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    New Hamer Bass Day!!! With HUGE thanks to an amazing friend in WA, USA (who secured it for me and sent it to the UK) I have just received this amazing condition Copper/Gold 1990 Hamer Impact bass (designed by Kip Winger). Less than 200 ever made of this beauty....! It looks, feels, plays and sounds AWESOME!! A really focused, tight but full piano tone with a little edge. 😎🎸😎👍 That makes three Hamer Impacts in my collection now! 🎸🎸🎸
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    Fender American Vintage ‘62 Re Issue (AVRI) Precision Bass built in the USA in 2003, all original & in excellent lightly used condition with just a few marks consistent with normal use, the worst is probably a small 5mm impact mark near the bridge (please see photograph) which can't be seen 'off stage' and overall I would grade this as 9/10 in my humble opinion, especially for a Nitro finished 17 year old instrument. Weight is a tad over 8.5 lbs according to my digital postage scales. Nails the James Jamerson thing. The Bass has had a Pro set up with a nice low action and so plays really well, with a lovely true Precison Bass sound and excellent tonal variation. Comes complete with the Original Hard Shell Case also built in the USA complete with all the Case Candy including the original Pickup and Bridge covers, which have never been fitted - so no holes in the body either side of the bridge - in fact, they are still sealed in the original bag from new. The case does have a few scuffs to the corners, but nothing major and comes complete with the two original keys - also still in a sealed bag. Here is some info off T'interweb This model has been discontinued. Today we are featuring a Fender American Vintage ’62 Precision Bass in a beautiful three tone sunburst. This reissue instrument pays homage to a ground breaking year for the Fender Precision Bass. All of the classic details are present including the rosewood fretboard, tortoise shell pickguard, nitrocellulose lacquer finish and chrome bridge and pickup covers. The covers are shipped unmounted but are included in the accessory kit. The “C” shape neck is super smooth to play and the classic single split-coil pickup provides that warm, full and fat tone that you have heard on so many of your favourite records!! Specifications: Alder body Tortoise pickguard Maple neck Rosewood fretboard 1.75″ nut width 34″ scale length “C” shape neck profile 20 vintage style frets Single Split-Coil pickup Master Volume, Master Tone controls Nickel and Chrome hardware American Vintage 4 Saddle bridge Vintage Style Reverse Tuning Machines Deluxe Light Brown hardshell case with strap, cable and bridge and pickup cover in the accessory kit. i would prefer Bank Transfer or Paypal F&F on collection, or prior to postage if someone has a reliable Courier they could send for it. I don’t have a box, but the case is built like a brick outhouse which would be well bubble wrapped and bagged. Any questions, please give me a shout 👍👍....
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    Hi folks, apparently these are out for delivery today! I will have a look at how best to take payment and collect your orders over the weekend. Once sorted I'll email you all (and update here) with instructions on how to pay. You can have as many sets as you like at the pre-sale price. Once I have everyone paid up I'll probably box them up and get them sent as a bulk job, so it would be helpful to everyone if you are able to place your order as soon as you can. Soon after that these will be on general sale through the Basschat Shop and I'll probably ship them out weekly, but will confirm that nearer the time. Cheers ped
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    I'd always fancied the look of the Guild B series basses but simply assumed they would all be boat anchors and discounted them. Back in August @cd_david started a thread on Guild porn, where I discovered that they weren't all heavy. In fact some of them are relatively lightweight. So I stuck a 'wanted' post out there for a lightweight one. @AndyTravis then did me a MASSIVE favour by alerting me to a lightweight 301 for sale on Facebook, collection only in Matlock, Derbyshire. I got in touch with the guy, he wanted a cash only sale so, after initially toying with the idea of starting off one of the infamous 'Basschat Relays' I decided I'd actually drive there to pick it up. 3.5hrs each way. I have been further for less. So that is what I did yesterday. The auspices were good - not a single hold up en route and I found a car parking space just 50m from the shop via an alleyway. He took it out of the gig bag and handed it over - it was one of those instant bonding situations. Love at first sight. Weighs in at 3.7kg on the nose. 8.14lbs. One owner from new, original unmolested condition. Some honest wear about the body but the frets have been barely worn in by the look of them. Serial number indicates it was the third from last ever made - 1980! Pics below are as I got it, I've since taken it to bits and given it a clean. Fresh strings. Wow. The tone is like nothing I have owned. Not Fender-ish. Organic, deep, rich but punchy. Really punchy Pickup is further back towards the bridge than, say, a P bass which I guess makes it so clear. The build quality as right up there, as good as anything I have owned. open back Grover tuners with a cute wiggle to them. 3 point bridge that is a massive improvement over the Gibson version. I even love the knobs! A little neck heavy but nothing a grippy strap won't cure. I've kissed a lot of frogs but reckon this is a Prince among basses. It has completely blown me away. Can't wait to give it a try out with my blues rock band!
