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    Just had this delivered by our resident gear tart Karl to my hotel room in Newcastle. Blown away by the bass and Karl's 50 cash back to buy the strings of my preference. What a diamond geezer.
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    Don't you think the £20 fee is reasonable if you think of how it supports the site too? I try to communicate that to members but it doesn't always make a difference.
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    A lovely tribute from Doane Perry, which casts some light on how Neil dealt with his illness: Doane Perry 11 hrs Neil Ellwood Peart - 9/12/52 - 1/7/20 I want to thank all the people who have so kindly written, texted, posted or called regarding Neil's passing. Like so many, this has completely undone me and I haven't quite known where to start. I am working on something more substantial to be posted in the future when things have settled a little for everyone. During the last three and a half years, Neil faced this brutal, aggressive brain cancer bravely, philosophically and with his customary humor, sometimes light and occasionally dark - all very characteristic of him, even given the serious situation and the odds handed to him at the time of the diagnosis and subsequent surgery. But he fought it. By his own request for privacy, few people knew, but his understandable response to this news in no way excludes or diminishes ALL of those who also knew him, worked with him or loved and admired him from up close, or at a distance. His tenacious approach to life served him well during these last years and although he primarily kept his own counsel, he retained his dignity, compassion, understanding and his deeply inquisitive nature, which never deserted him. Remarkably, considering the severity of his condition (glioblastoma) and through the resulting aftermath, he really had no pain. This was always my first question when I saw him. “Any pain?” I asked. “No pain”, came the reply. What a blessing that was. We were all grateful for that. For every one of us who loved him, near and far, this is a loss that is difficult and impossible to summarize in a few short paragraphs. The outpouring of love, respect and appreciation from every imaginable quarter for this extraordinary, singular talent and beautiful man with a mind like no one I have ever met, is touching beyond words. To those that had to guard and hold on to this information closely for three and a half years, for obvious and protective reasons; his wife Carrie, daughter Olivia, his loving family, band, colleagues and friends, they have my undying admiration. You know who you are. Apart from his deeply gifted, genius talent and prolific output, which he brilliantly displayed through music, lyric and prose writing and that staggering storehouse of knowledge across an array of subjects in multiple fields, he remained a kind, gentle, considerate and modest soul and a consummate gentleman… as well as an extraordinary friend. If you were his friend, you knew it and he understood how to be the best friend that you could ever hope to have. I think I speak for all, known and unknown to him, to say he will be deeply missed, eternally loved, appreciated and remembered for his many invaluable contributions to music, art and the written word. That will be forever celebrated. Despite what he knew and we knew which was inevitable, I believe there is some sense of relief that this long, difficult odyssey has finally ended. Thank you my dear friend, for passing this way. We are all richer for your presence and light in our lives. 🙏💙🙏 Doane Perry - January 16th, 2020
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    Hi, not an easy decision ... but I need to invest in a new roof for my old house, so I have to sale some of my babies. This Status has one of the most beautifull top made by Rob, unique piece of Myrtle wood. No leds, 17.5mm. The bass is with me since 2012 (and during a short period with Mike) , and rarely used in concert, so the condition is nearly perfect I live in Belgium, I have the hard case Status, so I can send it everywhere on earth (cost of shipping for you). I would like to have 2800 EUR for it, no trade pls. So sexy ! no ? I have also an Alembic Rogue 5 and a MM Stingray Classic 5 on market, so I could cancel this sale at any time. Regards Luc
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    The ultimate fretless bass, beautiful craftmansship by Manne guitars. Very new model, mint conditions. With original case. https://reverb.com/item/4633409-manne-acoustibass-satin-special-5-2017-cma-cga Trades considered with fretted basses.
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    Nice. Any when this guy says he can ship, boy can he ship. Tempted to buy this just to experience the packing again!
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    Thanks folks. My original thinking was that I wanted to have a community where everyone felt welcome, without a 'rank' structure like you find on Talkbass with tiered membership. The concept being that more members = a better marketplace, which is fee paying to use. The more members use the forum (for free) = bigger audience + more people paying to list. I say all this but in actual fact the whole model has been incredibly stable and fruitful since it began so I don't necessarily see any need to change things hugely, but always interested in opinions. I still feel, hand on heart, that the marketplace here has unique benefits worthy of a tightly knit community for a reasonable fee which increases the quality of listings and members posting to a degree making it 'safer' than other, free sites.
