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  1. Very similar to me, except that I was 53, haha 😎
  2. If I have a favourite bass player it's probably him. Loved his playing long before I ever took up a bass myself. I could sing some of his bass lines before I even realised it was a bass that was making that amazing sound. So sad we lost him way too soon.
  3. My old band could never understand why I always asked them not to put 'I Fought the Law' back to back on the set list with 'The Letter' by the Boxtops. They both seem simple enough, but have fast and furious parts in the bass line which really stretched my arthritic little finger. Doing them one after the other would really make my finger ache.
  4. I was going to suggest this! Brilliant song, should have been a bigger hit
  5. KevB has been a bit quiet recently, but surely this thread will lure him out of the forest. Kev, where are you, someone's talking about Prog? 😝
  6. Wishing you a speedy recovery. Keep on rocking, Shell xx
  7. What an amazing story, WOT!!
  8. I love old style heavy music, but can't be doing with too much screaming. That said, I love Deep Purple and Gillan could scream with the best of them. But not too keen on Iron Maiden or White snake due to the vocals. Love RATM - also a bit screamy. It's difficult to define that particular thing that turns you on to a sound.
  9. Is it a sign of the times that I just did a search for the 'How was your gig last night?' thread but couldn't find it. Am I misremembering the thread title? Or was it just a figment of my imagination?
  10. I'm playing at a sort of 'invited' jam at a local pub tomorrow. It used to be a regular open mic, but now it's resumed they're trying to control the numbers. But glad to say I've been invited to play. No idea what might come up, but have been brushing up on all the usual suspects. 'Sweet Home Alabama', anyone? Anyway, looking forward to playing live again!!
  11. I'm not an ABBA fan ( other than admiring their professionalism). But the one track that' does move me is 'Thank You For the Music' My Mum ( who was a splendid old luvvie) requested it to be played at her funeral. 'I've been so lucky, I am the girl with golden hair'... Not a dry eye in the house. 💖
  12. At previous London Bas Guitar Shows, I've seen both Robert Trujillo and Ida Neilson perform (separately) with line ups that included two bassists. Both amazing, as you can imagine! But just quickly googled both of them and couldn't find evidence of this being a permanent arrangement in either case.
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