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    Exactly. This is why the nation is getting its knickers in a twist. It doesn’t matter whether what you want to do fits whatever guidelines. COVID is on the up and we’re going into winter. Do your bit and do everything you can to limit unnecessary social interaction. I’m astonished why anyone would do otherwise.
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    Here is a G&L L1000 manufactured in 1981 in the USA from the time when Leo Fender was in the company. The bass is almost 40 years old and has its wear marks, especially the most striking is the one that remains on the body near the neck from supporting the thumb there for years. Finished in green nitro, the crackle of the nitro can be observed in some areas. The adjustment and sound is perfect, without strange noises, the trus rod works perfectly and the strings can be adjusted with a very low action. It has new d'Addario flatwound strings. As a curiosity (and for collecting) it includes its original case, original allen key and even the warranty card and the 1982 invoice. This is an amazing instrument bought here a month ago, but I'm a 5 string guy... I'm open to trades, but only 5 string basses.
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    A trip up to the north east included a detour to meet up with my old mate Captain John Morgan to pick up an early 90s three band Stingray. I had been chasing this particular bass for about four years, ever since picking it up after seeing the Captain play a gig in a bar on the banks of the Tyne in Newcastle. I had always asked him to give me first refusal if he ever decided to move it on, so I bit his hand off when he got in touch last week to ask if I was still interested. It is a deep wine-red colour with a rosewood fretboard, a six bolt plate and the old style bridge with the mutes still attached. John has installed brass bridge saddles, which seem like a great mod, but apart from that it is pretty much stock. It currently has a black scratchplate, but I have been looking for a s/h white one (mainly because I remember seeing a picture of Boz Burrell playing one like that back in the 70s). This must be the nicest Stingray to play that I’ve ever come across and has a great neck. I’ve had a couple of Rays in the past (a great natural 91 w/maple fingerboard and a pretty nice black 95 with the transition bridge with no mutes) and always regretted moving them on. I think that this one is going to be a keeper. Edit: I've just checked the serial number online and it was made in May 91
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    Well, I am not an expert at these things, but I would put the rug on the floor
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    Maybe we are all being too cynical. When I was a kid we played at World War 2 with Action Man . Maybe kids nowadays need to play at Motorhead with dolls like this one. An afternoon spent with other children acting out imagined scenarios from the Bomber Tour during the autumn of 1979 could be both therapeutic and educational. They could use Barbie dolls as groupies, and Blue Peter could show you how to make a hotel room out of an old shoe box.
