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    WoT Snr is far, far handier on the tools than I am. He's just built me a stand, and it's marvellous. Have a look...
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    arrived this morning. Birdseye maple facings, ebony fingerboard I've had a couple of Wal's before (one second hand from the mid '80's, one that was new but not my custom order from the late '90's) and those never quite felt like they were "mine". Also, necks a bit on the chunky side. This one is most definitely mine, and the neck is unbelievably slim and fast. Plus, you know, it sounds like a Wal. Just all round gorgeous - now that I have it the two year wait seems completely worth it. Another reason to hope for the end of the lockdown so I can take it to a studio and play it through a cranked up amp And Paul and Philip at Wal were excellent to deal with - top marks all round. My boss thinks I'm working this afternoon. My boss is wrong
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    Well obviously those awful foreigners keep coming over here and taking all the well-paid gigs away from talented-but-starving hard-working BRITISH people who have paid for the social services and stuff that they want to nick and take back to foreign-land with them when they steal all our best tunes and leave talented-but-starving musical geniuses to rot in garrets while they take all the cash which should have been ours but it's OK cos we're going to kick out Johnny Foreigner and tow Britain out into mid-Atlantic where we can become the first-choice trading partner with North Korea and Peru.
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    Well not quite new but you know what I mean. After ogling the Status Vintage GP model and also numerous 50's precisions I decided to concoct my own version. Perhaps not one for the purists this is a MIM Fender Mike Dirnt in Vintage White (otherwise known as pale custard yellow) which I purchased from @billge along with a Status P neck courtesy of @Cuzzie (also thanks to @HazBeen who gave me some valuable advice along the way). The obvious problem with fitting a different neck onto a 50's style P is the neck heel. The 50's basses have a square heel and everything else has the more common rounded heel. A rounded heel neck will however fit in the square heel socket, it just leaves visible gaps in the corners which the scratchplate doesn't cover. Step forward GIG.ink @TimAl who manufactured me a Mike Dirnt plate with the necessary rounded heel. I'm really pleased with it. The neck and body make a great combination and after hearing lots of goods things about the '59 pickup in these MD basses I'm not disappointed. I may decide to go for another off-white or cream plate in the future but I think the black looks pretty good. 😁
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    Noticed a funky looking Wishbass on ebay: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Bass-Fretless-4-String-Curly-Ambrosia-Maple-J-B-Wishbass-Kent-Armstrong-J-PU/143531217204?hash=item216b209134:g:ks0AAOSw7UheGOpm and this fugly one: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Lefty-Bass-Fretless-4-String-Red-Cedar-Fiddle-Shape-Short-Scale-28-Wishbass/133325147860?_trkparms=aid%3D555021%26algo%3DPL.SIMRVI%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D20190711100440%26meid%3Daf81145a6a9f4ca6b4d1f88154fb85a7%26pid%3D100752%26rk%3D1%26rkt%3D18%26mehot%3Dpf%26sd%3D143531217204%26itm%3D133325147860%26pmt%3D1%26noa%3D0%26pg%3D2047675&_trksid=p2047675.c100752.m1982 Also noticed the verbiage near the bottom of the page: Unfortunately this video exists with Mr Wishnevsky himself demoing one of his basses by using it to make a noise like a dying cow
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    When the rest of the bass playing world wakes up to the fact of HB's astonishing ability to turn out flawless instruments and flog them at a 5th of the price of the competition, there will be more than a few manufacturers looking nervously over their shoulders. This is another beauty. Not 'good for a beginner' or 'OK considering the price point' or 'will do for a back up' or 'good as a start point for a mod' or 'might be OK once I replace every working part of it'. No. It's just great, straight out of the box, no qualification, no prevarication. It's beautifully finished, plays like a dream balances and sounds like a a P Bass. 42mm at the nut, no sharp edges, no dead spots, beautiful 3ply tort plate, no buzzing, no blemishes. And a laughable price tag. *sigh* in love again. Happens all the time.
