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    The BBOT bridges are rubbish, which is why hardly any classic basslines have been recorded using one.
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    Every little thing she does is magic? Lucky she wasn't born in the 14th century then, or she'd have been burned as a witch.
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    Playing bass in a band will get you girls.
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    Hello dear bass community, on my first attempt to create some youtube content with halfway valuable information, I created this topic. I had my early 80's StingRay customized with a passive bypass switch back in the 90s and never regretted it. What are your thoughts?
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    Basses aren't boring. Bass players can be.
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    If I was interested in playing music I'd likely easily define a good all rounder and stick to it. As my primary hobby is sending and receiving carboard boxes, clearly the unitary approach won't suffice.
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    It’s been a while, but lockdown has really got me playing properly again. I had one of these about five years ago but (regrettably) let it go as part of a part ex on another P. I’ve been keeping half an eye on eBay for the last few months to see if one would come up again, and on Sunday night my wish was granted! A White, active USA SUB, delivered to my door in short order, and it’s full of unmistakable Stingray zing, and I love it! It’s basically immaculate apart from a bit of wear on the paint which is understandable for something of this age. Very happy.
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    Ok so I bang on about compression too much I know, but this tutorial here actually shows a few things I keep on about really well. Namely compression is only evident within the context of a mix, and it doesn't wreck your dynamics. Now this is all very much from the perspective of s mix engineer, but honestly, that's how you should be thinking about compression anyway. Enjoy 🤩
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    So my delivery arrived from @Ashdown Engineering today, the eagerly anticipated Nate Mendel CTM300 and the matching 610 I had commissioned to match. What a beautiful pair! They sound bloody lovely and arrived just in time for a live stream gig we have tomorrow. Can’t wait to crank it up! Oh, the little box is an ABM600, not tried that yet! Huge thanks to Mark, Lee and @AndyTravis for hooking me up and getting me front of the queue. A few pics for you to look at 😁
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    Wahoooo! I finally done a bass cover! I know it is not the best but I had lots of fun, I tried doing a few little things that juliaplaysgroove does at the start, of course i'm no where near as good as her lol. Hope you all enjoy it! Best to listen with headphones Hope everyone is keeping well and staying safe
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    Hi Folks. With regret and up for sale only is my Fender Stu Hamm Urge bass USA in Burgundy mist..This bass is tantamount to mint condition!! This has a wonderful playable medium scale (32) neck which you can fire around like nobody's business..This was the first Fender signature model bass, and was designed with Stu's collaboration with the custom shop team.This is a 93 model.. Alder body, maple neck, with graphite rods and fully functioning truss rod. 24 frets, String through body gold bridge (great sustain) gotoh lightweight tuners in Black. 4 bolt tilt adjustable neck plate. 2 noiseless jazz pickups and noiseless precision pick up. 18v preamp.3 way pick up selector.front precision only, middle all pick ups and back jazz pick ups.stacked controls front.top master volume, bottom jazz pick up pan. middle control, top treble cut/boost bottom bass cut/boost.this control acts as the tone control also when in passive mode..the last control knob is a four way position knob fully clockwise standby/off 1rst position with mid boost (can be adjusted by trim pot under control cavity) 2nd position mid without boost. 3rd position passive only..Very usable and easy to dial in your favourite tone..Comes with fitting Fender case..As the pictures will show the bass is minted. The only marking is on the bottom left by the strap button by a guitar stand.not even noticeable..see last picture..Price includes shipping to mainland UK I consider this to be an excellent price for such a pristine instrument. Any question please ask.. Cheers. Fender Stu Hamm Custom Shop Urge Bass 1992 Yellow | Chris's Gear Locker | Reverb
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    Instead of a simple drum screen we'll need full band-screens! Or maybe now's the time to do a Spinal Tap tribute?
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    My (34 year old) baby daughter knows me so well....
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    I've been working on this for months. But it's all done now! I've talked about modding a BB into BB-Ray on this board before. I've bought a BB-350 (which is an excellent player!! that neck!!) and modded it into a stingray. I used this preamp kit: https://www.musikding.de/Classic-Bass-Preamp-Preamp-kit This is a original stingray '77 clone 2EQ. And it sure sounds like a Stingray!
