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    In my 25 years as a founding member/bassist in KISS tribute 'Dressed To Kill' we were more than aware of the issues here. It was a mutual respect arrangement. We paid tribute to KISS, appeared at KISS product launches and helped promote the band when their UK/European record & PR companies were doing sod all, kept their name alive and spread the word.... We wore the outfits, played the iconic instruments and had the famous lit logo, drumhead logos, pyro, blood spitting, fire breathing etc.... BUT.... our name was sufficiently different (an 'album name' and a play on our 'look') and we NEVER sold any merchandise with the KISS logo or make-up prominently displayed. We ALWAYS made it clear that we were a KISS tribute.... and always supplied our set lists to PRS for the original artist to get fair payment for our live performances. As a result, they treated us fairly, always recognised us at gigs/events and even went as far as to keep a 'secret eye' on anything we were doing song/arrangement-wise. Really.....!! We had it on good authority that they copied a breakdown I wrote into the live version of 'God Gave Rock n Roll To You'.... and their Manager Doc McGhee also asked my direct opinion on adding Beth back into the live set....based on the perceived popularity of the song in our shows....
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    Next big step is sorting the positions for the tuner blocks. The only sure way I know of getting the bridge units (or even a fixed bridge!) in the right place is to fit some old strings to the headstock and try it for real. It's relatively easy with this because the strings are clamped at the headstock : Then, with the tuner units positioned with a minimum of 5mm back movement from scale length, it was a case of pulling the two tuner blocks tight and positioning to be even either side of the fretboard and 54mm apart to give @Jus Lukin his preferred 18mm string spacing. Then I could mark the front screw hole positions for those 2 and then divide the remaining space for the other 2 : With all 4 front screws fitted, I could now string it up lightly and check the angular positions - they could be set straight (as, of course, fixed bridges are), but with single element bridges, I always think it adds a little to have them following the string line: Then I could fit the back screws to each of the four bases and...of course ... do a mockup. I've dampened some of the walnut to show broadly the colour it will eventually be. The fretboard also will darken from this: Next job is levelling and recrowning the frets and then I can see what my action range is so I know if I need to sink or raise the elements at all. And yes - this above is actually tuned to pitch and actually plays acoustically. Admittedly not a great sound...but, trust me, with my playing, a lot better than when it's finished, plugged in and louder And I love that Nova system. It just WORKS!
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    Not sure if I’m allowed here to post but hey I like to recommend my bass teacher, few months now I decided to learn not only bass because I can play bass but music with bass ( if that make sense), so theoretically I very slowly making progrès but the fact I’m slowly able to read the music sheet in groove or beat will hopefully one day make a better bass player so thanks to Stephen Woodcock @Steve Woodcockbased in London to be so patient with me , have a good day all thanks
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    Simple yet elegant I reckon.
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    I don't think I ever put my fretless ACG on here. It's a Krell SC E Type, headless, fretless, chambered, 6 string and it's a 31.5" scale. I absolutely adore it! Eude
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    And there we have it. It feels really nice. It does the flats thing nicely. It stinks of fags. I had forgotten that people smoke. I guess it will have to sit in the garage for a couple of weeks. Eugh. I guess I will have to price up a metal flake finish now. That will sort out the smell!
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    Bass in very good condition. Only a small scratch as you see in the photo. Everything works fine. Original Mike Lull case included. The bass is located in Italy.
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    Do you really want me or @cetera to put our list of basses here again ?