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    I totally agree, I was trying to explain the way the statistical modelling of disease works to a friend the other day, after she said, quote "As far as I'm concerned, if the government says six people can get together, so can fifteen, we're either in lockdown or we're not". I've spent most of my life trying to be socially minded, to do what's best for everyone, but at present my view with my family is 'look after number 1" because there are people out there who fail to realise that every time they ignore the guidelines they put themselves and, more importantly, therefore everyone they subsequently come in contact with, at risk, and I don't want my family to fall into that category. I had to take my youngest daughter to hospital in London last week, I was absolutely shocked by how many people ignore social distancing, mask wearing, number limits etc. And it's not just students, it was across the board. People who put playing gigs over safety should spend a few hours on a Covid ward, see that there are previously healthy people in their 20's, 30's etc on ventilators - some are there because they went to the pub by the way - and speak to the nurses who have to risk their lives treating them about their views on society's 'Oh but my case is an exception' response. The above in part a response to my anger that I was asked to play a 'discrete' gig recently by guys who should know better.
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    Great basses, too right! 1989 Sunburst, 1990 Vintage Sunburst
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    I'm selling my Guild B-302 bass. It's an awesome rock machine built in 1979 according to the serial number. Tons of mojo hence crazes, checking, mahogany body and neck which can be seen here and there through the black finish. It's not in immaculate condition obviously, but nothing unusual from a bass having been played for decades. Please note pickguard's split near the jack input. It had a refret in its life, neck's super straight and stiff. There's lots of margin in the trussrod with 45-105 Lo Rider rounds. Nice low action (2,5mm above the 12th fret on E side, 2mm on G side). Neck's super stable. A strap hole has been added on the heel, but it's not super useful, neck-diving isn't bad on this one. Medium-weight : 4,3kg / lbs 9.5. Pickups are in awesome working condition. Tons of output, punch, sustain and articulation. These pickups are the cream of the crop, the bass has super deep and massive tones. Comes with OG Guild flight-case in ok condition. £915 / 1000€ shipped to your door in european countries.
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    Scat means something else where I come from! 🤔😉😆
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    I can't think of a single overrated bass player. I can think of plenty of very famous bass players whose playing I don't care for, but none who are actually in some way bad at playing bass whilst everyone thinks they're great.
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    It can be argued that nothing is new, and that all music is the musicians paying homage to their influences. The way I like to look at bands like Snarky Puppy is that they are bringing fusion to a new generation of musicians, and making the genre relevant to people that wouldn't other wise find fusion bands from the 70's / 80's. In my opinion there's absolutely nothing wrong with that.
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    It already sounds pretty darn decent. I'm now looking at either Nordstrand or Seymour Duncan (the Alnico version) but they do seem to be pretty similar. Anyway, here's a teaser:
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    A very loud extended bass solo is pretty much what the Government have been seeking, in order to persuade people to avoid town centres.
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    Unplug the lead. Carry spare batteries. Replace the batteries before they run out. Carry a screwdriver if you have to take the back plate off. Managing active basses is as easy as learning a U2 song!
