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    The best way to get better is to play with musicians who are better than you. If you play with guys vastly more experienced than you, then it’s going to be a steep learning curve on a lot of things – be it playing, writing, gear (hence your recent thread about buying a new bass) and performance, etc. One of the big advantages that you have if you have only been playing for four years is that you haven’t really learnt how to do things wrong yet! If you are in a band with guys who know what they’re doing then hopefully you will just get used to doing things properly, which will make you a far better player.
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    If you weren't good enough to be in the room, you wouldn't be there. That said, surrounding yourself with people more experienced than you are is the absolute best thing to do if you want to keep learning and developing. I try and do it wherever I can, and the biggest leaps I've made have been from throwing myself in situations where I'm out of my depth and having to rise to meet them!
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    Just acquired this…
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    Picked up a Spector Performer in a trade. Glad to have a Spector back in the armoury.
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    Had it a week, so far so good.
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    And to add to the Elrick love, here’s my NJS5 which effectively replaced the bass I sold to @Al Krow, because black: Effectively the same bass, but with ‘Jazz’ aesthetics and the switches on push/pull knobs. Si
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    The first bass I ever played, an Aria pro II SLB PJ (which actually belonged to my missus) was a lovely black one. I've very recently re-joined the club with the newest addition to my herd. Not come across this brand before, but I'm completely blown away by it:

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