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    If only they had some kind of user forum to contact them
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    Exactly the point of the post: that phrase was a reference to an earlier comment from someone else - read a couple of pages back and you’ll see that @yorks5stringer was actually rebuffing another poster for using that phrase. I believe this post is more meant along the lines of “how on earth can you accuse her of being a ‘gold digging tart’ after reading this article?”.
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    I'm happy with the £20. Its worth it for me cause i'm on the site every day and i get a lot of enjoyment from it..........most of the time Dave
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    Actually they do just that, in the fretboard options - it's called "SH" (short headstock).
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    Couple of oldies but goodies. First edition Hohner B2A, 1984, owned from new: Cort Space B2 - bought from a BCer about 8 years ago, original black finish was badly worn so I removed it using a heat gun & was pleasantly surprised to find a satin poly sealing coat underneath. Want to pop some different pickups in at some point. And this one's a no-brand Crack Converters special I picked up because I liked the sort of Marleaux/Laurus-y styling, and it was dirt cheap. Unfortunately quite cheaply-made too, despite appearances it's not through-neck, it took a lot of work to make it play nicely and unfortunately the tuning system is over-engineered, poorly thought out and barely fit for pupose. Looks smashin' though, but sadly no use as a wall-hanger because paradoxically, it lacks a head to hang it by. So off it went. Future headless ambitions include a Riverhead Unicorn (had GAS since the 80s when I couldn't afford one), Hohner Jack (the J/J version) Westone Super Headless (when one turns up at the car boot for £30) Status S2/S2000 (see previous entry) - and probably more realistically, a conversion of a sort-of Rickenfaker I've had kicking around for years, which has one of the ugliest & most incongruous headstocks I've seen.
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    Looks like Fender should be announcing the black version of the JMJ Mustang at NAMM....
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    Well I took the plunge. This thing looks, sounds, and feels absolutely superb! Thanks to everyone for all the help and advice.I just need to learn to play it now. 😂 Picked up locally for just over £200. I'm calling that a bargain!
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    Last rehearsal I found myself tunerless! Shock horror... I had to ask the guitarist for an A then use harmonics! Retro eh? 🤣
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    Shiny Shiny...I’m worse than a magpie 🙄
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    Good call on the Markbass Alain Caron. As second choice, I'd be considering a Fender Rumble 500.
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    I need/want to sell one of my Spector 5 Strings. No trades - £9999 collected (Lancashire) or plus shipping at cost, say UK £25, EU £35?. Spector NS5CRFM Bass (I believe). Made in Czech Republic. Colour is a dark blue that is a little hard to capture in all of the photographs. From the resources on the Spector website I believe this dates from 1999. I can send more photographs or information as required. 34" scale but still a very, very good B string indeed. The bass has Solid Maple body wings, solid brass bridge. These older CRFM's are quite unique. They are built like the current USA Spector specifications are now with the solid wings. The new EURO models have 3 piece wings with a walnut tone plate. I am unsure of the electrics in this bass, it does not appear to be an EMG unit. My best guess is that it is one of the few Aguilar pre amps used in these basses around this time. It is certainly a great pre amp, but be aware it could not be the original preamp from the bass and may be an aftermarket addition. Pickups also each have push pull operation on their respective volume switches for series and parallel out put from each humbucking pickup. Note there are many scuffs, scrapes, chips in the control cavity cover etc and lacquer cracks on the bass as shown in the photographs. This is a 21 year old bass that has been played. Please do not expect pristine condition. However, this is nothing that affects playability.
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    Well, the seller cannot be accused of a misleading description....