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    This really isn't about "just letting people die" any more than it's about "no person left behind". The disease isn't a government policy that can be changed, or a dangerous behaviour that can be outlawed ... it's a thing that exists and that we now have to deal with, like cancer. We currently have no cure. We currently have no evidence that a cure will ever be available. We currently do not know whether herd immunity exists or whether you can get hit by this twice. We don't know how many different but related strains of Covid-19 exist or whether there can be cross-immunity between them. In fact, there's a staggeringly long list of things we don't know. What we DO know is that our entire approach to civilisation has had to be modified, and not everyone is entirely happy with that. We also know that our current approach to that modification involves spending unbelievably massive amounts of money that we don't have, which then impacts on every other aspect of life for decades to come. I've spent my entire life so far aware of the risk of dying from a very long list of potential causes. As far as I'm concerned, I've now added Covid-19 to that list and I want to get back to living my life. Many others feel the same way, but of course there are plenty who disagree. I'm not saying that I'm right at this precise moment, but I do know that eventually we WILL have to get back to living our lives. All we're doing is bickering about the timing. Will people die? Yes, of course they will, just as they always have.
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    Well my wait is over but it was all worth it. This beauty arrived yesterday and it is absolutely stunning. Plays and sounds as good as it looks. 😍
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    @Cosmicrain built me the black beauty in this pic
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    It's technically neither a Stage I or II bass and pretty unique in the Warwick range due to the construction and pup choice. Bartolini Soap Bar pups matched to an MEC preamp... a LOT of headroom with this pup/pre set up. Birds Eye Maple body, centre joined with walnut slice with more Birds Eye Maple on the reverse... essentially an all Birds Eye Maple body which accounts for the weight and tone. 3 piece Maple neck with an Ebony fingerboard. Condition is generally very good but it does have player wear as in discolouration. No cracks or major dings and no truss rod/neck problems. Some of the hardware was badly tarnished and has been replaced (inc whole bridge which is not cheap). Comes with a Warwick gig bag or can upgrade for delivery to a Hiscox hard case for +£30 I might be interested in trade for a Zon USA bass.
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    Anatomists have to date failed to find tear ducts in a guitar
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    Steady on, we don't know much about the OP and if the Seller just said 'use F&F' he may not have realised the risks involved. To call it 'fraudulent' is a bit harsh: PP are quite happy to let people use F&F but I don't think there is a big disclaimer saying " If you use F&F' you have no comeback if it all goes southwards'. I've used F&F many a time on Basschat transactions and never had an issue but am aware of the risks. I really don't think it's an issue of 'morals and honesty' as you say: who constitutes a friend? How long must you have known them to qualify? I do however agree there is an issue of morals and honesty, but with the seller but not the buyer.
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    Hi Everyone. I made an attempt at playing Wrathchild by IRON MAIDEN. Not gonna lie, I found this quite tricky to learn. It's pretty relentless, and there are lots of fast runs and fills. I hope you enjoy.
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    Here is how the bass looks with the black Moollon pickguard (please refer to the OP's pictures for the actual condition of the bass).
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    I thought I had a nice barn to play in, but even I have barn envy at that.
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    I can't believe I'm going to say this but I don't think a new bass will help. It will for a bit until the novelty wears off and then you'll be back where you are now. A decent Stingray shouldn't be holding you back. Maybe try playing a completely different style of music and follow it back to its roots and see where that leads, I quite like playing along to hip hop and really getting a groove going, but then find out where the samples came from and play along with those songs, then if I'm enjoying that I'll hunt out more songs by that artist or others in a similar style, I end up playing music I would never have thought of and discovering new stuff. You say new songs on take minutes to figure out so either you're phenomenally good or you aren't taxing yourself enough. Try learning something completely out of your comfort zone. But ultimately, I don't think a new bass will get your head and heart back into it, only you can do that. 🙂
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    That time of the decade for me to have a clear out. 2007 Special Edition UK. Swamp Ash body, Koa top (flamed) with matching headstock facing. 3 piece Maple thru neck (centre section flame maple) with a volute; maple fingerboard. MEC $$ pups and pre. Pups can be individually switched series/parallel/single-coil. No neck break, no truss rod faults, no electrical issues; there is one small ding at the end of the fingerboard but otherwise no dings, dinks or bucklerash. JAN III nut so no broken tabs on this. Weight: 8lb (digital scales) Comes with a Warwick gig bag or can upgrade for delivery to a Hiscox hard case for +£30 I might be interested in trade for a Zon USA bass.
