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    I've tried making knobs a few different ways, but this is probably the most successful method of the ones I've tried. I part-cut the bottom wood using a diamond pipe-drill: Then create the relief for the pot nut with a 15mm Forstner: Then the hole for the spindle insert: And now I have all the concentric holes done, I can re-fit the pipe-drill and finish the cut: Next is the hole for screwdriver access to the insert grub screw: And now I can (carefully) press-fit the spindle insert, lining up the grub screw with the drilled hole: Then I cut the purpleheart and ebony discs with the pipe-drill: Glued and clamped: Next is installing the luminlay dots: And finally, using a 6mm drill in the insert as a mandrel, a quick sanding and oiling:
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    First pass of the final sanding and another reveal coat. Bit of glue squeezout at the top and end of the fretboard/body join: Back looks OK : Edges look OK . You can see where the pickup chamber I cut after fixing the top meets the control cable channel I cut before fixing the top. Yes - the chamber and opening will be tidied up : Bit more sanding at the back to lose those grain chips: Final finish, once it's ready, will be like @Jus Lukin 's headless - a light Tru-oil gloss
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    Yes - little by little it's getting there
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    This just arrived, such a nice colour and rather hot IMHO Better pics than mine in FS ad http://davidjpym.com/page295.html
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    But you're no Donald Duck Dunn with some vintage Yamaha gear, curly lead, matching hair, pipe and shades.
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    Which UK number one single contains the best bass line. I will kick us off with Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick by Norman Watt-Roy. Also, take a drink when someone tells us it's all 'subjective'. Another drink when we're invited to debate what the word 'best' means. And finish the bottle when someone tells us it's 'impossible'.
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    Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein? Maybe they got the idea from the UK's points tally at the Eurovision? Too soon? 😉
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    Heard this on 6music this morning. I've liked Prefab for years but never heard this tremendous bass performance before. The bass is really forward in the mix and I just love the unmistakable Stingray tone. I particularly like the double-stop slides. GASing for a Musicman now...😫
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    Volute nearly there: I'll finish it off as part of the final sanding...which, incidentally, has begun : I'll put in the Luminlays before starting the finishing and so by the middle of the week the finish stages will begin - and in between each drying coat, some wooden knobs, the magnetic trussrod cover and the frame for seating the hatch cover (hopefully with it being just one Superquad loom, magnets should be fine) will all be worked on. In the meantime, the bone nut has been ordered and I'm just about to order the strings I think the final furlong is definitely in play.
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    You’ve twice tried to push this in an anti-Muslim direction, and it’s worked neither time. It’s a good show about a band who happen to be of a different ethnicity. It looks like a lot of fun. Perhaps watch the show and let us know what you think!
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    Aye.. I definitely aspire to double denim and a moustache last seen on the hunk fixing the washing machine for the scantily-clad lady in that dodgy movie. 😁
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    All good but remember, somewhere out there is a chap who'd have bought you a Precision. Don't give up!! 🙂
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    I know he pretty much divides opinion on here but I think this is a really fantastic bit of melodic and tasteful playing (well perhaps before the slapfest starts) There's also a useful link to the Interactive TAB below the video if anyone fancies learning it (it's hard btw). I'm going to have a go although the slap is well beyond my ability. actually starts at 1:07 https://tabs.ultimate-guitar.com/tab/davie504/s-l-a-p-p-guitar-pro-3445838
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    You could so easily have said you had knob envy. Well done for showing some restraint.
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    For sale this Pedulla MVP 4 Amber Limited Edition, made by Michael Pedulla in 2007 in the USA. The bass is in pristine condition and comes with original Pedulla hardcase. It's all you can expect from a Pedulla: very smooth neck, versatile sound, perfectly balanced...it's a real joy to play. It has never been gigged, only played at home a couple of times. Options: Body wings: AAAAA Flame maple Neck: neck-through, 3-piece maple Scale: 34" Fingerboard: ebony Frets: 24 Inlay: mother of pearl Color: Deep Amber trans finish Bridge: ABM 3-way adjustable machined brass with roller saddles, 19mm string spacing Tuners: M.V. Pedulla/Gotoh Pickups: Made for M.V. Pedulla by Bartolini Electronics: Active, Bartolini Controls: volume, pan, bass boost/cut, treble boost/cut, mid boost/cut (toggle) Asking price: £2550/€3000. New price in 2007 was £5150. Since Brexit, i believe this is only interesting for people within the EU. As i said before: the bass is in very good condition, no marks, frets as new and with original case. Shipping is possible. You can always send me an offer or trade offer, but with cash only from your side and only four string basses. Please send me a PM for any questions. Thanks for looking!
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    Test fit of eyelet boards (one partly populated) and most front and rear panel components.