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    Last week at rehearsal my doublebass fell over, a bit of a story as to how it fell but that's besides the point. It fell face down with the G string touching down first on the rounded edge of an old granite step making a mess of the string and putting about a inch long depression into the fingerboard, about the same depth as the string. It also knocked the bridge across about an inch an chipped the upper bout edge a little. The bridge is easily sorted and I'm not too worried about the chips, a touch of wax will sort them, but the big dent in the fingerboard right under the G string would certainly hamper playing, and we've got a wedding to play in two weeks, so I was a little anxious. I haven't got any pictures of the fingerboard but this is the string so you can imagine the damage to the fingerboard, it didn't scrape, just a direct impact. Anyway the point of this post is that I thought I'd try steaming it out, not knowing if it would work at all with such a sharp dent and it being in very hard ebony. I've never done it before but wetting the dent with warm water and then placing the edge of some wet folded kitchen towel on the dent and working a hot soldering iron slowly over it has worked wonders. It took about half an hour of repeatedly wetting, steaming and cooling but the dent has come out completely. A little rub afterwards with some 2000 grit paper wetted with lemon oil has made the repair completely invisible and to be perfectly honest I'm quite pleased with myself. If you've got any such dents in wood I'd thoroughly recommend giving it a go as it worked a lot better than I though it would and was very easy. 🙂
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    Well...I wish I could say these bothe belonged to me...to one without chrome cover belongs to @sshorepunk but it’s lovely.
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    Just used mine at rehearsal and wound the mids up full with the selector in the middle position. Sounded bloody fab. Next trip out for it will be Giants of Rock next Saturday.
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    He bought one a few posts up 🙂 This one.
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    I'll be writing a series of NAMM mega-blogs throughout Feb and March! It's a great show.
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    She may not be a songwriter, but can sing and she's an ordinary middle aged woman with Aspergers who overcame a lot more barriers than 99.98% of them!
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    One problem i'm finding on BC at the moment is that every bass i really like seems to be from outside the UK. There seems to an awful lot of basses for sale from outside UK. I'm not brave enough to buy from outside the UK. Dave
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    My eBay days are done. For me, BC for substantial / specialist stuff, FB for bits and bobs. Works a treat.
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    Work in progress... grain filler applied 😎
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    So the server doesn't play like buttah?
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    Hmmm....Mark D Phillips...does anybody know anything about this man??
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    Hi! Selling my ungigged and mint (for a roadworn anyway!) Fender JMJ Mustang. It just doesn't get used enough and I know someone will get a lot more out of it than I. It's a great little bass and makes a lot of noise for sch a small thing! Is very fat and round too. It comes with a gig bag. I can send this at the buyers expense but I would much rather a collection. I live in Exeter but work weekly in Cardiff so can meet anywhere between or around the two if something can be organised. Thanks!
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    I’ve managed to find a real nice Ripper in Washington DC so I’ve bought it tonight👌👍
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    Guys, I think you are (at least in part) misunderstanding some differences between how commerce is done the UK and commerce is done in the US, including HOW pricing is presented. 1. In the UK, your prices INCLUDE 20% VAT, in the US, our prices do NOT INCLUDE state sales tax (our version of your VAT), which runs between 9-10% average. 2. Importing into the UK costs roughly an additional 10-12% on top of this VAT for things like transportation, licensing, bonding, insurance, registration, and safety/EMC inspections and certificates. 3. There are some additional costs for warehousing, distribution and servicing/support which are generally covered by the importer of record, but of course this is a real cost as well. So, as an example let's take an amp that is advertised for sells for and sells for $1000 in the US and calculate what the real differences are... To the US consumer, this amp will cost approx. 1000 x 1.1 (sales tax) = 1100 USD which is the out the door cost to a US consumer To the UK consumer, that same 1267 GBP amp which has the VAT included Now, to look at why the amp is more expensive, we need to have the import costs of ~10% subtracted out because that's an ADDED COST of bringing a product into the UK, so now that's about 1140 GBP which would otherwise be the out the door cost to the UK consumer after the added taxes and fees levied by your government of our product. We do not have a choice in paying these added costs, which get passed onto the consumer in the end just like for all taxes. That said, all of the taxes paid by importers and yourselves go to cover things that do greatly benefit you, things like your extensive public transportation system, health care and retirement programs. You might be shocked to learn that many of us Yanks pay on average ~$1500-$2000 USD/MONTH for the same healthcare that you receive as part of your government services. While comparing prices might seem like you are getting the short end of the stick, it's nowhere near that simple... the grass is not always greener on the other side of the fence/pond. In fact, it's debatable that the stick is equally short on both ends Hope this helps.
