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  1. Is there any way you could translate it yourself using a dictionary and thesaurus? That might get round any potential issues if your translation is noticeably different to the others?
  2. I've attended far more gigs than I've played, but I've always hated waiting while a band takes ages changing settings. I'm trying to get into the habit of changing anything as quickly as I can and doing it straight after the previous song's finished. I write the settings on the set list as a reminder.
  3. I'll go for Morrissey (with the dogs, if I've got them with me when we meet). We have a few of his songs on the go and listening to them is about as enjoyable as root canal work sans anaesthetic. But they're great fun to play.
  4. At the moment I've got Ellen Foley's new album Fighting Words on repeat. Although her voice isn't as powerful as it was in the Meat Loaf years, the musicality and emotion is as strong as it ever was.
  5. Can I score an eighth of what you're smoking? 😉
  6. 56 in age, 16 in maturity and attitude, female, married once and never again, white. Oh, and I have a potty mouth that can challenge Suzi Quatro.
  7. I've just started on Thin Lizzy's The Boys Are Back In Town. Singing and playing... this could take some time...
  8. I've just bought his Eden amp and cab. Lovely chap to deal with and the rig was exactly as described and in great nick. Top bloke.
  9. I didn't think there would be - neither of my other Eden amps have them - but I thought it best to check. Looks like another assault on the bank account is imminent...
  10. I've just come across a bug in editing posts in Marketplace - when editing a reply, both the original and edited replies appear, with the edit appearing as a reply to the original post. Steps to reproduce: 1. Go to Marketplace and select a thread that was started before the upgrade took place. 2. Reply to the post and save. 3. Edit the post and add text. 4. Save the changes. Expected result: edited post appears at the bottom of the post with the 'edited by' field and reason for editing shown in medium grey. Actual result: the original post stays where it is and the edited post appears as a reply to the original one.
  11. An apt name, if Wikipedia is anything to go by, and I'm wondering if I've encountered that. My main band has had three rehearsals since things started to ease. We normally use a studio, but these have all been in an auditorium so we can maintain social distancing. Every one of them has been followed by me having a massive attack of the squits. They've been seriously bad - not far short of the time when I had to take three days off work to recover from Colonel Sanders' food poisoning. But the attacks haven't lasted - they've cleared up within a few minutes and I've been absolutely fine within about half an hour. So yes, I can well believe LF sound might have been the cause.
  12. This is mine. It's been tricky squeezing everything into a small flat, which is why the amp is on its side. I suppose I could simplify it a bit, but with the mic into one channel of the JS10 and audio out from the laptop into the other leaves nowhere to plug in the bass. Being able to record straight off Spotify or YouTube and use the speed control and looper is a big help.
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