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    ......but to be fair, I have a good excuse. I almost died! I doubt anyone noticed, but I haven't been around much the past few weeks. About 5 weeks ago I went to the doctors in agony after being up all night with chest and stomach pains, he sent me to the the local hospital just around the corner, where after an examination and explaining my symptoms as best I could (I live in Bulgaria and I'm not exactly fluent with the language) the head doctor said I had to stay in for three days for observation and intravenous antibiotics. Not the worst thing in the world I thought, and sent my wife off for a few supplies. The next couple of days are a bit hazey as there was a fair bit of pain and a lot of drugs involved, but on the second night I was in agony. The Doctor came in late in the evening, gave me a quick examination and immediately bundled me into an ambulance to the main regional hospital about 45 minutes away. I remember I arrived there some time just after midnight, and within an hour or so, I'd had blood and urine tests, x-rays, an ultrasound, and an MRI. Then another Doctor came and examined me yet again and looking extremely concerned uttered the word "peritonitsia". Now, as I said, I'm not exactly fluent, but it didn't take much working out that I had peritonitis, which I'd heard of, but I didn't exactly know what it was. So I whipped out my phone and Googled it, and saw that it has a mortality rate of up to 40%. At which point I thought, oh poo, this is serious! They moved to to a ward and I got to bed about 4 a.m. Then a doctor came around at about 8 who luckily spoke a little English and happened to be the head surgeon. He explained that my gallbladder had burst, which had in turn given me peritonitis and appendicitis, and I would have to have my gallbladder and appendix removed. So at 2 o'clock that afternoon, one day before my 45th birthday, I was in the operating theatre and opened up like a duffle bag. I could go into a lot more detail, but suffice to say the following few days were rather uncomfortable, I couldn't move and had several tubes coming out of various places. Then, after 10 days, just when I thought I was finally going to get to go home, I had to stay in another week in quarantine and have a Covid test. So I eventually got home about 3 weeks after my initial doctors visit with a nice zipper from breasticles to testicles, and strict instructions not to lift anything heavy for six to twelve weeks. As my sixer weighs over 10lbs.....as far as excuses for not practicing go, I think it's a reasonable one. But I'm alive! I can't praise the Bulgarian healthcare system enough. They don't have much funding, the hospitals are run down and resemble Victorian asylums. The bedside manner could be better. But the actual healthcare was superb. I'm thankful that everyone was in the ball at every step of the way. From my GP, to the local hospital, the A and E department and my surgeon. I reckon another 24 hours and I'd have been a gonner. Not exactly how i'd planned to spend my 45th birthday. But at least I was surrounded by beautiful women in nurses outfits being given copious amounts of free drugs.
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    I am now part of the club Sandberg California II TM4 SL in Tobaccoburst.
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    So.... a long time coming this was... I started a thread, should I get one (obviously the bc community did sod all to quench my GAS😂) should I not, of course I should was the general consensus. Do I need one, errrr, yes of course. This little beauty popped up before lockdown and I’ve been waiting patiently.... Its a UV70, in natural. The build quality, jazz neck and sound just ooze quality. There’s not a mark on it, I believe it’s a 2016.... and I love it. and there’s more..... they are like buses.... I also did a bit of a trade last week and acquired a rather nice Fender Marcus Miller jazz, a set of superbrights later and this really nails that miller tone (but just like the flea signatures the miller signature does not automatically make me sound like him 🤔🤔😬) My guitarist just congratulated me on buying the same bass, twice. 😂😂
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    Kenneth Lawrence ChamberBrase II 5-string Update: Weight and some new pics Ken Lawrence is without doubts one of the best luthiers ever. Even Vinnie Fodera came to this conclusion (and well, he might know a bit about basses as well… ;-)). I have been playing Ken's basses for long time and can 110% confirm this reputation. Besides being an extraordinary player himself Ken is the nicest guy who really cares about his customers. This bass is extremely rare and kind of a full-house-configuration, see spec sheet below. It hardly gets any more exclusive: Abalone inlays and logo, ebony bindings on fretboard, Brazilian Rosewood, LED-Dots …… The craftmanship is out of this universe. The construction with its semi-hollow body gives the instrument an unbelievable dynamic and response. The sound does have an acoustic touch with some "airy vibe", but ultimately this is a powerful electric bass that delivers an amazing low-end. In fact I have and had also several Foderas from 33" to 36" scale and this bass has by far the best b-string I have ever player. The bass has been used and played a lot, but always extremely well cared. I used it on several tours throughout Europe and did not have to touch the trussrod a single time. Even on real big stages the sound is well-defined and precise, never boomy. Very low action with B-G at the moment. Also used E-C for some time, so that is possible of course The ramp can be removed without any marks Condition is excellent, I would give a 8.5 - 9 / 10. After very close inspection I found 3 marks: A little mark at the wooden electricity cover, a mark at the upper flush mount straplock and one next to the input jack. The last two marks are very superficial and just affecting the lacquer (Ken uses an ultra-light finish). It is not in the wood, no dings or dongs. The instrument would cost > 10.000 USD new plus shipping, tax, customs etc. and at least 2 years waiting time (guess it might be even longer, Ken just takes orders in January). So much more than 10.000 Euro with all the overhead. 