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  1. Yes, I've had something similar while rehearsing. It felt exactly as though a metal splinter was sticking into my middle finger (fretting hand). After reading this thread, I think it might have been a 'phantom splinter' experience. Luckily for me, it was fine the next day.
  2. Thanks for the mention, Silvia! 🙂 I'm 5 ft 6 and a half which is slightly above average for my age group, but I think younger women are a growing a bit taller these days! 🙂
  3. Kev's being too modest as usual. He played with his usual aplomb, and I didn't notice any bum notes at all! My friend and I really enjoyed the evening. We thought the pub was really nice - very friendly atmosphere and good local beer (according to my friend.. I don't drink beer). Sadly I doubt if I'll be back regularly - I wouldn't really fancy going on my own to that area at night so it all depends if my friend fancies a repeat visit. But I digress. I thought the set was great - the usual Dad rock classics in the first half and some newer stuff in the second half (some songs even from the 21st Century!!). Funny that Kev should mention not being able to hear the L/G too well. I also thought he was a bit low in the mix. As well as our excellent KevB, the two guitarists and drummer were also very good. Such a shame about the drummer having to hang up his sticks. If I was being critical I would say the L/S could do with a little bit more oomph, so to speak. And tell him not to hum along to the guitar solo in All Right Now! 😝 Edited to add.. the friend I was with is also a musician and can be very critical, so if he enjoyed it- it must have been good!😃
  4. Yes, sometimes I do! But I like to get to the point where I can play them without thinking.. almost literally in the dark. Which did come in handy one time when all the lights went off during a gig. Probably only for a few secs, but it seemed like an eternity, and we still kept on playing! 🙂
  5. Agree with the OP, a toss up between Come Together and I Want You. I have played 'Come Together' in public - when I was a real beginner and barely knew what I was doing. Had to concentrate really hard! I'd love to get the chance to play it again now that I vaguely know what I'm doing! 🙂 And I've never played I Want You. I'd really love to give it a go, though I suspect it might be a step too far! 🙂
  6. The main song I never tire of listening to would be 'Misty Mountain Hop' by Led Zep. Probably because it hasn't been so over exposed as some of the other songs of that album. If I hear 'Stairway to Heaven' come on the radio I actually turn it off!! Thinking of songs that are a bit more likely to get some airtime, I'd say 'Stay With Me' by the Faces because it is so bloody good, and 'That's the Way I like It' by KC and the Sunshine Band because it is so uplifting. And of songs that I never tire of playing, I would say 'It's Only Rock and Roll' by the Stones. As a Stones lover and regular dep in a Stones trib band, even I get tired of 'Satisfaction' and 'Honly Tonk Women', but I always love playing 'It's Only Rock n Roll'. I think it's because the bass line is interesting but not technically difficult, so it inspires me to really rock out a bit. And audiences love it! 🙂
  7. Well done! I went on a 3 day intensive jazz course in the summer, but I'd still be too scared to get up and jam it!
  8. My main band only gigs about once every six weeks. We'll rehearse once a week (3 hours) in the 3 or 4 weeks leading up to a gig. We enjoy the rehearsals as we're all mates, and the rehearsal studio is very convenient, clean, comfortable and reasonably priced. Can't be bad! However, at the moment I'm getting more gigs with the band I dep with, but I don't get the luxury of a rehearsal at all! It's OK though as they're a Rolling Stones trib band and do most of the songs in original key etc, so I can just slot in fairly easily (she says, crossing fingers and toes for the next in just over a week!)
  9. I play mostly rock and blues, but earlier this year I had to learn 'Disco Inferno'. Loved it! 😊
  10. Well, I'm back depping with the Stones trib band because their main bass player has developed carpal tunnel syndrome. So I'll be keeping his seat warm until he gets that sorted out. Hope it doesn't take too long, poor guy. Anyway, last night's gig wasn't too bad considering I hadn't played with them for 6 months and they did a couple that I've never played live before. I did the usual array of bum notes, but I think I think I got away with it. My good friend from my other band was depping on drums, so that made it more enjoyable because he really gets the Charlie Watts feel. We'd been warned in advance that the pub could be really rough, but it actual fact it was fine. It's recently had a name change and is under new management which might account for it. So that was good! Not packed out, but enough in to create an atmosphere and a few up and dancing. Including a couple of blokes who were doing a sort of 'knees up Mother Brown' to 'It's Only Rock n Roll'. That really made me smile 🙂 So not too bad all in all, and cash in hand at the end of the night. I'm looking forward to the next one - I think I'll play better having done last night's gig to get back in the groove so to speak.
  11. When I'm playing bass I always get Suzie Quattro. Largely because she's the only female bass player most punters have heard of. But to be fair I think I do resemble her more than any other bass player. Especially if I've got me leather trousers on. I've also been likened to Diane Keaton on more than one occasion. Though as far as I know she doesn't play bass! 😁
  12. Our first wedding gig (apart from the L/G's own wedding, which doesn't really count 🙂 ) Venue was a lovely pub up in the Clent Hills, surrounded by beautiful countryside. Weather perfect. Really easy load in. Very nice Landlord and Landlady. There was no-one at all in the bar when we started playing as they were all outside enjoying the evening sunshine. But to our surprise and delight, loads of them came in and started dancing as soon as we struck up. We had been a bit concerned that a lot of our set is not the usual wedding gig material (we do late 50's/early 60's covers), but we had to play everything we know as we've only got just enough to cover 2 x 45 mins, haha. It went down really well. Some of the old songs we do are a bit obscure, but they are such cracking songs that they get everyone moving anyway. For example 'Should We Tell Him?' and 'Just in Case' by the Everley Brothers. If you don't know 'Just in Case', check it out. It's about being drafted to the Vietnam war, so not exactly wedding appropriate, but nobody listens to the lyrics anyway, haha. So it all went down brilliantly. Many people afterwards coming up and thanking us. One lovely woman gave me a big hug and told me she's a music teacher and she loved what we all did. We all felt really chuffed. Groom was chatting to us as we were packing up, saying what a lovely day it had been, so relaxed, all the guests enjoying themselves, lovely atmosphere etc etc. Just then an almighty row starts up in the other bar. Sounds like two women and one bloke all having a massive go at each other. Screaming, shouting, cursing and dreadful verbal abuse. People start looking worried and ushering children away. Then these three people spill out into the road still screaming and shouting. Turns out... it was the bar staff!!! Apparently someone had accused someone else of not pulling their weight and it had all kicked off. I think everyone was a bit relieved that it wasn't actually any of the guests, but sadly it did take the shine off the evening for the happy couple. I hope they get a bit of a discount to compensate for it!
  13. Sadly, I think I'll be giving it a miss too. The fact there are still no artists announced on the website doesn't fill me with confidence, and sharing the event with a guitar show doesn't seem all that appealing. If I lived nearer to London I'd be willing to take a punt, just to see what it was like. But as others have said above, if you add on travel and accommodation costs from other parts of the country it makes for an expensive weekend. I had no problems with that when I knew I was going to be in for a treat, but this year I'm not so sure. Real shame, as I have attended since 2011 and really enjoyed every LBGS I went to. 😥
  14. I recently re-discovered an embroidered waistcoat of my Mum's, and I teamed it with a black sequinned 'gameshow host' style jacket for our last gig. It's OK though, because I wore them in a spirit of irony. 😝
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