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  1. Great band and such good songs, love them.
  2. Such a beautiful voice and performance (and a great song too of course). I would love to know the signal chain of this recording because for me it doesn’t get any better than this.
  3. I too would like to know the weight please?
  4. Yep have that one too. I assume you know this exists?
  5. Hi Bilbo, thank you very much for posting this. l’m definitely going to take a look at this. “One More Once” is one of my favorite albums of all time. Great compositions, a more than superb pianist, drummer and hornplayers aren’t too shabby either :), and then there’s Anthony Jackson. I remember buying this cd, coming home and listening to it for the first time (on headphones). After it was finished I realized I had only been listening to Anthony Jackson, totally mesmerized and in awe. Had to put it on a second time to hear the songs complete with a little less focus on the bass.
  6. A friend of mine started a FB project with chain-bands. People can submit lyrics, music or both and then the files get sent to the next collaborator (without checking back with the composer so everyone is free to add what they like) and so on until the song is finished. Everybody captures a video of themselves while playing/singing etc. and sends that in too. We keep the audio and video separated, at the end of the chain the song gets mixed and the video edited and then put together, that seems to work best. (So my advice would be that someone starts with a click or drumloop and an instrument part and then the next one records and so on. Keep the video separated and put everything together at the end. The video could have the click count in as sound to make it easy to align video and audio). I have already played bass on some songs but also entered two of my own songs. One of them got finished already (with me on bass of course) and I’m so proud of how it turned out considering I only knew the drummer, the rest where total strangers to me. If anybody is interested, here are the links to the YouTube channel https://youtu.be/CyQFjRoEqrk and the Facebook page (in Dutch) https://www.facebook.com/groups/50118...
  7. Here in the Netherlands since this Thursday up to the first of April (for now) all gatherings involving more than hundred people are forbidden. So all my gigs till then went up in smoke. And the government is also urgently advising "social abstinence" for the time being.
  8. For me, one of the best albums ever.
  9. I also thoroughly enjoyed going to the cinema and watching 'Stop Making Sense', it really felt like a live concert. But I like this even more, This is so raw and has so much energy, a band at their peak. Plus it has the best version of 'Born Under Punches' ever.
  10. Great stuff and respect, I would come to see you if you came to play nearby (but I live in the Netherlands😬). To be honest, I enjoyed your playthrough video's without the autotune way more than the autotuned promovideo. Autotune really gets on my nerves and you are not a bad singer at all, couldn't you try to ease up on the autotune a bit?
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