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    This little beauty arrived today!
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    A stunning example of Leo Fender’s G&L P bass. It’s a proper U.S. model built in 2016 at the Fullerton, California plant. Hang tag, warranty card, certificate, spec sheet etc is included. Alder body. Finish is cherry burst. The three ply guard is more like the lovely old vintage looking tort. Saddle lock bridge. 9.5 radius dark Rosewood fret board. Bone nut. Width at the nut is 1.5/8th”. Frets are medium/jumbo and all seated and finished perfectly. G&L Alnico pick up G&L ultralite tuners. Weight is 9lb 12oz. Original hard-shell, black tolex case, which looks almost as new. This bass has not had a hard life, the first owner only used it at home, I’ve gigged it twice. Although I believe it left the factory, with round wound strings, the previous owner fitted a set of flats, so there is no fret wear. Condition is near perfect, with just a little swirling/signs of use to the pick guard. Lovely tight, neck pocket and with six securing screws, the neck/body joint is rock solid. I love this bass, it’s comfortable to play seated or standing, looks amazing and sounds great in a band setting. My reason for selling? Well a near miss last night, on a crowded stage, when our drummer knocked over a heavy cymbal stand, made me rethink gigging with a pristine instrument like this. I’m going to use my old G&L and a P bass that I built for myself, both of which sport war wounds and genuine road wear. Hopefully the photos will give a good indication of the condition. Anything that looks like a blemish or damage to the body finish, is purely down to my photography. Price is £950. I’m in Hoddesdon, Herts. Would really prefer collection but we can discuss shipping if necessary.
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    My amazing jazz, in the super rare Antigua finish. Fantastic condition. All original. Tons of tone. These are so rare now. Beautiful maple neck with pearl blocks. Hardly any wear to the frets. 9.9lbs or 4.5kgs on the bathroom scales. OHSC in lovely condition too. Based in sunny Swindon.
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    ......but to be fair, I have a good excuse. I almost died! I doubt anyone noticed, but I haven't been around much the past few weeks. About 5 weeks ago I went to the doctors in agony after being up all night with chest and stomach pains, he sent me to the the local hospital just around the corner, where after an examination and explaining my symptoms as best I could (I live in Bulgaria and I'm not exactly fluent with the language) the head doctor said I had to stay in for three days for observation and intravenous antibiotics. Not the worst thing in the world I thought, and sent my wife off for a few supplies. The next couple of days are a bit hazey as there was a fair bit of pain and a lot of drugs involved, but on the second night I was in agony. The Doctor came in late in the evening, gave me a quick examination and immediately bundled me into an ambulance to the main regional hospital about 45 minutes away. I remember I arrived there some time just after midnight, and within an hour or so, I'd had blood and urine tests, x-rays, an ultrasound, and an MRI. Then another Doctor came and examined me yet again and looking extremely concerned uttered the word "peritonitsia". Now, as I said, I'm not exactly fluent, but it didn't take much working out that I had peritonitis, which I'd heard of, but I didn't exactly know what it was. So I whipped out my phone and Googled it, and saw that it has a mortality rate of up to 40%. At which point I thought, oh poo, this is serious! They moved to to a ward and I got to bed about 4 a.m. Then a doctor came around at about 8 who luckily spoke a little English and happened to be the head surgeon. He explained that my gallbladder had burst, which had in turn given me peritonitis and appendicitis, and I would have to have my gallbladder and appendix removed. So at 2 o'clock that afternoon, one day before my 45th birthday, I was in the operating theatre and opened up like a duffle bag. I could go into a lot more detail, but suffice to say the following few days were rather uncomfortable, I couldn't move and had several tubes coming out of various places. Then, after 10 days, just when I thought I was finally going to get to go home, I had to stay in another week in quarantine and have a Covid test. So I eventually got home about 3 weeks after my initial doctors visit with a nice zipper from breasticles to testicles, and strict instructions not to lift anything heavy for six to twelve weeks. As my sixer weighs over 10lbs.....as far as excuses for not practicing go, I think it's a reasonable one. But I'm alive! I can't praise the Bulgarian healthcare system enough. They don't have much funding, the hospitals are run down and resemble Victorian asylums. The bedside manner could be better. But the actual healthcare was superb. I'm thankful that everyone was in the ball at every step of the way. From my GP, to the local hospital, the A and E department and my surgeon. I reckon another 24 hours and I'd have been a gonner. Not exactly how i'd planned to spend my 45th birthday. But at least I was surrounded by beautiful women in nurses outfits being given copious amounts of free drugs.
