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  1. The same for me, alas. In particular I can't bear to play anything from the set list of either of the bands I'm in because it just reminds me of what I'm missing. On the plus side, the (mild) arthritis in my hands has improved because I haven't been punishing them so much
  2. I'm really good at remembering lyrics! But unfortunately a bit rubbish at remembering bass lines 😁
  3. Haha, not in my experience. 😎😂
  4. Hey, Shep great to see you!! I don't post much on BC these days, but I lurk a bit and chip in now and again. Really great to see you back xx
  5. The only time my bass gets a wipe over is when I'm putting it into the bag before a gig. I invariably have clean hands before playing, as I will no doubt have been to the loo just before! I always intend to wipe the bass down after the gig. But I nearly always forget in all the excitement. (Ah those were the days, she adds ruefully)
  6. Hi Dawn. No, my forum name is just a riff on my real name, which is Shelley. 🙂 My first love is rock and blues, but when I started learning bass my teacher helped me see the merits of many other genres. I'll never be a disco lover, but I do like a bit of soul, funk and Reggae now and again. And jazz (although I've never played that in public). Love the Rolling Stones btw, and one of the bands I regularly dep with is a Rolling Stones covers band. Living the dream!! You're right, age is no limit!!
  7. And I should add, I don't mean to imply it will take you nine years to get any good, haha!
  8. As Loz says, nice to see another female on here. No disrespect to the lovely gents here, but it's nice to have a better yin-yang balance so to speak! I was a late starter too (aged 53!!). It was the best thing I ever did. Nine years on and I was in 2 bands, depping in another one and actually getting paid for it now and again. Lockdown has changed all that. But as others have said, if you use this time to develop your skills, you'll emerge ready to fly!!
  9. Southern Cross by Crosby Stills and Nash.
  10. I'd rather look at people's favourite albums than people's favourite conspiracy theories.
  11. It's got to be In My Time of Dying by Led Zeppelin, and I have made sure that everyone I know is aware of this. If they don't play it I am coming back to haunt them forever. 👻👻
  12. Oh, and the benefits of strap locks and half-wound strings.
  13. I think mainly it was all the unwritten rules of gigging. All the non musical stuff that your bass lessons alone don't teach you. Such as: introduce yourself to the sound person, thank the sound person, never assume you can share gear without checking in person with the other bassist, always carry a billion spare guitar leads and extension leads.. I could go on!! Also advice on the advantages and pitfalls of depping. I like to think I was starting to build up a good reputation as a 'safe pair of hands' before the current situation put a spanner in the works.
  14. Today I have mostly been playing 'All Tomorrow's Parties'. I find it is one I can actually sing while playing, because the bass line is quite simple and the key is quite low (for a gurl). I've been channelling Nico at the top of my voice - hope my neighbour appreciates it 🙂
  15. First concert - Wishbone Ash, Fairfield Halls Croydon, 1974 (ish) Last concert - SAS Band, Summer 2018 Best concert - Budgie, Winning Post Witton, 1975 (ish) Worst concert - Nothings been really bad Loudest concert - Pardon? Seen the most - Wishbone Ash Most surprising - The Four Tops Next concert - Jah Wobble and the Invaders of the Heart - this Friday!! Wish I would have seen - Led Zeppelin
  16. Probably the most exciting gig I ever went to was Budgie at the Winning Post, Witton in ( about) 1975. I was completely in awe of Burke Shelley. He had such an amazing stage presence. Healing thoughts to him indeed.
  17. This is what I do, and I've always got away with it! 🤞 So far 😊
  18. Because it's New Year's Day I decided I would learn something for fun, and not because I need to play it in either of my bands So I picked out 'Past Present and Future' by the Shangri Las, which is based on Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata. I'm experimenting with playing nearer the neck so as to sound more like a double bass. If I can master this technique it will come in handy for the more jazzy band, so it wasn't time wasted! 😎
  19. Interesting! I might be up for this.
  20. And I should have added, I like to run through all the songs without my glasses or contacts so as to be prepared for playing in a dingy venue where I can't see anything!
  21. Aw Lozz, I missed your original post back in November. So glad your last gig with that band was a good 'un. All the best for the future, whatever direction it takes you x
  22. Run through everything just once, standing up. Make a list of everything you need, under different headings (eg, amps etc, leads, personal effects, directions to venue). Get it all out on the landing, while cat runs out under your feet. Then tempt cat back into flat with a pouch of Sheba. The cat wrangling episode has to be built into my timetable for getting out!
  23. I used to love Andy Stewart on NYE when I was a kid!!! And shortbread and Mum and Dad drinking whiskey. And then my Mum would always go first footing to the next door neighbours, with salt, mince pies and a piece of coal. NYE doesn't seem so special any more. But that said, Happy New Year everyone and enjoy whatever you're doing (even if just staying in and watching Jools, like me) x
  24. Good advice about the lessons etc. Don't know about the OP, but my case the player that left and then wanted back in was worse than me. There aren't many players worse than me, but he definitely was!!😂 Sometimes it's just a 'mates' thing.
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