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  1. Thank you all very much, folks! It sounds like the H2N is the way to go, so I'll get one and see how we get on. Thanks to @SubsonicSimpleton for the heads-up about the adapter thread - I do have a camera tripod, so that takes care of mounting it. Have a great weekend, folks. 🤘
  2. As ever, a very timely thread appears on Basschat 🙂 I'm looking for something to record our rehearsals that don't involve miles of electric string or wasting time faffing about with the studio PA. At present our lead guitarist is using his phone, but I'd like to capture a better quality sound if possible. As we all stand in a circle, ideally, I'd like to just stick it in the middle and hit Record. I appreciate that this might not give broadcast-quality audio or a properly balanced mix, but any improvement on a phone would be a step in the right direction. Would the Zoom H2N fit the bill or should I look for something else? Many thanks.
  3. Have you been handling fibreglass at all? I used to get this occasionally in my model-making days when using a fibreglass pencil for burnishing surfaces to be soldered. A wee splinter can be horribly painful and very difficult to see, as it'll be transparent. I'd check with a strong magnifying class under a strong light against a dark background. Pull the skin taut and see if anything appears to be sticking out. If you do have a splinter, you'll need a good pair of tweezers to remove it.
  4. 5' 5" down from 5' 6" a while back. This Fender's bloody heavy.
  5. Yes - he's my tutor and currently weaning me off my 4.5/4 time signature habit. Good guy, very patient and professional. Here's his website: https://aljamesmusic.co.uk/ Probably best to drop him a line and suggest an introductory session, just to see how he and your girlfriend get on.
  6. Ah. I was going to suggest Al James but he's right out in the sticks at Tranent so driving (or picking up and dropping off) would be essential. But he is on your side of Edinburgh.
  7. You should never change a light bulb. It destroys the feel of the original.
  8. What key are you playing it in?
  9. I arrived at the low end after dabbling with several different instruments - piano and violin as a kid, both of which I hated largely because of the utterly uninspiring teachers I had, followed by bugle, trumpet and marching snare drum. I was quite passable on those, and if I'd stuck with the trumpet I might be a reasonable trad jazz musician by now. I still play the snare on occasion. Used to sing pretty well, too. Then I went to university (well, it were Hatfield Poly, but it were a university to us, etc). One of the lads in the house next to ours had bought a bass - no idea what it was - and it was sitting there gathering dust, like so many students' instruments do. An impromptu jam started up one evening and I had a go on the bass. I was surprised to find I could easily manage some simple stuff by ear but thought no more of it. Shortly afterwards, I started knocking round with the technical manager of a theatre in St Albans, who'd been a pro for a while - he was in the Dogs D'Amour at one point. He suggested I should give the bass a go, but me being me and Knowing It All, decided I was meant to be a guitarer. So I tried it, couldn't get on with it and promptly gave up. Then life intervened - career, marriage, house, kids - and music went to the back of my mind. After my marriage broke down and I'd got over glaring at the world through the bottom of a bottle, I realised I didn't Know It All after all. I bought an Ibanez GSR200 and was instantly hooked. Looking back now, I should have followed my instinct and taken my mate's advice. If I had, I'd now have thirty years' playing under my belt. But better late than never!
  10. Reactivating a zombie thread, but this has to meet the OP's criteria. Simple, quite repetitive, but this would be nothing without the bassline. That's my next transcription exercise sorted. Ellen Foley - Night Out
  11. Can confirm. No names, no pack drill, but I've worked for the NHS and seen it happen first-hand.
  12. Not a gig as such, but I did do a three-hour slot on the independence march here in Edinburgh yesterday playing snare drum. I had a strong sense of irony though. I've spent rather more than I want to think about on bass gear and lessons and I'm still looking for a band. By contrast, I was playing an el-cheapo drum I picked up for 20 quid on fleabay. It was held on with a £2 belt from Primani as I was too tight to buy a sling and I had to jam every tune as I hadn't heard them before - and at the end, the band were very complimentary about my drumming and asked me to join them permanently. Funny old world!
  13. I have one too! Still use it on occasion.
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