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  1. I play a passive PJ, admittedly 90% P but when the band plays an instrumental I'll often switch to the J to cut through more, then back to the thumpy P to keep out of the way of the vocals. Could do the same with the tone control, or amp EQ but I can leave everything set up as it was this way.
  2. Don't drink more than a pint in advance. I like my beer, but never ever more than a pint beforehand. Things I've played for years become totally unfamiliar after the first pint!
  3. Jo.gwillim


    Thanks Nick for a very straightforward Tonestyler purchase and great packing, which looking back through your feedback you are famous for! Many thanks and best wishes Jo
  4. Thanks Ben, you went the extra mile to get my duo strap to me in time for a busy week of gigs and rehearsals. Very much appreciated. Many thanks Jo
  5. Thanks Pawel, perfect easy purchase of a nice wide strap. top dog!
  6. Jo.gwillim

    wayne58 feedback

    I spent a nice hour with cam, he was very patient with me whilst I tried to decide whether to buy his bass. No qualms recommending him!
  7. Thanks for such a smooth purchase Udo. Easy communication, fast, and a top bass wrapper. Best wishes.
  8. Thanks Jon, you made buying my first bit of kit through bass chat a dream. The fusion had its first outing tonight, sounded great. Many thanks!
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