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    New Hamer Bass Day!!! With HUGE thanks to an amazing friend in WA, USA (who secured it for me and sent it to the UK) I have just received this amazing condition Copper/Gold 1990 Hamer Impact bass (designed by Kip Winger). Less than 200 ever made of this beauty....! It looks, feels, plays and sounds AWESOME!! A really focused, tight but full piano tone with a little edge. 😎🎸😎👍 That makes three Hamer Impacts in my collection now! 🎸🎸🎸
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    I'd always fancied the look of the Guild B series basses but simply assumed they would all be boat anchors and discounted them. Back in August @cd_david started a thread on Guild porn, where I discovered that they weren't all heavy. In fact some of them are relatively lightweight. So I stuck a 'wanted' post out there for a lightweight one. @AndyTravis then did me a MASSIVE favour by alerting me to a lightweight 301 for sale on Facebook, collection only in Matlock, Derbyshire. I got in touch with the guy, he wanted a cash only sale so, after initially toying with the idea of starting off one of the infamous 'Basschat Relays' I decided I'd actually drive there to pick it up. 3.5hrs each way. I have been further for less. So that is what I did yesterday. The auspices were good - not a single hold up en route and I found a car parking space just 50m from the shop via an alleyway. He took it out of the gig bag and handed it over - it was one of those instant bonding situations. Love at first sight. Weighs in at 3.7kg on the nose. 8.14lbs. One owner from new, original unmolested condition. Some honest wear about the body but the frets have been barely worn in by the look of them. Serial number indicates it was the third from last ever made - 1980! Pics below are as I got it, I've since taken it to bits and given it a clean. Fresh strings. Wow. The tone is like nothing I have owned. Not Fender-ish. Organic, deep, rich but punchy. Really punchy Pickup is further back towards the bridge than, say, a P bass which I guess makes it so clear. The build quality as right up there, as good as anything I have owned. open back Grover tuners with a cute wiggle to them. 3 point bridge that is a massive improvement over the Gibson version. I even love the knobs! A little neck heavy but nothing a grippy strap won't cure. I've kissed a lot of frogs but reckon this is a Prince among basses. It has completely blown me away. Can't wait to give it a try out with my blues rock band!
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    Fender American Vintage ‘62 Re Issue (AVRI) Precision Bass built in the USA in 2003, all original & in excellent lightly used condition with just a few marks consistent with normal use, the worst by far is a small 4mm to 5mm impact mark near the bridge (please see photograph) which is very shallow & can't be seen 'off stage' and overall I would grade this as 9/10 in my humble opinion, especially for a Nitro finished 17 year old instrument. Weight is a tad over 8.5 lbs according to my digital scales. Nails the James Jamerson thing. The Bass is set up with a nice low action and so plays really well, with a lovely true Precison Bass sound and excellent tonal variation. Comes complete with the Original Hard Shell Case also built in the USA complete with all the Case Candy including the original Pickup and Bridge covers, which have never been fitted - so no holes in the body either side of the bridge - in fact, they are still sealed in the original bag from new. The case does have a few scuffs to the corners, but nothing major and comes complete with the two original keys - also still in a sealed bag. Here is some info off T'interweb This model has been discontinued. Today we are featuring a Fender American Vintage ’62 Precision Bass in a beautiful three tone sunburst. This reissue instrument pays homage to a ground breaking year for the Fender Precision Bass. All of the classic details are present including the rosewood fretboard, tortoise shell pickguard, nitrocellulose lacquer finish and chrome bridge and pickup covers. The covers are shipped unmounted but are included in the accessory kit. The “C” shape neck is super smooth to play and the classic single split-coil pickup provides that warm, full and fat tone that you have heard on so many of your favourite records!! Specifications: Alder body Tortoise pickguard Maple neck Rosewood fretboard 1.75″ nut width 34″ scale length “C” shape neck profile 20 vintage style frets Single Split-Coil pickup Master Volume, Master Tone controls Nickel and Chrome hardware American Vintage 4 Saddle bridge Vintage Style Reverse Tuning Machines Deluxe Light Brown hardshell case with strap, cable and bridge and pickup cover in the accessory kit. i would prefer Bank Transfer or Paypal F&F on collection, or prior to postage if someone has a reliable Courier they could send for it. I don’t have a box, but the case is built like a brick outhouse which would be well bubble wrapped and bagged. Any questions, please give me a shout 👍👍....
