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  1. Yeah! Lovely. Congrats! These are real holy grail sound machines when properly serviced. What's the story behind Beatles/Stones it has, If I may ask? I have 8x10 cab that belonged to Phil Lynott and some time ago I sold V4+4x12 cab that was Johnny Ramone's one (from NY studio).
  2. Agreed. There were 3 versions of that cabinet and let's say 2 major version of circuits in B15N. This one is single baffle, a total "thump" tone with p-bass. Later thiele cabs had more bass anbd were kind of nasal in the mids, but I like it too. Never cared for the double baffle early ones...
  3. Beautiful B-15N from 1966 - produced in this option for less than a year (single-baffle cab/navy blue tolex/B15NF circuit). It sounds phenomenal - rich and creamy bass tones due to original square magnet CTS speaker. Amp was recently serviced with new caps, new foam inside cab, NOS tubes, grounded power cord and 1/4" input (if you know those amps, you also know that the pins are so small that they can easily break when connecting, so this is common upgrade. Original 5-pin is still there for sometic and historical reasons). Everything was set up, biased and cleaned. Shipping to EU/UK is £70
  4. NOW £2000. FREE SHIPPING!
  5. Purchased Gibson bass from Stephen. I cannot imagine better packing, communication and egneral interest.. Real gentleman, a pleasure to deal with. Top! Not to mention that bass is great of course!
  6. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  7. Trade for '71 Ampeg V4 / '74 Ampeg V4B or '92 Ampeg SVT2? + a bit of cash?
  8. Yeah....I know the feeling. I dig the B15N now. But whole my life was SVT or V4B with 8x10...
  9. Ampeg SVT-2 head from 1992. Made in USA. It's the non-PRO model (made before SVT2PRO were available), construction is similar to old SVT head from 1970s but with modern touch. Many claim that these non-pro "2" heads sounds closest to vintage SVT judging from modern ampeg amps. This SVT2 sound reminds me of something between SVT-CL and SVT from 70s. Not so gentle as the CL, not so raw like 70s SVT. Something in between (which is GREAT). All checked, cleaned and setup by my tech; KT88 power tubes, NOS/new preamp tubes; bias was checked and set. Grounds were cleaned, pots were cleaned too. Everything works as it should. Flight case is old, has only front cover, but I pass it for free. £80 expedited shipping to UK & all EU mainland. PayPal costs at your side (4,3%)
  10. From my collection: Ampeg SVT from 1974 / 120V Just back from tech: cleaning, solder check-up; tubes/caps check-up and bias setup; preamp tubes are new/NOS, power tubes: plenty of life left; super silent cooling fan; Unfortunately this is US-only model and it can't be rewired for 240V (no special taps from transformer) so you must use external step down transformer 1500W (about £60). I am a long-time Ampeg collector so please ask anything. Trades only for vintage Orange Matamp 200 or Masterbuilt CS/vintage p-basses Sounds HUGE and beautiful! On my other ad you can find also a '72 blueline SVT. Free EU mainland/UK shipping (others, please ask) I can order flight case for +/- £100-120 NOW £2000!
  11. Open to offers (custom shop precision bass, telecaster bass, gibson g3)
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