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  1. I refuse to play anything unless they provide me with a music stand.
  2. Galveston

    Oh brill, many thanks for that King Prawn. I’ll sign up for one of those. I can’t sight read, but I can slowly pick it out so this will be ace. I love sheet music. 😎
  3. Out of your depth.

    It’s the speed of those major scales though! My fingers just won’t do it. I’ve only ever tried it for fun though. In the unlikely event that any band I was in out it in their set list I suppose I would persevere a bit more!
  4. Out of your depth.

    One little shortcut I do, is play the same thing on each verse and chorus. Maybe the original version varies it on each verse, but if I’m pushed for time I’ll just learn the first verse and play it like that all the way through! It’s difficult when things are too fast though, as you say. Don’t think I’ll ever be able to play The Immigrant song, for example.
  5. Galveston

    It’s lovely isn’t it? If I can’t get a tab I can do my own approximation, but I’d like to get as close to the original as possible. Carol Kaye I believe?
  6. Irrational fear of the skunk stripe?

    Interesting. I’ve had a MIM Fender precision for nearly seven years now. I wasn’t aware of the term ‘skunk stripe’ and barely registered that my bass has this stripe down the back of the neck. I’ve played it nearly every day for seven years and not even noticed it! So obviously it’s not an issue for me. Maybe it’s the luck of the drawer. Mine certainly isn’t raised or sunk. It’s not irrational if it’s an issue for you though. I guess you’d be better off buying a bass that you can try out first.
  7. Galveston

    Do any of my fellow BC’ers know where I might find bass tabs for Galveston? The Glen Campbell version in F as per his recording. I have of course googled it. I’ve found the chord sequence in F, which is a help and I’ve been gradually picking out the bass line by listening. But it’s a slow old process and if anyone could help me cut corners a bit by pointing me in the right direction of the tab that would be great. I’m aiming to do it at a (sort of) acoustic night with a friend. He sings it beautifully and I’d love to do it justice. Thank you, Basschat collective
  8. Do you practise in all 30 keys?

    There are 30 keys??
  9. Sometimes, a man's gotta do.........

    Absolutely brilliant. I must have some!!!
  10. Happy Jack and the Bar Band

    He's just put in a bit of paper that says 'Morning Cloud in the 2:15 at Kempton Park'
  11. Wobble

    I really admire him, although I wasn’t that familiar with his bass playing 30 years ago. I knew him more as a poet and raconteur who would turn up on radio 4 occasionally. When I first saw him at London Bass Guitar Show two or three years ago, I was hugely impressed. So witty, funny and intelligent. I felt I really learned something from his masterclass. Now I’m a big fan, but I still need to work my way through his back catalogue. Hope you continue to enjoy his work, Frank :-)
  12. Dots for Babylons Burning

    I'm jealous - I would so love to play this one day!
  13. Softening your opinion towards the nice blokes

    I agree with all the James Blunt love on here! Another chap that springs to mind is Dean Friedman. I was dragged by some friends to see him at the Edinburgh festival in 2011. I'd never thought much about his songs, but he turned out to be an excellent musician and seemed to be a really nice guy. I found myself enjoying his hits (in particular 'Lydia') and some of his new stuff, a lot of which is very humourous. I even bought his CD, which he signed for me. (Not that I've played it much since, I have to admit!)
  14. Rotosound Broken String!

    Do you keep the pick in the pocket of your waistcoat.?
  15. Just a bit of research

    1. Do you prefer buying from a music shop or online shop? - Shop 2. Do you prefer to try before you buy? - Yes 3. In your experience what is missing from most music stores you have visited? - Bass music books that aren't for beginners or 'Rockschool'. Half wound strings. EUBs. 4. How far would you travel to go to music shop - Up to an hour 5. What would attract you to a music shop ie range, price etc - Good range of instruments, amps and accessories (incl strings, gig bags, sheet music, stands etc). Easy parking (not necessarily free, but within easy access). I don't mind paying a bit extra for the convenience of actually being able to go to a shop in person and pay with a credit card. I hate the idea of paying by Paypal and then taking a day off work to wait in all day for a broken bass to be left in my wheelie bin.