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    Well...it ain’t no natural miller no more (spot Walshy’s gold leftovers)
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    I remember leaving a band over musical differences. I was musical, they were different. I remember playing a gig in a prison on 11/9/2001 (an easy date to remember). The singer, a serving prisoner, asked to room for a minutes silence for the World Trade Centre victims. Nobody asked him to do it. It was his idea. And he sang like Marvin Gaye.
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    I was 17 and studying for my A levels, when my mate and singer in my school band, Pete Bond, called me from Charing Cross Road. It was a Wednesday, he'd bought the early issue of Melody Maker and was phoning about an advert. "Bass player wanted for professional Chicago blues band". I called and was given an address and time to be in East Putney the next day. I turned up with my trusty Framus Star bass, to be met by Peter Green. He was forming a band and needed to find a bass player as John McVie wouldn't join. I spent a stunned half an hour sitting on his mum's sofa trying to play bass. I was hopelessly out of my depth but he was very nice and gave me time. Sadly I didn't unfreeze until about 4 hours later.
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    What do you get if you cross an Elf with a Midget? A Milf? 😏
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    Finished fabrication today. - Neck cavity now a few mms deeper - Pots/jack/bridge installed (and taken off again 😂) - screws/ferrules for the neck sorted (just need to shorten the screws a bit) - magnets installed Now to sand and slap on 4 coats of Tungoil...
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    Squier Classic Vibe 70’s Precision Bass This bass was purchased as a back up for my original 70’s Precision. Other than being set up and played at home a couple of times it’s not been used in anger. When I got it I was astonished by the quality of the construction and finish. The neck is slightly slimmer than my original and obviously the block markers are different however they look great. It is relatively light weight at 4.1kgs. This is a fantastic instrument for the money. It’s been professionally set up with Ernie Balls. No bag or case but has it’s original manual and Allen keys. I don’t want trades sorry. I also don’t post overseas these days. Pickup preferred but I can post in the UK at buyer’s cost. Please note days I can post are limited because of work. Last picture is with my old faithful ‘79 Precision.
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    No longer in a band, no longer recording, after almost 40 years of gigging, writing and recording it's time to call it a day So, the time has come and it pains me to do so but this needs to go to someone who will love and cherish it as i have. Spector Euro 4LX TW. (Finished in the legendary high gloss green). BODY - Carved European alder body with a USA figured maple top and a slice of Walnut NECK- 3pc Maple with graphite rods inside for additional strength. FINGERBOARD - Rosewood, with mother of pearl crown Inlays NUMBER OF FRETS -24 SCALE LENGTH - 34" HARDWARE - BRIDGE - Spector zinc brass alloy locking bridge, with intonation screws, brass nut PICKUPS: EMG 35TW ELECTRONICS - ACTIVE TONE CONTROLS: Spector TonePump +18db boost only, bass and treble CONTROLS : bridge pickup volume with push/pull function for single/dual coil selection, neck pickup volume with push/pull function for single/dual coil selection, treble boost and bass boost. Apart from the usual tarnishing to the top of the bridge from where my hand has rested the bass itself is in pristine condition. There are no dings dents or scratches . Fret board and frets are all in as new condition, fingerboard is also regularly oiled. Truss rod is functional and free moving (never needed any adjustment in 4 years). Neck is straight, action and intonation are spot. All electronics are functional. Bass has been polished to within an inch of its life. Comes with a ABS hard case and not the flight case as pictured. However i may be swayed if it's a deal breaker. Weight - 4.2kg. Bass located WS15 1EJ - any try out welcome. Please, no trades and no silly offers. Don't mind a short drive out to meet up. Cash or Bank transfer friendly. Collection only, unless i can be swayed with a decent cash offer i may ship. UK sale only.
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    The latest offering from Totally Toto: Enjoy!
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    Procrastination being a particular gift of mine, I've taken ages to get round to this build. I've been acquiring bits and bobs over the last six months, and now I'm going to have at it. Dave (Dov65) has donated a Ray 34 pickup and loom, and various screws, tuners and plates. I am indebted to you, Dave. I also have a no-name Jazz neck pickup, which may or may not find its way into this build. I have a slab of salvaged mahogany like wood, formerly a coffee table, and a Jazz bass style neck which I have used in various bitsas. I have an Aldi router, and I'm not scared to use it, also a new Bosch jigsaw, so mayhem is assured. I borrowed some Ray templates from ace classical guitar builder Steve Rees. Steve is an old pal of Pino Palladino's, from Cardiff, and the templates are from Pino's fretless Stingray of legend. Let's hope some of the mojo is transmitted from the templates. Firstly, I need to thickness the coffee table, so I've made a couple of sled rails from an IKEA bed base. No expense too great for this one. Utilising a £9.99 planer bit off Amazon. Behold!
