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    Blimey, once you start looking they turn up in all sorts of places!
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    @Teebs can't be with us tonight, but I happen to know he'd like three or four thousand of his posts deleted, please? And he wants all of his daily reactions transferred to me, if that's OK. 👍
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    Well. This has been on the watch/want list for a while. Eventually got a deal sorted. Arrived today and I’m stunned. I’ve owned Ken Smiths, Warwick’s, Jaydees, Status’ etc and I’ve never had a bass which feels so well made. Absolutely bonkers. Sounds like a hammer too. Very very pleasing.
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    Can you identify the musical styles the owner of an instrument is into from their fretboard wear patterns? Of course you can, here's the simple and infallible Basschat Guide:
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    For sale or trade this beautiful and rare Ken Smith BT Custom in red finish from 1989. Very good conditions, all original, with original Smith case.
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    Anything that involves slapping - a technique that I find impossible - but that's not really bass playing, is it? It's just making a racket.
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    Just completed today. A reclaimed oak & mahogany 4 string through neck bass with a Rocklite fingerboard . Gotoh tuners Kent Armstrong PUs and pre/ Schaller bridge. Small offset body weighs in at a very well balanced 10 lbs . Made from rails of an oak door and all parts provided by members of Basschat many thanks. Gary
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    Well I do have information on it but it's 100% not for sale jezzaboy. I'll post more details and pictures once I get permission. I can say that I believe it to be made in 1961 and was refinished in the long distant past....possibly originally red, as so many were back then thanks to Jet Harris. It has some incredible play wear, has had many parts replaced over the years, has a Fender hipshot tuner as mentioned in the thread, and plays beautifully. The neck is to die for. I have this bass and Dave's spare in for a couple of very minor repairs so hopefully he won't mind me posting more close up pics of the bass soon. The thread metions Dave giving away a P Bass on the TV show Swap Shop. I'm reliably informed that the bass he gave away was one he made himself. Talented man.
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    Why Festivals (Especially Reading) Are Perceived To Be A Wasteland Of Musical Ghastliness * Festivals used to be about the music rather than 'the festival experience' because 'the festival experience' was usually very unpleasant * Shrewd business tactics on the part of festival organisers led to an improvement of 'the festival experience' to the point where 'the festival experience' became the main draw rather than the music * In consequence, most people who go to mainstream festivals do so for 'the festival experience' rather than the music * People who prioritise 'the festival experience' are often people who like music made for people who don't like music * Festival promoters therefore book bands who make music for people who don't like music * People who don't like music made for people who don't like music don't like the bands who make music for people who don't like music * People who don't like bands who make music for people who don't like music won't go to festivals because the bands at festivals are mostly those who make music for people who don't like music but who prioritise going to festivals because of 'the festival experience' * People who inhabit bass forums tend to be people who don't like bands who make music for people who don't like music * Festival line-ups comprised of bands who make music for people who don't like music will attract criticism on bass forums Ergo: Most festival threads on bass forums will be critical of festival line-ups. See also: festival selfies, banners, performative display, DJ sets.
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    I know. When the Nazis secretly stepped up re-armament in 1934 it was discovered that German domestic production of aluminium was insufficient to meet the Luftwaffe's needs. Increasing imports of block aluminium would have tipped off foreign intelligence services. Ernst Udet Goring's Director of Aircraft Research and Development the veteran WW1 fighter ace Ernst Udet hit upon a cunning plan to secretly acquire the aluminium necessary for air frames. Through intermediaries in Portugal, Spain and Switzerland Udet purchased 40,000 Rickenbacker Frying Pan guitars, the bodies of which were made of cast aluminium. The guitars arrived in Lisbon, Madrid and Basel and then secretly shipped to an off-the-books foundry in the Ruhr where they were melted down and recast for use as aircraft components such as fuselage longerons, ending up in Junkers bombers including the much-feared Ju87 'Stuka' dive bomber. Due to combat attrition in Spain 1937-1938 and replacement for wear and tear it is unlikely (though not impossible) that any of the Rickenbackerkampfflugzeuge (Rickenbacker war planes) flew in action during the period 1939-1940. As every schoolboy knows, the ME109E's which fought the RAF during the Battle of Britain had nothing to do with Rickenbacker, being constructed from melted-down Kramer necks.
