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    In the interests of accuracy I am prepared to disclose certain pertinent facts: * I am not Dr No. In point of fact my former associate Julius No worked for me between 1957-1961 but we parted on difficult terms, mainly because he complained that I 'expected him to be a Yes-man'. Nothing could have been further from the truth; I always welcome constructive discussion. Nevertheless, Julius became far too wedded to the whole Caribbean Island thing at a time when super-villainry was trending more towards space stations and / or lairs in dormant volcanoes. I was all about the volcano. Julius wanted an island. We parted ways. C'est tout. * My affinity with the game Cluedo dates from 1944 when I lent my chum the pianist Tony Pratt the not inconsiderable sum of fifty guineas towards the development costs of his idea for a board game. I'd known Tony from his days playing the piano on cruise ships; he tickled the ivories while I plied my trade as a gigolo / lounge lizard among the ladies of a certain age travelling first class. (That Barbara Cartland? Had her). So when Tony needed some cash for a working presentation to Messrs Waddington it was I to whom he turned. * I do not live on the South Coast, rather in South Central Wiltshire. My bungalow (decorated in a tasteful, un-ostentatious Louis XIV stylee) forms part of a more extensive compound including a small airstrip, weapons testing bunkers, a communications centre and a compact but efficient miniature nuclear reactor. I've given up on shark tanks. IMO, they're both passé and de trop.
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    I have a Cluedo board game and I am currently living in a bungalow. My 18 year-old self would never have envisaged such an outcome.
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    I think I've got one of those up in the attic. I'll have check. Edit for: No laser but I found my old command Zeppelin. Any use? Ah, dear, lovable, conceited Ernst: never an employee of mine, more of a supplier of peripherals. It all went tïts-up for Ernst when he developed a cat allergy. Sitting in his high-backed, leather chair stroking a goldfish didn't really inspire his minions to put on a hard hat, pick up a Schmeisser and do battle with Tiger Tanaka's ninja commandos as they abseiled into the dormant volcano. So they all came to work for me, apart from the excitable little Chinese scientist feller who went off to Camber Sands and bought an ice-cream van.
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    Rehearsing on your partner's birthday - now that's dedication/sheer stupidity 😟
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    I nearly bought it, but I tried it out and it wouldn't play Rhythm Stick properly, kept fluffing some of the notes, so I gave it a miss...
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    Simon and Garfunkel - Bridge over Troubled Stringing, must’ve been one of them
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    Speaking of cool dark...the black sheep of the Krow Yammy family has arrived I had originally thought I might also get the BB735A refinished in white (and even got a couple of quotes for getting it done). But I'm much less sure about doing that now!
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    Hello friends I bought this bass a week ago. Enough to realize that is an amazing bass, very confortable, with a great sound. Why I want to sell it? Shortly, the reason is a financial one. I have a credit to the bank and I received a very attractive offer from them. So, unfortunately or not, my small bass collection must be diminished. Some specs: - flame maple/alder/flame maple body - maple/carbon 90/10 NT neck, no truss rod - 21 frets + fret zero - 860 mm scale - phenolic fingerboard - Schaller machine heads - Kahler bridge - adjustable string spacing, 17,5 mm maximum (now at 17 mm) - Schaller Straplocks - Benedetti single coil pickups - Glockenklang preamp (9 & 18 V). The original preamp included - equipped with Elixir strings - 4,5 Kg aprox. It comes in a non-original hardcase. The price is 2050€ (only in Euro, please), shipping in UE countries included. Sorry, no trades.
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    Here is my stunning all original 1969 Fender Precision. Straight and stable neck, low action, working truss rod, mellow vintage sound. Standard B neck-41.4 mm (1.63 in). Not chunky-very comfortable to play. The back of the neck is perfect. Lightweight-3.77 kg (8.3 lbs). Original Hardshell Case, all latches work. For some reason my phone add a little red on some of the pics. The bass is located in Sofia, Bulgaria. Any questions are welcome. Ton of pictures here: Photos Thanks for looking!
