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    Tort and Flats Precision of course
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    When an Englishman greets you with a cheery 'Hello, you fat bastard' you know you've a friend for life. I tested this theory (almost) to destruction when one Christmas our office did the 'Secret Santa' thing. I drew a colleague who had recently discovered his house was under threat of compulsory purchase for a road-widening scheme so I bought him a small Corgi toy bulldozer.
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    £200 neck.. £100 pickup... Triggers Broom?
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    After a long(ish) search & after exhausting all other options including getting Ernie ball to make a new one, BFR's & five strings I finally got my hands on this exquisite bass. Via a private sale & at a decent price I've finally got one! Plays absolutely beautifully & weighs a tonne too! Fretboard was swapped a few years ago by a studio in London & new bound ebony fretboard installed. At first I wasn't really keen on the binding, but it's growing on me. Hipshot D Tuner installed (I have the OG tuner) but alas no original hardcore. This is my second ever vintage bass after my 72 Jazz & I've fallen in love! Unfortunately I don't think I'll be using her for every gig I'm hired for, but I will try my dammed hardest! Serial starts No. B00. Neck signed by "Andy" IMG_3658.heic IMG_3659.heic IMG_3660.HEIC IMG_3656.heic
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    Welcome to our TalkBass Pals I for one am desolated to hear of TalkBass's travails. Were the same to happen to BC (perish the thought) I would be so entirely mortified that I would literally shed body weight until service was resumed. To which end I echo our glorious leader @ped in extending a welcome to those orphans of the storm, where ere they hail, who wash ashore upon our modest strand, blameless victims of a catastrophic failure beyond their control. In a very real sense, their plight is BassChat's to assuage, however fleeting may be the acquaintance. Practical Assistance for Visitors Feel free to interact with the locals; only a vanishingly small number of them will be comprehensible; just nod and smile. Suffering from GAS? Why not take something home as a souvenir of your stay? Equipment sales are in the BC Marketplace. Those who find themselves in a state of tempest-related undress may source clean, pre-loved clothing from the BassChat Quartermaster in the basement, no chit required. Fancy a slice of local culture? Get thee to Off Topic (some adjustment may be required) Those wishing to sample our local cuisine should hie themselves to the Food Court in the west atrium where succulent, traditional delicacies abound. Enjoy! Today's Special: Mr Skinnyman's Lincolnshire Delight (£5.99 / $8.23) Enjoy your visit. Stick around, even. There's usually someone here until quite late.
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    I came across this earlier, I know Dean Town might be a bit overposted but that’s the first time I’ve ever heard a crowd singing along to a bassline, any other examples out there? Seven nation army doesn’t count, it’s not a bass (and its not a bassline either)
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    God knows this is just...yeah. Well, needs must (might) and some building work needs paying - the chap in question was very courteous when I offered to pay him “in kind” but declined... Anyhow, one of (if not the) last Japan Metro HPJ’s in the UK. It’s a doll, weight is a lovely shade under 9lbs. Dark lake placid blue with a morado fingerboard, alder body. comes in lightweight sadowsky case. 2 tiny impressions on treble horn and I’ve spotted a little scratch on the rear near the strap button. otherwise, perfect. wearing an NYC pearloid pickguard sent by Rog himself during the first lockdown...cost an inordinate amount for what it is... Also has the original mint green which is...well, green. I don’t want to trade as I need to have funds. I will pack for shipping but you’d have to do insured and cover the cost. Sounds awesome, feels superb.
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    Let me introduce to you, a very English Stephen Fry.
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    Now sold. Newer motorbike purchase means owing money to the Mrs plus a bass has to go on sale. This is the best sounding most playable jazz bass I have owned by a country mile. Weight is under 8 lbs, Ash body, custom ordered Aguilar 60's pickups (AG4J60), maple one piece graphite reinforced neck, rosewood fingerboard (12" radius). Tortoiseshell pickguard, 2 tone sunburst, 34" scale, 21 frets, full electrostatic shielding, vol' vol' tone, Hipshot A style bridge (19mm string spacing) and Hipshot ultralight tuners. Instrument fully 'plecked' Protect case/gig bag. Bass and case in excellent condition, one very tiny scratch/dent on upper edge of body, barely visible - (tried to show in photo). Certificate of ownership also included. Strung with a set of DR Pure Blues with plenty of life left in them. Can set up to try bass safely with an amp at edge of my integral garage with door fully open, or can meet up socially distanced within about 20 mile radius of Daventry, I have a battery powered bass amp to use). I will not be posting this I would like the potential purchaser to play the bass and inspect beforehand.