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    Let's make it more fun by marking the ones we still own in bold More or less in alphabetical order: Aria Pro II SB-1000 (with two extra pickups added) Carvin B4 Carvin LB75 (flamed walnut) Carvin LB75 (all black - bought back out of sellers' remorse) Condor Jazz Bass Condor Jazz Bass (bought one back after regretting selling my first bass. The second one was awful) Cort Artisan B4 Cort NTL-B fretless acoustic Ellio Martina Forza 5 (The One Bass. I'll never sell this one) Ernie Ball Music Man Stingray5 Esh Stinger Fender Japan 57 Precision reissue Fender Japan 75 Jazz Bass reissue G&L USA SB-2 Hohner B2A Ibanez ATK300 Ibanez ATK300 tuned to D Ibanez ATK305 Ibanez RS924 Ibanez MC924 (1981) Ibanez MC924 (1983) Ibanez SR800LE Jan Bak Precision Bass Kydd Big Kydd EUB Longbow 2-string fretless Mr Bassman No Sweat (Human Base) Rickenbacker 4003 Sandberg Bullet 5 fretless Status S2 Classic bolt-on 4-string Status S2 Classic bolt-on 5-string Warwick Streamer LX4 Warwick Streamer LX5 Yamaha TRB5II amber Yamaha TRB5II trans blue All lefties obviously
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    My Orion. It's one of the "cheap" models but it's still something which is a joy to play every time. You can see where the money goes in them.
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    Stagg P bass - borrowed, came to me in bits from someones CDT project at school. Had to learn how to put it together and set it up before I could learn to play it Status Shark 2 Proactive - found at the back of a shop in colchester, new - neck like a banana and bits going rusty... what a first bass though. Kinda polite sounding Fender Precision Japan PB57-US - Formed a band. needed a 'proper' bass. It was lovely, fitted a annodized scratch plate. Warwick Streamer Stage 1 (1991) Blue - Joined bass chat. realised someone would pay me money for my Status... sold it and convinced @warwickhunt to sell me his blue streamer. Hated the sound! Warwick Streamer Stage 1 (1991) Natural- found locally for sale, weighed less than the blue one and sounded better - was my main bass really for years. Fender JV Squier Series Precision '57ri - One of the ones that is super rare. Amazing bass. Had a SD-PB1 pickup in it - sounded great. Tracked down an original pickup - didn't sound as good. Currently residing with @sdbrown8177 Valenti No.42 - bought from @richardd kept for a month, sold to @funkyspuke - I didn't like the sharp corners on the body and the ugly typeface on the headstock- and I didn't like Jazz basses. I learned after this that a new bass needed at least 6 months before you sold it on. Fender USA 70's RI FSR in Lake Placid blue - bought a few weeks after the Valenti from @AndyTravis - lovely thing proved I didn't like jazz basses. Went to Barcelona Cimar model 1905 (1975) - - Found for £40 in a secondhand shop off Byres Road. Fixed it up with the help of @Bassassin - one of the most fun things to play ever. Unfortunately bought it to do up and sell to a really good friend. He won't sell it back Peavey T40 - Took 4 trains and a bus to a random suburb of Paisley to collect it. Almost lost my arm on the way back. Weighed about double my main Streamer did. Once you had picked it up it was quite fun to play live. But far too heavy. Cant remember who it went to, probably a black hole. Kramner P JJ thing - Bought on here as it had an original JV P pup on it. The seller didn't want to sell me the pup for £100 but 6 months later sold me the whole bass for £120 or something. Kept the pickup sold the bass...It wasn't very nice Aria RSB fretless oddity - Bought off here, old thing, defretted and with some crazy 80's pickups in it- sounded great in the hands of the guy who I sold it too! Self build green Stingray thing. - Body off a Vox standard, and some neck I found. Don't use Ronseal Dimondhard floor varnish in the place of Epoxy on the neck.... it's too hard to sand! Horrid thing really Self build Pink Stingray thing - attempt 2 someone built a bass on a bass building course at uni. I made it look like a stingray and refinished it pink. Heavy and didn't play nicely. Self build Black blue stingray thing - attempt 3 - built the body myself from a lump of ash, HH set up giving me P ray and jazz style tones, MM Sub neck. Was nice but not nice enough to play. By the time I had finished it probably cost me as much as just buying a secondhand stingray. Lesson learned. Vision Matsumoku Japanese oddity - it was black - that's all I can remember Yamaha BB300 (Japan) - tricked up a trade along with the Squeir jazz below. Was the nicer of the two. Sold it stupidly Squier Jazz bass Japan '92ish- Not as nice as the BB300. Stripped the body... possibly wood, possibly something else, bought a new body sprayed tomato soup red with graffiti paint. Nice but I don't like Jazzes remembe? Warwick Thumb bass (1985) - You know your