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    Hi folks, apparently these are out for delivery today! I will have a look at how best to take payment and collect your orders over the weekend. Once sorted I'll email you all (and update here) with instructions on how to pay. You can have as many sets as you like at the pre-sale price. Once I have everyone paid up I'll probably box them up and get them sent as a bulk job, so it would be helpful to everyone if you are able to place your order as soon as you can. Soon after that these will be on general sale through the Basschat Shop and I'll probably ship them out weekly, but will confirm that nearer the time. Cheers ped
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    Hello Mark Brian Ashcroft was indeed in the Last Chant as the bassist. He was left handed. Sadly my brother Brian passed away in 2010 leaving me many good memories. I would be interested in buying the case off you if it is for sale. I bought the Precision Bass for Brian after working in the Middle East for a few years. Nearly died when he painted it matte black. Get in touch if you want to sell. All the best Neal Ashcroft.
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    I thoughtI'd give a quick update. I had my wrist op on Thursday, 17th September. All seems to have gone well. I had the dressings changed on last Tuesday and it looks like it's healing nicely. Considering the trauma to my arm, I only needed painkillers for the first three days. Next stop, 5th October for a review with my consultant. I'm looking forward to getting back into playing again in the next 5 or six weeks.
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    Overwater Hybrid 5 Custom Charcoal Frost metallic high gloss finish Lightweight Ash body (bass weighs under 8.4lb) Maple neck, Rosewood fingerboard 34" scale East/Overwater custom preamp (volume, pan, passive tone, bass, mid, treble) Overwater hardware Overwater branded Hiscox flightcase This is an absolutely beautiful instrument. It's not hard to see why so many pro players use Overwaters. The bass was ordered in Dec 2019, and completed Aug 2020. Unfortunately it has not been used, selling due to retiring from playing.
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    Fender Japan Jazz Bass, non-export AFAIK, in Candy Apple Red with matching headstock. Year dates as 'I' plus six digits, so around '89/'90. Mint green 'guard and currently sporting a '60/'61 stackpot circuit, though the original VVT circuit and plate will be supplied at sale price, along with a Fender Tweed case. Absolutely no issues and has a nice, tight Jazz Bass sound; even acoustically it has some bite! Listed as in very good condition. No trades or swaps, please.
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    Exactly. This is why the nation is getting its knickers in a twist. It doesn’t matter whether what you want to do fits whatever guidelines. COVID is on the up and we’re going into winter. Do your bit and do everything you can to limit unnecessary social interaction. I’m astonished why anyone would do otherwise.
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    It already sounds pretty darn decent. I'm now looking at either Nordstrand or Seymour Duncan (the Alnico version) but they do seem to be pretty similar. Anyway, here's a teaser:
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    I’m selling this old Marathon to fund another build project - this one is all original there is some lacquer checking but it is the original finish. Neck is excellent as are the electrics. It’s in very good condition - the string guides which are Shergold - are later additions to the bass. A small area of binding has been repaired. Looking for £475 if anyone is interested. I’m not looking for trades. More pics on request. It’s very light weight at under 4kgs. Single output version with stereo switch. Can post at buyer’s cost in the UK only. Sorry no case.
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    Nice to see Cliff getting some recognition, a very underrated bassist. Few sit quite as deep in the pocket as he.
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    I blagged my way into a clinic with FRP as I was obsessed with TOP and particularly his bass playing. I asked so many questions that the people running it started ingnoring my hand each time it went up. Afterwards we got chatting to him and he was very self deprecating. I Showed him my transcriptions and he was amazed that anyone would bother. After a great chat he insisted that my mate and I go to the bands gig at the Forum that night on his guest list. Sure enough when we arrived our names were down. As they came on stage the entire band shook me and my mates hands. After the final encore the entire band did the same. I never got to say thanks him. He was my biggest inspiration and it was one of those rare times when your idol exceeds your expectations. RIP FRP.
