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    I have a nice collection of Ashdown cabs (a 610, a 410, a mini 4x8 and a mini 15) that I'm very happy with apart from one slight niggle. They all have Ashdown's trademark blue speakers - apart from the 610 so it doesn't match the others when using them together. After a chat a couple of weeks ago with the very helpful Dave Green at Ashdown, he kindly sent me some proper speaker cone paint in the correct shade of blue and yesterday I finally got around to doing it. It didn't take too long to do and I'm really pleased with how it's turned out. 🙂
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    Well, she needs a lot of setup work as it's a newborn bitsa, and I somehow messed up wiring a God damn precision(?!) but it seems fairly stable and hasn't exploded. Why would a precision explode, you ask? Well, the bridge on this bad boy isn't your standard BBOT.... I've never even seen another Hipshot trem system in real life, so the chance to play with one is just fantastic. I'm going to come back to this thread when I've had a few more days off work and a chance to do a bit of a spit and polish, maybe even a demo, but for now I couldn't wait to show it off. This has been a lot of slow, stressful work and having a vaguely playable bass is very, very exciting! Please, someone be half as excited as me!!
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    Hey hey! I've unceremoniously chopped together a handful of snippets from the DVD. Check it out...
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    Up for trade or possibly sale is my LB 100 from G & L. Made in Fullerton (on Fender avenue no less) this is their Deluxe version of their Standard P bass. I bought this earlier this year (the bass was made in November 2018) but owning 4 P type basses is just a bit too much so I am looking to trade this for something else nice maybe a US Jazz or similar. Not really sure what I`m looking for but what I don`t want is anything with more than 4 strings, any Ibanez or a fretless, other than that I`m open to suggestions. UK only please and this is firm. Due to the ongoing carry on, this hasn`t been out the house since buying it. Regarding the condition, as you can see from the photos it is in exc condition. The only thing worthy of note is there is a small blemish on the front above the pickgaurd, it`s about an inch long and it doesn`t show up in a photograph and it can only be seen by tilting the bass into the light, the finish is intact. There is a small scratch above the tone knob but again it is hardly visible. The scratchplate had a bit of stick plastic to protect it and it was so sticky, I had to use a green pad to remove the glue residue so the finish on the plate is dull but looks fine. The bass is fitted with one of Kiogon`s Tone switch which is a 4 position switch and as usual with John`s kit, is excellent. The original loom is in the case should you want to re fit it. Specs: PICKUPS: One G&L vintage split-coil Alnico pickup BODY WOOD: Alder Bodies NECK WOOD: Vintage Tint Satin Hard Rock Maple with Caribbean Rosewood NECK PROFILE: G&L 1 5/8" Medium C with 9 1/2" radius FRETS: Medium Jumbo, Jescar 57110 18% nickel silver TUNING KEYS: Custom G&L "Ultra-Lite" with aluminum tapered string posts BRIDGE: G&L Saddle Lock with chrome-plated brass saddles ELECTRONICS: One volume control, one tone control CASE: G&L case The nut with is 42mm and the weight is 4.1 kg or 9.1 lb`s. Fitted with a new set of GHS Boomers. Any offers by pm please.