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    Back to Spector. Saw this on Spector's FB page. Killer looking NS4. The guy for whom it was custom built must be one happy guy. Very jealous 😉
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    Update time.... four have gone in the last month (crossed through) and two have arrived (in bold)! (PRE-KRAMER) SPECTOR SB-1 USA 1976 (Walnut/Maple) (PRE-KRAMER) SPECTOR NS-2 USA (Cherry Sunburst) (KRAMER) SPECTOR NS-2 USA (Black) (KRAMER) SPECTOR NS-2 USA (Black) (KRAMER) SPECTOR NS-2 USA (Gloss White) (KRAMER) SPECTOR NS-2 USA (Tobacco Sunburst) (KRAMER) SPECTOR NS-2 USA (Red/Black Lava Crackle) - Ex-Barry Dunaway (Yngwie Malmsteen Band) (KRAMER) SPECTOR NS-2 USA (Red Stain) (KRAMER) SPECTOR NS-2A (Gloss White) (KRAMER) SPECTOR NS-2A (Black) (KRAMER) SPECTOR NS-2A (Black) (KRAMER) SPECTOR NS-2A (Teal) SPECTOR NS-2 USA (Custom Holoflash Black & Abalone) SPECTOR NS-2X USA 'Spectorbird' (Tobacco Sunburst & Abalone) SPECTOR Euro CR (Holoflash Black) SPECTOR Euro CRFM(Dark Purple Stain) SPECTOR Euro CRFM (Plum Stain quilt) SPECTOR Euro CRFM (Forest Green quilt) SPECTOR Euro LX (Gloss White) SPECTOR Euro LX ‘Ian Hill’ (Black) SPECTOR Euro LX 'Rachel Bolan' (Black/Silver Sparkle) SPECTOR Euro LX (Black Stain quilt) SPECTOR Euro LT (Violet Fade quilt) SPECTOR Euro NS-2 JA-CR Euro RI (Gloss White) 1 of 82 SPECTOR Euro NS-2 JA-CR Euro RI (Black) 1 of 82 SPECTOR Legend 4X (Holoflash Black) SPECTOR Legend 4X (Black Stain) SOLD STUART SPECTOR DESIGN NS-4 Euro (Red Stain) DINGWALL D-Bird (Blue/Purple Colourflip) WAL Mk1 Fretless (Mahogany with Stained Maple facings) WAL Mk1 “Geddy Lee” (Black with Gold Hardware) FENDER Precision ‘70’s Jap RI “Phil Lynott” (Black/Mirror) FENDER Precision '70's Classic' Jap RI (sunburst/Blocks on maple board) FENDER Precision ’62 Jap RI (Vintage White/Red Tort) FENDER FSR Precision PJ Deluxe Active (Sea Foam Metallic) 1 of 150 FENDER FSR Precision 70's RI (Nat Ash) FENDER Jazz Bass Special Japan "Duff McKagan" (White Sparkle) FRANKENSTEIN Tele neck/P body '"Billy Sheehan - The Wife" SOLD JACKSON "Kip Winger" Sig (Cherry Lacewood) JACKSON TBX-Pro ‘Jacksonbird’ 1 of 56 made (Black) JACKSON Ontario ‘Concert Bass’ (White) HAMER Impact USA (Black & Gold ‘Marble’) HAMER Impact USA (Red) HAMER Impact (Copper/Gold) HAMER Scarab USA ‘Rick Savage’ (White) KRAMER Forum I (Flipflop Blue) KRAMER Ferrington Electro/Acoustic (Black) ESP The Surveyor 1984 (Blue Stain with Blue fingerboard!) ESP PPJ-160 ‘Masayoshi Yamashita’ Sig Model (White) ESP/Zep-II PPJ-160 ‘Masayoshi Yamashita’ Sig Model (Black) PEAVEY RJ-IV “Randy Jackson” Sig Model (Red Sunburst) PEAVEY RJ-IV “Randy Jackson” Sig Model (Grey/Silverburst) PEAVEY “Rudy Sarzo” Sig Model (Dark Natural) TOKAI ‘Hard Puncher’ P (Black/Mirror) TOKAI Works TW801? (Black) FERNANDES MV-65NS “Nikki Sixx’ Non-Reverse Spectorbird (Black) FERNANDES MV-65NS “Nikki Sixx’ Non-Reverse Spectorbird (Black) FERNANDES MV-65NS “Nikki Sixx’ Non-Reverse Spectorbird (Black) FERNANDES TB Ltd Edition ‘Thunderbird’ (Off-White) SOLD YAMAHA BB3000 (Black Sparkle) ARCHER KS3 "Kasim Sulton" Sig Model ARIA CSB Black & Gold (Black) G&L Tribute Legacy L-2000 (Honey) SOLD PEDULLA Buzz Deluxe Fretless (Black) HARTKE XK-4 Active (Black/Chrome) GUILD Pilot (Purple Burst) GUILD Pilot (Red) BASS COLLECTION California 'Rickenfaker' (Natural) SOLD MUSICMAN USA Sub Stingray (Black) HAGSTROM Super Swede "Rutger Gunnarsson" (Dark Mahogany) EPIPHONE Thunderbird Vintage Pro (Black) EPIPHONE Thunderbird Vintage Pro (Tobacco Burst) ITALIA Imola GP "Ricky Phillips" (White) HOHNER B2A w/D-Tuner (Black) HARLEY BENTON PB-20 Precision (Matt Black) FELINE/SPECTOR "Gene Simmons SB-1" Copy (Black) FELINE/KRAMER "Gene Simmons Axe" 1980 Hybrid (Black/Silver) PUNISHER "Gene Simmons" Ltd. Edition (Signed/#’d) (Black) AXE "Gene Simmons" Ltd Edt (Signed/#’d) (Black/Silver) CORT “Gene Simmons Axe-2” (Black/Silver) CORT “Punisher GS-2” (Black) STACCATO MG Active (1 of 34 made) (Black/Magnesium Alloy) I also have 10 'guitards'.... ....and another Spector incoming before Xmas!