6000 Euro incl. Estrella-Gigbag. The bass is located near Bonn / Germany. Shipping at buyers expense and risk is no problem. Specs: Kenneth Lawrence Instruments ChamberBrase II Scale Length: 33" Nut: 1 3/4” nut String Spacing: 19 mm, Adjustable To 18-20mm Body Wood: Claro Walnut Top Wood: Figured / Blackened Redwood Top and Headstock Cap Neck: Eastern Maple 3 Piece with Dual Function Stainless Steel Truss Rod Fretboard: Brazilian Rosewood with Gaboon Ebony Binding Inlays: Paua Abalone Blocks with Matching Paua Abalone Headstock Logo w/ Ebony Surround Additional: Gaboon Ebony Control Cavity Cover Electronics: Blue fibre optic side dots with on/off switch Nordstrand hum-cancelling "J" pickups w/ Gaboon Ebony covers Customized Glockenklang 3 band preamp, Tara Labs wiring Update: Weight: According to my old bathroom scale the bass weights 4.1 kg. In comparison to my other basses where I know the precise weight this makes completely sense… Toggle switches: There are two toggle switches, one switch is the on / off for the blue LEDs in the fretboard, the other one is some sort of boost. It adds a big load of db to the signal and gives the bass a fat bottom (as far as I see it can be trimmed, its the blue circuit, please the new picture of the cockpit). Haven't used both switches at all, as I usually have enough light on stage and play the bass 90% passive. I used the EQ as a second setting with a slightly shaped solo sound. However, I asked Ken about the exact specs of the circuit and will be able to give a more profound answer very soon hopefully.
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    Following on from last weeks 1970's quiz, here's one for the 1980's. Same format, one line per year. The playing should be better as I didn't attempt it all in one take this time, but the volume dips for 1982 for some reason. And I got my fretless back from the practice room, so that gets a few lines. Answers at the end this time. Hope you enjoy it!
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    The essence of Basschat in two posts 👆
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    It should be ok if you are using the rehearsal to test your eyesight.
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    Anyone in Newington area practicing in their flat...please stop, or get some headphones.
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    One of my band leaders is fully intent on going out the moment the pubs open again. Suffice to say they will be using a dep on bass 🤣
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    Fairly rare G & L L1500 often referred to as the stingray killer given the position of the pickup nearer the bridge giving it an aggressive edge In beautiful condition with mild player wear. Plenty of life left in the frets Weighs 9lb 10ozs using digital scales on a solid flat floor. Made in 1996 and comes complete with original G & L hard moulded case Happy to pack for post at your risk and cost. For sale only and thanks for looking
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    Well, what can I say? Happy birthday mate. What a terrifying ordeal. I hope you have learned the obvious lesson here. You need to buy another bass. Something light weight.
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    For sale is a beautiful example of Martin Petersen's work. It was made for Randy Hope-Taylor about 20 years ago, and the chap I bought it from recently had owned it for many years. It's certainly unusual, sporting a Tele headstock and stacked knobs, and as with all Martin's work, beautifully made. Having played extra long scale 5-string basses for many years, sadly it just doesn't work for me and my gorilla mitts! Specs: 34” scale Surf green body with matching tele shaped headstock Flamed maple neck / Rosewood fingerboard 38mm nut / 19mm string spacing Gotoh GBR640 tuners Alder body / parchment pickguard Passive / stack knob Mørch single coil jazz pickups ( 60s spacing ) Vintage spiral saddle bridge Weight 4.8kg It also comes with a chrome neck pickup cover and an additional tort scratchplate. The neck & fingerboard was originally painted white, but the previous owner had this stripped some years ago by Martin Sims, and he did a great job revealing the beauty of the flame maple. The only trade I would be interested in is for a 35" scale 5-string with 19mm spacing.
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    Looking good on the 210 anyway! Now to test it....
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    New Custom RickenFaker Day. So I now have my dream bass. A cross between a 4003 and a 4004 (though more 4003 to be fair). Utterly gorgeous, grinning like a buffoon.