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    As a long time fan of both Joni Mitchell and Kate Bush, it's seems to me to be an utterly pointless argument to say that one of them is a (musical) genius, whilst the other is not. They are both extraordinarily talented songwriters, singers and musicians in their own right but they come from very different cultural and artistic backgrounds IMO, which makes comparing them more about personal preference and opinion than fact. Their back catalogues, record sales, worldwide fan bases and respect from amongst their own musical peer groups tells its own story though and they both have those things in abundance. I'm just grateful that they have made the fantastic music they have over the years; my life's been all the richer for it.
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    Guns don't kill sheriffs, Bob Marley does. I think Mr Marley is being a little obtuse here. Stating that he was unaware of the reasons that Sheriff Brown 'always hated' him, he follows that his planting regime warranted stern rebukes to kill the seeds before they grow. Given Bob's rep, I think we can safely assume that rather than a personal beef, the policeman's continued interest in halting his activities had more to do with their persistent and illicit nature. One might expect him to have come to this epiphany himself at the thin end of a fat doobie, but perhaps his horticultural skills at the time weren't as legendary as we believed, and da ganj just wasn't up to that much after all. Incidentally, there is nothing to state that the deputy was actually shot, it is just an inference from the fact that he bothers to mention it.
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    I'm always slightly bemused by these 'best of ...' type threads. How exactly do you define 'the best'? What criteria and metrics are being used? I've no doubt that the 2 amps in the original post are superb, but are they 'the best' because they among the most expensive class D's available? Or because they have an impressive and unique feature set? Or for some other reason? Some specifications have been quoted as have some of their unique features, but no-one yet seems to have mentioned their respective tones and flexibility, which for me personally help me decide what 'the best' amp is - for me. For example, I was tried out the Mesa Subway D800 (I'm guessing an amp that shares much of its DNA with the WD800) and it was a fantastic sounding amp, but I found it very limited in what it could do. It went from shouty and aggressive to REALLY SHOUTY AND AGGRESSIVE. Now, I'm quite partial to a shouty and aggressive bass tone, but at other times I want something more subdued, but I wasn't able to coax that from the D800. In the end I plumped for the Genzler Magellan because that could do shouty and aggressive too, but it could also do subtle and mellow, warm and vintage, bright and funky etc, and it could do all these with the conviction that the Mesa delivered its aggression. Out of the 2 the Genzler was the 'better' amp for me because it was way more versatile. But if I was playing in a punk band the Mesa would likely have been 'better' for my needs. One mans' treasure and all that.
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    Personally I have used a rack compressor (a Focusrite compounder) for years and years, but then I had a very specific set of requirements with my rig that it helped out with a lot. New rig now, may even ditch the always on compressor completely, and get a pedal comp for some very overt compression fx in a few distinct spots rather than the always on comp set up I've enjoyed for the last 10 years. In general the single biggest weakness of 90% of compressor pedals is a lack of serious metering: by definition you cant hear compression work when its transparent, unless you are in the mix, in which case you are playing your bass, not setting up a compressor! If you want really transparent compression then I recommend looking at parallel compression, or anything with a blend knob. Parallel compression allows you to 'get away with' heavier compression settings without them becoming so obvious, its all about psychoacoustics, it also can act more like an expander than a compressor. Most compressors with an LPF dont compress the bottom of the signal at all, anything under the LPF frequency is not compressed and so you have to bear this in mind, they are great for transient shaping but not so good at taming wayward low end. Multicomp pedals are the solution to this, but the truth is you need a huge amount of parameter control and metering to get the most out of them - or some kind of computer interface (and therefore a digital pedal) - and masses of experience. Things like the spectracomp are fine, but unless you really know your beans dont go fiddling with the internals. Personally if I want an obvious effected compressed sound then I love optical compressors, they have this gorgeoues bwoooOOP sound to the front of the note when set right, its so funky I love it to death, but its definitely not an always on thing! My favourite is the Joe Meek FloorQ btw. For an always on compressor I like to emulate the compression of a tube amp (not the saturation though), I have explained exactly how I set this up on a bunch of other threads so a search will help you, but basically its a very very low ratio (1.3:1) and a threshold set so its always on, just (this ends up being a very low threshold indeed), attack slow enough to let the transient through, a bit of low pass, a medium/fast release ( I play a lot of 16ths) and make up gain to match on/off output when digging in. This way you cant really feel it, but its always helping atad to even things out, your dynamics are unchanged in the main. I've even run this in parallel with a much faster attack too, it stays really transparent but fattens up the front of the note a bit.
