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  1. I may have mentioned this in a similar thread some years back, but here's a good 'un from The Wizard of Oz 'If I only had a Brain' : 'I'd show the Dinosaurus Who's king around the forest'
  2. Also, as a friend pointed out to me once, Generals don't gather in masses. You get masses of troops but only one or two Generals. (Great song though)
  3. I have found that the spectacle of me playing bass on stage can have an excilerarting effect on gentleman of a certain age. My cat on the other hand hates my bass playing and demands to be let out as soon as I start! 😁
  4. Chrome, because I like the way it catches the light. That said, if I bought a nice bass that had a different hardware colour I wouldn't bother to change it. I don't object to any of them.
  5. I only learned bass at the age of 53, so pretty much all my gigging career has been post 55. The first band I was in were all in their 30's, so punters tended to be similar age or younger (we mostly did 90's/00's covers) I never felt out of place being 20 years older. You can get away with a lot in dim lighting, haha! But when I started playing more classic rock and blues the bands and the audience aged accordingly. Although having said that, there are a fair few younger people who enjoy playing and watching it as well I remember talking to a young bloke (20's) one time who said he had heard us play 'The Weight' and really enjoyed it. He hasn't heard it before and it had inspired him to look up more of The Band's back catalogue. I like to think we provide an education, haha. I'd love to get back gigging again if the opportunity arises, although I fear that one of my bands will not survive this period of inactivity. The leader of my other band (who's well into his sixties) is keen to get going asap, so here's hoping!
  6. The same for me, alas. In particular I can't bear to play anything from the set list of either of the bands I'm in because it just reminds me of what I'm missing. On the plus side, the (mild) arthritis in my hands has improved because I haven't been punishing them so much
  7. I'm really good at remembering lyrics! But unfortunately a bit rubbish at remembering bass lines 😁
  8. Haha, not in my experience. 😎😂
  9. Hey, Shep great to see you!! I don't post much on BC these days, but I lurk a bit and chip in now and again. Really great to see you back xx
  10. The only time my bass gets a wipe over is when I'm putting it into the bag before a gig. I invariably have clean hands before playing, as I will no doubt have been to the loo just before! I always intend to wipe the bass down after the gig. But I nearly always forget in all the excitement. (Ah those were the days, she adds ruefully)
  11. Hi Dawn. No, my forum name is just a riff on my real name, which is Shelley. 🙂 My first love is rock and blues, but when I started learning bass my teacher helped me see the merits of many other genres. I'll never be a disco lover, but I do like a bit of soul, funk and Reggae now and again. And jazz (although I've never played that in public). Love the Rolling Stones btw, and one of the bands I regularly dep with is a Rolling Stones covers band. Living the dream!! You're right, age is no limit!!
  12. And I should add, I don't mean to imply it will take you nine years to get any good, haha!
  13. As Loz says, nice to see another female on here. No disrespect to the lovely gents here, but it's nice to have a better yin-yang balance so to speak! I was a late starter too (aged 53!!). It was the best thing I ever did. Nine years on and I was in 2 bands, depping in another one and actually getting paid for it now and again. Lockdown has changed all that. But as others have said, if you use this time to develop your skills, you'll emerge ready to fly!!
  14. Southern Cross by Crosby Stills and Nash.
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