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  1. Brook_fan

    Anyone know anything about this Eggle Milan?

    Hope I didn’t cause offence. I came across an interesting discussion of Eggle serial numbers here I cannot quite make out the serial number of yours- it looks like 1406, but that doesn’t fit with the discussion above. I still maintain that it’s probably a slightly later model when Eggle left- I used to own two of Eggle’s electrics- a New York Pro, where the logo said “Patrick Eggle” and then a New York Broadway (terrible name) which was a semi acoustic model, along the lines of a rickenbacker. This had the logo of just “Eggle”, but this came out when he sold the company to an ex Rocker whose name I have forgotten. Over the year the company has changed hands several times. Eggle himself has changed direction numerous times- when he left sold the company he moved to the USA and made jazz style guitars. A few years later he started making acoustic again, and moved back to the UK, in the last couple of years he has given up on acoustics (his designs are carried on with the Faith range of Asian made acoustics) and he is back making very nice electrics, al be it fairly derivative ones. Would love to try this Milan though, as I said before, always Gased after one. Robbie
  2. Brook_fan

    Anyone know anything about this Eggle Milan?

    Thanks for all the replies. What a fascinating story- wonder how on earth such a powerful religious symbol came to be on a bass! And I wonder if it would be considered blasphemous to have it randomly plastered over a music instrument? The blurb on the website only says it is early 90s, but I reckon they even got this wrong. The first Eagle Milan’s that came out were set net, I’m sure, and that logo is the one they started using when Eggle left the company. Robbie
  3. Brook_fan

    Fender NAMM Bass Goodness

    Link doesn’t seem to work!
  4. Brook_fan

    Stringing an acoustic bass

    Some good advice on here, and just to add my two cents worth, no , you don’t need special strings for an acoustic. However, make sure you pay attention to the tension. You may need to just the truss rod if you go up or down in tension. Robbie
  5. I used to be a huge fan of Patrick Eggle’s instruments back in the early 90s. It was when I started my teaching career, and a shop in Bath used to have a whole wall full of Eggles of different colours. I was very excited when the Milan came out. This one is very pretty, apart from the strange logo on the body. Anyone know what it means? https://thebassgallery.com/products/patrick-eggle-milan-v-1 Robbie
  6. Brook_fan

    Feedback for Acebassmusic

    Bought a strap off Mike, who was very trusting sending out the strap over Christmas even before payment came through. Very helpful and a pleasure to deal with, Robbie
  7. Brook_fan

    Feedback for Brook_fan

    Likewise Acebassmusic was very trusting sending out the strap over Christmas even before payment came through. Very helpful and a pleasure to deal with, Robbie
  8. Brook_fan

    December Cover Song Challenge - VOTING!

    Gee, thanks guys, I’ve never won anything in my life (well, except an Adam and the Ants record when I was 11). The certificate will take pride of place when I move into my new place next week 🙂. Really enjoyed all the entries, and very surprised at the result! Robbie
  9. Brook_fan

    Just when I thought I'd seen everything

    I used to live in Bradford on Avon. That’s quite....um....an unusual instrument. I love his comment on the shipping costs being so high mainly” because of insurance” !!!
  10. Brook_fan

    December Cover Song Challenge - GET WRITING!

    You said no bagpipes 😢. However, what if I cover a bagpipe tune? Below is my version of a fantastic pipe tune by the late Gordon Duncan, called “Ian Green of Greentrax”. I adore this tune, as it is so joyous, which given the sad life of Gordon himself, is amazing really. Mandolin, acoustic guitar (in CGCGCD) and acoustic bass guitar 😊
  11. Brook_fan

    Merry Christmas everyone

    I’ve done a few Carol arrangements over the years, but this is the only one with some bass on. The bass is my lamented Brook acoustic. There are two other Brook acoustic guitars on it, including one doing the “pad” sounds. This was done with a setting on a Styrom big sky I once had. The mandolins are a Phil Davidson and a Weber octave. Let’s hope 2019 will be peaceful
  12. Brook_fan


    I quite enjoyed that 😕. At least he wasn’t slapping (which I can’t stand). The only thing is he seemed to be using the term quintuplets to mean 5/8 or 5/16, but they are not the same. A quintuplet is playing 5 notes in the time of 4, but his musical examples were simply playing in a 5/8 time signature. Very confusing. But, being a mathematician and a huge fan of Balkan music I found this fascinating. Robbie
  13. Oh my, if only I had the money, would buy that in a heartbeat. Fretless would suit the music I write down to a tea, and have always gased for a Warwick. Robbie
  14. Brook_fan

    My love hate relationship with acoustic basses

    I like the look of the Ovation version of this, but how easy is it to hold? I find bowl back acoustic guitars just slide off my leg, and the shape of the back doesnkt exactly fit easily with my bear belly! Robbie
  15. One song I would love to do is “Moonlight Shadow” by Mike Oldfield. I think I could have some real fun with that 🙂