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  1. A video of someone's reaction An unboxing of the latest widget A load of ads for crap you don't need And gobshites pushing political opinions That's entertainment That's entertainment
  2. 5' 5" and playing a five-string Fender Jazz. Can get a little awkward down near the nut for extended periods of time, but I've never had any real problems. Apologies for the bass face.
  3. As a relative newbie, I'm still playing catch-up, but I seem to be making headway: Pre-Basschat Ibanez GSR200 Eden EC8 Boss ME-50B multi-effects unit Post-Basschat MIA Fender Jazz Deluxe V Stagg EUB Steinberger Spirit V Cheap no-name five-string Artisan Eden Metro Eden WTX-264 Eden WTP600 Eden E300T 2 x 210 cabs, a 118 cab and a 112 cab Eden Glowplug Eden WTXI pre-amp pedal Plus a couple of keyboards, a PA, a lighting rig and a couple of guitars. And I still have everything apart from the Ibanez, which I gave to Girls Rock School a couple of weeks ago. There's no hope for me, is there?
  4. Indeed. Whenever I change my strings, I boil the old set (in a dedicated pan @Rich - follow me for more domestic harmony tips 😉) and pop them in my gig bag to serve as emergency replacements. They only have to last until the end of the gig / jam / rehearsal if they're needed to replace a broken string.
  5. Still no. They could have my cheap backup but not my main bass.
  6. If it was someone I knew and trusted, I might lend my no-name Artisan. My main bass - no chance.
  7. Oh yes. That one gets to me too. I've had this one on repeat for most of the day, to try to lighten the mood; it's nice and uplifting. Always make me think of driving on the open road as the sun comes up:
  8. First one I bought was See You Later. Initially I wondered why I'd wasted my saved school dinner money, but when Side One finished with Memories of Green, I was absolutely blown away. I played that track over and over again, lying on my bedroom floor in the dark. His music has stayed with me ever since. RIP Vangelis.
  9. Good tip, thanks! The XR18 belongs to one of our guitarists, so I'll pass that along 👍 What make of router do you use?
  10. Say that last sentence to my face and I'll instantly rearrange yours, pal 🤬 Who the hell do you think you are? If you think that's funny, you've missed the mark by a wide margin. Get this, ya wee fud. With one exception, the encouragement, support and positive advice I've received on this subject have been from men. Which I would kinda expect, given the gender bias in the world of bass-playing. I've had some good ideas passed on and I'd like to think I've helped some other folk. I am very grateful for the suggestions that I've had. The exception, of course, is you. You like to make out that you know it all. You don't. Take your sexism and shove it where the sun don't shine.
  11. Sigh. If the IEM feed from the desk gets messed up, I can kill it and still have monitoring. Also, I can use my IEMs in situations where only wedges are available. Clear now?
  12. No. Bass and vocal mic go through the splitter mixer and out to the main desk. IEM feed comes back from the main desk to the splitter mixer. Ambient stage sound from separate mics goes straight into the splitter mixer, not via the main desk. What goes into my IEMs is the splitter mixer output only, made up of bass and vocal mic, ambient sound and the main desk IEM feed.
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