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  1. https://reverb.com/news/cites-restrictions-on-musical-instruments-could-be-coming-to-an-end
  2. I don't think so. The Chicago Music Exchange and others dropped the certificates this year and I think I saw article about it on Reverb that it's not needed anymore.
  3. I think CITIES CERT. is not needed anymore since 1st Jan 2020.
  4. Reduced: £900+shipping. Sorry, not a pound less
  5. @bassfan thanks for pointing me that I posted in a wrong place. Now it should be OK. Weight is 30kg's, you have two channels but one EQ for all. Switch for boosting high, the same for lows, 3-way midrange switch with +/- potentiometer. 100W tube power (7027As / 6L6GC or you can modify it to run 6550s), "floating" chassis suspension.
  6. For sale Ampeg V4B made in 1976. 100W all-tube head. 120V. Amp sounds great, was cleaned inside and outside, all potentiometers and switches preserved, low-emission tubes replaced for new ones (also NOS rare 6K11 tube). The same for few capacitors and off-spec resistors. As far as I remember it has three 1970s GE 7027A tubes on the power section and one Sylvania or RCA. They are matched with their specs. I love those V4Bs because you can hook almost any cab you want: 2/4/8 ohm switch, w/ two output jacks. I have few other vintage ampegs for sale, pm for details. Shipping would be around £40-100 depends on your location in EU. It could be insured for the full amount.
  7. Just *a bit* different. I think KT88 sounds better when pushed with bass to high overdrive, EL34 has the most beautiful cleans I've ever heard in a bass amp. I think putting there 6CA4/KT77 will lead you to "in between of that" in this amp.
  8. Which tubes are you using for bass? KT77s? Have you modified it for variable bias pot?
  9. Agreed! The more popular KT88 version (which was made since 1969 I think), is more HiFi, almost sub-bass and crystal clear tones. Which is also great, but If you want that raw tone, known from DR103 (Hiwatt 100)), this one is like that just a bit more clean headroom. and they made them in very low quantities, for few years only (two?)
  10. Maybe you'll be interested in '74 Ampeg V4?
  11. Deafinitely. No need to EQ and natural compression is there. I've recently recorded an album with just a P bass and B15N (it was a '68 straight to tape. How it sits in the mix is unbelieveable. The '68 and another '72 would be for sale too.
  12. I have always wandered if there were any differences between black and chrome pickups (early vs late). Unfortunately I haven't played those early ones
  13. Yeah. There's no other one like it! I haven't seen such a beautiful color fading ever. That;s why it caught my eye then
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