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    I find 99% of singlecut basses absolutely foul to look at - would not be seen dead playing such a thing - even if it was a £15000 Fedora. Really don't know why theses vile, bulbous, lumpy things, with their extra 2kg of unnecessary wood, seem so popular with people who spend huge money on luthier-built basses. Likewise basses with more than 5 strings - which funnily enough seem to go hand -in-hand with a massive exotic-wood body-plank shaped like Snoopy's head. You just know someone's going to pick it up and start endlessly noodling out anaemic, bloopy-sounding, atonal "solos" don't you?
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    Assemble a 20 piece band and see if you can drink the pub dry on freebies in the first half hour
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    I just couldn`t deal with that, OCD Rules & Regs, chapter 5, paragraph 12 state mahoosive overhang on amps/cabs shall not be permitted.
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    Ok, so I had my custom bass made and although I still don't actually have it - I already have the pictures, so sharing time! The wooden parts are Japanese but everything was hand finished in Poland. It features: - 3 piece alder body - maple neck with black blocks and binding - nitrocellulose finish - Gotoh tuners, vintage style bridge - DiMarzio pickups - CTS Pots It was relic'ed slightly as you can see but this bass is brand new.
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    IEM route may help you - especially if custom moulded - but you’ll need to think your setup and how you’ll route everything into your ears such that you can get a good mix of the band along side yourself. I may also recommend you getting a digital octave pitch shifter so that you get a copy of what you are playing with an octave up so your bass is audible in a more friendly frequency spectrum in your ears. Mix the octave up with your source signal in your ears only not out front. That will give you the intelligibility in your playing to hear what’s going on. Petes suggestion of ZS10s is a good one, also UE6s are a great custom IEM for us bass players. I do think isolation is key for you though - the more you can cut out and the lower volume you can play at, the less impact and pain associated with your tinnitus you will have. If you are looking over ear, EX29 is also a good choice - Paul Gilbert’s preferred headphone. Additionally, as you mention them, the bass response and crucially the headroom on The ACS dual drivers are pretty poor - they may be actually adding to the distortion - they run out of headroom quickly and distortion sets in. Additionally - are you sure that the balanced armatures aren’t damaged? Feel free to msg me or head over to the IEM thread if you need some pointers on how to make all this work.
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    Tough but somebody has to do it 🙂 I used to be embarrassed when women rushed up to me and told me I was wonderful (especially if I'd played badly), but I've become more comfortable with being a "role model" (especially now that I play better). If I'd seen a band with a female bass player when I first wanted to play, it might just have tipped me over the doubts and discouragement then, rather than waiting through 45 years of sorrow and lost time before starting. To get back on topic, these days I make a point of letting people know, hoping it will break down the stereotype at least a bit. Yes the resulting conversations can be annoying, but it's worth that if it makes them re-think.
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    Sorted the nut height and then put my 'see if it all fits together' set of strings on. At my action height starting point (medium) there are no buzzes at all so I think the basic levelling job was OK. When the proper strings are on, I'll set it up properly and do a double check with the fret rocker and the buzz check at low action in case there are some high spots anywhere. This is how the tru-oil slurry and buff has ended up, finishing at 1500 grit. This is an oblique shot to the light so you can see the surface finish: ...and this is tilted to see the figuring better: It's LOVELY to the touch. Still got to do the final 1500 slurry and buff on the back - and I've still got to do the final buffing of the fretboard and neck - but this is how the whole thing is panning out: All being well it should be finished by the end of the weekend
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    I got this with a trade recently, but having too many basses, unfortunately it has to go: Tokai JJJ4 custom edition, 80's bass made by Tokai japan. Passive with volume and tone knob and 3 jazz bass pickups with each an on/off toggle switch. Very versatile bass in great condition with stunning looks! £580 Shipping within the UK/EU £40
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    I generally don't mind - and am happy to play - simple lines. It only bothers me when they detract from the song. U2 for example: people slag Clayton's lines, but they work fine. It's march-y anthemic stuff.
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    I thought I’d chime in with my BB now it’s been restored to its former goldy-ness with a replacement set of tuning machines... I acquired this BB about a year ago. It came with non-original Gotoh tuners in silver which clashed a little with the other gold hardware, so when a gold set of schallers appeared here on BC I could resist! I also previously installed a BB2024 p’up for a bit more thunderous low end! Love this bass!
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    Not if you play bass. Chances are nobody would have noticed you...
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    OK - although there is one variation I'm putting in, explained below, its as finished as makes no difference. It's now got a set of heavy gauge NYXL's (James' request) which, so far, hasn't snapped the neck! They are pretty mighty, though at 55-110. They even added 2oz to my weight check with my set-up medium string set!! But, wow, they sound good. I've recorded a tiny bit just to show the bridge, middle, neck on the blender and played through my mini PA (don't have a bass rig, I'm afraid) which I will post shortly. In the meantime, here are a few finished shots with the arty farty black background. Forgive the self-indulgence, folks : The variation I'm toying with is a request by James to see what a matching control cover rather than a contrasting one would look like. In both cases - because they are made from the few offcuts of the top or back timbers that are big enough, I'm not able to choose matching grains. This is what a control cover from an Ash offcut looks like: It's a pity the offcut wasn't big enough even to have it the other way round but it wasn't In real life, the contrasting one actually looks better because it is clearly matched to the top wood but it's no problem either way - I'll send both and James can fit whichever he prefers. They have magnetic catches so it only takes around 2 seconds to swop them. With the (literally) heavy-gauge strings, it's final playing weight is an ounce over 6 3/4 lbs. A few ounces heavier than @Len_derby 's Jazz p/up version, but still not bad for a long-scale PJ I'll see if the sound clip has come out anything like OK and, if so, will post shortly As always, many thanks for the very encouraging feedback along the way Andy
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    From the back catalogue: Hey Dude Arnold Payne 20th Nervous Breakdown Barman Voodoo Style Sharp Dressed Nan Viva Las Palmas Hit me with your walking stick WonderBall Armenian Rhapsody ...
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    One thing I do know... you gots to love a quality come-back. First class.
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    So we “book the gig” then show up with 10% of total BC members plus gear. Think it should fit nicely, a 4000 strong mega bass jam.
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    Anyone fancy pretending to be in a band, taking an assortment of child's toys instruments and just taking the free food and drink he's offering while we get drunk on stage (with him giving us the booze ofc) and playing on the toys?
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    Interesting interview from bassist Klaus Voormann, who played on John Lennons' Imagine album. Comes across as a really nice bloke. https://www.rockcellarmagazine.com/2019/01/11/john-lennon-imagine-interview-voorman-keltner-molland/?fbclid=IwAR3d5WAvLWfq1SDBEzwMezeMROPQHg9dglUfsaG8drFoJBVJNsgftvMTEDw
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    Not being a fan of their design choices, I clicked the link expecting to see something hideous. I wasn’t disappointed.
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    All I ever wanted when I started playing bass in the early 80s was a big TE rig. A 15, a 4 X 10, and a glowing green lit head to reach up and plug into. The ultimate set up it seemed to me. When I finally acquired my first Trace many years later it was a small 130w combo. It sounded every bit as good as I hoped it would and lasted me for years, but it wasn't the huge rig I'd fantasised and lusted for. Fast forward to the present. My dream set up appears regularly in the for sale section here and on eBay and guess what? Now I can afford it I can't bloody lift it.
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    Yeah good prog. But i am a fan of SC's tubbing. Tight as a Mallards chuff. Listen to The Police - Next To You