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  1. Just bought a barefaced cab from John. We met an hour's drive from his home and had a great car park chat before going our separate ways. A great pleasure! Many thanks. Jo
  2. Yes I've got all the pc plus monitors etc and they're not bad, though happen to be in the wrong room from my basses and not much I can do about that. I should start using the pc more, it mainly gets used for learning new band material, haven't done much of that lately!
  3. Nothing really, my dark glass is fine, my rm800 has a notched volume knob, one notch up from zero is too loud unless I turn the input gain right down. My main gigging amp is gk fusion 500. Same sort of problem, I can only crack open the master vol and turning the input gain right down limits the amount of valve drive I can get. I really am not trying to make a huge point. I managed ok before, but it's a bit easier now. It just an idea that's simple and quick to do if anyone had the same issue.
  4. Quite agree, it worked on the 4 different makes of amp I tried. Tc electronic Gk Ashdown Darkglass I guess the send output impedance is always going to be quite low. So not a problem but it'll fall down with a hiZ on the return.
  5. I quite agree, a voltage divider is the right thing to do, but I just happened across a 56k resistor and thought I'd give it a try and it worked well for me, only took 5 mins to make and it's easier fitting one resistor in a jack plug rather than 2. I'm not trying to convert anyone, just thought I'd pass it on in case it strikes a chord with anyone.
  6. I like practising at home with the same amp I'm going to gig with, one day! The trouble has always been everything is too loud, even if I crack open the master volume just a fraction. So I made up a short jack lead with a 56k resistor between the tips and plug it in between fx send and return. Yes I know the attention depends on input and output impedances but works fine on darkglass gk and ashdown amps.
  7. it was a GK fusion MB500! i'm still using it many many gigs later. tried lots of other amps, but keep on coming back to it. thanks Mudpup!
  8. dear Pete, thanks for the east preamp. great price, great delivery, many thanks! Jo
  9. I was being cheeky and offering less than the asking price for a preamp the deal didn't go through as he had a better offer but David treated me with consideration, and I came from our away pm's thinking what a nice guy. Best wishes
  10. Just got some nice strings from Trevor. Everything was perfect! Many thanks.
  11. First gig I went to was the nice at Bournemouth winter gardens. He had such a distinctive sound. They did about 6 encores whilst my dad waited in the car...
  12. Shipbuilding still makes me cry, after all these years..... early Elvis Costello lyrics are just so clever and poignant. It's just a rumor that was spread around town A telegram for a picture postcard Within weeks they'll be reopening the shipyard And notifying the next of kin Once again.
  13. I've got one just the same, it's done tons of gigs, haven't wanted to swap it for more than 5 years now lovely cab. Well worth the money.
  14. I like The boy done good The girl done better Seasons pass and we're still together. Mr Bragg is exceedingly good
  15. Stepping out of the grey day she came Her hair falling like the sky
  16. It's a pain isn't it? My only suggestion is fit the scratch plate with the pickups wired up but loose. Then you can align them before screwing them in. It's probably what you tried anyway!
  17. I just bought a second hand ash body that had been finished with gun stock oil, a bottle kindly came with. After heavily modding it to reduce the weight I used said oil, 2 coats was fine for me. Dried quickly.
  18. I'm pretty sure that's right. I'm not saying they're shorting but those Jack socket solder joints don't look as though they've been made by someone who solders very often... doesn't inspire confidence. Good luck!
  19. I'm surprised this is still up for sale. My lull PJ is a lovely bass.
  20. I'm quite relieved, I kept on looking at it longingly but knowing I didn't have the money!
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