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    Don't get too excited - the bridge isn't fixed yet and I haven't started on the back cover or the frets tidy-up, but with most of the rest done, thought it was worth a quick mock-up. I know I say this about all of @TheGreek 's builds and saves, but this is one of my favourites :
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    Reluctantly, I have to sell my W&T Patchwork, I need money for a new one (almost as crazy), and....a lot of other things. Model: Chronos 4 Construction: Bolt On, 22 frets Body: European Ash Top: Quilted Maple Neck: 3pz Hard Maple Fingerboard: Bird's eye Maple Preamp: John East J retro (active/passive,Vol, Bal, 3 way vol + high treble + mid sweep, active/passive tone) PU: Kent Armstrong single coils Body shape has been redesigned, to "fit" perfectly with 4 strings and 22 fret (instead of standard 24) Great conditions! A truly crazy funk machine! In some old photos it has quilted maple Pu's covers, now it has "clean maple" Pu's covers (1st and 2nd pics) Shipping included.

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