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    Bass is in very good condition. I’ve had the pots and capacitor upgraded to Fender US Standard spec, also had the nut changed to a Graphtec one for improved tuning stability and added a Hipshot 3-way string retainer. Comes in a fairly standard black gig bag, nothing special but protects the bass. Collection/meet only.
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    Hey guys, during a rebuild, I stupidly lost my intonation screws and springs for my A style bridge. I e-mailed Hipshot and got a speedy reply. I was prepared to pay any price but I didn't have to. The parts all arrived from America to N.Ireland today, free of charge. Brilliant service, so I thought I would give them a mention. Regards Michael.
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    Got the neck painted and good news for me is that the Wilkinson machine heads fit. Not having to file them this time
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    Hi Here is a rather unusual build I did for myself from parts from all over the place. First up is the through neck 'V11 guitars' body. Quilted facings, five piece laminate neck. The pre amp is an Audere Z unit. Pickups are Wilkinson. Machine heads are superb quality N.o.S Schallers, now out of production. When I chose the body/neck I decided on a hi mass bridge which meant dropping it into the deck of the body. The cavity is fully copper lined and the bass as a whole is tonally very wide ranging and quiet in terms of noise etc. Price reflects the cost of the parts only (in fact the schallers and the audere and pickups are worth the asking price..) Its not perfect but I have built it well, Its intonated pefectly and action is good. Few knocks and dints that came with the body (bankrupt stock i believe). Great project to take further ( i was considering routing out for humbuckers for example, or to drill through for the through body stringing that is already waiting on the bridge..) or it plays great as is. Balances well on the strap, currently strung with Fender Nickels. Width at nut: 45mm String spacing at bridge:18mm Scale length: 34" 24 frets Weight: 4.2 Kg Questions/queries welcomed, will ship using UPS insured, or meet and swap using safe distancing.
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    I cant recommend any wireless, because I would always recommend wired headphones. Anything using bluetooth might be good enough for general listening, but probably have too much latency for recording. Which probably rules out 99.9% of the 2020 wireless headphone market
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    I have a scan of the original interview in which this bass is featured. That price, though.....Brrr!! Steinberger prototype
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    I personally think that this price is very reasonable considering how incredible these are. It seems in great nick and has original case. I’d probably put mine for this price without case. Good luck👍
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    Well! If I worked for a 'top brand' guitar maker like Gibson, I'd be ashamed of that mess 🤣 The wiring looks in tact, let's have a look at the switch - probably the thing wants a good kicking I mean a bit of tender fettling and fiddling to get it working like it should. Cheerz, John
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    You're welcome 🙂 Single coil P-basses and Tele basses are my favourites. I've built a few so have an idea what works and what doesn't. There's another couple of single coils in the early planning stages, if I can sort out the humbucker issue I'll knock up a Tele bass too. Don't give up hope 👍
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    There’s enough Cummings and goings on here as it is Mickey.
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    Another important point is to listen to the other fretless players like the real pioneer that Percy JONES was and still is, or the terrific Mick KARN who was the greatest slider ever as it was part of his sound, or Jack BRUCE with his classical background and veena playing knowledge (amongst others), or any other non Jaco related players. These players are my main influences and the ones that decided me to play fretless instead of fretted bass. Even Jaco was impressed by Percy JONES... because he was there before him pushing the limits of the fretless bass to such a high level. Of course, don't forget Michael MANRING and Pino PALLADINO (with Paul YOUNG), both great Jaco fans. Again open your ears !
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    I’ve got a couple of gigs left in the diary for this year, one in September and another in October. They are both in good venues that get decent crowds and I’m reasonably confident that they should both go ahead. Things will get back to something to normal, pubs will re-open and social distancing won’t last for ever. As you can see on the news, other European countries are starting to allow bars to re-open and they are starting to make steps to get back to normal (even though I can’t see any major events happening this year). My worry is that there is going to be political pressure on the UK to follow suit as soon as possible, when in reality we should be at least a few weeks behind. There is always a risk of a second wave of infection over here, so hopefully people will be sensible over the next few weeks. If that happens then hopefully things will be something like normal by the autumn.
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    So another sale prompts another purchase. I thought what are the three big no-no's for me. 1) Maple board 2) Active electronics 3) That Stingray I had. So I went for all three. And it is unreal. Utterly sublime.
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    No. Not a new little black dress. 😀 New left-handed bass day. This beauty was delivered this afternoon. It came from its original owner in Montreal and has returned home to Scotland where it was built. I haven't had much time to play it yet but, based on a quick play, it gets close to the sound of my old Wal but also gets close to the Alembic sound. I have an exciting weekend ahead.
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    So you’ve got a Sadowsky which is kinda a Fender copy, and a Fender copy of a Sadowsky modified Fender?