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    I'm not a small chap and have fairly large hands but I find short scale basses really comfy to play. One of my current team is a Squier VM Mustang and I'd say if you can find one of these snap it up as they are very nice indeed, as long as you don't mind a fairly narrow neck. A previous owner had swapped the pickup for a Nordstrand NM4 and it sounds absolutely lovely, from a deep thud with the tone rolled off to a biting gnarly sound with the tone full on. So, yes, Mustangs can sound nice and growly. Here is an old clip of the average White Band with Hamish playing a gnarly sounding Mustang. He isn't a small guy either. On Ebay at the moment I noticed there are two Squier Vista Series Musicmasters for sale. One of them over-priced, one pretty reasonable. By Squier standards they aren't cheap but these Vista Series Musicmasters are a one of those jewels in the Squier back catalogue and very nice indeed. They have particularly growly pickups, proper adjustable bridge with a string through option and a wider neck. At one point I had a '79 Fender Musicmaster that I'd modded with a P pickup, one of these Vista series and a Squier VM Mustang, I'd say the Vista was the pick of the bunch. Sold them all, of course, when I moved to 5 string basses, now edging back to 4 string short scale again....
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    You make a rather good point I have to admit
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    Beautiful NS Design CR4 original series made in Czech Rep. very good conditions, with original stand and case. Trades considered with fretted basses
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    I prefer yours but with them miming
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    Great show & it was absolutely rammed!
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    😄 English is not my first language and if you add some typos then the result can be...hilarious 😄
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    Revelation P bass, unlined fretless. Great condition. Revelation are an awesome low cost but high quality brand sold by top end London shop, the Bass Gallery. Fantastic condition, with the benefit of a Ki0gon loom conversion. And if you think unlined is awesome but scary, it’s actually amazingly easy to learn to play. Side dots checked by Bass gallery and one which was out (12th) was professionally filled and 'moved to the proper spot. Posted £150 or collection from mid East Anglia for less.
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    Oh yeah, this popped up on my YouTube feed during the week and I watched all her videos, she’s brilliant
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    Hi folks. I just want to mention my Classical and Contemporary Studies for Bass Guitar has just been published by Mel Bay HERE - which can be downloaded straight away as an eBook, or hard copies are available from the publisher, or one of their sellers. It will take a month or so to reach Amazon UK, I imagine. So, what is it? Half the book is given over to 21 studies by "the Paganini of the bass", Giovanni Bottesini (1821-1889), very classical in style, and progressive, from fairly simple to complex. For the second half of the book I commissioned 12 Studies for Bass Guitar by Gilbert Isbin, whose influences run from contemporary classical to jazz, world musics, etc. If you like Charlie Haden, Steve Swallow, etc, you might well like these solo repertoire pieces. Isbin loves yearning, often haunting melodies, and the 12 pieces are generally in two-part counterpoint, or a melody and accompaniment. Every item in the book has a sound file recorded on a fretless 4-string bass by me, but all the pieces could just as well have been played on a fretted 4-string bass. You can see videos and hear soundfiles of every piece from THIS PAGE of my website. Any questions, just ask. Cheers, Rob MacKillop
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    At my time of life a super-intimate gig sounds like bliss. I still go to gigs but most of the time the audience irritates the crap out of me and I really could care less about big production for most of the artists I like. And the big-production bands I do love are generally no more, sadly. Saw one of my current favourite artists, Lissie, in a bar year before last and it was one of the best gigs I’ve ever been to. Food for thought this, food for thought! EDIT - my band actually did a free surprise birthday gig (really only a few tunes) at a fan’s house a few years back. It was weird, but kind of cool. I’d happily do that sort of thing again, with a bit more planning.
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    Not quite a new bass day, I got it on New Years Eve. its a 57 Bitsa that I bought off Walshy. I’ve been taking my time getting used to playing it, it’s a totally different feel to my American Standard. It is a bit heavier too but it has a fantastic sustain. When I received it, it had flatwounds fitted, which I gave a go at but they’re not for me, so I’ve since fitted a set of D’Adario roundwounds & it now growls like a beast! The neck is also a fair bit chunkier, which took some getting used to but I’m getting there. All in all I’m really pleased with my purchase and can’t wait to try it out at our next gig, I’m sure it’s going to sound awesome.
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    Bruno is actually a very good guitarist, probably better than Parfitt.
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    Yes! It only becomes a covers band when all the songs (or realistically 90%) of the songs are covers. If the set list is 2 hours of material all original bar 3 or 4 covers then you are legally entitled to call it an originals band. I can prove this to three decimal places using a Kerplunk game and two washing up bowls.
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    Finally got myself an NS2! Too bad it is blue, but I can live with that until I find my ultimate NS2X...

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