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1966 Ampeg B-15N

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Beautiful B-15N from 1966 - produced in this option for less than a year (single-baffle cab/navy blue tolex/B15NF circuit). It sounds phenomenal - rich and creamy bass tones due to original square magnet CTS speaker. Amp was recently serviced with new caps, new foam inside cab, NOS tubes, grounded power cord and 1/4" input (if you know those amps, you also know that the pins are so small that they can easily break when connecting, so this is common upgrade. Original 5-pin is still there for sometic and historical reasons). Everything was set up, biased and cleaned. 

Shipping to EU/UK is £70









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50 minutes ago, sblueplanet said:

A work of art as well as the tone of a thousand + hit singles 🤖


There were 3 versions of that cabinet and let's say 2 major version of circuits in B15N. This one is single baffle, a total "thump" tone with p-bass. Later thiele cabs had more bass anbd were kind of nasal in the mids, but I like it too. Never cared for the double baffle early ones... 

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I have the same model and love it!  Mine also has a connection to the Beatles, Stones and others that makes it even more special to me!


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10 hours ago, lovetheblues said:

I have the same model and love it!  Mine also has a connection to the Beatles, Stones and others that makes it even more special to me!


Yeah! Lovely. Congrats! These are real holy grail sound machines when properly serviced. What's the story behind Beatles/Stones it has, If I may ask? I have 8x10 cab that belonged to Phil Lynott and some time ago I sold V4+4x12 cab that was Johnny Ramone's one (from NY studio).

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      A top of the line vintage instrument in exceptional condition (one of the machine heads is slightly bent but 100% functional).
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      It's a short scale bass with one pickup, one tone and one volume. It sounds great - loads of vintage, low-end thump. The pickup is still nice and strong, and the electronics are in full working order. The tone control works, but it's essentially thump or more thump, so don't expect and crispy high's from this bass! The bridge cover unscrews revealing the original strip of foam stuck underneath (as well as a very unusual bridge). Truss rod seems in working order.
      Overall it is in very good condition - a few chips here and there but considering its age, it's excellent. The chap I bought it from told me that he was the second owner - the original owner bought it new, hardly played it, before retiring it to the back of his wardrobe for decades. Apparently, the strings (flatwounds) are original to the bass, so they should hold some value in themselves! The volume pot has been replaced (I have the broken original if you want to take it), but aside from that, it's all original.
      Looking for £300 - I know these were budget back in the day, but they are increasingly collectable and this one is in such great condition. There is one on eBay for £350, and they have gone on Reverb for silly prices. 
      Based in Bristol, happy to ship at buyers expense. Unfortunately, the bass does not come in a case but I can package safely. If you'd like to come and try it out then feel free.
      EDIT: I've had some time this afternoon to quickly record some examples on this bass. All of these were recorded through my Ampeg B15, mic'd with a CAD GXL3000, into a Focusrite Scarlett, into Logic. No EQ was used, just a touch of compression.

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      A bit unsure of letting this superb bass go - but it just doesn't get enough attention from me. 
      Its a 1968 Fender Coronado Bass I - a rare sight. This bass was apparently made for a trade fair as a show piece - it has the "Special" engraved on the back of the headstock. 
      Its well kept for its age and this old lady just plays perfectly. It has gotten new frets a few years ago and also a new bone nut. Other than that - all original. 
      The neck is just a joy to touch and play. Very easy to play and capable of low action (which is pretty rare also on these old basses). 
      The original pickup has those separate magnets that you can adjust the string volume on which is a cool feature. Controls are as simple as Volume and tone. Currently strung with Daddario Black Nylon Flats but will include a set of Labella medium scale flats for that perfect fit on this bass. 
      The bass is healthy, the truss works 100%, tuners are stable and the bridge works as it should. The bridge has lost its "F" inlay - which is normal on these models. Try and google pictures  
      Bass is 30" scale / short scale. 
      I have NO case - but lets discuss a solution for this if you're interested in the bass. Im sure we can work something out! (I have and old Rockbag for the bass which I can include also). 
      Price is 1550£ / 1800€ and I am open to trades. A vintage Mustang or a nice 34" scale 4 string could be interesting. (Can add money towards the right trade). 
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