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    After my wife died I gave up music. Then 2 years ago I started playing with some mates from school. Old blokes are us! It was going knowhere so I replied to an ad on joinmyband doing covers. Got the gig. Now 6 rehearsals later we are doing a gig! My first in 30 years! I am 61. So... Just keep trying... My love for bass is rekindled. It has only taken me 50 year's to get the best bass sound I have ever had. Thanks markbass and Cort. And the bass soul food pedal. And thank you to this forum/site for being an inspiration!
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    How aboot this? It's an 80's Fender Performer, not many made.
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    Having reached the age when my kids should be going off on tour, somehow it is me that is venturing out for the first time! My band, Lee Ainley's Blues Storm, is heading out with Zoe Green and Eliana Cargnelutti, on a three female fronted band tour, Ladies of the Blues. A bit of a message for all of those who ask "am I too old?" "is it too late?" "should I/Shouldn't I", well the answer is go out there and do it, you never know what is around the corner. For any of you within striking distance of any of the dates, do come along, support your local venue and fellow Basschatter! Here's the dates.
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    Why are you being rude? What an odd reply. Literally an opinion, a point of view - my 2p. The concept of a cheaper (‘kiddy’) Flea bass in itself was acknowledged by Flea when he brought out the “fleabass” range of instruments and further addressed by the introduction of a lower price point Fleabass (street bass). I was just pointing out that Fender may have missed a trick by only having the one price point which would be out of reach for younger/less affluent fans when they’ve done broader attempts to previously... Mike Dirnt has/had a Fender and a Squier model simultaneously BB King had a Gibson and Epiphone version of Lucille (there are plenty more examples) It just broadens their buying audience somewhat and more buyers means more money. Makes more business sense. And having left the guitar/bass retail industry after 12 years in 2015 - I might have an idea of what people buy into. As a point, the cheap fleabass instruments weren’t that great - but we sold 100’s of them because people bought into the Flea name/image. But what would I know, I’m only a child.
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    I expressed the following sentiment in a thread about my Trace combo and thought it may be fun to start a new topic on the subject... "...All these decades spent chasing a 'sound' when in fact it's all in your head - how you sound live is largely down to how everyone else in your band sounds and how good they are at what they do. You can get chronic GAS, spend thousands on gear and attempt to get the 'best' bass tone in the world, but it's all for nothing if your drummer can't play in time, your singer's falling-down drunk, or your guitarist routinely deafens everyone in the room. If your drummer is really on it and they and the other members of the band know how to play quietly and tastefully and listen to each other, you've got half a chance - and what's more, it won't matter if you're playing a Harley Benton Jazz through a Behringer combo, you will sound great..." So what do you think? Is the fact that you (and your band) can actually play more important than your choice of bass and amp? Have you (like me) been largely wasting your time and a huge sum of cash on searching for 'that' bass sound, when the whole enterprise is really a fool's errand and a wild goose chase? Should you have been concentrating on your playing instead of trawling the internet for bass guitar porn and spending time on BassChat pontificating about strings and what's good for metal..?
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    Went up to Exeter today to have a look at a few basses. Not really getting on with my MIM p bass and as I’m back in a band again I thought I’d have a look around, try a few and see what I like. I was expecting to be coming home with, if anything, an Ibanez SR as I had an SR600 in the last band and quite liked it. Anyway I tried a few out today - Rockbass NT Streamer MIM jazz Aerodyne Jazz ibanez SR500 Mustang PJ And this Ray 34 that was heavily discounted at Project Music. I’d never played a stingray type bass before but always been interested. Once I’d played it I kept coming back to it and nothing else seemed to have as good a combination of playability and tone for me. Pretty versatile tone wise too. Can’t believe the punch, definition and clarity. I absolutely love the neck on this. The notes seem to just flow out of my fingers! ! Very happy and can’t wait to try it out at band practice this week. cant stop playing bullet in the head!
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    @The59Sound do you need to take a break?! How about it, or do you think you can behave like a grown up for a bit? Calm down.
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    On the face of it, and from a distance, this bass may look like a standard Squier P But it's an A-Series, MIJ early 80's Japan market medium scale 32" bass. The bodies of these fine instruments are proportionally smaller too. It's very lightweight indeed This one is also in an unusual finish / colour - it's Dichroic Metallic Green It's really hard to photograph, but the colour changes, depending on the light and angle of light on it It's a sparkly finish, and it changes colour from Dark Green, to mid-Green, to Black, To Purple.... Not seen another one of these
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    I'd be tempted to put the drummer through the PA. I don't mean miking his kit up, I mean repeatedly pushing him head first into the speakers until he gets the message. Having his own combo for the bass drum has to be one of the daftest ideas I've ever heard.
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    good evening chaps, update went to rehearsal tonight,did not take any gear and was the last to arrive, normally I am first as I like to have a noodle just to get myself up and running, so when I walked in they all just looked oh dear, anyway,I said I need a few minutes from everyone and they all stopped, after explaining myself for a few minutes saying exactly how I feel and all the other things I said on here, everyone to be fair listened to all my points and agreed things were wrong,and that it would change,the guitarist got a bit arsey until he realised that the guys agreed with me,at which point he backed down and said he was sorry and had everyones best interests at heart, then said we need to speak more as a band regards all aspects of the music, how would I want to go forward,to which I said they need to have a conversation with me not there to discuss all my points, at that point I left and came home, picked up the fretless and played some john martyn nice thankyou all again for the advice it did help

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