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    still waiting for some cables, but here is my lockdown board. The Future compact and Proton will be on the HX’s fx loop. Tuner-Octabvre-Pork n Pickle-Stomp-(fx loop)-Future Compact-Proton-Becos-Noble
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    Well, that's not strictly the case! Right - sit down, make yourself a cup of coffee/tea/gin and let's see what we can work out from the evidence as presented. This is likely to be largely stream-of consciousness rambling, confusing & very, very boring. Don't say you weren't warned. The problem with trying to identify old instruments from online sales listings is - how can I put this? Sellers often don't know what it is they're selling, or if they do, they will assume the majority of potential purchasers don't. So they might say things that either aren't necessarily true, or aren't meticulously researched & fact-checked, to sell whatever it is. Many buyers & sellers often seem more concerned about what they want something to be, rather than what it actually is. That's the case with both of the basses you've linked. They're not Japanese, probably not '70s and they're absolutely not made by Matsumoku. They're Korean, and possibly made by Cort, if the style of the control plate/scratchplate on the natural finish example is any indication. That one's actually very interesting & I'll get to why a bit later. I should probably explain that I sort-of know what I'm on about with these things - I've had an unhealthy preoccupation with old-ish MIJ & MIK instruments for most of the time I've been playing (which is a looooong time!) and for about 15 or so years made a living by restoring & selling predominantly 1970s copy-era Japanese guitars & basses. I don't claim to know everything (& no-one does) but when you've worked on literally hundreds of instruments from a particular era, you do get an eye for traits & details. Typically Korean & Japanese are easy to tell apart, and the products of specific Japanese factories (such as Matsumoku) are very straightforward to ID too. These two basses, like yours, are Korean. The neck style, very similar to yours (extra fret, unusually wide black blocks, no binding, Fender-type headstock, Gibson-style nut) indicates they're from the same factory, which as I've said is probably Cort. It's worth understanding a bit about brand names too. Best advice is usually to ignore them, in the majority of cases they'll tell you nothing at all about who actually made an instrument. In many ways your bass is a good illustration of why - it's unbranded, it came from the factory unbranded & like thousands of others, would've been sold brand-new like that. For a few pennies per unit more, whichever company ordered & imported your bass could have thought up any name they wanted, and the factory would have put that on the headstock for them. However - some well-known brands can be tied to specific factories and that's why the two you found are helpful in understanding more about yours. Japanese-made Hohners all came from a factory called Moridaira, and when that arrangement came to an end in the early 80s, Hohner production moved to the Cort factory in Korea. I mention Hohner because Leyanda appears typically as a brand for Hohner acoustic guitars, although a little research indicates they used Leyanda as a sub-brand for budget electric guitars too. This might be a regional thing, as Hohner also used Rockwood & Arbor as budget sub-brands in some territories. And about 30 seconds' Google image search gives us a Hohner Arbor Jazz copy with an identical body, control plate & scratchplate to the natural finish Leyanda: I'd say, based on inlay style & hardware it's a few years later than the Leyanda - but it's an associated brand, has the same highly distinctive components, & fits the established timeframe for Hohner's use of Korean manufacturers - so it's safe to say it's from the same factory. So through this process of somewhat anal detective work, I think we can be perhaps 99.65% sure that your unbranded Jazz bass came from the same factory as the two Leyandas you found - it has a distinctive & near-identical neck. That neck's overall style (black blocks, Fender headstock) probably dates it to late 70s - at a guess '78 or later. We know the manufacturer's Korean, as all the basses have identifiable MIK traits, and we can narrow down the factory to probably Cort because one of the Leyandas has the same distinctive body & hardware as a Korean Hohner Arbor - which was probably made by Cort. There are a few reasons I can't be 100% that it's a Cort. Firstly, knowledge of older Korean manufacturers isn't great - like in Japan there would have been dozens of different factories but we only know a few - off the top of my head Cort (Cor-Tek), Samick, Young-Chang, Saehan & (possibly) Arirang, and apart from the first two it's not clear how early they were operating & what they made. We know that Hohner's high-quality post-MIJs are Corts because they're often identical to Cort's own-branded guitars from the same era, but we can't be certain Hohner's budget ranges were also from Cort. At this point though, there's no particular reason to think they weren't. So it's Korean, late 70s, factory-unbranded and made by Cort. Evidence to 100% establish the manufacturer & a specific year might emerge in future, or with more detailed research than I've done, but at the moment that'll have to do!
