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  1. For E's and wizz?
  2. Nice! I enjoyed that. Out of interest, how many cameras did you use?
  3. The only one that lives there constantly is Snap's Welcome to Tomorrow. It's cheesy Euro electro pop, but it has a nice chilled feel to it.
  4. Indeed. I was going to post the Dead Rock Stars Top Twenty to lighten the mood, but after looking at it, maybe I won't. I'm just running my eye over part of my vinyl collection - lots of singles in an ex-shop display revolving carousel - and I can see a dozen records made by people who have gone. At least we can still enjoy their music.
  5. This thread's got me thinking about musicians who are still with us but whom I'll be gutted to see precede me. I know I'll mourn Vangelis (76) and Jennifer Warnes (72) in a big way when their numbers are up.
  6. True. But the boat shouldn't have been there in the first place, AIUI.
  7. I'm thinking about doing that myself. My Eden combo and cab weigh a ton - I'm sure the drivers are cast from depleted uranium. At the moment, I have a dolly I bought from Machine Mart, but even with ratchet straps holding the gear on, things have a tendency to slide about. I'm thinking about a dolly with raised sides to keep things in place, with decent-sized wheels. At least until I can afford roadies 🙂
  8. What @Staggering on said. You've got what it takes. Very well done!
  9. I'm sure it'll reopen as yet another tartan tat shop before long.
  10. Sadly no more - it shut down a few months ago.
  11. Guitar Guitar at Corstorphine is worth a look. Nice selection of basses. The 26 bus goes past the door if you don't fancy driving. Closer in, there's Rae Mackintosh on Shandwick Place, but it's a Musicroom branch. Loads of books, beginners' instruments, no basses. There's also Scayles on Nicholson Street. Much smaller than GG, but might be worth sticking your head in the door if you're passing.
  12. Very cool. I enjoyed that! Thanks for posting it.
  13. Good point. That's another reason to circulate them in advance.
  14. Sounds like you've really thought this through, and hopefully it'll be a winner. I'd deffo rock up if I wasn't 500 miles away. One suggestion though - you could make the set list and chord charts available in advance, rather than hand them out on the night. That would give people the chance to have a noodle in private before turning up to play. Best of luck with it!
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