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  1. “DR Hi Def green snakey strings” 😂 I could swear they’re just called “DR Neon”?? DR should hire you as a sales rep to big up their string line!
  2. Apologies Ped, I guess sarcasm isn’t as well received over BC compared to what I’ve experienced in the past! However in all seriousness I have known strap buttons have other uses besides holding a strap, believe it or not I saw a guy mod a light up tuner onto one once, the outcome was less than satisfactory on the eyes...
  3. Each bass is different in terms of balance however every GB Bass I’ve put my hands on has always been perfect balance wise, I trust this bass is no exception. Impeccable luthiery and always top quality craftsmanship from GB.
  4. You didn’t know it was there for balance? A lot of basses seem to have either 2 strap buttons or them placed lower down nowadays, Status have 2 on most of their models and Spector also place them at a lower position for balance and weight adjustment of how the actual bass sits. It also accommodates for players who prefer their basses higher up on a strap, luthiers such as GB, assume these basses will be worn higher up because most players are using the upper register a lot. Placing the strap pin lower helps shift the basses weight creating more of a right angle or “straighter” playing position, so access to the upper register (in theory) is less strenuous, make sense? EDIT: I also just realised this picture taken from GB Guitars Twitter page is this exact bass!
  5. Looks like Wenge to me, if it’s mahogany it’s stained/painted
  6. Ask a stupid question, get a stupid answer. Strap button is that low for balance, not to put the kettle on and make a brew 😂
  7. I think it’s probably there to hold a strap, that’s usually what strap buttons do I think?...
  8. Selling due to lack of use, very comfy, padded and is decent quality. Strap is in the same condition as when I purchased it new (no rips/tears in the leather etc) £35 + postage Thanks
  9. According to previous owner, (Marcus Bell formerly of Bass Direct) it’s a 2004
  10. Is this Robs old bass?
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