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    It’s become blatantly obvious all gear sounds the same. I am talking literally everything, basses, amps, cabs, PA’s, pedals within their respective category, strings. The only thing that makes a difference is the tonewood and compression. Those that think otherwise forgot to ask Santa for the gift musicality for Christmas consistently for their entire life. Also people who mainly play with a pick are superior in every way. This way tone can only be in the Finger - not plural. While I am here, chordal type players don’t count, they can do one to the guitarchat sister site. I am not wrong, I have read every post of every single thread on this site and this is the logical conclusion, hence no poll - discuss if you wish, but....... oh and a happy new year
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    Today I took receipt of my first bass a Fender Vintera Mustang in sea foam green. Bought the bass from @Grantd who made the process super simple, really nice guy and went above and beyond to get the bass to me, so thank you, definitely buy with confidence. Really chuffed with this bass, should give me a solid platform to learn from and more importantly makes me smile.
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    The plan was to visit Mark and the boys at Bass Direct to try and buy a US Lakland Jazz they have advertised. That was the plan. What happened was, well, basically my head got turned by a spotless 2011 4003 in my favourite colour scheme and once I plugged it in and heard that Ric "fizz" it was only ever going to finish up one way. The Lakland was lovely but left me feeling completely underwhelmed. It was a gorgeous piece of work and the build quality was superb, but I just didn't feel anything from it. It was (as they say) me, not the Lakland. I need to change the strings but it's a real beauty and fills a gap I didn't know needed filling in my collection. All in all, a worthwhile trip.
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    Easily solved. Just leave the UK. Plenty more cheap Thomann goodies for me. 😁 Oh, and did I mention the cheap beer, low cost of living, borderless travel, and the right to live and work anywhere in Europe unhindered. I really miss the UK. 😋
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    In shocking news, the 72 year-old muso fails to trash his own legacy but instead emerges triumphant. F**k me, he can still sing.
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    Thought I would share my latest new bass day, it’s a bit late as I actually picked this up in late November ... but it’s taken me a while to get used to it... my first ever five string a Lakland 55-94 classic from 1999 I think in candy apple red you know when Facebook shows you adverts for basses and you see one that’s at a great price which get snapped up straight away... well then imagine it’s still there three weeks later, and in the next village from where you work... so you explain you probably aren’t interested but can you try it please... and it’s pretty well played and beat up, but it’s as light as a four string, and the neck is just a natural feel and effortless, even with that extra string ... ... and later that week the fella comes over and money is exchanged ... new strings and knobs come from Lakland in the US (hence newer style knobs) and I practice with it and gig it once so far. Mentally harder to play 5 compared to 4 ... but fun oh it can kinda sound like a jazz, or it can kinda sound like a musicman, or it’s own sound with both. The preamp is very very coloured, I need to test out the different mid options and the whole thing is kinda on the darker end of the spectrum... sounds a bit rubbish actually, till you hear it in the mix and it just *fits* perfectly so learning curvd having a fiver, but lots of fun!