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    Looking at myself in the mirror
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    Here is a G&L L1000 manufactured in 1981 in the USA from the time when Leo Fender was in the company. The bass is almost 40 years old and has its wear marks, especially the most striking is the one that remains on the body near the neck from supporting the thumb there for years. Finished in green nitro, the crackle of the nitro can be observed in some areas. The adjustment and sound is perfect, without strange noises, the trus rod works perfectly and the strings can be adjusted with a very low action. It has new d'Addario flatwound strings. As a curiosity (and for collecting) it includes its original case, original allen key and even the warranty card and the 1982 invoice. This is an amazing instrument bought here a month ago, but I'm a 5 string guy... I'm open to trades, but only 5 string basses.
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    You’re one more stupid post away from a ban so be very careful or leave. Thanks.
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    I don't mind it at all. Neither do I mind that you do mind it.
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    Up for sale is my lovely stingray 4......the bass has been fitted with a status graphite neck which in my opinion improves the tone, harmonics sound better along with much improved sustain, also tuning stability seems better than a wood neck......the fit of the neck is excellent, there is a nice tight neck pocket with no gaps The bass is in very good condition, bar a few dents here and there. You can see and hear the same type of bass here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kfW-Z8Nz-s0 Many people think the two boost only band pre is better than the three band...i would agree. Shipping is included (uk only) with the asking price.....musicman case included (with keys)
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    A trip up to the north east included a detour to meet up with my old mate Captain John Morgan to pick up an early 90s three band Stingray. I had been chasing this particular bass for about four years, ever since picking it up after seeing the Captain play a gig in a bar on the banks of the Tyne in Newcastle. I had always asked him to give me first refusal if he ever decided to move it on, so I bit his hand off when he got in touch last week to ask if I was still interested. It is a deep wine-red colour with a rosewood fretboard, a six bolt plate and the old style bridge with the mutes still attached. John has installed brass bridge saddles, which seem like a great mod, but apart from that it is pretty much stock. It currently has a black scratchplate, but I have been looking for a s/h white one (mainly because I remember seeing a picture of Boz Burrell playing one like that back in the 70s). This must be the nicest Stingray to play that I’ve ever come across and has a great neck. I’ve had a couple of Rays in the past (a great natural 91 w/maple fingerboard and a pretty nice black 95 with the transition bridge with no mutes) and always regretted moving them on. I think that this one is going to be a keeper. Edit: I've just checked the serial number online and it was made in May 91
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    I've made a couple of 4 string mini basses which I'm really pleased with so the time has come to make a 5 string version! It is going to have the same body shape as the previous build but just be a little wider to accommodate the extra string. I'm thinking of the 5th string being high rather than low - I've tried a low string on the previous basses just to see what it was like and I don't think it was quite defined enough. I will try a couple of different things before I make the final decision. Going for a more minimal look in terms of wood finish this time. The body will be ash (nearly quarter sawn), plain maple for the neck and padauk for the fretboard. Hardware will be chrome for this one. I've made a start, cut the templates for neck and body and headstock. I've also cut and trimmed the body. I've also got a body left from a previous mini bass that I have veneered the top with maple and cherry layers but haven't decided what it will become yet!! This will be another slow build as I've got loads of jobs to do around the house.......
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    Up for very reluctant sale is my gorgeous Sandberg California TT4 Passive, finished in a really deep Natural Highgloss (which highlights the lovely grain on the swamp ash body) with Rosewood fretboard and Whitepearl Blocks, and weighing in at a very lightweight 7lb 1.9oz!! This bass has barely left the house since purchase from Kytary in December 2018. I actually used it for the first time in the studio just a few weeks back (it sounded awesome and even drew compliments from our drummer!), so is in pretty much mint condition. The only marks I can find are on the top of the headstock (please see pic) and some light swirling on the scratchplate. I've had some work done on it by The Bass Gallery in Camden, basically I felt the neck was a little fat, so I had them shave a couple of mm off the shoulders and completely remove the satin varnish, so it now feels and plays just like my other Bergs. Other than that, it's completely stock. Sandberg have confirmed the date of manufacture as 30th April 2018 and also shared the spec code (see below). I'm assuming the pickups are Sandbergs own, but can't read the code well enough to know for sure, prehaps any Sandberg buffs will be able to advise? Either way, it sounded awesome in the mix, really balanced tone throughout the range and cut through no problem. Code: CANT1-TT:S-SPS-4S-34-HG-NT-SWP-NOT-RWF-F-WB-NOM-CRH-CLT-PS-BP-X-RH I really don't want to sell this bass, but a new venture needs funding so this (and my car!) have to go. Comes in its Sandberg gig bag. Please contact me to discuss shipping, collection in person from BN22 is much preferred. Payment by BACs is preferable. Thanks for looking!