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    Six years ago I bought a bitsa on ebay because I wanted the neck for a project I was working on. The neck ended up on the fire but the body once stripped of it's psychedelic spray paint was a nice wine red with visible grain that I found rather pleasing. I put it to one side thinking it might come in handy one day. Time passed and for reasons I can't remember I put bought a fretless neck , no name, looks to be well made from what looks like beech wood. It happened to be a perfect fit for the body. The body had oversized routing and regular scratchplates don't cover it. The original was by this point long gone. I put it to one side. Time passed and my boss bought a box of interesting bits at auction including a brass precision scratch plate that was also a perfect fit. I bought the machine heads last year , I wanted to use the original screw holes and research led me to get a set of Wilkinsons. The pickup came from a bass I decommissioned long before I got the body. Yesterday I found myself in the workshop with time to kill and It's finally complete. I call it Tom after Tom E Lewis aboriginal musician and actor that I was privileged to have played a gig with a few years ago. The gig was a total car crash but he was such a gent and as the bass is the colours of the Aboriginal flag it reminds me of him.
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    Anyone forming the impression Neil Young nicked @Dad3353 's girlfriend when they were at school?
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    Terrific mint Nash PB-57 up for sale in relic Mocha Sanded C neck with relic maple fretboard and vintage frets. Terrific nitro body, very resonant bass and lightweight at 3.8-3.9kg. People who have played a Nash bass before know their playability is great. Currently fitted w/SPB-3, but as you can see on the pictures I will include the original Lollar pickup. I’m only selling it to get funds for a ‘70s P Comes with Nash certificate and original case. Ive bought the bass 3 months ago from MusicStation germany.
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    Bad news. Seller had sold it 4 months ago for 80€ and forgot/ didn't know how to delete the ad. 😌 Turned to be an elder kind man, ex drummer in 70s and the bass belonged to his friend bassist in the band back then that now passed away. 😕 Told me if i had contacted him back then and known my home is next to him he could give it for free as a gift to me cause he got my love for old instruments and so. Lesson learned no worries planet is full of old basses like that out there, i keep my eyes open. It was also a good chance to meet you here guys, will be around for sure 👊
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    Frankly, I'd be simply terrified of standing in a garden near a drummer huffing and puffing his way through a set. If a virus molecule thing were - as is highly likely - to alight upon on his crash cymbal the consequences could be deadly. Out of the chorus, tom fill, crash, and whappo! the virus goes shooting off across the grass at 250 mph, over the dahlias and up the nose of some poor, vulnerable individual blithely unaware that airborne death is incoming. The obvious solution is to place some perspex screens around and over each of the musicians then put the whole band in a fruit cage and drape the structure with multiple layers of horticultural fleece so that it's effectively one big mask. It's still taking a chance but it's a balanced option until we can find a way to safely encase band and audience alike in individual resin blocks.
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    I'm a huge Peter Gabriel fan and if there is one track that is my 'favourite song of all time', this would be it. When I was asked to be part of a collaboration to create a lockdown version of this track, I didn't need to be asked twice. I'm immensely proud of this and it was an honour to work with so many talented folk (please check the description and the end credits). For a short time, I get to be Tony Levin, complete with hammy, deep bass, vocal part.
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    That’s in Kent. Too far for me Stew. 🤡
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    When there is an effective vaccine and / or a non-traumatic treatment that prevents the lung damage / cognitive issues / kidney problems.
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    Truly awesome 1982 JV serial Squier Precision Bass by Fender, Made in Japan. One of the early and rare instruments of that vintage year with ash body maple neck, early more reddish pickguard and rosewood fretboard The serial is JV13294, 1982. Made in Japan with wood and many of the parts coming directly from the UnitedStates. Absolutely original as it left the factory and virtually as new Comes with a hardcase and for sale only Shipping in U.K. as buyers risk and cost
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    As long as you are not supergluing nuts to your forehead, you’ll be ok......