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    I love that this was edited by one of the mods As a flag waving, T-shirt wearing techy I'll bite. Mic that rig up and pump it through a really good Class D, Neo speakered, festival sized PA rig and it'd sound just as good. So it isn't class D or lightweight neo speakers, it is something else. I'll tell you my theory, in the olden days speakers and amps were designed to enhance your bass sound (guitar sound even more so but this is Basschat) They didn't need to be clean and undistorted they just had to sound good. People built cabs and tried them out with bass and the ones that sounded best or most popular got made and sold. Theory wasn't really worked out until the 70's and didn't get through to instrument amp design until much later. The truth is we don't much like uncoloured sound for bass and most of us aren't very good at finding the eq to achieve it so a nice old Trace that gives us the Trace sound sounds better to us than our own attempts to recreate it. The second thing is that we like things that are loud, too loud to be sensible but there is joy in just cranking up an old monolith of a speaker with an amp with the frequency response curve of the Cairngorms. Sensibly we'd scrap the backline, use in-ears or at least floor monitors and let the PA do it's job but for some that's no fun. There's also a lot of self delusion, I used to have fun in my old rear wheel drive cars with cross ply tyres sliding round bends double declutching because the synchromesh was rubbish but I can't really pretend those cars were 'better' than those I drive now. One day soon the computer modelling will be so good we won't be able to tell the difference but that is still a little way away. Until then if you love an old Peavey stack and don't mind shifting it then the important thing isn't technical perfection so go for it and enjoy.
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    4 1/2 years ago I received a Squier Vintage Modified Precision 5 string as a valentines gift from my wife. I fell in love with the feel of the neck instantly - enough so that it straight away became my number one over all my other more expensive basses. I have a habit of tinkering with my gear though and since then I've gradually changed bits and pieces here and there. This week I finally finished making changes and thought I'd share the end result. Quick disclaimer - the modifications do include a Fender decal. This has been discussed to death on here already but its my bass, my choice and this bass will never be sold on (in fact it will have to be prised out of my cold dead hands). There's also a Fender logo neck plate but that was only fitted because the original Squier one got a nasty scratch across it and I had this one kicking about already. Here are the other modifications:- Bar string-retainer on the headstock swapped for a pair of round string-retainers. Pickguard changed to gold anodised aluminium (cut by myself by hand from a blank sheet). Black thumb rest added. Chrome pickup and bridge covers added. To make access to the bridge easier for string changes, the bridge cover attaches with magnets which are counter sunk and epoxied into the body. Again to make string changes easier, the bridge itself I've adapted to be quick release by drilling though the tail piece alongside each string hole. Crude but works perfectly! The pickup I've swapped for a Nordstrand NP5V. This originally came from Dave Swift's White Sadowsky P5 so the shell is branded Sadowsky rather than Nordstrand. Dunlop Straploks fitted. I originally installed an active preamp which was an old Dan Armstrong Yellow Humper that @KiOgon kindly repaired for me and modified to include a true bypass switch. It was a simple circuit that just had a 3-way toggle switch to select between a flat eq, bass boost or bass and treble boost. To install this I had to route out some extra space under the pickguard. I also routed battery access through the back of the bass and made a little plastic plate to cover it. Unfortunately the Yellow Humper gave up the ghost a little while ago so this week I've installed an Artec Semi-parametric preamp. Stacked treble and bass, stacked mid frequency and mid level, volume and an optional pickup blend. Because I had, the option of a pickup blend control with the preamp, and because I still had the original pickup, I decided to add a bridge pickup to get a bit more clarity - particularly from the low B. As the original pickup is a split coil I decided to go for the kind of V-shaped pickup layout that you see on the Warwick buzzard bass to try and get more articulation from the lower strings. I don't particularly like the look of bridge pickups on P-basses however so I also wanted to make it a 'stealth' pickup. My first thought was to route the pickup cavity in through the back of the bass so it would sit just below the surface of the body but a quick test showed that it wouldn't get enough signal from there to be effective. Instead I opted to fit it into the front of the bass in the normal way and to just make a wooden pickup cover for it. I made it by hand from a piece of ash and stained it a similar colour to the centre of the sunburst. I think it blends in fairly well. At this point the only original, un-modified parts are the neck itself, the frets and the tuners. I had thought at one point about fitting some Hipshot Ultralights but there's honestly nothing wrong with the original tuners and the frets aren't showing any wear just yet. 🙂
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    Ha! This morning, I decided that I'd sell my Squier Musicmaster. Put it on Gumtree, I thought. Just before I did that, I checked the BC "Wanted" section and discovered that Cheddatom was looking for a white Musicmaster. We swapped photos and -yes! - I had his first ever bass. It's now back with him, and I'm really pleased that it turned out the way it did. Bit of BC Karma, right there. Steve
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    Look at it...😍
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    I have fond memories of Sid, my 70RI CIJ Precision from my first punk band Kismetik, a decade or so back. Nice narrow, almost J-like nut width and neck, and my fave style of Fender P logo. So when I spotted this pretty rare, late 1990s surf green edition online I dived in. Also I have been under pressure from Mrs C (who ranks basses purely based on colour) to replace 'Minty', my now-sold 62RI surf green Jazz ... oh and @Happy Jackwouldnt sell me his surf green 54P Lull. Well thats my list of excuses ...
