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    Hey gotta let this one go. Found it in the US looking sad and needing some love. Spent a lot of shilling on a light relic refin in sonic blue. Paint job is fantastic. The backplate, pickups and neck all match for 1966. The tuners are probably not original and nor is the scratchplate. That's about it. Will consider an offer, if it's sensible, and if we jive in the love of P. Enjoy Davo Other Photos and refin photos available ...
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    I’m also very happy with what I have. Ecstatic in fact. It’s all the other stuff that’s available to buy that’s the problem 😂
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    Didn't buy that one! I have had a few unbelievable purchases over the years though, buy far and away the best was my Conklin USA custom 8 string through neck. Paid £300 for that. There is a lengthy story behind it, but essentially all that needed doing was a change of battery and battery connector and a THOROUGH clean, and I mean everything stripped off clean. But still, not bad for a $12,000 bass That ain't going anywhere EVER though! My advice, hunt around, keep your eyes open at every turn, and you'll find some cracking deals eventually!
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    Huge Mani fan here, and that black and white rehearsal footage of them after getting back together still gives me goose bumps, seeing the connection and smiles between them, is a joy. I actually bought that black Epiphone bass from Mani that he used at those rehearsals and the early gigs. Reni is also one of the best drummers I’ve ever heard or seen.
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    I always pack a spare pair of clean knickers before heading out. (Plus all kinds of other shite boys probably don’t want to know about.)
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    Rewind the A string but force it downwards so that it wraps around the lower part of the tuner pole. That will increase the break angle at the nut and stop it popping out.
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    I think having piles of amps on the stage is kind of expected for a Grateful Dead tribute, to be honest. Ideally, we would have a replica Wall, but even the Dead couldn't afford the costs of running that!
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    I sell my Immaculate Ken Smith Bass. The Smith has practically no use. Amazing Smith sound. I've had several bass Smith and this is the one that has the best sound. Specs.: Body: Quilted Maple Neck: 5-piece Aged Hardrock Maple & Ovankol/Shedua with Graphite Inlaid Bars & Matching Wood Headstock Overlay. Fingerboard: Macassar Ebony with Mother of Pearl Top & Side Dots Hardware: Gold Smith Hardware & Dunlop "Flush Mount" Straploks Electronics: "NEW" Smith B.M.T. 3-Band EQ 18-volt Circuit: Internal 4-way adjustable frequency DIP Switches for each Band Including Series/Parallel Switches for each Pickup Pickups: Smith Custom Bass Humbucking Soapbar Pickups The Golden smith emblem is not included, the original black is included. 3.600,00 £. shipped included in a bombproof packaging. I can accept as a part of the trade a Fender Precision 5 strings or Fender Jazz 4 strings.
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    It's a pain which never ends.

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