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    Until the published R value comes down substantially I'd be quite dubious about being in an enclosed small soundproof box thats had numerous bodies through it in the preceding 7 days, with 3 other people struggling to maintain 2m separation for 3 hours. If that means the band want to move on without me then I'll wish them all the best.
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    1 bazillion I think. The other 399 bazillion want to hear 'Invisible touch' and 'land of confusion'. And maybe even really old stuff like 'Mama'
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    Hope it's legal to repost my own video here. I put this together with my reggae artist friend Chris Murray. Dave Hillyard of The Slackers on sax. I'm delighted with it. If you don't know them already DEFINITELY check out Chris Murray and The Slackers!
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    Those are Eminence Deltalite 2510, first generation. They were superseded by the Deltalite II 2510 some 15 years ago. The first gens had heat problems, which was fixed on the second generation with a better magnet heatsink.
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    Been using the same can of Servisol lubricating switch cleaner for about 15 years now. Always works, cost about a fiver.
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    My Specsavers appointment was cancelled due to Covid
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    virtually everything by Weather Report??
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    Here for sale is my P Bass. It’s made from: - Fender Classic Series Lacquer (Nitrocellulose) body in Black, unsure on the year. - Fender Road Worn Jazz Neck, 2008/2009. - Fender Tort scratchplate. - Fender Custom Shop 62 pick ups. - Fender Bridge with Graphtech saddles. - Hipshot Ultra Light tuning pegs. - Nate Mendel signature neck plate. Currently strung with Ernie Ball Super Slinkys. It cost me well over £1000.00 to assemble and plays really nicely. The reason for sale is quite simply that I need the money. As you’ll see by the pictures, the body is starting to age nicely, all natural wear, and should age into a great looking bass. Priced at £700.00, plus carriage to wherever you may be. Any questions just get in touch! Steve.
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    Hi, Got this of this very forum, see original ad below: I bought new machine heads and bridge as the originals were a little past their best, fresh strings, and a set up. Plays well sounds great as you would expect and is all a good Warwick should be. It has a few battle scars as you can see from the pictures, but nothing major, purely aesthetic. Everything works as it should including truss rod etc... If you want a pristine example this isn't that, but it is a good players bass and the frets are all in good shape and it plays and sounds as it should. At some point the neck has been replaced with a genuine Warwick one from a similar aged $$, The original bass (I have the original paperwork) has a serial number of H 128066 06, the neck is H128408 06. Not sure why this has happened in it's lifetime, but it is all perfectly matched and works well. These are beasts but I find myself sticking to my Ray's and I have just bought another one, so this has to go. I think the price is very fair for a lot of bass. Thanks for looking.
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    Close ups (switched off and on)
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    Hi All 1996 SE Trace Elliot bass. This is the very limited edition from 1996 with Maple board and Inlays as opposed to standard and deluxe models. Sale includes Trace Hardcase At the time in 1996 these were £200 more than than USA deluxe Jazz/Stingray The above price is the cash excluding shipping etc Trade value is around €1000 Its in very good condition for a 25 year old bass but need to draw attention to finish crack by the control knobs (see photo) . This crack would seem to be through the finish to the wood beneath , but not through the wood from what I can see ( see photos of rear cavity ). There is also some buckle rash on the back (again see photo) . Weight is just under 10ilbs at 9ilbs 12.. typical of this Model All the above are cosmetics and in no way affect playability what so ever.With a stunning sound : deep yet bright with slight compressed mids The hottest pickups I have ever come across Buyer will have to organise courier but I will pack and I have double walled boxes and plenty of packing materials All the best Mick
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    The important thing is to place your finger where it produces the note that you wanted. All else is nonsense.
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    Cool stuff. Found it on youtube! Dance, dance, dance, dance, dance, to the radio.... Well, it made my wife dance in the living room 😉 I found the bass quite shiny, almost like a mirror. Well, my wife saw it and loved it. Got now permission to get one. So, all good and thank you, 2elliot 😎
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    ON HOLD Here we have a as new Tribute L100 their take on a P bass. Lovely natural finish, 42 mm at the nut, C shaped neck, saddle lock bridge, D`addario strings, pretty sure it`s an ash body - the spec says alder but hey - weight 4.7 kg or 10. 3 lb`s. Looking for £295 delivered to mainland UK only or if you are local and want to collect with social distancing I`m sure we can work something out. No trades, I`ve got too much stuff. I`m pretty sure that it is the one they used on the Andertons video, the grain pattern looks the same. Any questions ask away.
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    For all things guitar/bass electronics, I'd recommend our very own @KiOgon. A wiring loom from him would, I'm sure, bring out the best in your otherwise fine instrument. Worth a try seeing what he might suggest, maybe..?

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