' AVRI Precision but the necks look so fat on those. Where should I be looking and am I right in saying during the early seventies Fender started producing Precision basses with slimmer necks. Thanks Darren
  5. I've watched a few you tube videos today (thanks to the guys on here who linked them) and got home and put the new strings on. The E string was a bit of a struggle, I trimmed around 5 inches above the tuning peg on each string, folded the string at about 1.5 cm (to fit in the holes) and got a good low wind onto the pegs. Once they were all done and tightened up a bit I stuck on the tuner and bingo! I did notice that the neck had straightend out a bit over night, so I'll leave it again and check tomorrow as before it did have a very, very slight curve. If it plays up, I'll get a technician to have a look. Thanks again for all the help and advice.
  6. [quote name='Dutchie' timestamp='1479825854' post='3179579'] if you need help in re-drawing the correct Fender logo, I could help. I do it for a living. [/quote] http://www.guitar-decals.com/
  7. [quote name='Grangur' timestamp='1479792196' post='3179272'] That's the one. Yes, Gary Mac told me about them. [/quote] if you need help in re-drawing the correct Fender logo, I could help. I do it for a living.
  8. I've learn't my first lesson: Don't let wife touch bass, look but don't touch!
  9. [quote name='Staggering on' timestamp='1479820610' post='3179521'] What type of music are you planning to play?That will have a lot to do with the type of string and the gauge you choose and I don't think anyone has mentioned this yet but it would seem to be the first thing to consider.This will also affect how you set up your bass. Ooops,just got the posting re your string purchase before I could send this,sounds like a reasonable choice though. Have fun. [/quote] I'm into all music styles, but would like to learn basics as I'm a complete beginner and still getting fingers stuck between the strings and fret board! lol
  10. [quote name='Grangur' timestamp='1479820397' post='3179517'] Sounds great. Then, when you've fitted the strings, you can take a look at the series of 4 videos on setting up your bass. This is the first: [url="http://youtu.be/te44eWXd9pc?list=PL1Ok9_VCe0qdYo4MhAE8ecP3gzyysiiMr"]http://youtu.be/te44...E8ecP3gzyysiiMr[/url] If you have any questions, just post here. [/quote] Thanks, I saw those videos before, but I don't want to tamper with truss rod, after seeing my wife snap the string last night when tuning i realise how fragile they are!
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