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    Ebay isn’t the problem. People are the problem, exploiting systems put in place to protect buyers and actually using them against good sellers.
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    Evening all I played this bass in a shop years ago (Chandlers I think), at which time I was still firmly in something of a Jaco phase. I loved it, and thought "I'll own that one day when I have a proper job"! It popped up for sale on Reverb earlier this year so I jumped at it. It's absolutely glorious, and pretty much sounds like it looks (and smells), open the case and plug it in and it oozes a 50+ year history of jazz/blues bars, sweat, nicotine and alcohol. It's obviously had a few changes over the years, but none detract from the fact that this is a fine example of a well played vintage musician's bass, and far closer I imagine to Jaco's than the FCS relic ever was (I've owned that also). But I sank almost £3k into a bass that I only play at home, which simply doesn't work with any of the bands I play in, and which I think I'd prefer to sell or trade for something more useful (I also have a Warmoth FL Jazz that works better for me having a 44mm). Photos below from the dealer's site, I can provide more detailed shots if needed. Cheers Chris
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    Do you seriously believe that things will improve for workers? The cheap Eastern European worker is a myth. How many British born people do you know would work in a field in the pouring rain and cold picking whatever seasonal crop, for the minimum wage? The crops will and are going unpicked. Bottoms will go unwiped in nursing and care homes. They’re on average better qualified and better trained that UK workers, their qualifications and training obtained abroad, so not at our expense. What they’re actually doing, if you look properly, is making it harder for you and I to go abroad to work. They’ve also lowered the salary cap for workers from abroad, and lowered the minimum qualification from a degree to the equivalent of an A level. Bearing in mind that most Europeans have a fantastic grasp of English, then the requirement to speak English won’t be much of a hindrance. This thread though, is meant to be about musicians and other creatives coming here, and us going there. Everyone I know from both sides of the channel who has performed abroad, in whatever capacity is saying the new rules will prevent them from doing so in the future. The only people who aren’t, have probably never performed abroad, and probably have never had any intention of doing so. Therefore I would rather listen to those who have, than those who’re talking without any experience. As an artist and an academic, it will cause massive disruption, and negatively impact what I do.
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    On the 22nd December 1989, I narrowly scraped into the 80s with my first live performance. It was a less than impressive slot as the band that played the Sixth Form Pantomime in our school production of Cinderella... I'm not sure if she'd have wanted her shoe back after that racket! Fast forward through thirty years and I've definitely had a lot of fun sharing some great, and occasionally not so great stages, with some amazing friends, meeting many of my best mates and generally having a blast. Not sure if I have another thirty years in me but I guess the fun is in the finding out. And 2020 is already looking pretty good for the first few months. Rock on! *Fun fact but the top 3 photos were the same bass, a Fender Precision MIJ 57RI from 1989 that lasted until I went online and discovered GAS. The bottom right photo is a Fender Precision MIJ 57RI from 2016 that shows how life sometimes goes full circle!