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    You just need to be better at multi tasking. Playing, singing and head butting simultaneously.
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    You want a decent priced CF neck bass, consider buying a used Peavey G-bass, or any bitsa with a Status neck.
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    Fender starcaster bass 30” scale,good condition with no issues and plays really well,comes with a gigbag,small ding on the side of the neck,just got a fender stu Hamm urge bass with a 32” neck,so this is now surplus to requirements.would trade for a precision with cash either way,can post for &15
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    This is a good'un, a fun, bouncy line to play. An important single as it's the first reggae No.1 if you discount 'My Boy Lollipop' by Millie Small.
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    Wherever I Lay My Hat should get a look in. Won't top HMWYRS though.
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    "You're The One That I Want" - John Travolta And Olivia Newton John. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e__Pp4FxsjU
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    And all in Here it is, waiting for the glue in the final 3 to 4 that I've put in to cure enough to allow me to clip all the ends flush with the sides of the board:
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    If I hadn’t bought a lifetimes supply of Yamahas…
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    The UK ended FoM, ending it was one of the linchpins of Brexit. What many failed to grasp was that we weren’t just ending it for EU citizens, we were ending it for ourselves too. We could have opted to remain part of the SM - a Norway style agreement - that would have solved the problem with NI, it would have solved the problems that exporters are facing. We chose not to though. The UK was offered visa-free travel for creative industry workers, we would have had to reciprocate though, so we said no. This is despite the fact that the creative industries employs 3.2 million people, or 10% of the country’s workforce, and contributed some £111 billion to the economy in 2018 (source ONS).
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    Did some work on the “n0b machine” Rough carved the neck …. Still lot’s to do, but rough shape is all good.
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    Fabulous handmade short scale bass but I now have a few fabulous basses and my cowpunk band, for which this was bought (a replacement for my Mustang), looks to be toast. I bought it from BC six or seven months ago (ad link below with tons of pics and specs) and have since sourced a black s/p and TRC from Serek for more of a Gibson TV yellow look. Still have the tort s/p and TRC. Very light bass and plays slickly with flats. Collection south of Hammersmith Bridge or post at cost. UK-only after some post-Brexit horror stories (2 of which I have been involved in). No trades due to aforementioned surfeit of basses and lack of opportunity to use them! This normally results in PMs along lines of "hi mate, sure I can't tempt you to trade with a xxxxxx ..." but to be clear. No trades, thanks! Previous FS link
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    I think there’s nothing cooler than a modified high end bass. Even if it ruins the resale value. I’ve got this to add - although it HAD to be modified because it came without any electronics. But since then it’s been prodded and poked, it’s got a Roland GK system and a few other things here and there. It probably wouldn’t work for anyone else but that’s ok with me! I’ve owned about five other Vigiers from this period and they are all special, but this one’s ‘mine’
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    The obvious solution is to assume we all bring a +1 and adjust the cake supply accordingly. With an extra 50%, just in case.
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    More craftsmanship on display for the control knobs than many builders can manage for the entire build...
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    I feel rather guilty posting this after reading @Woodinblack's tale of spineless [email protected] We had our first post-lockdown rehearsal last Thursday and the vibe came back with a vengeance. Our normal rehearsal venue is a college studio. We couldn't get a rehearsal studio - they were all rightly earmarked for music students - but we did manage to bag the auditorium. We were all rather nervous - although we'd done a fair bit of online stuff, we hadn't played ensemble for the best part of fifteen months. There was a fair bit of tension in the air, especially as everyone apart from the singists had to wear masks. The singists were enclosed by perspex screens. And just to add to the personal stress, the first song was Town Called Malice, which muggins here had to start. Worse, my Eden Metro, which had conked out on our last gig, was having its first outing since I'd had it repaired. If it put a foot wrong, I was determined to chuck the amp section off the Forth Road Bridge and reduce it to a 210 cab. A deathly silence fell and five pairs of eyes zeroed in on me like eighteen-inch guns on a battleship. Oh God, why did I ever go near a bass guitar? There was nothing else for it. Off I went, praying for the earth to swallow me up. Riff, riff... and the drums and guitar came in... riff, riff and I hit the low F#... "Better stop dreaming of the quiet life, it's the one you'll never know..." Oh wow. It all came back in an instant. A huge grin spread across my face and I knew I was back where I belonged. No, it didn't all go swimmingly. We all hit more bum notes than a farting contest and I have a lot of homework to do. But when we finished and loaded out, I was walking on air. And the Metro? I'll leave the verdict to the college sound engineer. "Christ," he said, "that's a killer bass amp!" It's good to be back. Rock on! 🤘
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    I wanted an Ibanez 4 string with Nordstrand pick ups ever since selling my six string version - too heavy for 2-3 hour sets and even after a year of playing them, I still got lost on the sixes. Picked up a VGC Ibanez SR 1200, same woods, finish, pick ups and bridge as my old SR 1206 but lighter and with the proper number of strings. Brought it home, tuned it, plugged it in and….. It was everything I've wanted in a bass - at least as good as my Sandberg Panther Special. I might talk to John East about putting one of his pre-amps in it (I'm addicted to his sweepable mid-range) but in every respect, it's perfect. I know this doesn't really fit the thread, but with someone saying earlier that dreaming of an Ibanez was indicative of very low aspirations, let me tell them they are wrong.