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    SCHECTER JAZZ BASS V THE ORIGINAL CALIFORNIA CUSTOM, USA 97 NECK: Spectacular Birdseye Maple. FINGERBOARD: Rosewood BODY: Ash, built in 2 pieces. SCALE: 34 ". Very very comfortable. WHEIGHT: 4.5 kg; (10 lb) approx. PICKUPS: Monster Tone; Active / Passive. € 2.500 Very few basses of this model were built. Only on request. Schecter, at this time, was still making parts for other brands. Among them Rudy Pensa . It is very versatile and has an incredible range of sounds. The 5th string is simply magnificent: defined and deep. The bass is in Valencia.
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    I wasn't going to do a build thread for this. In fact, I wouldn't even call it 'building' as it's more 'putting together', but judging by the way today has gone, I think I'm going to have get my hands dirty anyway. So this is more for your comedy value than anything else as it's the first time I've done anything like this - and will possibly be the last. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This sorry tale starts with my purchase of a Fender Flea '61 Jazz Bass just over four years ago. It was a very nice bass. They are made in Mexico and my one bettered a few of the USA Fender's I've had pass through my hands. You may have read this elsewhere, but one day in 2018, I went to play this bass and found the strings were about half an inch off the fretboard. Definitely not where I had left them the night before. Long story short, the truss rod had failed. Cue long boring discussion with Fender UK who appeared uninterested. Such was my frustration with the failed neck scenario, that I ended up getting a graphite neck from Status fitted to the Flea body by Rob. It's still on it and I plan to leave it that way. Some time later, Fender sent me this.... It's sat around doing nothing since I received it and I thought I had better make use of it. In hindsight, it was nice of them to send me the neck fully loaded with tuners and string tree as I had stripped the faulty neck when I returned it to them. Stay tuned for the next episode: 'The Search for A Body'
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    Mine is 33xxx and I bought it from a retailer (not custom order) in Aug 2019. Here's a rough extrapolation using the numbers so far!
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    The bass is now with @andyonbass and nestled securely in his cab 😊
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    I've recently discovered this band and dayum are they good! 'The Tide, The Thief & The Rivers End' is a spectacular album, as is 'Rise Radiant', particularly the song 'Salt'. REALLY worth a listen. Anyone else aware of these guys?
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    Yay! all fitted and glued Carefully re-did the slots to depth having radiused the fretboard. That was lots of tedious sanding, forgot to take a pic!
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    Shall we all be adults, put the handbags down, and get back to the thread then? Yes? OK. I have a 1979 Ibanez Roadster RS800 with a good number of battle scars! Will post a picture when I can be bothered to go upstairs... too many heats to climb stairs right now!
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    Video from the manufacturer so you can hear what it sounds like
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    This is so under rated. I never used the shape on my ABM as I found it too boomy, but after experimenting on the OriginAL its now on on the ABM too. Just cutting back on the bass a bit and adding a few high mids brings out a lovely sound. Swapping out the valve is going to be tough though. It's in its own little metal prison! Oh and they exist in gold too.
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    Cheers! That's my go-to setting as well. I'll be honest, when I first got the pedal I was a bit disappointed as I wanted it to do that but felt it was much to OTT - to the extend I started considering valve swapping. I believe it was @javi_bassist who suggested playing with the input gain and it really is the key to getting almost anything from super clean through to horrendous filth. Now it's become such an important part of my board that both my Darkglass Vintage Ultra and SansAmp BDDI are both destined for the FS forum.
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    Lock the 4 strings away and practice with a lot of songs in Eb!
