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  1. Will try to post tomorrow! Need to make some shots. But it's the same unit without matamp logo like here: http://orangefieldguide.com/OFG_MAT200.htm - I have never seen another one like this, and these were one of the VERY last ones made. Some resistor values (amp was dead stock) were a bit different than in Ormat schematic I got but they still were stock. E.g. 100k vs 150k resistors etc... might be a just a circuit tweak that happened over the years.
  2. I was able to finally buy one! The first thing I did was full re-cap and screen grind resistor change (bigger value/bigger wattage). So the amp will not blow using current production KT88s which are nowhere near to the GEC KT88 these were designed for. The same sound, more reliability.
  3. Sure! https://www.dropbox.com/sh/ja7875wx8j4h68y/AADkkt_u2fJJrwRhRGRTh5l4a?dl=0 If you need something specific, let me know
  4. Very true. I remember playing all of them on Denmark St few years ago, and I was blown away by quality, low action, resonance, balance - everything is perfect with those
  5. 1955 Precision Bass (2015) rare NOS Custom Shop finish (New Old Stock) if you don't like relics this is for you! Matched headstock / Silver & gold sparkle, very similar do Adam Clayton model, just with the earlier features. The bass was used for photo session. All case candy untouched, it even has original strings on it. So, the condition is "NEW" with maybe one ding on the case somehwere (still has all the hang tags) Insured shipping to EU/UK would be around £50 (double boxed). Need to fund new car, so I am listing a lot of my equipment for sale - (vintage B15N/SVT/V4B Ampegs, 64 & 65 Pbasses)
  6. It is! Reminds me of Dire Straits (which I love!)
  7. Selling my early '65 Precision Bass with all pre-cbs specs! What I've been told it's a 1990's nitro refinish in Dakota Red (original color to this bass was also Dakota Red), all-original minus the pickguard (elluloid period-correct replacement). Wide "C" neck, worn to the wood on the back, almost black fingerboard, clay dots. Pots "6512", neck "5JAN65C". Super light around 3,7-3,8kg. Hardshell case. Chrome bridge cover (don't know if it's original, looks super shiny). Shipping to EU/UK, insured, around £100. I've got also a '64 P, '68 Gibson EB2, CS '55 Relic sparkle that I will be selling soon. TRADES: custom shop P with AAA birdseye maple neck (or just only the neck) + cash
  8. I have 2 of them (vintage) for sale if you want! They are in the classifieds section here on bc
  9. GLWTS, brother. This looks FANTASTIC.
  10. 1973 Ampeg B-15N - after complete mainteance: re-capped, cleaned, pots/switches preserved, tubes checked/replaced, bias set Original CTS speaker. One of the last blue-lines made! Sounds HUGE. My personal favourite B15N construction, with a thiele-type cabinet. 120V. Will ship or deliver door-to-door within EU/UK, PM me for a quote. * Would swap for a CS P-bass, maple necks, but depends on finish/look
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