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    I mean, he's only doing what we all do surely? I'm currently trying to play a couple bars of a Charlie Parker solo in all 12 keys. It's a challenge, it's fun and it's a learning experience. This is Mr Navarro doing the same. His technical ability is just so much higher than mine that's all. (The Charlie Parker thing was a suggestion on FB not my idea) Oh and if you watch his video on Music Theory it's clear he's a really intelligent nice bloke too. But as has often been said before each to their own. I guess if it's not for you, you stop watching. Simples.
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    Sending back starting to reveal the grain. I’m thinking it looks good! Thinking about filling the pick guard screw holes and maybe a white stain. Though I’m worried that could be a bit “Habitat”
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    There's no magic combination - any P will growl differently (or maybe not at all) to another...
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    We live an learn..........unlike me to leave a bass plugged in.......worse things happen I suppose........only came here for sympathy!!!
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    Well, why so long then, we have been able to make trade deals for a year, we seem to have replaced 19 so far. Got quite a long way to go. I will take that wager. But if we do it is because we can accept less from it than the EU will. True. If our money can afford them, and we get that deal. Umm.. I am not a fisherman, how in any way of anything is that relevant? Fishing is a tiny industry in the UK and the fish that we fish we have to sell to other people as we don't eat it. What is the point putting up trade barriers to people we sell the fish to. Still, its a shame when we were in the EU, we didn't have anyone who was prepared to support british industry as MEPs.
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    An awesome neo Cab in excellent condition. It sounds amazing. 600 watts, 4 ohms and just 23kg. Slightly too big for my rehearsal needs so am looking to trade, part/ex for a smaller cab, like a Compact. Very lightweight for such a massive sounding full range cab. These, like all things Genz, are discontinued and very highly regarded. This is the perfect one Cab solution for any sized gig. Has never been abused and spent most of its life in my home. Comes with fitted Roqsolid cover.
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    Hello everyone. My name is Euan and I make music under the alias violet electric. I'm a year into bass although I haven't taken considerable amounts of time to properly learn too much as my main instrument is guitar. I make kinda new wave/ post punk, clash meets hendrix stuff or at least i'm trying to. I really like using bass to kind of arrange songs in my head and jam ideas. I feel like I hear a bassline far clearer in my head than any other element when im coming up with ideas and it's really nice now i bought myself a little 90s squier p-bass (which does need new pots and jack lol) to play around with. Also writing on bass is easier for me because I don't really have to consider if a note is major or minor in whatever key i'm in, which I feel on guitar is something that holds me back from playing exactly what I hear in my head. Being a firm believer that sound and experience from music over what is musically correct is a tough life man Thank you for such a warm welcome to the forum i'm sure i'll be sticking around for some time now.
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    "So remaining jobs: - fit luminlay side dots - fit the pickups - install the Dunlop inset strap locks - string it up with the new Status strings - take the arty-farty shots" And the one I forgot - earth the bridge blocks Pickups are in: And a blurry picture of the inset strap locks installed:
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    Actually I already did, and just had a very quick reply! He's escalated it and then I had a message from the head of customer services who is getting the depot to search for it. Fingers crossed! The Paypal refund will be easy enough, but would rather have the bass back for him!
