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  1. It's a little sticker on the leg beginning A00
  2. Just an update from me- I did what was suggested at the start of this post and emailed the two given addresses. A chap responded, asked for photos and serial number and within a week I have had a brand new stand! It has just literally arrived (and with a much better mechanism than the sticky one). Result!
  3. Still for sale, no trades, would consider posting at buyer’s cost. Great amp of you play acoustic instruments.
  4. Oh wow, I too have the sticky handle problem on my stand- I thought it was the heat when I stored it in a conservatory one summer, but sounds like it is a manufacturing fault. Will contact them.
  5. Steve Reich “Music for 18 Musicians”. My partner and I sat down to watch a piece of contemporary dance called “Rain” the other night which used this piece. After the 55 minute minimalist masterpiece had finished she declared that if she ever heard another note of Steve Reich it would be too soon!!
  6. I recorded two versions of this new piece, the first 4 minutes or so is the version with bass. Different approach this time- usually I carefully compose bass lines in Sibelius before recording them, but this time I improvised them once I had laid down the acoustic guitar part. Hope you enjoy it
  7. I absolutely adore Swedish music- the Swedish traditional band Vasen for instance are one of my favourite bands. Love the use of synth bass together with the nickelharpa. Robbie
  8. And here it is turned into a video. The images come from places in the New Forest that I have been able to walk the dog over the last week or two.
  9. This is my instrumental take on Sound of Silence, with me playing acoustic guitar in CGCGCD, and my Brook acoustic bass. All recorded and mixed in Logic Pro X
  10. Bass isn't exactly very traditional in Irish music, but here is my arrangement of this classic tune for acoustic (in CGCGCD) and acoustic bass
  11. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  12. This is a tune by a Breton guitarist called Soig Siberil. Just testing out a new microphone I have bought, an AKG Lyra. Still judging how well it performs, but anyway, this is a project I have been wanting to get off the ground for ages, an arrangement of mine for acoustic guitar and acoustic bass. You can see hopefully why I have always loved this acoustic bass that I have just got back (even if temporarily)- I don't think an electric would give me the same tone that blends with the acoustic, and that growl it has...!
  13. Sounds like a great idea, not much bass on my channel though (Celtic fingerstyle guitar) https://www.youtube.com/user/ukRobbieJ1 😊
  14. Really would like to get myself an AKG Lyra USB microphone for youtube recording, so will sell for £139 + postage and packing
  15. I know this is probably terrible timing as noone is gigging, but here goes: This superb preamp is in excellent condition, totally unmarked. I use it for acoustic instruments such as acoustic guitar and acoustic bass. For my guitar it has the ability to take a stereo cable (which I can supply as well if wanted) and split it to the two channels. Really comprehensive tone shaping tools, and works great on ALL acoustic instruments, including double bass and violin. The only issue is the power supply. When I received it the power supply hummed. I contacted Headway regarding this and they said it was a known problem, but unfortunately they could not send me a free replacement supply. You can buy one from them for about £19, but to be honest I have never used a power supply with this preamp (I have owned several of these over the years and have always just used batteries). I have reflected this in the price of the unit. Its all boxed and ready to ship Open to offers! Only selling because what with the corona virus I am now not gigging and am desperate to get myself a microphone for video recording.
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