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  1. Totally underwhelming. Never wanted a strat as a guitar and definitely not as a bass.
  2. Derrey bought some strings from me. Very easy person to transact with, 😁👍🏼
  3. Do they have silks at the ball end? The packet picture looks like they don’t.
  4. Much nicer than a Sire, I guess it’s lighter too.
  5. Are the stripes down the neck also a paint job?
  6. Did you get stung for import duties?
  7. I have a Babicz on my Gibson, totally brilliant bridge. In the long term I think that would be my choice but having just spent out to but the bass, I feel I ought to hold back on further large-ish outlay. What do you think of GHS Precision flats, I’ve only ever used their Brite Flats which I liked, but I recall they had silks at ball end.
  8. Tried that, the picture is the result.
  9. May be they anticipate short scale basses having a tailpiece a d needing the extra length like on a Hofner.
  10. While we’re on the subject of flats, which brands come with no silks at the bridge end? I have some La Bella LowTension flats on one bass which don’t, but I’ve just acquired a bass with a 3 point bridge and the flats have silks which sit on the bridge pieces which I always understood was not good. I tried trimming them back without much success. Other suggestions gratefully received.
  11. That’s quite a result. It needs some clover leaf tuners to complete the look. How’s the neck dive?
  12. I’ve measured (only with a normal ruler so not the most accurate); width 42mm; depth at 1st 20mm; depth at 12th 23mm. It feels quite chunky but judging by the measurements it’s not.
  13. When Jack Casady suggested to Gibson that they reissue the Les Paul Signature Bass, they sent him to Epiphone who went to Peerless in Korea to make the basses for them. Then they took production to China so Peerless brought out their own version. So here we have a Peerless Bassmaster Player, which apart from the headstock and tuners is pretty much identical to the Epi. Really nicely built and sounds great, currently strung with rounds, should I try a set of flats which the seller sent me. Rounds / Flats???
  14. Looks like a very well thought out instrument, nice colour too.
  15. I had GHS Brite flats which I found to be a great comprise between old school thud and zing. Felt really nice too.
  16. “Gold, always believe in your soul”. There’s something about it, certainly eye catching.
  17. The pickguard is definitely to original ( or even very nice IMHO ) 👎🤪
  18. It’s probably worth more than £70 now. 😁
  19. Did your mate use it to knock that wall down? Some tough built bass then!
  20. @Bassassin you may have thought you weren’t being helpful, but it was interesting.
  21. This came up on YouTube looking for something else. They seem to be playing the tune in triplicate at break neck speed. The bassist really goes for it on that Mosrite, love the cool dress code too. Bring back matching jackets and guitars 😁
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