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  1. Shipbuilding still makes me cry, after all these years..... early Elvis Costello lyrics are just so clever and poignant. It's just a rumor that was spread around town A telegram for a picture postcard Within weeks they'll be reopening the shipyard And notifying the next of kin Once again.
  2. I've got one just the same, it's done tons of gigs, haven't wanted to swap it for more than 5 years now lovely cab. Well worth the money.
  3. I like The boy done good The girl done better Seasons pass and we're still together. Mr Bragg is exceedingly good
  4. Stepping out of the grey day she came Her hair falling like the sky
  5. It's a pain isn't it? My only suggestion is fit the scratch plate with the pickups wired up but loose. Then you can align them before screwing them in. It's probably what you tried anyway!
  6. I just bought a second hand ash body that had been finished with gun stock oil, a bottle kindly came with. After heavily modding it to reduce the weight I used said oil, 2 coats was fine for me. Dried quickly.
  7. I'm pretty sure that's right. I'm not saying they're shorting but those Jack socket solder joints don't look as though they've been made by someone who solders very often... doesn't inspire confidence. Good luck!
  8. I'm surprised this is still up for sale. My lull PJ is a lovely bass.
  9. I'm quite relieved, I kept on looking at it longingly but knowing I didn't have the money!
  10. Well I feel the muppet now, you and mr fretmeister were of course quite right and I had been thinking "mmm that's subtle, but I'm sure there's a difference". I did take the DI out to another amp and onto my BF cabs, it did sound really good on one or two IR's, I guess because the cabs are so flat frequency response. Oh well One less button to worry about! Thx guys
  11. That's thrown me, I could have sworn i could hear the difference. The power of auto suggestion, I shall report back after further investigation!
  12. for gigs I use a bf super compact with a bf midget. Really easy to carry individually and they stack well. I can fill a small hall with a gk mb200, at a push. Gk mb500 fusion is more than enough for any gig I've done. The midget on its own keeps up with a loud drum kit so fine for rehearsals and really easy to carry. The only drawback gigging I've found is I can mess with the eq for quite some time until I get a nice fenderesque thump. I've just got a darkglass head with cab sim built in, you can turn it off if you want clean, it seems to go well with the bf cabs but no gigs yet, so only tried it in my living room so far. Having read the thread I really don't rate trying cabs/amps out in shops. They never sound the same when there's no band. I buy second hand, and if I don't get on with it sell it on. I might loose a bit of cash, but nothing like as much as buying new, and it's a lot less nerve racking. Oh, the other thing about bf cabs is they do need breaking in, they sound much better after a few hours of hard playing. I don't know if that's true for all cabs. Good luck!
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