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    I've owned this rare beast from new, back when you had to wait 3 months for them to be made. Freakish light, huge bottom end and stupidly loud, being capable of delivering the same output as two 8x10's cabs. It needs a decent amp to drive it but nothing crazy. When I used a Darkglass 900w in rehersals I had to switch it into lower power mode if I want to be able to up the gain much. It hasn't been regularly gigged and is in great condition. The sound quality is fantastic, they are pretty special guys at barefaced. The tightness in the low end is remarkable. You will see from the link below you cannot buy these anymore and they don't do anything with 15-inch speakers these days just 10's and 12's. The only signs of ageing are cosmetic and I have tried to capture them in the pictures. The plastic brackets of the handles have faded or been marked, the corner guards have some wear and what the pictures cant pick up is that If you stand in front of it and peer directly down the face of the grill, and the light is just right, you might notice a slight variance in darkness on freshly painted parts that had some light scratching from bloody cymbal stands being lent against it. Drummers! I touched these up with the official barefaced bass touch up kit. There is plenty left and I will include this. The badge looks worn but it's actually that the plastic protector is on still. I'm open to realistic offers but not trades as I'm not in a band anymore. Pick up is preferred. I'm not against meeting halfway by car or posting but it is very expensive. UK postage (48 hr, Royal mail, tracked and signed for) is £87 fully insured, £57 without insurance. Cash or Bank transfer preferred. Paypal only if you pick up the fees. https://barefacedbass.com/product-range/dubster.htm
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    Bassdirect at Warwick would be a good place to look.
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    1973 Precision Sunburst body with a few scars Maple neck and fretboard Tort Pickguard Serial Number 392*** 8.2lbs 'B' neck with 40mm nut Strung with new set of Labella 1954 Flats Bridge and pickup covers. Original case and case candy £2500 Sorry no trades as downsizing due to impending retirement.
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    . . . . on the other hand, who is doing the stealing? For a couple of decades now, a very large part of Youtube and the rest of the internet has been full of stuff being reproduced without permission or payment to the original artist or writer. The artists seemed to have largely given up the fight over the use of their property, but I'm surprised that the publishers have taken so long to get to grips with the internet. Now they have, the genie appears to be being put back into the bottle! Currently the pendulum appears to have swung too far the other way, but in the end I would imagine the best course of action is for the owners and users of copyrighted material get together and form licence agreements for what they need.
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    Thought I'd share this experience in case someone else has the same problem - it might save you some hassle/cash. A while back my MXR M87 died. The level meter was still functioning but there was absolutely no sound coming from the pedal output. I did all the usual quick fixes (contact cleaner on jacks, replaced footswitch etc) but to no avail. After a bit of digging I discovered that the output op-amp in this pedal (TLC2262 in case you were wondering) has a maximum voltage of 16V. Obviously this would normally be OK in a pedal that runs at 9V, except that MXRs "Constant Headroom Technology" feature is essentially a charge pump circuit that doubles the pedal's internal voltage to 18V. It shouldn't take a genius to work out what therefore ensues if, like me, you're unlucky. I replaced the TLC2262 with an AD822 (which has a supply voltage of 18V) and my pedal now lives and breathes again. I believe MXR will fix pedals under warranty for a flat fee of £75, whereas replacing the blown chip cost me less than a tenner and a few minutes fiddling with a soldering iron (the TLC2262 and AD822 chips are both surface mount - soldering these can be tricky unless you're experienced in doing so). It appears that mine is not an isolated issue as a quick Google uncovers many such failures, so I figured I'd pass this info on in case any other BC members' M87s suffer the same fate. Please use or disregard this information as you see fit!
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    That's actually a very fair point. It is, no question, in the high end price bracket for cabs and getting things like a quality finish sorted should go hand in hand.
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    I'm so sorry to hear this. 6 weeks or 6 months - it's still not long enough to say goodbye. Thanks for sharing this at what must be a difficult and emotional time. That's a fine looking bass and it will be forever special - play it with pride 'cos the old man will be listening and tapping his feet.
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    And out comes the Go-bar rig again, but this time with the 25 foot radius dish. Lots of careful marking out of the bracing positions and then the all-important X-braces are glued in place first, with the radiused bottoms pressing the top into its spherical shape: It maybe one of those urban myths, but that little hardwood stiffener across the X brace joint is said to make a significant difference to the tone... There's a clip somewhere with a demo of without one and then with one subsequently fitted which is fascinating. I'll try and find it.
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    EDIT. Open to sensible offers. Now travelling to London quite regularly and able to meet up for those based in and around the Big City.... Up for sale is an immaculate Dingwall Super P/J 5 (passive) in a gorgeous Candy Dark Cherry gloss finish (like a wine-coloured version of a Candy Apple Red). This has a number of optional extras including the Wenge Neck, metallic gloss paint, J pickup and pearloid block inlays. It has the fanned fret system but is 2” shorter than the usual Dingwall scale length. This makes it (in my opinion) a lot more “normal” to play as there’s no extra reach to the lower frets. Electronics are Dingwall’s own passive pickups and consist of the standard P pickup plus an additional J pickup at the bridge. The pickup control is a four-way switch between neck only, neck and bridge (serial), neck and bridge (parallel) and bridge only. This gives a massive range of tonal options to choose from. Condition is immaculate. I can’t find a mark anywhere on the bass. It comes with the Dingwall-branded Levy’s gigbag, paperwork and tools - all of which are also in immaculate condition. I’ve shown the pictures that Bass Direct used when they advertised the bass - these are of the actual bass - but I’ll post some more that I took earlier today as soon as I’ve had chance to shrink them down to an acceptable size. Given the condition and scarcity of these, I think I’m asking for a fair price but I am open to (sensible) offers. I’d prefer cash but I’ll consider trades especially if you have a nice, light P-bass or a Barefaced One10 (silver cloth) or Two10. I’m based in Cleethorpes and, given recent experiences with couriers, I won’t ship this so you’re welcome to come and try or I am happy to meet part way so PM me to discuss options. I also come down to London quite regularly so could meet there if that helps. (This obviously means that I won’t ship overseas. I realise that I’m reducing my potential market but I’ve had too many bad experiences with scammers in the past so, sorry, but it’s UK only and collection or delivery in person) Thanks for looking - more pictures to follow later.....
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