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  1. London bass guitar show 2018

    Just booked tickets and hotel for the weekend! Will be staying with my fellow rock chick bass player that I meet there every year. We had an absolute blast last year. Really looking forward to it!
  2. 20 Greatest British Rock Bands

    [quote name='KevB' timestamp='1510309544' post='3405444'] They are just trying to cover as many genres as possible but keeping it to 20 total as typical cliched online lists go, hence they have Zep so can't have Deep Purple, they have Floyd so can't have Genesis or Yes. It's all pretty pointless. [/quote] Nail. Head.
  3. Nobody notices the bass player....

    Being the only girl in the band helps. Though not always, tbh. Sometimes the punters just want to do man bonding with lead guitarist :-)
  4. Headstocks and tuners

    4 in a row is just more aesthetically pleasing. I've always thought this, since long before I played bass. I just love the look of a Fender headstock.
  5. Stage gear

    Very early on in my bass playing career, I played at a charity do with a variety of acts on the bill. Headliners walked in, decked out top to toe like rock gods - leather trousers, silver chains, skulls, eye liner all that shizz. Everyone in the pub instantly knew they were 'The Band'. I thought to myself then and there that whenever I played a gig I would want everyone in the room to know I was in the band from the moment I walked in. Went out the very next day and bought a pair of leather trousers (I really did!) I try to wear something that will fit the music, so for rock and blues it's going to be lots of black with silver jewellery, skulls, maybe feathers etc. For Country I have a variety of check shirts and a cowboy hat. For 1960's stuff it's a black PVC mini dress and black and white winkle picker boots. I am a triumph of style over substance! :-)
  6. Who did you see live last?

    Tir na nOg, Irish progressive folk duo. I have been a fan since I first heard them on John Peel's show in 1972. Their eponymous album was the second album I ever bought. I saws them at the Kitchen Garden Cafe, Birmingham last Weds. It was a band outing with my current band, who I was delighted to learn have been long term fans also! I took along my 45 year old album, and asked them to sign it! Which they graciously did!! I was so happy- I am such a fangirl! It was a lovely and somewhat surreal evening.
  7. Metallica /Trujillo

    [quote name='bigjimmyc' timestamp='1508956130' post='3395653'] There is something compelling about his technique, stage presence and stance. It’s 100% substance, all genuine. [/quote] Completely agree. I was really impressed when I saw him at LGBS last year.
  8. Pseudonyms

    For a short while a girlfriend of my Ex's was actually stalking me on here!! So my cleverly thought out basschat name did little to protect me! It's OK though, she soon got bored :-) As many of you know, 'Shell' is the first half of my real name, and I just thought 'seashell' sounded pretty.
  9. [quote name='arthurhenry' timestamp='1505653713' post='3373355'] The post mentions wolf whistling and shouting of smutty comments. Very different to looking and keeping the thoughts in your head. [/quote] Exactly this. In my younger days I have danced in a chorus line and worn some revealing costumes. I wanted the audience (male and female) to think I looked good, and if anyone thought I was sexy as well then that was an added bonus. What was unwelcome was cat calling and lewd comments. I'm happy to say this rarely happened though (this was back in the 70s/80s). Perhaps it was the kind of shows I did, which were usually family shows in a theatre rather than pub gigs.
  10. Band Stalkers

    I'll come and stalk you if you ever get over to the West Midlands. But I won't be taking a bus, haha :-)
  11. London bass guitar show 2018

    IIRC the dates for the 2017 show weren't confirmed until the preceding November.
  12. Yeah, I've pretty much given up trying to be funny on here any more. Been shot down by too many grumpy gits. I still have the odd burst of levity if I'm feeling particularly flighty though.
  13. Where do I start learning?

    [quote name='Coilte' timestamp='1503045384' post='3355236'] Scales are indeed useful but only if they are practiced in the right way. I have often come across people who claim that they "know" their scales because they can play them from root to root all over the neck, at a gazillion BPM's. Not a bad thing in itself, but REALLY knowing your scales involves knowing how chords are derived from them and knowing how to harmonise a scale. When you have nailed this, only then will you feel confident playing in the scenario you describe above. [/quote] Oh yes indeed, I've got a way to go yet! :-) But I wouldn't recommend to the OP to just learn songs without at least a bit of the underlying theory. Also agree with Blue, above.
  14. Poetry Corner

    [quote name='Stylon Pilson' timestamp='1502981221' post='3354850'] Roses are red Violets are blue Can you test the mic, mate? One, two? One, two? S.P. [/quote] Winner :-)
  15. Where do I start learning?

    Personally I found scales really useful. Go to a jam and someone says 'We're doing a blues in G' - if you've practiced your scales your fingers will just automatically find the notes you can play around with. I haven't absorbed much music theory (as is probably obvious from the way I expressed the above), but surely we all need to know our major and minor scales and arpeggios, don't we?