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    Guild Starfire II bass in immaculate, as-new condition. Recently set up with TI flatwound strings. Comes with original Guild hardcase. I'm selling to raise funds for a custom build so won't be looking for trades this time. Collection from Dartford or meet up only.
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    I'm afraid I have no idea, but I want to commend your use of the term "embuggerance". I will find an opportunity to use that word myself today, and strongly recommend others to do likewise.
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    Hey guys! I did a little solo piece on my Fodera 5 a while ago! Hope you like it 🙏
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    Hi all, For sale is my beloved Gibson EB-3 purchased 2 years ago for £2150 from Andy Baxter Bass in London. Selling because it has now become a back-up, and it deserves more. Huge range of tonal possibilities with the pick-up selector - sounds and plays beautifully. Professionally set up in February for recording, this is a very reliable, rock solid bass, especially considering the age. I would say the condition is good->fair - I have tried to highlight all major dings and wear in the pictures, but it is half a century old, and has clearly been played. The case is not original, but it's vintage and super cool. Looking for £1500 ono - it's a bit of an investment piece that shouldn't lose value. Currently in the market for a tube head and a cab, preferably Ampeg (SVT or V4-B), so would be up for discussing a trade. Based in Brighton, but I can meet in London or surrounding if needs be. Preferably cash on collection/meet, but am open to discussion - just message me with any questions!
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    I think Rics look lovely. I like the sound they make. I've often thought about buying one and I nearly pulled the trigger on a 620 a few years ago. But there's something stopping me.
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    Status Stealth 4, 100% carbon fiber bass, headed model. Great conditions, some minor scratches on the back as shown in pictures. Very lightweight (3.7 kg), balances very well on a strap, exceptional sustain. This model has a 3 band active EQ with a boost/flat/cut switch for the Mids and a knob to select the frequency to boost/cut. Currently strung with Thomastik Jazz Roundwound strings. Sold with its original Hiscox hardcase. Payment with Bank Wire Transfer. EDIT: Got a quote from the courier (Mailboxes etc.) about shipping costs: Packaging + Insurance + Delivery (any part of UK) would be around 115€, But I'm going to cover the shipping costs. You can hear it at the following links: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1RDDEVOCLLH_OJDhaNq3sYT6hHInuwbr- https://drive.google.com/open?id=1hyxhaI9FE31ACjcUabKciuJNgjEhwB1a https://drive.google.com/open?id=1V3IEsuNn7_T7FFPNqr--g-wWNQRxYKwA PM me for further info.
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    Just wanted to say what a top bunch EBS are. I recently bought a Multidrive pedal second hand and the Ebay seller failed to mention it had 3 of it's four screws missing. I couldn't work out the size I needed so asked EBS via Facebook- a few days later I have four shiny new screws all the way from Sweden at no charge. Great stuff 😁
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    A few weeks ago I was given the privilege to interview by phone one of my all-time bass heroes, Pete Trewavas from Marillion, for the Lyric Lounge Review web site. If you have a moment to spare, please feel free to have a look 🙂 This is my first ever interview for a web site, and I make no claims to be a great journalist or writer, but Pete was generous with his time and depth of answers, and came up with a few great anecdotes. Thanks for looking 🙂 https://tinyurl.com/y2l89c3e🎸🎸🎸
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    For me it’s Close To The Edge which I still love, closely followed by The Yes Album and Going For The One. Definitely “soundtrack of my youth stuff”. I do some writing for Rock and Reel (now RnR) magazine and featured CTTE in an article on their “It Started With A Disc” column about a record which was fundamental in your musical or listening history... still love it...