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    Having a few financial and health problems currently so taking this opportunity to move this on. I have this advertised elsewhere so if you're serious, be quick. I had to import this in from the States - there are very few of these in the UK - they built about 270 basses and guitars during the 70s/80s. I also had a fretless (green) which I sold here and I believe that there may be one other owned by a BCer in the UK. Named owners include Bjorn from ABBA and Tina Weymouth from Talking heads. These sell in the USA for over £3,500 (not dollars). Joe Veillette is currently building hollow bodied basses http://www.veilletteguitars.com/press_citron.shtml#:~:text=Veillette-Citron was a pioneer,first-ever production baritone guitars. I always said that this would be the last bass to go but as an owner of several custom basses I think it would only be right to hang on to those built for me by @Andyjr1515. I often drag this out for visiting BCers to try so many of you will have seen and tried this. This is now around 40 years old and has a number of little knocks which are hard to photograph but can only be noticed on close inspection. Any serious buyers are welcome to view. Here are a few photos:
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    For between £50-100, you could get an M-Audio Keystation 61, and use Vst instruments for your keys; they're very good. Worth a look..?
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    I have 3 short scale basses that I am currently waiting on to arrive. I have been playing medium scales for a few years now since I sold my regular scale basses but I had a mustang P/J model recently and really like the 30" scale also. I have a Sandberg Lionel Short Scale Bass that is in the mail. A Chowny SWB-1 in Trans White 2020 model on order and I have a Mayones Cali4 mini Bass being built. I'll post some pics of the Sandberg when I receive it next week. 😎
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    I had this up for sale earlier this year as an "either/or" sale - this and an NS94. The plan was to sell one, keep the other. Both basses are excellent examples of Stu Spector's fine work and, if anything, were advertised "too cheap". I can honestly say that I wouldn't be selling this if I could keep hold of it. I've got a few health problems currently which are "forcing" the sale of a number of my basses/amps/cabs. Watch the For Sale threads for details of the clear out. As anybody who has ever owned one of these would agree, you'd be hard pushed to find anything of similar quality for the money. I'm asking £325 which is closer to what similar items have sold for recently.
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    You'll find the plans and the parts list on page one of the thread, @martyy. Build the cab without the horn and compression driver if you find the electronics a bit daunting. Add them at a later date if you want.
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    I've just had this assembled and setup this afternoon. In the words of Tony the Tiger, It's Grrrrrreat!!!
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    Fancied a change away from the normal run o the mill and received this yesterday. First dabble with a Sandberg & very impressed 🙂...
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    Has Private Walker brought his suitcase again?
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    Aperol actually, Sybil gets a bit rowdy on wine
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    Couldn’t you use the box for the body?
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    https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Vintage-Relic-80s-Precision-PJ-P-J-Pair-Bass-Guitar-Pickups-Set/254646662508?hash=item3b4a1fb56c:g:rPEAAOSw8n9fBHE7 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/SQUIRE-STANDARD-PJ-PICKUPS/274450443951?hash=item3fe6856eaf:g:PrUAAOSw8bJfKxVJ You could try new Wilkinsons and mix a J with a P set:https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/NEW-Wilkinson-WPB-AlNiCo-V-Bass-Pickups-for-PB-type-guitars-Precision/112531501958?epid=1266588005&hash=item1a33667386:g:~ekAAOSw1XNZmAv6 or if you want expensive and new, why not get some made by one of the many bespoke winders in the UK or abroad? https://www.houseoftonepickups.com/ https://www.creamery-pickups.co.uk/custom-handwound-pickups-from-the-creamery/scatterwound-bass-pickups.html#.XzHSxh3TVz8 https://www.bareknucklepickups.co.uk/pickups/p-bass
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    Zimbabwean in Lancashire, England
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    The bass has never been used, still film on pickguard. It comes from a shop and traded with a used bass of mine. Skyline 44-64 shares the same aesthetics and Lakland split coil hybrid pickup as the USA Series version, capturing the rich and defined power of the early basses that revolutionized the four-string low-end world. The tone and power of a well-preserved vintage instrument with flawless Lakland fretwork and neck refinements makes this a modern classic. The 44-64 Custom PJ expands upon the 44-64 by adding a single coil “J” style bridge pickup into the mix for added versatility. Additionally, the Custom adds a 1.5” (J) neck taper with pearl block inlay markers, matching headstock color and bound Indian Laurel fingerboard. Ice Blue model features a maple unbound fingerboard with special abalone accented position markers. Here in action: I can ship all over Europe. Best Regards Alberto