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    Unwrapped a suspicious parcel only to find lurking inside, surprise surprise, another bass guitar 🤦🏼‍♂️ Seriously, somebody stop me. Every time I scrape together a few quid I tell myself to save it for a rainy day. Then find myself in a dark alley trembling and twitching as I hand it all over for just one more score. This week I have become the proud owner of a Washburn Scavenger. I have a few weak areas in my feeble defences, of which, early 80s MIJ basses is one. This is a doozy. Really lovely finish, great shape (I think so anyway) and it sounds wonderful. No neck dive at all. There can't be any really. Not unless the neck was another three feet longer and constructed from cast iron. This is a heavy piece of wood. No problem on a comfort strap, I played it all evening and even my dodgy shoulder is fine. It's also string through, which I've not had before. Tell me, does this mean flats are a no no? I know @Bassassin knows a fair bit about these. Any info gratefully received.
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    Via the power of Facebook, we've found the guy! He posted in a music gear group that I'm a member of, trying to sell it for double what he paid for it an hour before! He's going to take it back and get his money back. Shop already aware of what's going on, so should be relatively simple to get it back now. Assuming the cops don't want to hold on to it as evidence for too long. I've already replaced the thing with one quite similar to it! What to do with two blue Jazzes....
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    Every little thing she does is magic? Lucky she wasn't born in the 14th century then, or she'd have been burned as a witch.
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    He answered, and what a nice guy!! It was the 59 P bass through the Basing street Ampeg amp. Yay!
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    Hi, Im from Argentina (excuse my poor english) and I made this bass starting with an old jazz body, some pallet wood and a chinese lefty neck. Pickups are from 2 Squier basses and tunners are Gotoh Classic. I hope you like it.
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    Greatest ever does not travel well within the Arts. We all have solos we enjoy but calling something the best is a bit crass.
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    Hey hey... the official pics have arrived. Here's some...
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    Whilst I understand that occasionally posts on here can be a bit sarcastic, even pompous (and I've been guilty of it myself once or twice) please keep in mind that for every bass player that may have achieved the dizzy heights at which you are fortunate enough to have found yourself, there are many thousands who play in their bedrooms, in rehearsal bands, or whose peak of achievement might be a gig down their local pub. If you have done much better, you are to be applauded, admired, and even envied. But please show a bit more deference to those who are what could be termed in the lower echelons of the bass community. We far outnumber you. I'm a 'pro'. I played in a pub last week. I got paid a modest amount. I've also played in Hyde Park, on national TV in many different countries, and to crowds of 20,000 and more on numerous occasions. This may sound like I'm blowing my own trumpet, but I've never said any of this on here before, the reason being that it has nothing to do with anything. I'm a just bass player, and part of a community, as you are. If people do, in fact 'avoid this forum', it's for their own reasons, not because they're 'pros'.
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    It’s hard, but it’s done and nothing can change that. If that’s how little they value you, well, you’re better off finding out as soon as possible and having these people out of your life. Let the negative rage go and move on. Believe in yourself. Use that energy to get something else going. F**k ‘em.
