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  1. just traded pedals with Ben. lovely guy to deal with. many thanks!
  2. My pickups from Paul had arrived but it was a bad day and I missed them, totally my bad but Paul was a true understanding gent. Many thanks for making a life a little bit better today Paul.
  3. I haven't heard back from pow-22 yet. Must be out of contact.
  4. Just bought a GK legacy from James. He couldn't have been more helpful and had some good band chat in the process. Many thanks James!
  5. Just bought a cab off Andy. Very easy purchase. Many thanks Jo
  6. Just bought a neck from Martyn. All went swimmingly. Many thanks Jo
  7. Just bought a barefaced cab from John. We met an hour's drive from his home and had a great car park chat before going our separate ways. A great pleasure! Many thanks. Jo
  8. Yes I've got all the pc plus monitors etc and they're not bad, though happen to be in the wrong room from my basses and not much I can do about that. I should start using the pc more, it mainly gets used for learning new band material, haven't done much of that lately!
  9. Nothing really, my dark glass is fine, my rm800 has a notched volume knob, one notch up from zero is too loud unless I turn the input gain right down. My main gigging amp is gk fusion 500. Same sort of problem, I can only crack open the master vol and turning the input gain right down limits the amount of valve drive I can get. I really am not trying to make a huge point. I managed ok before, but it's a bit easier now. It just an idea that's simple and quick to do if anyone had the same issue.
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