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  1. True enough - we got a bit of stick for not playing Suffragette City at our last gig, even though it's hardly an eighties staple. I don't doubt we'll have to introduce some selections from the cheeseboard at some stage, but we're keen to be seen more as primarily a post-punk indie outfit rather than general 80s pop, if that makes sense. We already have Don't You Want Me on the go and we know we'll have to include a good sprinkling of floor-fillers if we're going to be asked back anywhere. So far, the balance seems about right, but I expect it'll evolve over time.
  2. We're an 80s band and we hit the same problem. We narrowed it down to everyone's general preferences for indie and post-punk stuff, so no Bananarama, Bucks Fizz or general cheesy pop. That has meant omitting some songs that a few of us like, but it does ensure that the set lists hang together fairly well.
  3. We're planning an outdoor get-together - I'd hesitate to call it a rehearsal - this weekend. I'm more nervous than I should be, but I'm guessing so is everyone else. If things more-or-less hang together, I'll count that as a win.
  4. Depends. If it's dad rock or bluesy type stuff, my other half might come along, but otherwise I'm quite happy going alone.
  5. What @Lozz196 said. If you're playing through a practice amp, you might hear a very different sound to that from a gigging rig. I've run into that problem, although I'm using Ernie Balls roundwounds. My practice amp is a wee Eden EC8, and the B string sounds very muddy through the speaker - it's only a single 8" driver, after all. It's slightly better through headphones, but not much to write home about. Gigging backline is an Eden Metro combo with a 118 extension cab. The difference is astounding, although I have to fiddle with the crossover settings a bit.
  6. I think the Passions' I'm In Love With A German Film Star deserves an honourable mention. I've had their three albums on the go back-to-back this afternoon, and it's like nothing else they've recorded.
  7. Another shou' ou' for Bass Direct. I finally heard earlier this week that my local dealer wouldn't be able to get hold of the Eden WTP600 I ordered the day before lockdown last year - great timing there lassie - so I morosely headed over to BD's website to ogle the eye candy.... ...and found they had a nearly new WTP600 for sale... ...which is arriving Monday. Yay!
  8. That would put me right off buying one. Thankfully my MacBook has an ethernet socket, but when I need to replace it, I'll have to think long and hard whether I'll be prepared to dispense with that. It's bad enough only having two flippin' USB sockets - it feels like form over function is going a wee bit too far.
  9. Flippancy aside (sorry @Teebs), I've found my motivation's been all over the place recently. Periods of highs - making progress with the EUB, learning to sing [1] while playing bass, cracking on with transcribbling, trying my hand at writing replacement lyrics for some well-known songs, getting another band up together, giving in to GAS, getting to grips with Jamulus, wasting money on books I'll never read - followed by some intense lows. That's got worse recently. I expect it's a touch of SAD plus work - I'm stuck inside all day in front of a laptop working on clinical data sets that contain an endless stream of heartbreaking stories and enduring shite weather when I can get out for a walk - but I'm really demotivated right now. Things will improve, I know - but the last few weeks have been the toughest for me since last March. [1] for very small values of 'sing'
  10. They are the next level of Zen towards Nirvana, young novice. Even Lord Pastorius never managed to master that fine instrument. 🥄 😉
  11. Surprised this... thing... hasn't made an appearance yet.
  12. Judging by their expressions and slack bobbing about, the dancers aren't exactly impressed either. That really is dire.
  13. Aye. I hated the stuff. I was actually very grateful to for ditching it. I know, I'm a bad person 😧 But I was very young, m'lud.
  14. Hi Si, Many thanks. I've installed it OK and you're right - it doesn't make any difference to JamKazam. I think it's a problem with JamKazam, as the crackling and noise I was getting there doesn't occur with Cubase or Audacity. I'm still fiddling with settings, but if I can't get it to behave I guess we'll need to try something else. The volume's pretty low though, but it seems to be a Mac-specific thing - I've just tried it with my work machine running Windows 10 and it's plenty loud enough there. From a root around tinterwebz, it seems to be a common problem on Macbooks when you try to use self-powered USB audio interfaces. It's not the end of the world, though - if all else fails, maybe a separately-powered USB audio interface taking signals from my Boss JS10 might be the way to go. It's a twin-channel job, with separate volume controls for mic and bass. Thanks again! Laura
  15. You're a star, Dad. Thank you so much! No idea why I couldn't find it earlier. Thanks again!
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