long term GAS bass that you've wanted since you started playing? Yep - this was it. Phenomenal.Beautiful. Except it turns out it spent a couple of years not being played. Made an amazing racket when it was. Yamaha BB1200 (1977) - - Really nice early one. Liked everything about it apart from the sound. G&L L1000 (1982) - From @gareth Replaced the BB1200 - much more my thing, and it was green. They are brilliant. Very hot output. Sold to pick up a Precision bass. (still not bought) Sadowsky Metro Will Lee - Traded with Warwickhunt for the Thumb bass plus I think he wanted about 3 extra cases. The best bass I've owned by a long way. Almost impossible to get a bad sound from it. Just beautiful sounding. Only traded cos a Sadowsky is easier to sell than a vintage Warwick ... I got it home and "I could sell all my basses but this one" wasn't exaggerating! Since getting it the old No.1 streamer and L1000 were sold as they weren't getting played. ❤️ Lakland 55-94 Classic (5 string from 1999) - Picked up locally because it was red and at a nice price. 5 strings are ok?! Pretty good bass, really really fat low mids, it sounds louder than the Sadowsky even when it's not if you know what I mean.Jurys still out on it a bit but just survived the cull of 2020
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    The back of the bass is now in it's final colour (hi-gloss black) and I'm currently working on the top edge fade colour. Here are some progress pictures showing how the T.bird pickup routing went, and what the top will look like when finished, but like I said, I still have some edge (burst) fading to do to the top.
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    The video that made me spend a fair chunk of change.
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    I got this lovely bass a couple of weeks ago, and changed to EMG pickup and preamp last weekend. What can I say, the bass is super light, and extremely comfortable to play on. Well balanced, and the workmanship is easily on par with way more expensive basses. It also have this je ne sais quoi feeling that I really enjoy, it booms from the bottom so to speak. I know that doesn't make sense, but it is how I feel it. It also sounds like an EMG equipped Stingray, as in this video. If you are in market for a Sterling-esque bass, I (and doggo) will totally recommend this one!
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    Just to go against the grain... The bass I've owned the longest is my Veillette Citron which I had to import from The States. One of maybe 3 in the UK it is lovely to play, great balance and amazing tones. I generally let visiting bass players play it since it may be the only opportunity they'll get to play one of these 80s masterpieces..
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    I'm in the club! Just had UPS deliver this
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    I actually saw them already some time ago but only post them now as they are officially "in the open" (EBMM's virtual booth at the NAMM - Believe in Music event):
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    my post appears to have been removed. I had just wanted to make it clear that not all of us have received the money we have been promised. he still owes musicians who were employed in good faith. Also wanted to make it clear that some artists and theatre shows he was associated with in the past, he is now no longer involved with and not to tarnish everyone with the same brush and potentially damage the reputation of those shows. The sooner he is back behind bars, honest musicians can return to playing on these shows again. I will post details on here if i get paid and also updates regarding legal action which many of us are taking to recover our money as this could prove useful to the members of the group
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    It's pretty much what I was looking for; a short scale passive 4-string, pickup arrangement closer to a Stingray than a P, with a nut width closer to a P than a J. I've had G&L's (USA and Tributes) before, and have always liked them, apart from the over-complex controls on some of the active models. Bass was very well packed in a box inside a box. Came with a small set of Allen keys for neck and saddle adjustment, and D'Addario roundwound strings which were immediately replaced by my favourite nylons. The strings I had here were all medium scale to suit through-body stringing on my previous short scale bass (Squier Vista), and needed to be cut down a fair bit to fit the Fallout. I'd say short scale strings would be fine for the Fallout. I'll need to buy some proper length strings for it. Initial impression was a little disappointing, to be honest. Fret buzz was so bad it was virtually unplayable. I saw that the bridge saddles were all over the place - two had one screw all the way