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    I need to thin the herd - especially as gigs are non-existent currently Can't believe I'm doing this but as my Roadworn Jazz hasn't sold - I'm putting this superb JV Jazz up for sale. I only need one Jazz bass - as I usually gig one of my P basses (or my PJ) I only took this bass in trade a short while ago, from a fellow BC member. It is in absolutely amazing condition for its' age - there's hardly a mark on it. Any slight dings are quite tricky to photograph. The Oly white has aged and yellowed very nicely Moreover, the bass feels and sounds absolutely amazing - it's the best sounding passive Jazz I've ever owned or even played. I put it through my main bands' PA some weeks back, and it blew me away. The neck just feels really comfortable to play too - slimmer than my Roadworn Jazz and either of the two US Jazzes I owned. Not perhaps as slim as a MIJ Reissue that I once recall playing.... It also just "feels" so silky smooth & comfortable.... Strung with Flats (which has become my penchant) - I can let you have the nearly brand new rounds that came with the bass My only slight "issue" is that the bass weighs 4.5 Kg according to my digital scales (they seem accurate enough) - which is half a kilo more than my RW. That's not a huge difference, I know... except to my ageing shoulders I don't want to post this bass, so COLLECTION / MEET UP only - I've got a nice Bose battery powered PA and amp headphones so you can hear it. (once local lockdown in Cardiff is over!) No Trades Please - I'm only selling to thin the herd. Also note: If my Roadworn Jazz sells in the meantime - I will be withdrawing this bass.
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    Very beautiful Rob Allen MB-2, Unlined fretless, incredible sound in only 2,5 kg. With superb woods on the top and finger pare. Hard case included.
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    So, after sitting in its case mostly since I purchased on here earlier this year, I’m thinking of letting this beast go. This is a stunning unique little bass, built by Chapman for Dave Hollingworth from Toska. It’s a 4 basically designed to be drop tuned, fanned fret 35 - 32.75 (same ratio as a Dingwall, just shorter (more sensible!) scale length overall). Obviously, due to it only being 35 max, it’s fantastic in E standard too, indeed that is how it’s currently tuned! It’s very Warwick esque in its build, fancy woods and a wonderful curved body. Sounds really nice, super articulate. Full specs below. Looking to pick something up more traditional so I’m moving this on. It’s in great condition, just a nick near the bottom shown in the pics. Comes with its full hard case. £1,500 new, now discontinued, not sure how many were made in the end but they are hard to find. FULL SPECIFICATION HEADSTOCK Angled Serekh Headstock TUNERS Wilkinson STRING NUT 38mm Graph Tech Black TUSQ XL Bass Nut NECK Wenge With Ovangkol Pinstripes with Oil Finish NECK JOINT Neck-Through NECK SIZE WIDTH: NUT 38mm 26F 59.52mm THICKNESS: 1F 20mm 12F 23mm PROFILE: C Shape TRUSS ROD FRETBOARD Wenge Fretboard with Rolled Edges FRETBOARD RADIUS 200mm FRETS 26 Jumbo Bell Bronze Frets FRET MARKERS Glow-in-the-Dark Side Dots 12TH FRET INLAY Gold Infinity SCALE LENGTH 832mm to 889mm (~32.76” to 35”) Multi-Scale BODY TOP Mapa Burl Body Back Wood Only with Arched Front & Back with Oil Finish BODY BACK Ovangkol with Oil Finish BODY CARVES Rear Tummy Cut, Rear Lower Spoon Cut, Rear Heel Contour BRIDGE Chapman Single String NECK PICKUP Bartolini 9CBJD-S1 Jazz Single Coil (Passive) MAGNET: Ceramic OUTPUT: 8.21k ohms BRIDGE PICKUP Bartolini 9CBJD-L1 Jazz Single Coil (Passive) MAGNET: Ceramic OUTPUT: 8.9k ohms CONTROLS Master Volume (250k) with Treble Bleed Circuit, Blend Control (250k) Knob, Master Tone (250k) STRAP BUTTONS Chapman Strap Locks STRINGS Daddario NYXL CASE Chapman Pro Hard Case
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    Well, I am not an expert at these things, but I would put the rug on the floor
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    As much as it pains me to do this, Covid forces another sale... Here’s my lovely MTD that I bought at the start of this year from here. It is an amazing bass, super versatile, super comfortable, light, great palette of sounds, however I just can’t afford to keep it... Makore body, Birdseye maple neck. Comes with an MTD hard case and fresh set of Elixir nickel strings. Collection from west London, or I’m happy to deliver for fuel costs within 100-150 miles... Bass can be heard here - or here at 1’40” - Edit: I thought “Covid forces sale” was pretty self-explanatory but I keep getting messages with trade offers so I’ll spell it out - I’m not interested in any trades, thanks. If I could afford not to take full price, I wouldn’t have been selling it in a first place.
