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    Well, this has been quite a project. A little over two years ago I bought my first Precision. I wanted a shoreline gold one, but since those only came in unaffordable price brackets, I bought a Mexican P with the foolish idea of refinishing it myself. Having had prior experience with utterly destroying a guitar’s resale value, the one good idea I had was deciding to build my own body (with help) and finish that instead. So far, it’s already had a pretty rough gigging life, but it’s my absolute favourite guitar ever. After swapping out pretty much everything else, I decided to purchase a lovely carbon-reinforced neck from a builder in the south of Holland. So, after an agonising period of waiting and having to miss my favourite bass - at long last - here’s the result. On the right is the old bass, and on the left is what resulted from changing pretty much everything about it to my personal preferences. It’s frighteningly resonant and it has ridiculous, Tufnel-esque sustain - even if it turned out a bit heavier than I imagined... Anyway, there are many P’s out there, but this one is mine. Now all I have to do is figure out what to do with the old one.
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    The good people at Ishibashi sent me this old Bacchus Grooveline. I reckon it’s early to mid-2000’s. I’ve been looking for a Stingray with a J neck size for a while and this really fits the bill. It’s a dinky J ash body, weight is a sweet 3.5kg. Maple neck with with blocks and binding is always a winner. It’s a fixer upper and that was reflected in the price, but these Handmade logo’d Bacchii are always superbly built and the pickups are amazing. Such is the case here, it’s a really good player, even with a duff fret job, old strings and that criminal bbot bridge in place of the Deviser Tune-o-matic. What were they thinking? I will sort out that crack and replace the bridge and broken tuner. I’m thinking of stripping what is left of the finish and refinishing in an emerald green stain. The previous owner had fingernails like Wolverine, by the looks of it. I’ll also sort out the frets, a level, crown and dress awaits. Anyone know where a man can buy Gotoh tuner buttons?
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    So would a belt sander but there's more than one way to skin a cat. Actually the belt sander would do that as well
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    To save putting it in every ad, I'm N. London, 6' 0", and ~160lbs. However, I'm not dating, so not sure why you want to know this when buying an item off me... 😜
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    Yes to both.
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    If you’re playing an unlined fretless, then you are (by default) a superior musician to all others in any band situation. Therefore all other instruments are out of tune with you. This revelation has helped me enormously and haven't bothered setting up intonation or tune my fretless for years. Let the peasants fret about that. 🧐
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    Back in 1978,I bought my first,and far from last,(not got there yet!) bass. It was a sunburst jazz copy sporting 'Maya Electric Bass' on the headstock. I've still got it, after a fashion, as its now got Schaller tuners, Di Marzio pickups, and(as far as I remember) a Fender bridge - not forgetting the Triumph Dolomite yellow paint job! forty years later, another bass became available -a fretless sunburst precision, again with 'Maya Electric Bass' on the head. I had to buy it- the necks are great, and the pickups not bad either. Needless to say, this one is staying stock. anyone else got one?
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    If somebody asked me for a video of a bass I was selling I'd have to say no. My phone doesn't take videos. On a general level, if a buyer requires the level of information the OP seems to be demanding then the buyer needs to decide if this kind of sale is right for him. Seems like he needs to see the bass and play it before he hands over his cash. I understand that once bitten twice shy is a valid view point and bad experiences make people wary, but if the OP is so particular or worried then he needs to see that bass. As a seller, I have dealt with a very picky buyer and in the end I decided it wasn't worth the hassle because after I had sent him the bass he was probably going to find a fault and try to back out of the deal. To the OP, there will be another bass along later. Wait until you can try the bass.
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    @mcnach back to T-Bird - I popped a telebird together. Epi Nikki Sixx body needed repair, and had no neck, so I repaired it and added a tele neck which needed a shave and voila. its not bad!

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