in and the other all the way out. The other two saddles were sitting on the bridge plate. I sorted that out and put a tad more relief into the neck. Now the bass started to sing and play. The MFD pickup is well-known and suits this bass well, I reckon. The pickup is powerful without being too barky or aggressive. Roll off the tone, and you're not far off P sounds. Differences between the three settings are fairly subtle, and only one is truly humbucking. I'm settling on the middle position - no idea what it is. Tone control works well with a good range of adjustment - better than plenty of other basses I've tried. With a wide, rough-finish leather strap, I'm not getting any neck-dive. On luggage scales, bass weighs 4.2 Kgs. The finish on the rear of the neck is not as good as my previous G&L's, and this has been the main disappointment for me. It feels rather unfinished, and not especially smooth. I may decide to wire-wool it and then use some oil. The quality of the finish on the body is absolutely fine. Maple fingerboard has a few natural stains in it, but feels smooth enough. I've not discovered any sharp frets yet. Setting the intonation has been a challenge. That's most probably because the new nylon strings are stretching quite a bit, and my clip-on tuner is not agreeing with my output jack tuner! Overall; My feeling is that this will be an excellent back-up to my No.1 bass which is a Lakland Skyline Hollowbody. And that's what I've been looking for. Because of the woeful (i.e. non-existent) setup on arrival and my liking for floppy, stretchy strings, it's taken me two days to get the bass to a playable state. Maybe that's to be expected for a brand new instrument that's travelled a long way. The quality of the neck finish (I think Ed Friedland mentions this in his short video) could be better and does not match the finish of other G&L Tributes I've had. Overall, I'd say the bass is worth the money because of the unusual mix of nut-width, scale length, pickup position, and for its MFD pickup. Waffling now. I'll shut up.
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    One thing that I've seen a lot is people listing in the advert that they've fitted a new set of strings like it's a selling point. Apart from the whole 'not my kind of string' thing, the first thing I'll do with a second hand bass is cut the strings off. I don't want whatever the previous owner has managed to grind between the windings all over my fingers thank you very much. Usually while they're off the bass will get stripped and everything thoroughly cleansed, including the fretboard, then polished and oiled and a fresh set of strings. The funk may indeed be in the gunk, but I'm not finding it in someone else's.
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    Brand loyalty from people who get nothing (directly) from the Company other than great service and confidence in the product. I bought a used amp from eBay - had it sent directly to Guy at Ashdown who serviced it and sent it to me AT NO COST!!! I didn't give them a penny but still benefitted from the legendary great CS.
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    As it was actually a bit warmer this weekend, I've spent a bit of time in the garage and got on with this build. I have actually done a bit of work since my last post - made a template for the pickup routing, the controls, neck pocket etc., cut the neck pocket, fitted side dots on the neck and a few other things but just hadn't posted it on here! One thing I had spent some time on was fitting some binding. That took quite a long time to do and I just wasn't happy with it so out came the router again and removed it - something you will see in the photos. That will be a task for another day - at least it is something I can do inside when the garage gets too cold!! I had done a bit of shaping of the neck near the headstock but needed to complete the rest of the neck. I also got a set of Wilkinson tuners for the build so I dropped them in place which presented me with the problem that the backplates were a mm too big! I had tried a set of black Schallers prior to ordering the chrome Wilkinson ones and turns out the backplates are different sizes. I'm not going to redrill the holes are different centres so a different set of tuners will be required. I have mounted a set of basic ones for the time being that I might replace later with some better quality ones. I clamped the neck to the edge of my bench and shaped each side using my Shinto rasp and a mini rasp. I like necks to blend into bodies but I'm also trying to be a bit traditional with this build, so I shaped the heel of the neck to make the transition flow a little. This is where the mini rasp comes into its own. The holes for the neck plate and screws were drilled and the neck attached so I could check everything lined up. Next task is the pickup and control cavities.