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    This is a good Covers band that was busy before Covid with a novel approach to getting gigging again https://www.facebook.com/Exposeband/ “Here is the list of Exposé gigs for November - keep an eye out for ticket information for each one, which we will post on this page - PLEASE DO NOT CONTACT THE VENUES YET: Sun 1st Nov : The Welcome Club, Stanford-le-hope (tickets available to non-members one week before) - tier 1 so rule of 6 indoors Sat 7th Nov : The Castlemayne, Basildon (£10 a ticket - details soon) - tier 2 so tables of 2 from same household Sat 14th Nov : The Crown, Roneo Corner (£5 a ticket, details soon) - tier 2, but outside in new marquee, so rule of 6 Sat 21st Nov : The Castlemayne, Basildon (£10 a ticket - details soon) - tier 2 so tables of 2 from same household Sat 28th Nov : The Cricketers, Southend (SOLD OUT). - tier 1 Obviously, all of these are subject to the current rules and restrictions, and things could change at any time... hopefully it wont all end in "tiers" 😉 PLEASE SHARE” In a reply to a question, Dave who runs the band states his thinking about how it works:- “We have been playing each of these venues for many years 2. We are taking a reduced fee at all of them 3. By selling tickets, the venue does not have to pay a fee for the band, so drink sales are clear profit, thus helping the venue 4. The venues have asked us to play 5. We have done 8 gigs since lockdown was lifted, and all sold out, sometimes in a matter of minutes. 6. Thanks for the free promotion, and hope you enjoy the forthcoming gigs that you clearly haven’t got. Stay safe.“
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    Good idea. And good of Dave to share his thinking. But is it just me or is point 6 just a bit.... unnecessary?
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    If the delay effect is in time with the music and your using a human drummer you will need something with tap tempo.
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    I had to re-read this - thought that "neck weights" was an actual thing - something that were added to necks.
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    This is the first sensible discussion I have seen on any social media platform on the topic of Covid-19. Informative, reasoned and mutually respectful. Thank you all for restoring my faith that society still has the ability to conduct a rational and sensible debate now and again.
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    Who can say. I often fall into the trap of assuming when I see anything bass related that makes me go wow! I have to come here and share it. I forget that me enjoying something doesn't equate to every one enjoying it. I was going to share some dude playing bebop on a double bass which was another piece of unbelievable playing but maybe I won't risk getting my buzz harshed.
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    Thanks for the lovely feedback everyone, and all new orders are now good to go, and will be shipped tomorrow morning.
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    So, no spare, new, battery in the pocket of the gig-bag, eh..? There's the £30 lesson to be learned..! ...
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    Are you suggesting we have a short atten......
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    I bought an M2000 this week...
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    Pleasant work-around-the-house listening!
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    That's playing Prog with a lazy drummer for ya! 😉
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    Very smart buy👌. KiOgon loom. Don't change anything else.
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    Any Basschatters anywhere near Bath or Swindon... El Toro Music is hosting 'live' 'gigs' in his music shop. We did it on Saturday and it was so good to be out there and playing. Virtual tip jar set up and streamed to FB. So much better than a smelly pub with drunks yelling at you for songs you don't know, standing on your pedals and asking the guitarist if they can have a go. If you're interested look him up on FB and get in touch. Here's our set, complete with lockdown rust and some laughable bass mistakes 🤦🏼‍♂️
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    Nursing a hangover the size of Sweden. That’s what I’m doing.
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    I keep on getting the blame for stuff.
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    Wow this is a mega thread! I am waiting on a newly ordered BBNE2, in white of course. I haven't gone through all 171 pages to see if this bass has been discussed! Its a great sounding bass with superb build quality. I should get it just before xmas!

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