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    What a way to start the week! (I know it's already Tuesday, no wise-cracks necessary) What @Cat Burrito said (three posts above) – this thread has shown a hint of 'angry mob with pitchforks' – chill the feck out people Mods: Maybe we need a sticky or whatever to lay down some rules about self-promotion via Youtube etc so we can avoid hurting people's feelings
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    I got fed up with the wait for left handers continually being pushed back. 😒 So, on a whim I bought a Teenage Engineering OP-Z groove box, and it’s awesome! Plan was to just create some beats and sequences to play along to. But I’ve had it a couple of weeks now and I’m lost in a world of techno dance groves. 😍 Weird for a 55 year old whose never been to a rave, and last time in a nightclub was during the ‘Hitman and her’ era? I guess I’ve always like Faithless though. 😀
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    I'm asking top dollar but it's virtually as new. Not used it for 13 months, unlikely to frankly. Daft light, daft powerful. A new one with this spec, cover, delivered, would be just shy of £1100. So, perhaps time to get the gear for those upcoming outside gigs? I WON'T COURIER CABS, too much risk of them turning up as Airfix kits (ask @walshy amongst others ☹️). I WILL meet up within 100 miles radius of Darlington. DIMENSIONS 29" high x 19" wide x 13.4" deep 74cm x 48cm x 34cm WEIGHT 17 kg / 37 lbs (cloth grill) USABLE FREQUENCY RANGE 37Hz - 4kHz RECOMMENDED AMP POWER 100-1200W RMS MAX CONTINUOUS BROADBAND & LF SPL 133dB - similar to what a high quality 4x12" or 8x10" cab can manage before the lows fail to keep up with the mids NOMINAL IMPEDANCE 4 ohms Thanks for looking.
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    Did my first session with her yesterday. Can confirm - absolute dream to play, sounds amazing. Super chuffed!
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    I needed a new heel for my shoe, so, I decided to go to Morganville, which is what they called Shelbyville in those days. So I tied an onion to my belt, which was the style at the time. Now, to take the ferry cost a nickel, and in those days, nickels had pictures of bumblebees on 'em. Give me five bees for a quarter, you'd say. Now where were we? Oh yeah: the important thing was I had an onion on my belt, which was the style at the time. They didn't have white onions because of the war. The only thing you could get was those big yellow ones.
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    What do we want..? The end of acronyms..! When do we want it..? ASAP..!
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    Would now be a good moment to mention that I met and married @Silvia Bluejay as a direct result of us both being bass players? No? Alright ... as you were then.
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    Well ... I don't have a Fender, I don't chew gum, and I don't like Hershey Bars. But how did you know about the nylons?😲
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    True that - Hondo tried to position itself upmarket in the early 80s, as Japanese brands like Ibanez & Aria Pro were transitioning to original designs with pro endorsements. I've read about this idea of Tokai Gakki in Hamamatsu building Hondos but there's no evidence for it - Tokai was a small concern that had to outsource its own production to the likes of Kasuga Gakki so it's doubtful they'd have taken on high-volume OEM mainstream brand production. However there are Matsumoku-stamped Hondos, & very high quality stuff came from Samick in Korea, who built the majority of the brand's output. Don't know which manufacturer this came from - but I want one:
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    I thought I couldn't like Pino more... I was wrong
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    I felt inspired by this thread and after selling some bits, I bought myself a Harley Benton TE52 the other week. Cost £134 all in and I had enough for a second hand Orange Terror Stamp to go with it! I don't have a guitar cab yet and my bass cab is 4ohms, so can't put the terror stamp through that, but with a cab sim in a DAW, it's the sound I was after in my head. Two very good bits of kit!
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    I think Chris has hit it on the nail there. Having played bass, guitar, and done lead vocals in bands all whilst in the same clothes and body, the amount of attention I received from the ladyfolk whilst doing guitar and lead vocals for a short time far outweighs that of when I’ve played bass. Must admit I never got any attention from cats though.....
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    You could send each other morse code messages via pop and slap
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    Canada - yup it's a pretty great place all round. ...but I'd be wanting fewer lessons on how to run a democracy from the Chinese right now. This country really is not so shite - I'm privileged and happy to be first gen immigrant here. There are sooooo many places on the planet I'd rather not be than the UK (for a start my language skills are abysmal 😂). If you don't believe me, try living somewhere else. I have. Happy Easter!