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    I could play a straight bat assuming it doesn't have any kinks in it I could go with: "Hardly Bent-One"
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    For Sale Fender Custom Shop Classic Jazz Bass, 4 String, White Blonde 2010 4.1kg Rosewood fretboard with a 'highly desirable' and stable quarter sawn neck. 18v active with Noiseless Pickups capable of a wide range of Jazz tones. Sale includes Custom Shop certificate (as pictured), Fender case and case candy. The Bass has been gigged only a handful of times. The neck is immaculate, with no visible wear and absolutely feels like new. There are a couple of small dinks in the body which are pictured. It's strung with Elixir strings with plenty of life still in them with a lovely low action. Reason for sale, I need to drum up some cash. I'll be very sad to see it go. Collection preferred around the Margate, Kent area or perhaps another meet up location. Can ship with insured courier at buyers expense. Questions welcome, many thanks.
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    Warwick Streamer Special. 1989 No 37 of 100. Birds eye maple, Ebony fretboard, brass jumbo frets. Single Bartolini. 9v. Custom birds eye maple truss rod cover (original included). In good condition for a 31 year old instrument with usual wear marks ( my thumb has worn an indentation just on top of the pick up. One machine head replaced (in photos see pick of rear of headstock, one says schaller as opposed to Warwick) Always oiled and waxed and everything works as it should. Plays beautifully with as many different tones as you’ll ever need. I bought this in 1992 and I am only selling due to current crisis!! Still not sure about whether I can let it go. An opportunity to own a very original and rare instrument. I don’t want to post and to be honest why would you even consider buying such an instrument without playing it first. If you need any more information message me.
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    My bass mojo seems to have vaporised over the last few weeks, so I am currently spending most of time building and sailing model boats. Well, we all need a hobby, and my eyesight isn't quite good enough to fly model planes anymore. This is one someone else built nearly 30 years ago, I was offered it cheap but needing work. The work is now complete, this was its first time on the water since I finished restoring it. It's just under two feet long. Billing's Boulogne Etaples by Dave S., on Flickr
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    Ah, so he wont need Dobly then
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    I am not sure how prominent the personal vs business element is spelt out - I've never used paypal.me. Anyway....on searching around a little, its against Paypal T&Cs to use Paypal.me link personal, if its a business transaction, and they can recover the fees off the account holder. So that might be a route - convince them it was a business transaction, Paypal recovers the fees, then use their anti-fraud system to claim back the money. Worth a go contacting a human being in Paypal?
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    Strictly speaking a birthday present, but my birthday is so close to Father's Day that they tend to get merged. Very pleased 😁
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    Almost..... just wiring/strings and the required “tinkering” and we are good.
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    Frankie says GET ON WITH IT.
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    I finally took the leap and ordered a EB, MM Cutlass - it arrived last week and I'm very pleased. After a bit of time with it including a little recording I can say it's a beautiful thing and sounds great. I was looking for passive P-style bass. I didn't want go Fender because none of the ones I tried were really speaking to me except a sunburst professional which was out of my range - these things need a bit mojo! I got a deal on an ex-display which had, apparently suffered a bit of a fall - chip on the headstock, a couple of small dents on the body - otherwise pretty immaculate. Pluses I love the neck - it's pretty close to the pre EB stingray I tried (in an amazing 70's brown) and really invites playing up the neck in a way I find the flatter radiused boards just don't I thought I didn't like the pick up - it doesn't have enough of the nasal cut through thing that I was after, but after some recording it sits effortlessly in the mix without much tweaking. I though I could just drop in a p-pickup but I'm going to sit with it for a while. A lot of attention to detail - sloped edge for your thumb on the pickup, case coveniently has 'cutlass' on it in case you forget where you've put it, pots feel right - smooth and solid - fit and finish is all really top notch. Cons Still expensive, and why did I buy a not a p-bass p-bass? I can't help myself sometimes. And before you start on 'ugly' - I like it - it has a nice look for me, slightly generic, but well considered and tight aesthetically - some how feels a bit 60's, which I like - future retro!
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    Just uploaded my performance of Bach's first Cello Suite In G major. Link is for the prelude but the 6 movement playlist should open via the link

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