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Awesome 4 string King Bass, quilt maple facing, 16.5mm spacing, Bendwell, green front and side LED's 8.5lbs Status hardcase, excellent condition, one small dink on the back of the top horn. NO TRADES thanks 








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8 minutes ago, desmondpot said:

Nice. Any idea when this was buit? 

According to previous owner, (Marcus Bell formerly of Bass Direct) it’s a 2004 :)

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    • By TAzMilitello
      FOR SALE this awesome Steinberger XQ-5, made in USA. Ash body, famous Graphite composite neck.
      The serial is TN-16069, model XQSTD5CB, cherry burst, dated June 2, 1996, before of Steinberger by "Music Yo" with Moses neck and that has almost nothing to do with the famous Steinberger instruments.
      Completely original except for the preamp which is a Sadowsky equivalent with the possibility of Active/Passive mode, purchased separately (), and a screw at the top of the bolt-on which has been replaced and has a double battery compartment.
      This model with the Bartolini has a really good attack but a more balanced and softer sound than the brothers with Duncan or EMG.
      Perfectly working. Original soft case included.
      Built in the famous Tennessee plant, under the supervision of Gibson who had taken over the company and who continued to use the components of the previous Q5 models. Definitely more aesthetically pleasing (for this reason in fact Gibson had imposed a change of products line), and lighter as it has an ash body, with a very firm and balanced sound, with woods supplied directly by Gibson stocks, they are in fact even better balanced compared to the previous Q models that instead have a maple body.
      Foreign Currency: about payments different from the Euros currency you can pay by clicking using this ►Transferwise bank transfer◄ link.
      Bass is located in Italy (Sicily). No problems for international fast shipping:
      *Shipping prices include shockproof packaging but without insurance, which must be calculated separately.
      To Italy: 30€ (1/2 working days) To Ireland/Great Britain: 60€ (4/5 working days) To Germany and Austria: 45€ (3/4 working days) To Spain: 60€ (4/5 working days) To France: 65€ (4/5 working days) To Lithuania: 75€ (4/5 working days) To Romania: 80€ (4/5 working days) To Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands: 65€ (3/4 working days) To Czech Republic (CZ): 80€ (4/5 working days) To USA and Canada: 130€ (6/8 working days)  

    • By mrbassman_de
      Selling my wonderful and MINT Modulus Quantum 6 with Buckeye Burl Top. It‘s a cracking bass but 17mm string spacing is too small for my fingers.
      Alder Body,
      Graphite neck bolt-on,
      Bartolini pickups
      Aguilar OBP-3 preamp
      Dunlop Straplocks
      35 scale, 17 mm spacing at bridge
      Low action, neck straight, sound has lots of attack, deep lows and crisp highs, sounds definitely ‚modern‘. Technically perfect. 
      New Price 2800 GBP 2400 GBP plus shipping from Duesseldorf/Germany.

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      Weight: 3.7 kg!!!
      Mint Condition
      Original Case
      Shipping Worlwide (pm for costs)
      Superb Craftmanship and Sound
      Patrice Vigier pioneered graphite neck construction in the 1970s and 80s, and after much research and fine tuning Vigier moved away from the colder and brittle sounding solid graphite necks to a composite of 90% wood and 10% graphite - this yields the same strength and rigidity famed on graphite necked instruments bu..


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      After going to the LBGS 2019  , i managed to get my 1st set of pro macus miller strings ,, stainless steel ,, more expensive than alloy , MM pro strings stainless steel  less than half price
      i have mainly used rotosound ,, so checking these strings out was exciting ,, rotosound give you a direct sound ,, what ever you hit , you get ,, i still say a great string ,, you get a 1 to 1 ratio ,, flat steel
      so when i got the MM DRs  i was not used to the extra dynamic ,, almost like a phantom mic sound / 1st time using a condenser mic ?? ,  you get a much richer sound from the strings changing the harmony of the bass ,,
      means i am taking longer learning bass jams because the strings lend your ear to extend the harmony in a different richer way ,, where with rotosound being a flat 1 to 1 ratio the harmony stops earlier ,,
      MM DRs strings makes my bass sound more dangerous than it already is
      ,,,, but in other bench mark tests ,,, unless i wait until the strings get older ,, do not have that flatter street funk one note sound ,,
      we need Marcus Miller Funk Monster strings ; D ,,
      eg Marcus Miller Street Jam Strings ,, all the dynamics of MM DRs ,, with just a touch of that One Note rotosound flat steel know how ??
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