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    Ah, thats interesting, i thought the lower horn was big enough to give a comfortable curve over the knee, which way do you think it will slip? im less concerned about access to the upper frets, the thin horizontal line on the neck is the 26th fret position, so the 24th is actually above where the lower horn meets up with the body. And also an intersting point regarding the jack socket position, i hadn't planned that aspect yet. ive never thought of jack socket positioning to be a big deal ergonomically, where is the ideal spot do you think? not one ive thought out fully yet, but it will need to be as this will have two output sockets, one for mono and one for stereo with phantom power. Here are a few pics of the first stage of laminating: the centre is Padauk, and the first strips on are a constructional 2.5mm Cherrywood veneer. I ran a bead of liquid CA glue along the edge join to make sure there was no splintering or chipping out as the edge was planed flat. The plan is to laminate 3 edges of the padauk with cherry, and then repeat the process with a layer of 2.5mm black walnut The idea is to create laminations that give good contrast along the carved edges, but also when looking at the upper and lowe edges of the bass, similar to this: In the first picture above, you can see in the background a mitre saw and a big collection of cut pieces and CA Glue, these relate to experiment number 6, which is well under way! Im also in the process of drawing up the neck inlays: the falling maple leaves will be made from abalone and Gold Mother of pearl, which im hoping will create some good contrast with the macassar ebony fretboard. Ive sent this drawing off to Bruce Wei, the guy who normally does the inlays i do, hes a great guy to work with and always produces amazing stuff, even from drawings as rough as mine! Next post ill run through some of the pickup design/some of my initial work on the preamp as well, so stay tuned!
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    All original fender precision in sunburst with tortoise shell guard and rosewood neck including fender hard case In great condition for its age and light weight at 8lbs 5ozs Pots and pickups are dated 1973 with undisturbed solder joints Neck number is 01012843 which de codes as follows 01 = precision bass 01 = rosewood fingerboard 28 = week 28 4 = 1974 3 = Wednesday So dates it as 1974 For sale only Thanks for looking
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    I just wanted to say a HUGE thanks you to @Shepster8316 for sending me a box of stuff that was beyond my wildest expectations. Words just can’t describe how grateful I am. Jon
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    I may be able to beat them on price. I've been asked for some funny ol' things, mainly from fellow RC 'plane enthusiasts. A couple of pilot projects, for some US buddies ... One for France ... It doesn't always go to plan, though...
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    The only break he'll get is the tax break for him and his paymasters. Oooh yes.... what a cracker of a deal he got! *facepalm*
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    I still struggle with understanding how a Chinese built Dingwall NG series sells for around £2k. Surely they only cost a couple of hundred to make on a CNC machine, plus maybe another hundred for the DG preamp. They are effectively telling us a setup in Canada adds £1700 to the value? Strewth!
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    I have for sale a Fender Precision 75 with all original parts (see pics). Comes with a strong gigbag. Price is 2550 euro plus shipping! No trades!
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    That’s the thing about Music Man: they’re not bespoke in the slightest. Unless you’re an artist, you’re stuck with limited options: a whole bunch of funky colours that appeal a limited amount of players, and no choice for hardware/fretboard wood. I understand that it helps streamlining their building process, but since every EBMM instrument is made to order (either by a local reseller to have stock or for a customer order), I don’t see why we have to be so limited with options. Plus, again, colours are a matter of taste but man, enough of those sparkle colours.... Bring back some classics: a nice red, black, white, butterscotch, even that Teal .... and then, add a few more funky colours on top of that. Like, I love white basses.... and I can’t even get a White Stingray with Black hardware.
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    Man it was a late one... So I waited 2 hours and unclamped. The fretboard slip is actually even smaller than I thought. Pretty much zero and no gaps either. So feeling okay now I think I might also get away with the headstock thickness. 12mm is minimal, but just enough for the Gotohs.
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    Thanks folks let’s keep the banter off this thread so we can keep it useful 👍🏼
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    It's already been seen but here's my stage rig.
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    In excellent condition. It sounds great and has no problem. The bass is located in Italy.
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    I think you're right. I like custom basses (when I have saved enough up) as I can have what I like and in the certain knowledged it will be made by a person for the most part. My most expensive ACG was still about £1k less than a Custom Shop Jazz and dare I say a bit prettier too Maruszczyk basses are interesting and for me are more mass customisation than boutique but no less worthy by any standards.
