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    Then why did you bother asking this question if you already knew the answer you wanted to believe? There’s a lot to learn from the answers and comments that were made my members here and on TB, it appears you have missed the essence of this information.
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    https://www.talkbass.com/threads/can-i-damage-my-cab-by-playing-too-loud-too-low.1491079/ The answer is still yes here as well.
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    Beer & Sex & Chips 'n' Gravy (The Macc Lads)
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    I didn't save the data so this is from memory, which may of course be faulty. I agree with you about the potential 'better' performance from the red speaker. That's certainly a cleaner curve and showing 'better' damping of the hi-fi driver. Resonant frequency is lower as you would expect with a slightly heavier cone and a less stiff suspension. The sensitivity was very similar if I remember correctly, at the expense of lower excursion limits. I've met PeaTurgh and he says in this thread some of this stuff goes beyond him so I made the assumption what he wanted was a practical solution and a fun project rather than an extensive breakdown of options. I was concerned about the excessive excursion below 50Hz but wanted to show him the frequency plots so he could see the gains the hi-fi drive potentially offered for himself and ask about that if he wanted to and all of this is there in what I've said. I must admit I had reservations about recommending a £12 speaker with potential reliability issues against a speaker I had actually in a similar cab in my room in front of me. I pm'd him with a recording of my bass through the cab to see if he was happy with the sound I was getting. I'd deliberately tailored the response of my own cab and it wouldn't necessarily suit him. So yes, this was a recommendation based upon practicality. I quite like my little practice amp. the lack of bass means it doesn't annoy my neighbours, the 2db hump at 120hz gives it a gentle suggestion of bass and it sounds OK just plugged and played. Above that it's nice and clean, revealing enough to show up my every mistake which is what I need for practice. Unlike the cheap beginners amp it started out as it now sounds like a bass. The Monacor speaker would probably have sounded great with noticeable extra bass and probably survived quiet practice but i couldn't really recommend something that I thought might not be reliable long term.
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    Buy it buy it buy it....
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    Living in the South of Belgium, I'll have my radar on. Already checked all the places I know, but I haven't seen it.
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    I reckon we have all been an Asshat at some point😂 Oh bass is lush as owt by the way.
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    Sorry to read this. I had to submit two claims with Interparcel over the past two years. They were very easy to work with, very responsive and reimbursed me the full value of the insurance I paid for on both occasions so I hope you have the same experience.
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    Hi I'd like to buy this please I'm in the UK Cheers Pail
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    It took me ages to work out how to interpret those controls. Luckily, I managed to find an illustrated guide.
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    I've got enough digital and computerised annoyance in my life that I don't want to introduce it to other parts of my life where I don't find it beneficial. I like digital recording because it makes massive track count and good sound quality affordable (not really bothered about all the editing potential, I'd rather just nail a good vibe as live as possible). I like streaming audio at home because its freed up a lot of space now I have small people taking over our house and it allows us to play random Disney things without buying the CDs. I don't like anything with menus etc when I'm in my musician instrument-playing headspace - I want a knob or a switch to do what it does. I hate when things crash. I don't want to plug a USB into my amp. And I don't like the tendency of digital gear to become obsolete, or fail and be unrepairable. How many of us have analogue stompboxes that are decades old and still sound good? How many of us have older digital FX that we still use? Yes, digital gear can be cheaper and yes it can give more options. But unless I can see a clear benefit for how I approach music then I don't want to use it. Hopefully some musicians will have a similar viewpoint and will buy our stuff - for everyone else there are lots of alternatives!
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    A number of pro players will opt to use a cheaper East European or Far East version of their high end instruments for touring. Ian Hill from Judas Priest for example. His Signature Spector bass is a US through neck model but he apparently tours with the Czech bolt on models. On the guitar front I've seen a number of players use cheaper models for touring. Given the horror stories you read of instruments being damaged by airlines or equipment theft, taking a Mexican Fender, Indonesian Ibanez, LTD ESP on the road instead makes good sense.
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    Oh my. I just read back over this thread. I have nothing but sympathy for Alex. The one thing which used to grind my gears above all else when I ran my own business was armchair experts telling me how it should be done and where I was going wrong. Trust me if you've never been through this it wears you down. Every single person thinks they're being helpful, sharing their 'wisdom' seeing the bigger picture, offering 'constructive criticism' - I heard them all over the years. But actually for the person on the receiving end of this every single one of them just sounds exactly the same as the last. Remember the Harry Enfield character? You don't want to do it like that, you want to do it like this...
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    Comments like that remind me of why I rarely visit there any more
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    OK, I'm sorry everyone. Running a business that specialises in making gear for live music is really hard when pretty much all live music is currently on hold. It's harder still when you have two small children and a very challenging baby. Can you just ignore my last comment, I'm just trying to stay the right side of a nervous breakdown whilst trying to not have to make all my staff redundant.
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    I thought your advice was spot on imo 👍
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    I'll leave this for your perusal...love the bass line... In fact while you're there...bassline is copyable
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    Ooooff.... Don't get better than that💪
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    In my 10+ years on this forum, I’ve seen countless members remark that if only they were younger and had a better back, they’d be running X or Y rig. I therefore feel it is my civic duty as a 28 year old with a functioning spine, to own such a rig. Sadly it’s consigned to a storage unit at the moment because COVID. I present you a ‘97 USA made SVT-II Pro, complete with a battered USA made SVT-810E. Yes, it truly is what dreams are made of.
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    Nice, thanks for the info. I thought a Stomp purchase at the end of last year would be it for pedals, 4 boards later I was wrong. The instant feedback of analogue tweaking is great isn’t it. Still have the stomp on a Nano with a Filter Twin and an OC2 in the FX loops. So small, but that is also a bit of a let down as ‘more’ is always better right 😁
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    Sadly a bass I sold on Basschat to its buyer in Belgium never made it to its destination so its been declared lost by Interparcel (it was via Parcelforce/GLS and it went missing in Belgium in the Nessonvaux region about the 19th Nov. It was inside a flightcase itself shipped in a screwed down anonymous looking crate with insurance (but these shipping companies always try and wriggle out of insurance commitments where they can) and I will come out the worse for it, but that’s that. I have since refunded the buyer and I await the shipping company to process my claim. Anyway these are unusual basses and its in a crate, in a flightcase and is stickered with the serial number, so HMU here or in email to [email protected] if it surfaces. Its the one listed in the advert attached
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    What if I told you that it’s loaded with KT88s instead of the usual 6550s.. Making the great, even better!

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