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    Due to the Covid-19 situation and severe back problems (66% officially disabled because of it) plus right shoulder injury (non-operable capsulitis from which, after more than 3 years, I will never fully recover), I'm selling all my basses over 4 kilos and also the ones I'm not really using. I've also considerably lowered the price for a quick sale. KRAMER 450 B original fretless from 1979 with original latte macchiato hard case. NOW OPENED (past participle) TO TRADES ! Asking price including shipping fully insured with tracking number to your place in these European countries (ask for other countries) : Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France (excluding French overseas departments and territories), Germany, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxemburg, Monaco, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and United Kingdom : £999 GBP !!! In fully working condition, fully original (except for the new tuners as the original ones were dead and the two strap buttons) and in very good overall condition. Here are the specifications : Body : walnut and maple Neck : aluminium with walnut inserts Fingerboard : ebonol (bakelite, in fact) Positions : 20 original lined fretless (not a defretted model) Headstock : 2 + 2 shape (angled) Pickups : 2 original Kramer with their original wood surroundings (pickups are adjustable ONLY at the back) Preamp : passive Controls : 2 volumes, 2 tones, 3 positions switch with the original aluminium drop Tuners : new Schaller M4 180 Light (to avoid neck diving) Bridge : original Kramer Strings spacing at bridge : 18.5 mm Nut : aluminium with zero fret Strings spacing at nut : 11 mm Knobs : 4 new identical to the original knurled type ones (original well worn and partly broken do come with the bass) Scale : 33 3/4" Hardware colour : chrome and aluminium Truss rod : none and perfect very slight relief whatever strings gauge you may put Finish : high gloss Land of craftsmanship : USA Serial number : 22168 Year : 1979 Weight : 4.505 kilos Action : from a bit under 1.5 mm under the G string to a bit under 2 mm under the E string at 12th position (can go lower, but was perfect for me) Will come with the original Kramer rare latte macchiato hard case and 1 NOS spare set of Alembic CX3-45L strings that suit this fretless at the perfection, even if they have a bad habit to rust in places even when new !?! Non-smoking environment as usual. The bass has been fully set up professionally by Christophe LEDUC who did a fingerboard dressing and changed the tuners. It has been fitted with a brand new set of Alembic CX3-45L nickel pressure wound strings (45 - 65 - 80 - 105). This bass is, despite its age, still very modern sounding and dead silent. No neck diving with the new tuners. Link to the Kramer vintage aluminium page : http://www.vintagekramer.com/alum.htm Link to the Schaller tuners fitted : https://www.emma-music.com/-schaller,us,4,SCH-503172.cfm Link to the Alembic strings : http://www.alembic.com/prod/strings.html What you see is what you get ! Look at the photos taken under different angles to see the very good condition for a 41 years old bass ! Pay attention to the neck fitting where you can hide lots of things : it's the way they were assembled, sometimes very tight, sometimes not at all, but it has no incidence on the sound. All the photos are here : https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1ENOsU_o_tTfLEu2doDGyeCVE-xYls0Vr?usp=sharing Don't hesitate to ask for more.
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    Playing originals... a girl told me I didn't play it like in the record. . . . She was right too! That song was on our first album and I had since changed the bassline. It turned out she was learning to play bass and learning our songs! We've been together 5 years now
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    More of the usual unfunny, sexist sh!t that portrays women, especially wives, as complete idiots, or harridans hell-bent on denying husbands the enjoyment of their hobbies. Sad, boring, and mostly untrue. But hey, the 'funny article' doesn't suggest comparing your guitars to her handbag or shoes, halleluja! And a guitar-playing wife is totally hot! That's all right, then.
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    Playing bass in a band will get you girls.
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    As part of my astrophotography hobby, I have software that takes multiple images and averages them together to bring out faint details and hidden shapes. You can then apply techniques like deconvolution and contrast enhancement to achieve a striking but accurate image. I thought I'd try applying this technology here, so I've fed in all of your different favourite basses, and this is the result:
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    I thoughtI'd give a quick update. I had my wrist op on Thursday, 17th September. All seems to have gone well. I had the dressings changed on last Tuesday and it looks like it's healing nicely. Considering the trauma to my arm, I only needed painkillers for the first three days. Next stop, 5th October for a review with my consultant. I'm looking forward to getting back into playing again in the next 5 or six weeks.
