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  1. seashell

    Cover versions of songs with discomforting lyrics

    You know what, I really miss lojo in threads like this. He would definitely have had something interesting and thought provoking to contribute. Sadly missed 😞
  2. seashell

    How was your gig last night?

    Last night was the second of five dep gigs that I'm doing with a Rolling Stones Covers band this month. The first one had gone well - just a couple of little stumbles where they play things a bit differently to how I'm used to, but on the whole very good. Last night was really brilliant. Great venue in Brum. Very small stage, but plenty of room for the punters to dance. All ages, really nice atmosphere. Very helpful sound guy. But near disaster struck as I was loading in. Managed to trap my finger in the door of my boot! First finger right hand - my main plucking finger so to speak!!! 😮 So quickly got a glass of ice from behind the bar and stuck finger in that for a long time. Skin broken just under the nail, but luckily pad of finger OK although very tender. So I soldiered on and didn't even notice the pain during the first half (despite Paint it Black and Sympathy for the Devil!) but afterwards it was really throbbing. So spent the break with my finger in a glass of ice again and it was OK for the second half. It went so well - people smiling, dancing cheering. Some bloke wanted his picture taken with me during the break. He kept going on about what a great guitarist I was, and I suspect that he thought the guitar solos were coming from me, haha! I didn't disabuse him of the fact 😄Also, most of the members of the other two band I was in had come along as well and they all really enjoyed it. And I'm getting paid - which all helps to eke out the pension. Feel like a proper musician at last. Very happy bunny this morning, despite throbbing finger 😎☝️
  3. I caught some of that. Very interesting although I hadn't been into the Orb much hitherto. I was impressed that he's collaborated withJah Wobble - one of my bass heroes! I'll have to look into Youth and his output a bit more. (p.s. I love some of the stuff on radio 6. As long as they aren't going on about band t-shirts all the time!! Could give a toss about t-shirts - most of them aren't cut for women anyway.)
  4. seashell

    Talk to me about the blues.....

    Guitarist in one of my bands recently discovered Colter Wall. Young guy with a very mature voice. We've been covering 'The Devil Wears a Suit and Tie' in our set recently. It always goes down well. I tired to post the link but it didn't work. I'm just getting used to a new computer! I might try again later. 🙂
  5. seashell

    Get your priorities right!

    I think I'd put washing my hair at the top of the list, because I'm not about to play any sort of gig unless my hair looks right!!! 😤
  6. I hardly ever do, but recently I've been having a little twiddle up there. The banjo player (don't, just don't) in one of the bands I'm in has had to take an extended break due to ill health. One of the songs we cover is 'Copperhead Road', where I usually come in on the second verse as per the recording. But in the absence of Mr Banjo, I've been doing a bit of twiddling up the dusty end during the intro and first verse so as not to leave Guitar on his own (we don't have a keys player). Then back down to familiar territory in verse 2 and beyond. It's all good fun working these things out. :-)
  7. seashell

    Ridiculous requests

    Haha, that's a good one 😄 I actually did nick a line that someone posted on here a while back, and used it with my old band once. I forget who posted it now, but to whoever thought of this, I thank you: 'Our guitarist has just had a request......but he can't do it because the guitar won't fit'😃
  8. seashell

    What music do you play?

    Yes, I find this one tricky as I'm doing all sorts of bits and bobs at the moment. Paying with 2 bands - one does 50's and 60's covers so that's straightforward enough. But the other one started out as a Country accoustic trio, but now does some originals which are mainly quite light hearted little ditties, plus covers of various things from Eric Clapton to Tom Petty via Nick Cave. All the more mellow side of the aforementioned artistes though. In addition, from time to time I get asked to do a bit of background plonking with various solo guitarists of my aquaintance who like to bring me in when they need a bit of ooomph. So that's usually originals or things like Bob Dylan and Neil Young covers. And then to get a bit more rocky, I've got some dep gigs coming up with a Rolling Stones Covers Band. So it's all really varied and fun, but difficult to explain in one sentence! :-)
  9. seashell

    How was your gig last night?

    Well I think I redeemed myself after my disasterous gig of last week. Back at the same venue, but with a different band this time. We did a whole (short) set of Everly Brothers covers this time. Great fun to play, but not too technically tricky. All went very well, I really enjoyed myself and I think the punters did too. I had a couple of friends in the audience which was nice, including the estimable BC'er Kev B! So it was all jolly good fun :-)
  10. seashell

    My Nut's Just Gone Flake

    So happy for you that you have discovered this gem, SpondonBassed! Such a terrific album. I always wished it could have been a double album.. I think some of the lovely tracks seem to end too soon 😍
  11. seashell

    How was your gig last night?

    Well, I usually come on here and boast if I have had a particularly good gig. So I suppose it's only fair that I should own up to a real stinker! Doing a set of country/rock covers and a couple of originals. First song went well , but then it all started to collapse from there. Singer/LG missed out the second bridge in the second song...the rest of us managed to go with him but it was a bit unsettling. It was my first time doing BVs with this band - I sounded very nervous and warbly. Horrible really. Then in the next song Singer/LG seemed to hit one of those awful mental blocks. Just dried up and stopped half way through. He definitely knows this song, we've been rehearsing it for ages. We started again and he dried up at the same point! We decided to move on to the next one, but by now were all a bit shaken and there were bum notes and hesitations all over the place, including from me! We staggered through to the end and slunk off somewhat embarassed. What made it worse was there were two other bands on who were really good!! Luckily this was in a nice quiet pub with a regular crowd who were very polite about it all. No abuse or rotten vegetables were thrown. I'm playing the same place again next week, but with a different band (and not doing BVs this time!!). So I may have the chance to redeem myself! 😥
  12. seashell

    Favourite song you play?

    Oooh, I think it would be a toss up between two Stones songs 'Torn and Frayed' or 'Can't You Hear Me Knocking'. Neither of them suitable for an audience who just want to hear 'Brown Sugar', but I always loved playing them with one of my old bands.
  13. seashell

    Depping advice please

    This is an interesting thread for me, because I've got 3 dep gigs coming up in August with a Rolling Stones covers band. I did one for them last year which I din't think had gone that well - I made a few howlers. But it can't have been that bad because they've asked me again. Of course, the set list is just Stones classics which should make it easier. But you never know if they're going to do it exactly as per the recording, even if the key is the same. Longer/shorter introductions, longer (never shorter!) guitar solos, extra sax solos, choruses repeated - all are to be expected. I don't think I'm even going to get a rehearsal with them (I didn't last year). Because they are well-known songs I think they believe I should be able to just slot in. I went to see one of their gigs recently - my plan was to sit there and make copious notes about what they were doing, or perhaps record some of it on my phone. It turned into a really fun event, which was great except that I had a few vinos and became incapable of writing anything sensible and forgot how to use my phone! Hahaha. I'm aiming to go to a couple more of their gigs between now and August though, so won't make the same mistake again. :-)
  14. seashell

    Have you ever looked the part of a rock star etc?

    I like to think I could pass for an ageing rock star. Until I smile - then I look like Julie Andrews.
  15. seashell

    Things that annoy you...

    More often than not, yes!