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  1. lozkerr

    Bass setup in Edinburgh

    In the garden shed?? That would be a hanging offence in my book!
  2. lozkerr

    Bass setup in Edinburgh

    Thanks, folks! It sounds like Chris McIntyre is the guy to go to. I'll give him a call. And if he tries to flog me any extras - well, a thumb rest would be a good idea. The neck pickup is so deeply sunk into the body that it's next to impossible to anchor on it.
  3. lozkerr

    Bass setup in Edinburgh

    Hi folks, My Steinberger Spirit XT-25 is needing a wee bit of TLC. I've had it for a while as a travelling bass, and now that the newness has worn off, it's becoming apparent that it needs a decent set-up. The strings clatter like a tram going over a set of points, the action's high enough to drive said tram underneath the strings and the G string won't stay in tune. Could anyone recommend someone knowledgeable in Edinburgh who could give it a set-up? I know what to do in theory, but I don't want to damage the thing and incur a hefty repair bill. Many thanks, Laura
  4. lozkerr

    Fender Jazz V

    I have an MIA Jazz V and I absolutely love it. It's a wee bit on the weighty side, but a wide leather strap helps to distribute the bulk. Not neck-heavy at all, and it's a joy to play.
  5. lozkerr

    SOLD - David Eden D210XLT Cabinet

    Bump. I've just got the 118 home. Thanks, Justin! What a lovely piece of kit. Now might be a good time to apologise in advance to anyone rehearsing at Tonegarden when I take it along to give it a workout 😉
  6. lozkerr

    Well I gave it my best shot

    This - this - is the attitude to have. You have to pay the bills, but that doesn't mean that the thing you love doing automatically has to take a back seat just because you're a wage-slave. It depends on how you see yourself and your place in the world - are you Employee Number 12345678 or Stew the bassist who's putting some hours in to pay the bills?
  7. lozkerr

    SOLD - David Eden D210XLT Cabinet

    If you are willing to split, I'd be interested in the 118.
  8. lozkerr

    Have a great Burns night

    Haste ye back!
  9. lozkerr

    Bunch of slappers!

    You should resurrect it. We could have regular events - Funk Bonfire Night where we burn funk albums, Slap a Slapper Day... endless possibilities!
  10. lozkerr

    Bands that wont learn covers properly.

    I do the same thing, largely because I just cannot get on with tabs (and that's without their being wrong / tabbed for a four-string when I play a five / not having the rhythm done properly if at all / being broken into silly little chunks that don't flow / flippant comments from the author that they CBA working out fills etc etc). I suspect it's because I learned to read music when I was quite young and found myself instinctively following the stave when I was learning from a tutor book. Even when I find a good tab on Songsterr, I'll fire up MuseScore and write out a stave before trying to play it. It's been a wee bit o a slog, but it's helped immensely, especially when playing from scores that were written for a piano and having to transpose them on the fly.
  11. lozkerr

    Broken Stones - Paul Weller

    Just spotted and leeched this. Thanks for making it available! It'll save me a lot of work.
  12. lozkerr

    Gotta love the approach

    Harry Enfield says that it's someone who is 'considerably bassier than yow' 😉
  13. lozkerr

    Threatin, BBC article

    Ain't that the case. A text-book example of how to exploit the Streisand effect.... on second thoughts, that isn't actually a bad idea. Provided you don't leave people out of pocket, of course.
  14. lozkerr

    Threatin, BBC article

    I had to stop and think where to put them. Over-use of 'like' is something that really irritates me, but i guess that's just my age. Young people's vocabulary doesn't age well at all - how often do you hear something described as 'right on' or 'chronic' these days? Eee, when I was a girl...
  15. lozkerr

    Threatin, BBC article

    +1 for this. I would not be remotely surprised to see a few tedious hipster types turn up, iToys at the ready to vlog the whole ironicalised experience: "Hey everybody and welcome to my channel! Tonight me and Jemima are in the Underworld to see the global digital sensation Threatin - the awesome dude whose digital tour like literally broke the internet. This is a like totally exclusive gig with only a few selected attendees as you can see (waves camera around unsteadily showing a handful of hipsters standing around holding skinny lattes in one hand and their phones in the other). We're here to immerse ourselves in the like whole ironicalised experience. And hey, here he is!" Holds camera up as Threatin swaggers on, trips over a cable and limps up to the mic. The camera wavers as he howls his way through all the tracks on his latest digital album - Pole In Ur Hole, Drop De Dax, Oh Yeh Baby, Baby Baby Me At The ABC (Adult Baby Club), Gimme All Your Money, I Eat Ur Az, Yeh Baby Yeh (Don't Stop I'm Cummin) etc. "Hey, wasn't that just like so AWESOME? And look at this like cool merch! Cropped T-shirt (emblazoned with 'Thretin Behavior' and displaying ironic loose threads and pulls) only £49.99. CD artwork (CD case with a paper disc carrying a download code), yours for twenty-five pounds, exclusive tour poster (which has just one date on it) for thirty - this is just like so cool. I guess it's a shame you couldn't be here, but if you liked this, don't forget to hit Like and subscribe!" I now feel ill after writing that.