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  1. At that price no surprise it’s long gone ! If anyone see a single H version 4 or 5 string let me know
  2. I’m getting a replacement unit sent out today. I’ve asked them to check it before hand for the symptoms I’ve described so will soon see, fingers cr It’s on my list , Dimension C is next hopefully
  3. I’ve been on to Andertons (they have been great to deal with) I’ve explained the symptoms and they are going to send me a replacement out and pick the old one up while they are at it tomorrow. (If I’m still not happy with it send it back for a refund) so I’m hoping it’s just a dodgy unit (I’d put money on it that some how it’s been built and it’s insides are the guitar version of the pedal, just a hunch but bet I’m not far off) (When I was initially testing it I plugged it in every way imaginable (through the front, effect loop, before and after pedal board, 3x different power supplies, 2x different amp heads. 2x basses. I stopped short of trying it with a guitar cause at this point why would I. It was the same drop however it was connected. I just sucked all the power out of everything on either effect. Switch it off and business as usual)
  4. The gain drop makes the pedal unusable in a live situation, you just wouldn’t be heard, no bottom end at all If I didn’t know better I’d say it was a manufacturing error and they have put the insides of the guitar version in the wrong chassis?
  5. Yeah it’s a total drop in gain, it sounds great otherwise. I’ve messaged retailer and awaiting reply, I’d be happy with a replacement unit as other than that it sounds great No not quite the sound in my head but it’s very nice sounding. I hope I’ve just got a bad unit and can see about getting it changed
  6. Just been playing with it now and to be honest it’s a bit of a letdown. I don’t know if I’ve got a dodgy unit but at first everything is working as it should and sounds nice but it sucks all the low end out of the signal. Switch it off and there is a huge volume jump back to dry, back on again and huge volume/power drop. Have tried a couple of different power supplies, amps, basses but in all honesty I think it’s going back
  7. So I’ve sent the Sea Machine back ......
  8. That’s exactly the sound I’m after. Dimension C is something that’s caught my eye but don’t know much about. Metallic 80s sound. That’s the words I’m looking for
  9. @jbu09 thanks. Thought that was the case with colours. But yes I think this is exactly what I’ve been looking for. (I’m terrible at describing things too lol) but a chorus with something. I was messing with my guitar board, pretty basic stuff on that But the combination of chorus plus phaser and it’s getting there cheers
  10. @jbu09 ok so this pedal seriously has my attention. Got a couple of questions.. at present I don’t have a phaser on my board but when I did I had it earlier on in the chain, before drive and my chorus pedal is last. How do you place yours? And I’m see seeing them in two different colours schemes, green version and black version like the one in the video, is there a difference ? (Guitar green, bass black is a rough guess) cheers
  11. That’s the conclusion that I’m coming to, I don’t “think” I’d ever see it as anything more than something that I would use at home and it would be great to use with guitar for the amount of guitar I play. in reality there is only one way I’m ever going to find out and that’s get one and see how I get on with it but I’m guessing the out come , but who knows. You don’t see that many secondhand ones so that’s got to say something. It’s like I could get one right now but at the same time there is another individual pedal I’m eying up, see what happens when it’s time to part with the cash
  12. I think this is the thing with me. Lack of patience. An effect with a usb on it I generally walk the other way. I’m tempted or drawn to the stomp with the idea of a simple fly rig board (stomp, Di box and good to go) but saying that I do the same thing with my set up now, (Darkglass AO last on board) I’ve never had even the slightest interest in multi effects so I don’t know what has kicked off this bout of GAS lol 😂
  13. This is my way of thinking, it’s always been individual stomps for me. Even when they fall out of favour (I try to keep them cause the amount of pedals I’ve sold and REGRET selling is silly. Unless it’s completely useless but even then I still have regrets, but that’s another topic) This is also very true. Big solid bass tone. In general the effects I do use there is probably only me who would really miss them lol but seriously I tend to use Chorus quite a bit, at various different levels but that’s a constant quest for the ultimate chorus tone and of course drive but also got that covered. That it’s leaves octave (two songs out of 30+ for not very long) and Wah. That’s mainly decorative at the moment but justify it as a volume pedal. Getting a multi of any description is very much just down to GAS with me
  14. Ok I’ll have a proper look at some YouTube videos
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