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  1. Purchased Gibson bass from Stephen. I cannot imagine better packing, communication and egneral interest.. Real gentleman, a pleasure to deal with. Top! Not to mention that bass is great of course!
  2. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  3. Trade for '71 Ampeg V4 / '74 Ampeg V4B or '92 Ampeg SVT2? + a bit of cash?
  4. Yeah....I know the feeling. I dig the B15N now. But whole my life was SVT or V4B with 8x10...
  5. Ampeg SVT-2 head from 1992. Made in USA. It's the non-PRO model (made before SVT2PRO were available), construction is similar to old SVT head from 1970s but with modern touch. Many claim that these non-pro "2" heads sounds closest to vintage SVT judging from modern ampeg amps. This SVT2 sound reminds me of something between SVT-CL and SVT from 70s. Not so gentle as the CL, not so raw like 70s SVT. Something in between (which is GREAT). All checked, cleaned and setup by my tech; KT88 power tubes, NOS/new preamp tubes; bias was checked and set. Grounds were cleaned, pots were cleaned too. Everything works as it should. Flight case is old, has only front cover, but I pass it for free. £80 expedited shipping to UK & all EU mainland. PayPal costs at your side (4,3%)
  6. From my collection: Ampeg SVT from 1974 / 120V Just back from tech: cleaning, solder check-up; tubes/caps check-up and bias setup; preamp tubes are new/NOS, power tubes: plenty of life left; super silent cooling fan; Unfortunately this is US-only model and it can't be rewired for 240V (no special taps from transformer) so you must use external step down transformer 1500W (about £60). I am a long-time Ampeg collector so please ask anything. Trades only for vintage Orange Matamp 200 or Masterbuilt CS/vintage p-basses Sounds HUGE and beautiful! On my other ad you can find also a '72 blueline SVT. Free EU mainland/UK shipping (others, please ask) I can order flight case for +/- £100-120
  7. Open to offers (custom shop precision bass, telecaster bass, gibson g3)
  8. FREE SHIPPING /expedited/ to EU
  9. do you accept trades too? I have some vintage Ampeg gear...
  10. Glad to know! Love the sound of both records. What distortion pedal was used then? Big Muff?
  11. You're right. Tim has few of them probably
  12. If you want, by any chance change it to '72 blueline ampeg SVT, I'm ready to do a swap. By the way, OR200 is not the sound on the Blue Album, which was entirely recorded on Ampeg B15N (due to noise/electrical problems in the building with OR200). Don't remember what ended on Pinkerton.
  13. From my collection: Ampeg SVT from 1972 / "blueline" / most sough-after version / 220-240V Just back from tech: cleaning, solder check-up; NOS Svetlana 6550"C" power tubes (few hours on them), all big power electrolytic capacitors replaced (Sprague/Mercury), preamp tubes: new/NOS, new cooling fan; This one is almost 50 years old but sounds like new and will serve you fine another years. I am a long-time Ampeg collector. Trades only for vintage Orange Matamp 200 or Masterbuilt CS P-basses. Free EU mainland/UK shipping (others, please ask) I can order flight case for +/- £100-120
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