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    Can I just say that I believe in Yes today.
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    So... After selling off the 80s Aria that I had to get a lot of work done on I said to the wife I can't be bothered buying a new bass because I've got three good ones I don't want to part with. Then I thought I'd love another fretless or a semi hollow. So I put up two wanted ads on BC. Not very long later and I've done a deal for this beaut. Warwick Pro Series Corvette fretless, blank ebony board, Ash body, passive electronics. Very mwah-able and different in character to my other fretless. I do very much like this one, though I'm tempted to see if I could get a pre amp into it, not that it needs it! Once again, buying through BC and dealing with an absolute gent Pinweasel. Buying through BC is the best way to get a good honest trade in the second hand market!
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    A big part of this is the convenience/use and replace culture as well. We're sold that idea that if something requires less effort it's a good thing, and that is something stops working, we should replace it. This is happening with music gear in so many areas from lightweight and non-repairable amplification, to studio hardware that goes loco when Apple or Microsoft change something (I sold an interface for £60 this morning that cost almost £2000 twenty years ago, which still works perfectly, which has decent preamps, functionality etc but which will not work with a computer or software made much after 2010), and don't get me started on the lunacy of data cable upgrades. I'm a cyclist as well, my Dad had the same Campagnolo groupset on his bike for over 30 years, he could always buy the right bolts, washers, springs, even quite esoteric parts if something started to wear. Bikes are crazy now, if something breaks, you buy a new one, which for a wheel can be £1,000!!!!! there's guys who are 3 stone overweight paying £10,000 for a bike because its 2lbs lighter than last year's model, for brakes that are actually less good in many conditions (disk breaks on high speed road bikes), because this is how the manufacturers get people to buy new gear - 'no-one's riding calliper brakes/26" wheels/manual gears any more". I forget who said it, but it was a reflection from one of the US Psychologists in the early 20th century who was involved in the systematic application of the psychology of the subconscious to sales and marketing (and politics); "We changed the way governments viewed their people, changing the expectation that they move from being good citizens to being good consumers". Yvon Choinard, the founder of Patagonia (a very switched-on company who repair their own and other manufacturer's mountain clothing free of charge) put it beautifully "In a world of limited resources, there's nothing clever about being a consumer". So this is why I love this thread, because to a degree whilst it celebrates gear that I love for doing what it does the way it does it, it's also about not simply accepting at face value the idea that everything has to be the way the marketing departments want it to be A very personal opinion, others are of course entitled to say "Beedster, you're talking stinky poo"
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    This has been a while in the making, mostly due to work and enjoying the summer as much as through odd times The paint in my metallic blue sterling was looking a bit tatty, so I figured one of the more classic colours was more my thing so off came the paint, lots of preparation and into primer, then paint But the grain was still very visible, so off came the paint and in went grain filler it worked ok, but not as good as I would have liked, you don’t really see it until the paint goes on on went primer, plenty of paint, then more paint and some sanding in between to get rid of a few gremlins and then on with the gloss clear coat Its turned out ok, I like it, but wasn’t easy, learnt a few things along the way! The spraying is the easy bit, sprayed many things in my time and can get a nice even finish! It’s the prep, getting it A1 before paint, a lot of things you don’t see until the paint is on So here it is now, with the neck on for a week or so, then it will come off for final sanding and polish I had a parchment pickgaurd made, but not sure now, think tort’ might work better with the black p/up, unless I can get a white p/up cover! But I have a few option now!
