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  1. Aye. I hated the stuff. I was actually very grateful to for ditching it. I know, I'm a bad person 😧 But I was very young, m'lud.
  2. Hi Si, Many thanks. I've installed it OK and you're right - it doesn't make any difference to JamKazam. I think it's a problem with JamKazam, as the crackling and noise I was getting there doesn't occur with Cubase or Audacity. I'm still fiddling with settings, but if I can't get it to behave I guess we'll need to try something else. The volume's pretty low though, but it seems to be a Mac-specific thing - I've just tried it with my work machine running Windows 10 and it's plenty loud enough there. From a root around tinterwebz, it seems to be a common problem on Macbooks when you try to use self-powered USB audio interfaces. It's not the end of the world, though - if all else fails, maybe a separately-powered USB audio interface taking signals from my Boss JS10 might be the way to go. It's a twin-channel job, with separate volume controls for mic and bass. Thanks again! Laura
  3. You're a star, Dad. Thank you so much! No idea why I couldn't find it earlier. Thanks again!
  4. Hi folks! I'm looking for the Mac version of the Focusrite Control app for my Scarlett Solo. We're having problems getting it to work properly with JamKazam and apparently running this app alongside it is supposed to improve performance and reduce latency. "But my dear girl," I hear you say, "why not just download it from Focusrite's website?" I tried guv, really I tried. Off to their webshite I went. Gosh, it's changed a wee bit since I was last here. No free downloads now - you have to create an account. Oh well, here we go. Name, email, password, unit serial number.... uh, what's this? When did I buy it? That was a while ago so enter a random date. Which country did I buy it in? Jeez, are these nosey jackasses looking for attempts to procure munitions? United Kingdom, obvs. Where did I buy it? Dawson's Music in Leeds IIRC, so let's pick 'Geetar CenTER'. Duh. Eh? Bundle code? BUNDLE code? What sorcery is this? I've moved house three times since I bought this thing and I haven't a clue where or what the bundle code is. Let's try some gibberish. Nope, not valid. No software for you. Go direct to jail, do not pass go, do not collect the app that could make the difference between you sticking with the Solo or throwing it in the bin. Sod this for a game of soldiers. Change account name to Rosemary West from Samoa, email to Fosters_NastyPasty (at) non_existent_domain save changes, step away from the keyboard and indulge in some pleasant daydreams involving Focusrite's marketeers' heads and a heavy door. I could understand all this palaver if we were talking about heavy-duty software, but this is a wee app that just controls a USB interface. Fuxake. So here I am. Does anyone have a copy of the Mac version of the app I could have? I shall be forever in your debt! Many thanks, Laura
  5. I've come to expect that, sadly. I was looking for the lyrics to a couple of Ellen Foley songs a while back and every site I tried had the same howlers ("'cause that's a cruel mental start" instead of "'cause like the moon and the stars") for We Belong To The Night and only the first line of Night Out's second verse. Which also had a mistake in it. I eventually found the correct lyrics in a Jim Steinman archive.
  6. I've just had a crack at playing along with your song You're Gonna Play Bass starting on fret 8 of the B string and the difference in tone is amazing - the fatter notes cut through really well. Plus, I have quite small hands, and the 8-bar chorus riff is easier up there.
  7. I had the same problem when I started on the five. I got round it by repositioning the root of each scale on the B string and once I'd got that into my head, I started learning a couple of completely new songs in that scale, so there would be no clash of muscle memory. It worked. I don't suppose this is an original idea, but my discovering it certainly was 😉
  8. lozkerr

    Hey! :)

    Welcome, Han! Always good to see another lass on here!
  9. Couple of pics. He did a lovely job.
  10. I got Chris McIntyre (www.mcintyreguitars.com) to do it when I took it to him for a setup. He made a hardwood rest that fitted over the pickup and replaced the stock screws with longer ones.
  11. Hi to all, just registered my self to this site. About myself, i live in Riga, Latvia - Baltic states. I play bass more than 20 years, 17 from them fretless. My gear - amp - Aguilar tonehammer 500, cabs 2x Hartke hydrive hd112, fx - Dunlop crybaby wah, TCelectronics hof mini reverb.

    1. nilorius


      I forgot about my basses - i own 3 - Ibanez GWB1005nf, Italian custom shop D'alessandro and Fender Jaco tribute.

    2. ped
  12. I have one too - bought it as a travel bass for the weeks I spent in London. It's great for that, although I'm sometimes asked if I have a rifle in the gig bag! I had a luthier make a thumb-rest for the neck pickup - the low profile makes it easy to miss and I kept muting the B string instead of landing on the pickup. The neck dive is a nuisance standing up, but I don't find it so much of a problem sitting down. I fitted a strap extender too and that helped, but didn't cure it. All in all, it's a nice little workhorse. Can't see myself gigging with it, though.
  13. I guess that's kinda understandable - someone who would have been 26 and in the prime of life in 1966 would now be 80 years old. Hm, there's a depressing thought...
  14. Again, in no particular order: Peavey 20-channel mixing desk, 2,200 watt PA with HK subs and tops, eleven lights, two twin-tripod lighting bars, DMX controller, Canon digital camcorder, several miles of electric string, at least a dozen songbooks, Saramonic mixer for the camera, Stagg EUB, case and bow for the EUB, Macbook, phantom power supply, memory card for an old Boss jam station, singing lessons and an Eden WTP600. Which is yet to arrive.
  15. I see you've pasted them above, but for future reference, you can follow @threadreaderapp, go to the end of the threader and reply '@threadreaderapp unroll'. The account will roll them into a single PDF, which you can then either download if you sign up to their site, or just display in your browser and print to PDF.
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