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    You make assumptions but you don't know people. Maybe someone doesn't like to talk/perform/do anything in public because is and introvert and feels discomfort in this kind of situation. Maybe someone enjoys a lot the creative process but has no desire/enjoyment in performing in front of people. I don't feel I'm extrovert enough to "entartain" anyone and I know I would look like a mummy on stage. And forcing myself to move/do anything I don't feel NATURAL to avoid being a mummy would male me feel stupid/awkard/ridiculous. People are different, not everyone loves to be in the spotlight. Gigging implies being in the spotlight and feeling comfortable and confident with that.
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    I’d say Robbie Shakespeare was the biggest inspiration to me after seeing him play live in the early 80s , I was playing blues at the time but after hearing the rhythm and drive of heavy reggae I just knew it was for me , and I haven’t stopped playing reggae since 🙂
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    You need to hire some stooges at your next few gigs to keep on complaining that the guitar’s way, way too loud!
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    Have some lessons. Learn some lyrics. Start a sideline band. Tell the bass player what notes he should play. Get slagged off here. Revel in the irony.
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    I’m going to download this thread in a pdf in case I need it in court
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    Having read a few threads here which mention pick up and bridge covers, it would appear that there’s a lot of peeps that hate them. Lots of “first thing I do is take em off”, “stoopid things get in the way”, “pointless nonsense”, etc. I have to shamefully admit to being a fan, I loves em I does, especially on a P. I play guitar sometimes, which may explain my somewhat watered down attitude towards all things bass. My question is then, where have all these discarded covers gone? Is there a European “chrome cover” mountain somewhere? Have they all been melted down and turned into suits of armour? I’ve been after a set for my PJ for ages, but can’t find a used set anywhere. So suggestions below please: Where have all the covers gone? 🤯 Slappy.
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    I picked this up on Thursday and haven’t been able to put it down since (including last night’s gig). It’s a 2018 Fender Professional Jazz Bass, now restrung with Ernie Ball Super Slinkies. The pickups sound amazing and although I’ve never been a fan of maple fingerboards on a Jazz Bass, it just works for me with the natural ash body. This bass belonged to the bassist from Funeral For a Friend who I bought it off (nice chap) Here it is alongside my trusty P Bass wearing the obligatory TI Flats.
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    My old 70's p bass was bronzed and used for the Phil statue in Dublin. My only claim to fame! The guys at the Guitar Emporium in Belfast had Phil's black p bass in the shop courtesy of Philomena and they spec'd mine to match Phil's before the bronze casting.
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    1) Hofner Club. 2) Carefully crafted EQ 3) Played with a pick. 4) Compression on 11 5) Tina Weymouth. 😊
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    Who said live music on TV was dead?? OK, so it's actually a football show but still... I'm actually a terrible choice for this as I have put considerable effort into avoiding sports since I left school and will therefore be invoking my session player rights so that I don't have to take a free kick on national TV.
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    Well, it all went off quite well. The band before us finished around 5 so we were late on, but there was a reasonable crowd. A few mistakes but most didn't notice. It was a freebie, and the LL actually bunged us some cash and wants us back.
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    I have just spent about half an hour reading this thread from the beginning. Plenty of good points. I don't understand why anyone would be gigging if they don't enjoy it, unless it is an important source of income to them. I've done my time in pub bands, schlepping my gear in and out, through bars with pushed up punters, who ignore you, chasing up the manager to get paid, etc. I still did it because I enjoyed the moments when everything gelled, and I am never as focused as when I am performing. I don't dance about, barely move most of the time, certainly avoid taking solos, but enjoy being part of a good band in full flight. Start of last year, I joined a tribute band, and after a few months of that had quit my pub bands to concentrate on that. Fewer gigs, for a bit more money, but the main difference is that we play venues, not the corner of a pub. We're not interfering with anyone's evening in their local, people pay to come and see us. There's a fair sized core of the audience who do their best to see us wherever we are, so we are basically providing a mobile party, with the band as the focus. Being in that sort scene is a world away from being stuck in the corner of a pub for a bunch of people who'd rather you weren't there. The audience is loyal and we are 'their' band. If we weren't playing, we'd probably be in the audience, we are all the same type pf people, we just channel the music for them - they provide the energy and inspiration, we just try to do that justice. Over Friday and Saturday, I drove abut 440 miles to play two gigs, in very different type of venues in the west country. Today I am totally exhausted and have barely moved since I got up, but it was worth every minute of it, even catching a bit of extra sleep in a lay-by near Bristol before last night's gig. Tiredness is forgotten as soon as the audience starts pouring in. If (when) I have to give that up, I can't see any good reason to keep my equipment. I do play at home, but purely the music that we are, or will, gigging. Without live gigs to look forward to, I'd give up.