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    Okay well I'll start with the project that kicked all this off. I originally bought an Eko BX-7 barebones bass from Brandoni guitars back when I was still in my teens so going back about 20+ years now. I made a mess of that thing but I still beat on it for years until I eventually broke it bad. Anyway I decided back in May to see if there were any of these left and lo and behold, Brandoni still had one in stock. So I bought it. My intention was to machine down the top of the body wings and replace the surface with something harder than the yellow pine that they were made of. I'd never done anything like this before although I was no stranger to using a router so I laid my plans and just got on with it. Anyway that went pretty well. Not perfect, but not terrible either. I used a thrown-together router sled to help me with cutting down the top and used some sepele for the new surface. Once it was glued in I hacked, routed, angle ground and drum sanded it into shape. Now after this stage I actually finished the bass in nitrocellulose and was planning on leaving it there but things kinda went off the rails a bit. For a start I realised the the original fretwork was kinda garbage so I decided to make it fretless. Then, having gone to that trouble I realised 2 things: 1: I am absolutely not talented enough to play a fretless 2: The f'kin neck had a backbow in it. So, much planing of the fretboard ensued to flatten and re-radius it and I then re-fretted it with jumbo wire. Around this time I had also decided that I was gonna do a scratch build and bugger the consequences and this is why the Eko bhass didn't get finished until a couple of weeks ago but I'll get to those others things later. All the mess with the fretwork completely ruined the nitro finish so I decided to strip it. And also install a 2nd pickup for the extra tonez and also so I would have somewhere to rest my thumb. So out comes the router and in went a Wilkinson MM pickup. By THIS point I had already built 2 other basses from scratch but I digress. So there you have it, the Eko BX-7 bass. Born sometime back in the 80's and brutally returned to life by yours truly over the space of about 4 months. This concluded episode #1 of this online ego trip.
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    I've been listening to a lot of old 60s records recently & then went on to some post punk. An occasional instrument that kept cropping up was the baritone bass. Co-incidentally I am in the studio this week and a track has a melody in it that would really suit a baritone, so I picked this up new for £299. A definite shot in the dark as there are NO YouTube videos and no references that I could find on Basschat's search setting. I was initially taken by the baby blue finish and the retro vibe. There's the whole "is it a bass or is it a guitar" angle and to be fair with the 6 strings and tremolo, I could understand people (who probably haven't heard it) arguing for the later. However, the lower register is definitely the domain of the bass player (& I am not letting my guitarist play the melody line - other than ghosting my part, if he behaves and asks nicely!). Some of the frets feel a little rough but I can sort that (it's a £299 bass so I don't want to belittle some poor quality control) and it needs a set up. The NBD was actually yesterday but I must confess I can't stop playing it. I guess I would sum it up as the bass for the bassist that already has "too many" basses. No case or trimmings at that price but I think once I get a clear go at tidying it up, it'll be great. Looking forward to getting it down in the studio.
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    A very loud extended bass solo is pretty much what the Government have been seeking, in order to persuade people to avoid town centres.
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    In 1977, a recording of Chuck Berry's "Johnny B. Goode" was included on a golden disc sent to space with the Voyager mission. Many life forms in the universe were lucky enough to hear Chuck's finest moment. However, someone must've lobbed a CD of Motorhead up into the big black sometime in the 80s because it certainly inspired Illegal Alien. Led by frontbeing Lem-Mi, Illegal Alien are The Hardest Working Band in the Cosmos. And, one of the hardest to listen to. Enjoy or endure, the decision is yours!
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    Maybe we are all being too cynical. When I was a kid we played at World War 2 with Action Man . Maybe kids nowadays need to play at Motorhead with dolls like this one. An afternoon spent with other children acting out imagined scenarios from the Bomber Tour during the autumn of 1979 could be both therapeutic and educational. They could use Barbie dolls as groupies, and Blue Peter could show you how to make a hotel room out of an old shoe box.