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    Fought hard to buy this - and I might be totally stupid/wrong/laughable for my mindset. It’s a mega rare 1985 Japanese Yamaha BB1300. Neck Through… 2 x Twin J pickups… Volume/Tone Per pickup…push/pull for coils and a pickup Selector. It’s “racing blue” - sort of half lake placid blue, half lilac - it’s fit. But, I keep on going back to my P/J yamaha Bb’s. Time to admit defeat. Passive P/J forever. Now, I’m not selling this. I want like for like swaps on a bb3000 (passive - I DO NOT WANT A 3000A) red metallic. May consider wine red. bb2024mx (maple board - as rare as bb1300) bb1600 gun metal blue preferably, maybe Natural - with cash my way (amount depending on condition). bb2024x - with cash my way (amount depending on condition). I’m not selling it otherwise, I hope to bond with it…but it’s just a thought process. legitimately had a dream where I swapped it for a 2024mx last night - so weird.
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    Rare Godin Zeta Z-11 bass. Very well built bass, made in Canada in (I assume) the first years of the 80s. It has some cool features like piezo Bridge, ebony fretboard and wavey Grover tuners. The bass looks very good for its age. It has some minor damages like dents, but nothing significant. The neck is straight and the frets show little wear. There are a few issues concerning the electrics though: apparently the piezo Bridge is defective, and also the electronics need to be revised or (partly) replaced. The original and rare Canadian made tolex hardcase is included. Asking €650 The bass is located in the Netherlands, but I am happy to ship at buyers risk.
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    The memories of Lars denying thrash (as early as 1988) had me thinking fondly of this BBC Arena documentary, which I watched countless times as a youth. I still have the old VHS tape of it somewhere. It's well worth 60 minutes of your time if you like the heavier side. Great days.
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    What a band. Having seen (and met) them a few times back in the day, it’s hard to believe they’re not with us anymore. With all due respect to the other incarnations, Motorhead will always be the Three Amigos for me.
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    First show of the year properly confirmed now. 1st of October at Kings Place supporting Ex-Easter Island Head A band I like a great deal and a venue I've wanted to perform at for a long time, so I'm especially happy. https://www.kingsplace.co.uk/whats-on/contemporary/ex-easter-island-head-kelly-jayne-jones-thomas-stone/ Fingers crossed London isn't back in a tier system by October 🤣
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    This is one of my all time favourite rock bass tones.
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    Babylon though is a great film, and great soundtrack.
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    That's a rare beastie! Very much back on the Mesa radar screen thanks to the new TT-800, which trades heavily on the 400 heritage. Mesa's decision to design 400 sounds into their new flagship amp tells us how good they think it is. GLWTS.
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    Thanks for all the advice. I went with one of these in the end and it seems to be ok, but I guess time will tell.
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    Great player, doesn’t take himself seriously, I’d aspire to being either
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    Well here I am with my new squeeze! I recently joined The Barking Poets (check us out!) and needed a bass fitting for the punk rock vibe we play. Got this one a week before the gig thanks to @Marc S and just couldn't be happier (top chap to deal with BTW). I got a lot of compliments on the day, it so looks the part! Now I want another one with maple board, I've seen a purple one in the past I'd love to own!! The relic is super genuine and makes me not worry about the occasional ding or stage affairs. Best, Ander. IMG_7030.heic
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    You really should.. the world actually does need more of these.! 👍
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    I wish they'd block the FS sections here
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    Martin McAloon was a seriously underrated creative bass player - Prefab Sprout were a superb band with Paddy McAloon's beautifully crafted songs. I always felt their rather silly name never did them any favours, but their music still sounds refreshingly good 40 or so years after it was released. 😊
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    Reading back over this and other threads there are loads of things - jack wiring, pot wiring come loose, cold solder rears it’s ugly head etc. Most things can be fixed, but (again it’s personal for everyone) despite me being happy to do a complete Re-wire, I have a double gig bag which is not too much more hassle than a single one, so taking a second, quick change and diagnose and fix the problem later seems the easier option imho, and if never required, well I have just gotten stronger in the process.

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