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  1. Thank you FDC48450. That’s very helpful, if even more than I thought.
  2. I’m sure this must have been covered before, but having searched I can’t find a thread, and it may have changed post Brexit. I know if I buy from Japan I will have to pay VAT. There is also import duty but I can’t figure out the % from the government’s website. Is it 4.5%? Are the taxes and duties also based on price and shipping cost? Can anyone enlighten me?
  3. Hyundai Tucson Hybrid. It has an enormous boot ( 660 sq.ft. I think ).
  4. Can I add some questions. Having played BG for more years than I can remember, my wife and I were enjoying a jazz trio where the bass player was using the Yamaha SLB and she said “why don’t you get one of those?” She’s never suggested buying an instrument before so I think I’ll take her at her word. I have a small car so size is a concern. The Yamaha and the BSX breakdown but I imagine that reassembling at a gig can be a bit of a bore so I am also looking at the NS and Ibanez versions, but how do others find the very small body? The “wings” on the Yamaha seem a necessary part to stabilise the bass. I’ve also seen an Aria SWB lite at a decent price but does any one have any views, I’m not sure it will be small enough to get it in my car either. What would BCers suggest / advise?
  5. My old man’s a dustman - Lonnie Donnegan
  6. The T also looks very similar to the Tanglewood logo.
  7. Looks great, hope the price was really good too!
  8. Wheels on fire - Julie Driscoll & Brian Auger Trinity
  9. I’m shocked. A Mike Lull with a dodgy neck! When you spend that sort of money for a “quality “ bass, you should be able to rely on it performing the functions it was made for.
  10. He ain’t heavy, he’s my brother - The Hollies
  11. Fun, fun, fun (til her daddy takes the Tbird away) - Beach Boys
  12. I think the answer depends on the instrument. Generally natural, for Fender - 3 colour sunburst, fiesta or candy apple red. ( Never owned a Fiesta Red one).
  13. Perfect pitch on a banjo - straight into a skip without touching the sides.
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