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    My Harley Benton JB-75, albeit with retrofitted Fender pickups, has ousted my EBMM Musicman Sterling, Fender Geddy Lee Jazz and soon to go Fender Player Precision. I was going to get another but those J&D basses at DV247 have mighty similar headstocks and come in nicer colours so I could be going for one of those next. I don't believe that there is anything that can be defined purely as a beginner instrument. I've had 140+ basses and could have chosen something costing thousands but chose a £140 bass instead as my main player.
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    Progress. This is the first cab to come off the CNC machine and it looks fine to me - thanks to Chimike's sterling drawing work. That's also the metal grille wot I made. Grilles are still a work in progress as I'm exploring more avenues thanks to some bright ideas from Luke. It's going off tomorrow to Pete aka funkle. Unless he finds any serious shortcomings (unlikely), I'll be ordering the first batch next week.
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    I don't excuse what happens, but I thoroughly understand it. I was talking, quickly, to the guy who delivers for Hermes. His "patch" is huge, and he regularly gets just under 100 items a day. Approximately 50% of recipients will be out. If he doesn't get rid on day 1 he has to try again on day 2. Say he gets rid of some to neighbours, he could have another 35-40 on top of the 100ish he was already struggling to deliver. So he "doorsteps". That's the way it is. Corners aren't just cut, they're axed. It'll be an unpopular observation, however, online retailers use the cheapest courier because consumers don't want to pay for delivery. This just creates an ever downward spiral.
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    I did the same to take a photo but when packing them away in their cases there was a knock at the door. I answered it and it was my neighbour, I had taken delivery of a parcel for him earlier, anyway I invited him in while I fetched the parcel from the dining room, it was quite big so I stored it in there out the way. On my return he was in a right state as he'd only gone and sat on the sofa and sat right on the one bass left there after the photoshoot. He was so apologetic and it really wasn't his fault so said not to worry and reassured him I could fix it. I couldn't, the bloody body had a dirty great crack right through the control cavity. Luckily the neck was fine so having always secretly lusted after a flying V (it's all about the looks with me) I had a new body made for it. And what a body it is, such beautiful craftsmanship and it's so lightweight it's unreal, that coupled with what was probably my favourite neck and I have my dream airbass, so much so that the others rarely get played now. Here's an arty little shot of Vee (short for Vera which I named her) reclining in a Chesterfield, I think you'll agree she's a beauty. Now every time my neighbour pops in he does a little jokey feel around of the chair or sofa before he sits down and says "No basses here today then?", and we both roar with laughter.
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    That's really cool Dave. Played to my largest crowd ever when we opened for The Charlie Daniels Band. When I was on stage and looked out at the crowd I also felt like all my hard work had paid off. Blue
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    To get laid.
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    Not convinced , I play punk and am sure I don’t play as much as is on that chart 🤣
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    When we first met, keen to impress each other in the first flush of love, Mrs. Pook and I agreed we both liked REM. We don't - nether of us does, never have. Sweet tho, isn't it ? We were probably hammered, but still...