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    I have a nice collection of Ashdown cabs (a 610, a 410, a mini 4x8 and a mini 15) that I'm very happy with apart from one slight niggle. They all have Ashdown's trademark blue speakers - apart from the 610 so it doesn't match the others when using them together. After a chat a couple of weeks ago with the very helpful Dave Green at Ashdown, he kindly sent me some proper speaker cone paint in the correct shade of blue and yesterday I finally got around to doing it. It didn't take too long to do and I'm really pleased with how it's turned out. 🙂
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    If folk can put Fender Japan basses at £1k+ & Fender Mexico at £800+................... I need to raise some cash, however not yet desperate. With slowly increasingly arthritic fingers, I doubt I'll play a P size neck live again, so this is an expensive home toy. Original owner bought it for £1099 in Dec 2016. I'm the second owner. This is the version with the fabulous Custom Shop pick up & it's the second best P I've ever played. The last model American Standard before changing to American Pro. As new as far as I can see, weight is just on 9lb. Comes with black 'plate, original tortie 'plate included. Recent set up & strings. PART TRADES only 2 really considered; Mexican player series + £550 to me YAMAHA BB714BS (either colour) + £500 to me. I will meet halfway (as I have done with recent deals with folk in Minehead & Colchester). Sorry, I don't have a box to courier. IF BUYER WANTS IT HOLDING FOR A WEEK OR TWO, happy to take a NON-REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT of £50. As might be seen by the advert, bit reluctant on more than one level 🙂 Apologies for the awful photos, it really is unmarked as far as I can see.
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    Hello dear bass community, on my first attempt to create some youtube content with halfway valuable information, I created this topic. I had my early 80's StingRay customized with a passive bypass switch back in the 90s and never regretted it. What are your thoughts?
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    Hi, not an easy decision ... but I need to invest in a new roof for my old house, so I have to sale some of my babies. This Status has one of the most beautifull top made by Rob, unique piece of Myrtle wood. No leds, 17.5mm. The bass is with me since 2012 (and during a short period with Mike) , and rarely used in concert, so the condition is nearly perfect I live in Belgium, I have the hard case Status, so I can send it everywhere on earth (cost of shipping for you). I would like to have 2800 EUR for it, no trade pls. So sexy ! no ? I have also an Alembic Rogue 5 and a MM Stingray Classic 5 on market, so I could cancel this sale at any time. Regards Luc
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    It’s been a while, but lockdown has really got me playing properly again. I had one of these about five years ago but (regrettably) let it go as part of a part ex on another P. I’ve been keeping half an eye on eBay for the last few months to see if one would come up again, and on Sunday night my wish was granted! A White, active USA SUB, delivered to my door in short order, and it’s full of unmistakable Stingray zing, and I love it! It’s basically immaculate apart from a bit of wear on the paint which is understandable for something of this age. Very happy.
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    Basses aren't boring. Bass players can be.
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    I move the following motion: That any band follower or random 'friend' who sits in on rehearsals be henceforth referred to as a 'Carl', this irrespective of their gender. Example: 'There this Carl who keeps turning up every week. She's quite cute but between every f*cking song she asks us if she can get us some tea from the machine and frankly it's a bit off-putting'.
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    Just spoke to Dave, to make sure I understood what the situation was. "Carl has always been sort of associated with the band, without ever playing with us. We were simply trying to help out a good friend", he said. I asked if Carl would be at future rehearsals. "He may well be - he's a good friend of ours. He sits at the back and doesn't usually say anything. Is that a problem?". Not really the answers I was wanting to hear. I wouldn't want Carl to be at rehearsal, but the band can't quite see that. I can't think of any other band I've been in that starts with me stipulating who can/can't be at rehearsal. And, furthermore, what happens if he does turn up? I flounce off?! I said to Dave that I don't think the whole situation was handled well and that, on reflection, this isn't the right band for me long-term. I've offered to dep for them while they keep looking for a permanent bassist. "So, will you be OK attending our regular rehearsals?" asks Dave. "No", I said.
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    Thanks for all the comments guys, makes me feel a bit better. I was on a huge downer last night. We’ve been through a lot since I joined in summer 2015, and the way they’ve handled it just leaves a bad taste. I’ve decided not to do the gig. It’s their problem and they can fix it. When I asked them what they were going to do they both looked surprised, as if they hadn’t considered the possibility of finding a new bass player. Weird... unless they have a replacement already lined up. Oh well, onwards and upwards... (Incidentally, I suspect they’ve forgotten that I run all the social media accounts and am the only one with the passwords 😏)

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