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  1. Welcome aboard! I'm in Edinburgh as well.
  2. lozkerr

    Feedback for MrTea

    Bought MrTea's Stagg EUB and really pleased with it. Great transaction, bass well packed and exactly as described. Highly recommended! 👍👍
  3. Howlround Feedback for me 🙂
  4. The Drugs Don't Work - the Verve.
  5. Looks nice! I'm tempted to bid, but I'd be scared of damaging it - I've always been a bit accident prone...
  6. Plenty, but I'm not a big fan of Hollywood films and never have been. I recognised one or two of the other names, but if you'd asked me what they were famous for, I genuinely would not have known.
  7. I got 1/10. At least I know who Homer Simpson is!
  8. Oh Lord. I'm so sorry to read this. I can't think of a worse place to be. Are you any good at DIY? That's not in any way meant to be a flippant comment - there is a lot you can do yourself if you put your mind to it. Over the years, I've retiled a roof, re-plumbed a house and flat, done plastering, wallpapering, laid flooring and carpet, installed fireplaces and curtain rails, replaced wiring including light fittings, switches and power points, installed kitchen units, replaced doors, laid carpets and slapped paint everywhere. It can be done. There are some things you can't realistically or safely do yourself without experience and/or qualifications, such as structural work, messing around with gas fittings or certifying wiring installations, but you can certainly do a heck of a lot of the spadework yourself. The secrets are - break big jobs, such as a room refurb, into lots of little ones, think about the order in which things need to be done, don't be afraid to have a go, practise techniques you're not sure about, learn from your mistakes, buy good-quality tools and know when you must get the professionals in. For example, once you've mastered making watertight soldered joints - Yorkshire ring fittings and a good blowtorch are your friends there - you can fit an entire gas-fired central heating system yourself except for the boiler - that is most definitely a pro job unless you're a Gas Safe engineer. Fitting a boiler is going to be a lot cheaper than paying someone to do the whole system from scratch. And you can work as a pace that suits you and your finances. It's a bit like becoming a musician, really. Also, and this is crucial to maintaining your morale - keep one room spotless and used for living only. It sounds like you already have that, so keep it that way. No tools or materials in there, no filthy work clothes, no effing nowt. Not even overnight. Because when you start to feel overwhelmed - and I can promise you, you will - you need to be able to shut the door on the carnage outside and retreat to your own space for some R&R.
  9. I've been very lucky - like @knirirr, I'm working in research IT. Currently slogging away on covid-19 work, as it happens. When I was offered the gig, I had to pay my own travel between Leeds, where I lived at the time, and London. When lockdown came, we switched overnight from traipsing into central London to fully remote working. I should have a nice wee nest egg now after six months of WFH, but inevitably I've spent it on Patreon subs, singing lessons and buying gear for the band even though it's anyone's guess when a bunch of superannuated weekend warriors will take to the stage again. But at least we'll be fully tooled-up and good to go when that day finally dawns. I know I'm very lucky. Some of the full-time musos I know are really struggling and even though we're not exactly besties, I worry about them and feel very guilty for being more secure than they are.
  10. I do wish you hadn't mentioned that. My credit card's itching now...
  11. I'm out. Snapped up a cheap EUB from the marketplace. I'd been toying with trying an EUB for a while, but couldn't justify the price and didn't really want the hassle of moving it on if I didn't take to it. But £140 isn't going to break the bank. Still, at least I made it to the end of September! (I've also bought a PA, camcorder and lighting rig but was going to claim a pass for those on the basis that they're for the whole band, not just me.)
  12. Me too, Silvia. An online show is nothing like the buzz o the real thing. I'm just hoping it'll be back next year.
  13. No probs. If you don't get any joy with collection, get back to me. I'll be glad to send you a hard case for packaging, as I'd be getting one anyway.
  14. EDIT: scrap that 😞 Just been told that my presence is required on con-calls both days. Several hours of listening to academics havering about covid-19 research and not knowing what they need will now be the highlight of my weekend. Sorry. @MrTea, I'll be happy to pay for a courier and some strong packaging if you'd be up for it. I appreciate the risk, but it is what it is. Let me know - if you are, I'll definitely have it. I can't make Monday unfortunately - got to be slaving over a hot keyboard - but if Saturday or Sunday is do-able for you, I can come to North Wales if timings can be lined up. Happy to cover your fuel costs from Dorset to Devon.
  15. If you find it, any chance I could have a copy too?
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