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    Decided it didn't need a 2nd grain fill, it's absolutely smooth as glass all over with the one. Gave it another fine coat with Tru-Oil and tried to buff it up to a polish...not quite there yet. Used a cotton cloth to buff up and in-between rubs using 6000, 8000 and 12000 grade 3M Micro-Mesh. It's currently got a soft sheen to it, without being highly polished, so I think I might repeat the process tomorrow. I've read using lemon oil in between buff coats helps remove / prevent fingerprints and smears...might also need to look out the latex gloves...😱 Anyway, a couple of pictures and a 'fess up...the string ferrules are polished nickel and the neck ferrules are chrome...couldn't locate the string ferrules in chrome...😬 Btw, wee bit early trying out the shielding, I know...the pup shield was removed as I was sanding...
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    Yeah I was going to say gearslutz too but I’m not averse to trying a live sound forum and sales area if there’s a call for it.
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    Even Bruce Dickinson has two day jobs...
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    Mmm, I can play that, but there’s a whole truck load of other stuff that I would say is far more difficult. It’s the stuff with odd timing, rests, raking etc that I find challenging. I do find half the battle with learning challenging material is knowing exactly what is going on in the first place. You Tube can be your friend in that respect. Give me some paper with accurate dots on it and I would like to think I would crack most things given enough time. I never thought I would play Rhythm Stick, Sir Duke, Hysteria etc etc, but if you don't push yourself into these things, you don’t develop.
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    Hard to take in just how tiny a rig this is! And it sounds so nice, and will get nicer yet as it breaks in a bit. Astounding!
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    Birmingham. My elder brother and his mate were both in bands through the 60's. I used to follow them around and act as a roadie so, although underage, it got me into clubs and pubs. Along the way I learned to strum a few chords. Their claims to fame - one once shared a stage jamming with The Move, the other did a stint in Germany a la Beatles. But like many others they got married, settled down, had kids and worked at their day jobs for a secure income as did I. Fast forward to 1998, (with all our children grown up and all of us settled and prospering in our respective careers), at my 50th birthday party, brother and mate had a strum together in my back garden on acoustics, singing and playing 60's tunes. "We should get together and form a group", said one to the other. "You'll can play bass" they said pointing to me. I was loaned a no-name P Bass and an amp. Another old friend took up drums and another thought he could sing! Weekend get togethers ensued and we started playing at family parties, (to the amusement/embarassment of our collective teenage off-spring). The journey then began that would be familiar to many: new drummers and singers, new and better instruments and amps, pub gigs, club gigs, weddings, functions and local summer festivals. Our playlist consisted of Shadows/Ventures instrumentals and early Cliff stuff, Beatles and Kinks, Animals and Elvis, Buddy Holly and Chuck Berry, Hollies and Searchers, etc, the usual 50's, 60's, 70's hits: much like hundreds of other cover bands. After 15 years or so we found gigs fewer and far between with venues closing and the remuneration poor for the all the effort involved, and we were all getting older, (those 3 a.m. Sunday mornings after unloading and stowing all the P.A. etc back in the garage didn't seem so much fun anymore. We stopped being weekend warriors but now run a music club for has-beens and wannabes at Quarry Bank community centre. Oh, I was also invited to play with a local amateur Jazz quartet, so I'm learning to play properly now. The question 'Why?' could have been answered by just saying that I thought Jet Harris looked cool, as I I later found him to be when I had a nice chat with him. Just bumped into him at the NEC around 1999ish at a 'Mad About Guitars' show where he and Hank were separately doing demo's/workshops. Now that was a really nice day out because the first LP we had for Xmas, must have been 1961, to play on our new Portadyne record player was The Shadows first LP. We played it to death through it's 4" elliptical speaker. Those tunes are stuck in my head. We still play them at the music club sometimes. It's about time I shut up, I've got the grass to cut today, front and back lawns. But that's uninteresting and belongs in another thread along with the cup of coffee I'm about to make and enjoy whilst I have a read of yesterdays Daily Mail. Can't you just tell I'm retired with far to much time on my hands?
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    Plus, didn't this question come up when they invented synths? and we're still here...
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    I bloody love this bass, @Cosmicrain made an absolute stunner and it sounds incredible

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