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  1. Say it isn’t so - from Blood Brothers
  2. Just go old school and plug straight into the amp.
  3. I don’t know whether a headstock should rock, I like Fenders, got most things right, straight away, but it shouldn’t cause the neck to droop and be tasteful. I think this is pretty good.
  4. If I remember correctly, a Ric is a shorter scale than a long scale Fender. An odd 33” springs to mind, but no doubt Ricky fans here will correct me. But aren’t they generally a lot heavier than your average P?
  5. Never liked Wals, couldn’t care if they take a century to make.
  6. I like the look of this, never thought the scratch plate on the Stingray 5 did anything for its looks. Like the majority (?) here I have generally abandoned hard cases, they don’t fit the front seat of my tiny car (DS3).
  7. I think you’re all brave! I would want to test run first.
  8. Thanks for all your wisdom. To summarise- don’t do it!
  9. I had a 35” scale 5 string Spector and to be honest it felt no different to ply than a 34” scale. It did have an excellent B, no flop at all.
  10. For years I’ve used combos. My current amp is a Behringer BX1200 Ultrabass,on this there is an actual lead and plug from the speaker which plugs into the back of the amp. I’d like to run an extension cab and I am thinking of using a Jack splitter to give me two outputs. Would this work?
  11. I’ve only watched the first hour, it was just too boring. Dreadful direction, I don’t want to watch audience members singing along to songs they don’t know! And as for the choice of artists 👎 it should definitely have been British only 🇬🇧. I expect the Queen was quite pleased not to have to attend. There was nothing there that would have appealed to her taste. She might have enjoyed an evening of Catherine Jenkins singing the songbook of Vera Lynn. I heard Giles Brandreth say hat Prince Philip once said to him “ well at least it wasn’t Elton John” so that’s one singer the royals don’t like. I suspect Prince Charles would have chosen the 3 Degrees. Sir Rod said in an interview he was told to sing Sweet Caroline by the BBC, why? Utter waste of time and money, PM deserves a vote of no confidence just for letting it go ahead IMHO.
  12. The NS Design adapts really easily to left handed playing. Otherwise like me, be left-handed but play right- handed. That way your most dexterous hand is playing notes!
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