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    The Who - live at Leeds. They're an entirely other band live compared to albums. For me, that album is perfection.
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    Hey, guys... I think the chick with the big boobs is smiling at me...
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    Hello friends For sale (no trades, please) a rare, amazing (really) and all original bass, bought few months ago. Was professional refretted two months ago with original Warwick bell brass frets => very low action, VERY easy to play. Why I want to sell it? Shortly, the main reason is a financial one. I have a credit to the bank and I received a very attractive offer from them. So, unfortunately or not, my small bass collection must be diminished. The second reason is my painful back, so this bass must go first. It weighs about 5,3 Kg on my bathroom scale. Some specs: - flame maple body, oil/wax finish - flame maple / bubinga NT neck (with volute 😎), oil/wax finish - wenge fretboard - Warwick “Made in West Germany” machine heads - brass bridge - 20 mm string spacing - brass just-a-nut 1 (if I am right, 1998 was the last year when they put this kind of nut on basses) - Dunlop Straplock Flush Mount - Basslines (Seymour Duncan) pickups - MEC preamp (3 eq, 18 V) - new jack plug - equipped with an almost new Nickel Elixir set (32, 45-105, 130) It has few dings, but nothing “dangerous” and no one on the back of the neck. For an almost 21 years bass (October 1998), is very clean. It comes in a non-original hardcase. The price is 1750€ (only in Euro, please), shipping in UE countries included. Detailed pictures on request.
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    Dr Feelgood - Stupidity (live). Never sounded loose and sweaty enough on the studio LPs.
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    Chris Squire too, and Chris is my favourite bassist. I was a huge fan of the Beatles as a kid and I believe that subliminally influenced the way I played when I started playing bass. Stuff like Penny Lane would be my default setting for bass playing in a song. And if 'Something' is showing off, then count me a show off. Counter-melodies are where it's at for me.
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    Any room to parts your own bass together? You’ll defo get exactly what you want then, and if patient can get a mix of second hand and new to give you what you need. I had no prior experience but managed to cobble a couple together that are just right for me. The natural finish one needed me to mend a crack and strip and oil it. Incredible fun. White Bass - USA Fender string through body, status neck, Hipshot Ultralites, Fender HMV bridge, Seymour Duncan APB-1 pick up. Natural Bass - Alder body (I think), cherry neck and Birdseye maple board, ESP bridge, Creamery ‘58 pick ups and Tonestyler pot. Plus a massive bundle of change to spare from your budget even including buying some tools.
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    A Dutch singer/songwriter/author has released a new single and she allowed me to go full Pino Palladino on it. Check it out:
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    My birthday too - many happy returns
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    It's interesting how we know this. What the general public often fail to recognise, is that "criminal is as criminal does". Most archcriminals, even at the highest level, can't resist screwing the system. For example, Hans Gruber was registered as living in a council flat in Holloway, North London, and was claiming Jobseeker's Allowance (which incidentally, his brother Eric continued to collect for three months after Hans' death). Even Hitler was on Incapacity Benefit (one ball), until he signed off a bit quick when he suddenly became famous for winning the Nuremberg Rally. And he put "The Berghof" in his mother's name for 'tax purposes'. Probably.
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    My BB1000MA back then in it's gold periode 🙂