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    Whatever I do to straighten the neck, the headstock section has to be rejoined. Always a bit dodgy to add to the thread before you know the result, but it wouldn't be an Andyjr1515 thread if we weren't tip toeing on the very edge of disaster, would it! Normally, a scarf joint would be clean sanded and joined before the neck was carved so the clamps are sitting on flat cauls. Clearly that can't be done here. So the cunning plan is this: To take the neck profile either side of the joint: Carve a block with the shape and taper and check it for fit: Then, protecting the blocks from the glue with masking tape, apply a thin layer of Titebond to both surfaces and slide the joint together to interlock the grain break lines and line up against the break pattern and hold the carved block along the joint: Then, finally, add a flat top block and clamp until it's fully cured (basically, overnight): The visible joint at the back of the neck isn't going to be pretty, but the name of the game here is to get a strong, sturdy and straight joint. The neck will need to be stripped and refinished whatever and so I can tidy up the visible joint line at the time Oh...and if it isn't strong and sturdy and straight, then I'll have to break it open and do it again. But then again, you'd be disappointed if there wasn't a precipice I was walking backwards towards
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    I think I whizzed them off with a pic and a posting of Stephen Fry. Awkward.
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    As a long time American Anglophile I’m thrilled to take this opportunity to swim over since Talkbass literally went down in flames. Alastair Gordon Lethbridge-Stuart
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    The failure was entirely on my part. I misread your post and overreacted. One of the risks you encounter with pure text communications. Please accept my apology. I’ll lighten up and do better going forward.
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    I think Guy Pratt said he used to get told off by Pink Floyd fans for playing “Money” wrong.
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    Made me wonder, do you see more short scale air basses these days?
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    I think we sometimes forget that music isn’t a science, it’s an art. It’s not about whether the science says they should work together, it’s about using our skill - and some nice cabs of course - to make them work together
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    @ped : still nothing onto my Swiss bank account. Did you use the same data center than the one you asked me to flood with water to transfer these zeros ? Or did you forget the 9 at the front ?
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    A clearer pic of my upgraded mex jazz, it’s had the adagio flats on it for about 7 years now, nice deep thump
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    Same. I was the bassist and the lead singer and I got more female attention when we played than I bargained for. Sometimes it was a pain in the bottom.Its hard to break to some people that they might be swimming in a different pool to you without sounding like a twatt.
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    I've always been entertained by the irony that, since keyboard warrior is a pejorative term used to describe people who write in a pejorative manner online, it is impossible to use the term online without falling under its definition oneself 🙃
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    Warwick 5th Anniversary Streamer - It may look like any old Warwick Streamer but there is no Streamer with a thinner, rigid neck (count the laminates) or a thinner, lighter body AND the pup combo positively growls... even though I play it 90% just on the neck pup!
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    I just popped in to see what other people have been doing, and apparently they are running a seminar in international relations. Which is nice.
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    I tend to be very pessimistic about transactions like this. As Sarah? has many valuable guitars in her listings she may be willing to share photos of her with them and band web pictures of her maybe with contact phone numbers. also Linkedin business profiles etc to build confidence. I have tracked many a seller down to social and work events and location from photos posted on media platforms to give me confidence they are who they say they are. I often did this on taking gigs from people out of the blue, if long distance rather than turn up a postcode to find its an industrial estate and the bands out of pocket.
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    Well...that went better than I expected. If these kinds of things carry on working OK, then I might end up confident enough to start sorting out some of my own basses rather than just experimenting on other peoples Because this morning the clamps are off... I knew this side was going to be OK, because I could see it: But this was hidden by the carved block so I couldn't see if it was even aligned. I'm well chuffed with this! There's no step between the two sections at all : So this should now be strong enough - just the aesthetics to sort out. So next thing to look at is the neck straightness. I'm still thinking carbon rods but with all the shops shut today (oh yes... and for the past three months ) and @Matt P 's neck splices still not here, I'll give that a good ponder before doing anything rash
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    Instead of being happy to concentrate on the transparent body and the pg-matched headstock, I find myself with three questions: what does the little switch do? is that a Di Marzio PAF? does anyone ever use tort for the block inlays on a maple fretboard?
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    I think these stories abound about so many celebrities /notable people... I'm a life-long Bowie fan and these days, since his passing in 2016, it's hard to find anyone anywhere going to print (so to speak) being critical of his personality. But there are plenty of stories about what an insufferable ego manic he was during long phases of his career - particularly the 1970s... Knowing all that about Bowie doesn't change my opinion about his musical/artistic output, though I suspect if I'd met him and he'd been nasty or rude to me personally, I might feel differently. I'm with @Dad3353 in knowing full well that the world wouldn't miss any of my songs - hell, they don't even know about them anyway thankfully! But I think that the numbers infer that there literally are millions of people who would miss a fair number of McCartney's songs if they were somehow to be withdrawn from the Earth's pop music playlist.
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    I find the first fret quite easy to reach 😁

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