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    I totally agree, I was trying to explain the way the statistical modelling of disease works to a friend the other day, after she said, quote "As far as I'm concerned, if the government says six people can get together, so can fifteen, we're either in lockdown or we're not". I've spent most of my life trying to be socially minded, to do what's best for everyone, but at present my view with my family is 'look after number 1" because there are people out there who fail to realise that every time they ignore the guidelines they put themselves and, more importantly, therefore everyone they subsequently come in contact with, at risk, and I don't want my family to fall into that category. I had to take my youngest daughter to hospital in London last week, I was absolutely shocked by how many people ignore social distancing, mask wearing, number limits etc. And it's not just students, it was across the board. People who put playing gigs over safety should spend a few hours on a Covid ward, see that there are previously healthy people in their 20's, 30's etc on ventilators - some are there because they went to the pub by the way - and speak to the nurses who have to risk their lives treating them about their views on society's 'Oh but my case is an exception' response. The above in part a response to my anger that I was asked to play a 'discrete' gig recently by guys who should know better.
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    Great basses, too right! 1989 Sunburst, 1990 Vintage Sunburst
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    The Corvette is finished......well apart from cocking up wiring and a broken pot so no output at the moment lol Before...... After...
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    Peavey Foundation Bass I am selling this US made Peavey Foundation with maple board and cream finish. It’s in very good condition and the neck is nice and slim. I had it strung with heavy strings and tuned it with a low D for a while but now I’ve decided to buy a 5 string so I’m getting rid. I recently had the neck pickup rewound by Aaron Armstrong at Armstrong pickups who did a great job. These Super Ferrites are highly regarded but hard to get into to repair. It’s a nice light weight bass under 9lbs with a Jazz vibe to it. No case or bag so I may take the neck off to transport it if postage is required. These basses are well regarded for the price. I reckon this one dates from the early 90s. Pickup preferred so you can play it. No trades. Can post in the UK at buyers cost.
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    Oh come on, 20 minutes in and nobody has mentioned Tales Of Topographic Oceans? Biggest fail in the history of prog, and that's a much coveted title.
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    I've been doodling a bit on my new fretless bass... And managed to sandwich a smidgeon of melody, a touch of groove and a central dollop of oddness into 3 minutes 18 seconds that'll make you wish for the sound of babies screaming... 🤪
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    I love my Japanese Beauty's, 1980 Ibanez Musician 1981 Aria SB700 1979 Yamaha BB1200 I play in a 1980's Tribute Band (Hello Felix) so these Baby's serve me well, Incredible Japanese build quality and attention to detail ......and they stay in tune ☺️
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    There was an utter cringe fest on Jeremy Vine's show this afternoon where the complete twunt had all manner of guitarists phoning in to do tributes on their guitars. The signal crapped out all over the shop and it was just awful. I find him unbearable at the best of times, but he then admitted he didn't;t have a clue that EVH did the solo in Beat It. Utter utter 🔔 end.
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    Unless your name was Mr Rubbish Nut
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    It looks like an advanced egg timer lil
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    I don't think so. IMO most gigs are too long. IMO as a band you've got to have released a handful of successful albums before you can consider playing for over an hour and TBH most bands could do with trimming their sets down to around 30 - 45 minutes with a single song as an encore provided that it has been earned by both the band and the audience.
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    I asked a question on the repair section and among my friends about replacing the truss rod in a Fender neck (previous owner had snapped the nut off), too much hassle was the cry, especially as it`s a bound neck.....bugger! So here I am with a Fender Vintera 70`s Jazz bass in Inca Silver, the body is truly immaculate, anyway I tried several reputable websites including Fenders own and no new Fender neck of the same spec are available. I turned my attention to Northwest Guitars, they did a very similar bound and block neck but with rosewood rather than pau ferro and a bone nut rather than synthetic, get in my basket! These necks are now also out of stock as it happens so i bought mine just in time. I contacted a mate of mine who does refinishes and set ups and got him to refinish the neck in the correct tint and also apply the decals (yes I know its not a genuine Fender neck but the rest of the bass is so thats my argument) anyway I picked the bass up from him yesterday and oh my what a pretty thing she is, I think it`s a keeper despite the relatively low output of the pickups (im used to either humbuckers or active or both) the neck feels every bit as nice as the original in the hand and it just looks lovely, all this for a swap for a cheapy bitsa, definitely my score of 2020!

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