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    I chuckled at that. Almost like they don't quite understand what they're talking about
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    These are my cheap basses, and each one has been my main gigging bass at some point, the Squier for almost 3 years of gigging every weekend. Its still my second fav bass that i own. The guitar is just there for effect lol. .
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    Hi folks I know we have some watch fans here so thought I’d put this here just in case before trying Chrono24 A lovely 38mm chronograph, in excellent condition. Superb Landeron 39 movement keeping excellent time and recently serviced. More info and pics if needed kit let me know! Cheers ped
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    I have 5 and a half basses at the moment. My cheapest and my most expensive are my keepers. Here's the cheap one around 2017, and around 2002 or 3. It was less than 300 quid all in imported from the US as a brand new instrument in 2002 for my 18th birthday. Times were hard in my house so I paid a third of it, my parents each paid a third. I will never, ever part with it. I recently upgraded the loom to a Kiogon special and it turbo charged the shoddy standard electronics, just going to get some rounds on it soon. My 80s band love it. I also gig it on deps and with my function band, just because having had it so long it is just so natural to play.
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    The upside to using Hermes once in blue moon is that it reminds you not to
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    I dunno about the tonnes of fish but I reckon the bass solo threat will have him folding in seconds.
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    A bit more progress. I've made the scratchplate and headstock plate. The scratchplate still needs pickup openings and screw holes drilling, I'm just about the tidy up the neck pocket part of the plate so I can then fit the neck and put an E and G string on to then mark where the pickups will go. Then cut the openings in the plate, then finally drill the fixing holes. The holes in the the plate that came on it aren't as the original so I'll drill them in the right place as per the pictures posted earlier in the thread. I also made the plate fit the curves of the lower bout better as the one I had wasn't great. The headstock plate is certainly different. I honestly don't know if they all, or indeed any, had this. In some close up pictures it definitely looks like a separate plate covering the headstock. I've made one from the scratchplate material to see what it looks like and I really like it. Why don't more basses have this quirky little feature, kind of like a matching colour headstock but it matches the scratchplate. I've made it so it sits in a few mil from the edge so that you can still see the cream paint. The paint was applied a mil over the edge of the headstock to help with this. I don't even think I need to put any fixings in it as the tuner ferrules and string tree will hold it. I might put two screws in if needed, or maybe just a bit of double sided tape to hold it. I'll decide when the time comes. The pictures are a bit yellow looking, indoor lighting and phone camera. In the flesh it's not quite as gold, more of a brownish tinge. The next thing I need, which looks virtually impossible to find is a headstock badge. I could put a sticker on but it's just not the same. Does anyone know about 3D printing and what would be involved in getting one done? This is the badge, and you can also see the headstock plate.
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    The thing is the changes need to be in place plenty of time before the Covid restrictions are lifted, so that everyone knows exactly what is required once gigging anywhere is possible again. Right now what I am being told is that given the current situation (pandemic restrictions not withstanding) it's simply too much effort to bring the support band as well as the headliner over from the UK. @Al Krow I admire your optimism, but right now I see a opportunity which we have spent the last 3 years working towards by delivering at the UK gigs in serious danger of slipping away.
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    Aguilar DB751, three years old, very little used (I have been working on IEM for a long time). The amp head comes with a road rack custom made 3H. Built-in white silent fans (I also have the original ones). Original images. Delivery - by arrangement (I can ship from EU). I can take a Fender USA Jazz Bass 4 strings in partial trade. Greetings!
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    British bands definitely have an allure for European audiences as many of the world's biggest bands came from these islands (from the Beatles to Black Sabbath to the Clash). However, support for live music is stronger in most European countries than in England these days (maybe not so much in Scotland & Ireland) and there are plenty of good bands over on the mainland. UK bands not getting gigs in the EU may well mean more gigs for them. I don't think that the EU wants to exclude British acts, hence the offer in the first place, but it will have to be reciprocal. I wish that UK Govt cared as much...!

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