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  1. Good looking P, the tort looks like the early ones ans definitely suits it. 👍🏼 So how’s the weight, Ps & Js are so variable?
  2. Looks great in blue. I know the spec says short scale but that neck looks long!
  3. Having also briefly owned one, they are very easy to play especially with a pick and they really don’t feel like anything else I’ve ever tried including other Hofners. It wasn’t a feel I liked so out it went but Sir P. obviously feels differently.
  4. When you got to the crossroads, did you remember to buy the talent. It only costs your soul. As the guy in O Brother Where Art Thou says, “ I wasn’t using it”. 🤔🤣
  5. I just thought the Zombies were a 1960’s pop group. Didn’t Rod Argent play for them before opening a music shop in Denmark Street.
  6. It’s sometimes surprising what sort of music they’ve been used on. 4 Seasons had them, they’ve cropped up in country bands, anyone got other unusual bands using one? 🤔
  7. I’ve got a walking pole which has a wooden top piece which unscrews to reveal a screw onto which you can put your camera thus turning it into a monopod. I suspect that it might do the job but I’m not about to start drilling holes in my NXT to find out 🥴
  8. I too acquired an NXT last year as a first venture in to uprights. I’m managing the tripod ok but would like to try the endpin alternative which would make one more mobile. The down side seems to be that there’s no way of supporting it when not playing. The CR version has an adapter to fit to the tripod to hold the bass upright when not in use. I have put out a wanted ad on here in case anyone did buy one but not get on with it, but so far no takers. £135 seems quite a lot for one.
  9. Re darkening the tort plate. I wonder if putting a black backing on it would do the trick. Perhaps a sheet of vinyl which is pretty thin.
  10. I had a ‘76 P as my main bass for years. It was okay but having bought other things since which are much better, I’d say they aren’t worth the £ s that people now ask for them. Theres no mystic about the 70’s, after all that’s the CBS era.
  11. Good one, always fancied one, never bought one. There usually quite heavy beasts, how’s this one? I think perhaps a black scratch plate is in order, that tort would do my head in and I like tort!
  12. Great free bass. A friend had a one and I recall being told that the downside to the aluminium neck was that the frets were integral and therefore not renewable if they got it worn down.
  13. That’s an awful lot of guitars and basses! I wonder if they will be able to sustain that level of production. Are there enough people out there to buy them all? I won’t be one of them.
  14. The bizarre “Jetson” shapes look like something a kid might knock up in woodwork class at school. There’s a reason most guitars have curvy shapes, they fit the human body and help balance the hang.
  15. Superb. Those builders in the Czech Republic certainly know a thing or two about building instruments. Makes me regret selling my, much humbler, less pretty, Rebop.
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