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    Wow wow amazing report here Mr. @Bassassin those are great news. To the folks above, not a metal head here. I am a sample based producer and multi instrumentalist, kind could be anything from a wide range based on 60s-80s samples from rockabilly and psych rock to jazz funk soul, blend alongside with live old strings brass and organs, so this beauty could find its unique place through the others sitting in my lab. I am into old stuff since childhood, from record collecting to finding old stuff and gear, diying, valves, restoration and all that kind of stuff. Everything...till 90's 🤣 Cheers to all, it's a nice place here 🤸
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    I would say, go for it. It’s an opportunity to learn something possibly, so has to be a good thing. You’re in the same situation I’m in. I have a neck which Fender sent me as a replacement for the one that went wonky on my Flea ‘61. I replaced it with a Status Graphite neck which is staying on it, so this neck needed a body, which I’m waiting to be delivered and will go from there. My first attempt, so will be interesting. Hats off to you @walshy. They look fab 👏👏👏👏
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    Advice I didn't think I'd be getting today.
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    Power, quality, responsiveness, EQ, additional feature sets (drive etc), price, tone, weight, size, finish, reputation of brand / reliability and design are all factors I take into account to a greater or lesser extent. Sure tone can be a very important factor when deciding to get an amp, but it's certainly not the sole factor (for me anyway) particularly as my amp doesn't have the biggest single impact on tone in my signal chain - and that's by quite a long way; a single drive or filter / synth pedal can easily swamp the nuance of tone that one D class amp brings to the party compared to another. Equally, and just to reiterate, the volume (i.e. size rather than watts!) of the unit wasn't really meant to be a major thread discussion point, it was more just an observation: other things being equal my preference has always been for compactness & portability and these have been key reasons in e.g. me taking a BF SC to rehearsals and gigs in place of my IMO significantly tonally superior Fearless F112. It's the same point about lightweight basses for some. We all have different priorities.
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    I did 2 yesterday. A garden party and then a pub garden. All very acceptable
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    Well not quite new but you know what I mean. After ogling the Status Vintage GP model and also numerous 50's precisions I decided to concoct my own version. Perhaps not one for the purists this is a MIM Fender Mike Dirnt in Vintage White (otherwise known as pale custard yellow) which I purchased from @billge along with a Status P neck courtesy of @Cuzzie (also thanks to @HazBeen who gave me some valuable advice along the way). The obvious problem with fitting a different neck onto a 50's style P is the neck heel. The 50's basses have a square heel and everything else has the more common rounded heel. A rounded heel neck will however fit in the square heel socket, it just leaves visible gaps in the corners which the scratchplate doesn't cover. Step forward GIG.ink @TimAl who manufactured me a Mike Dirnt plate with the necessary rounded heel. I'm really pleased with it. The neck and body make a great combination and after hearing lots of goods things about the '59 pickup in these MD basses I'm not disappointed. I may decide to go for another off-white or cream plate in the future but I think the black looks pretty good. 😁
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    I've had two paid outdoor events which were really enjoyable especially as we didn't rehearse.I always think of the fee as 'driving money', the playing is fun but I hate the driving! The event manager loved them and we were asked back as soon as we were available. Now these gigs were pure entertainment and an adjunct to my life as a recording musician playing original material. That life continues in the studio only and I'm not anticipating any gigs this year. The world of 'original music' has been particularly tough the last few years both in the UK and USA so I'm glad for any work I can get, all the best, joe
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    I'd be reluctant to blame Westside without knowing what deal they had with Mesa. As far as I can tell, prices in the rest of Europe were comparable with those in the UK.
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    Listening to The Cardiacs on an episode of Stuart Maconie’s Freak Zone, where have this band been all my life, loving it...

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