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  1. danny-79

    EBS Stanly Clarke Wah

    That was my initial thought but after hearing one with an envelope style setting at gig volume it was quite impressive but still not sure it’s worth the hassle of carrying it about. That was my theory. For the amount of use it gets one the same size as a Boss pedal is perfect. 105Q has a nice sound all of its own. I missed the full sized version I sold so went mini this time. Just starting to think it’s time to dig the EBS out and give it another go
  2. danny-79

    MM 2018 Stingrays

    Shows how upto date I am. I didn’t know they were being discontinued but saying that I can’t say either of them ever appealed to me, just not my thing. What I was more on about was the general rise in costs of guitars/basses across the board some of them are just silly money for an average bass/guitar (my fault going off topic)
  3. danny-79

    MM 2018 Stingrays

    Sorry, I meant generally the quality of new stuff in general not Musicman, there new stuff just keeps getting better and warrants the extra $€£. In my opinion they are about the only one that does
  4. danny-79

    EBS Stanly Clarke Wah

    In comparison to the full sized version (I brought it used off Basschat) there’s not much between them. It’s possible that with it being half sized it’s just different under your foot so gives that impression but to me it just Doesn’t seem to have the same sound. Getting the volume/Q/trim pots set on it is difficult it’s either too quite or too loud and same goes for the Quack it’s either all or nothing. I’m possibly just being over picky though. It’s the same size as a regular stomp so for ease of use live it’s great. 7/10
  5. danny-79

    MM 2018 Stingrays

    I’m a huge Musicman fan so I’m biased, possibly hated by fellow MM owners cause mine weren’t doing what I wanted so modified them to suit. Regarding prices of new basses/guitars I honestly don’t know what’s happened over the last decade. The quality has in a lot of cases gone down and the price tags over doubled?!?!
  6. danny-79

    NBD - stingray stealth

    Very nice, love the Stealth finish. Congratulations
  7. danny-79

    EBS Stanly Clarke Wah

    That looks like a beast of thing !! I liked my 105Q regret selling it. Knowing what I know now I have a feeling it might of been tampered with if that’s even possible cause after shelving the EBS I brought another one (mini this time though) and it’s not the same. But for the amount I use it live it does the job, it’s just convenient having it set up ready to go on my board rather than having to carry it around separate
  8. danny-79

    Acoustic bass

  9. danny-79

    Okay, so who here has twins?

    My twins 👯
  10. danny-79

    Acoustic bass

    My Alien is 32in so acoustic strings are limited. I have a set of Acoustic Elixirs on it, (just live with the E being a bit long on the post, dosent affect it) they are a bit pricey but last years. For the amount I play it anyways they have lasted still going strong now. Got an acoustic gig next week (third this year so not much use) highly recommend them if it’s a sharp crisp sound your after
  11. danny-79

    Acoustic bass

    Love mine. £350 secondhand. Plays lovely. It’s a 32in scale and suites it brilliantly, bit limited getting strings for it though, (Fender are the only ones I’ve found in a 32 scale,) I’ve got Elixirs on mine, little bit long on the E but dosent affect it fortunately) the 5string version is 34in I believe
  12. danny-79

    New Mustang in Surf Green

    I’ve got a Fender DJazz surf green. sunburst underneath. Definitely my second favourite colour next to powder blue. That’s my Stingray. Also sunburst underneath
  13. danny-79

    SFX Thumpinator

    Just been playing with it a bit more, (well the best you can at low volume) I won’t pass judgment just yet but I’m thinking it’s definitely a very good move in the right direction. Octave pedal it tracking much better on the low notes even open Eb is sounds good. I’ve readjusted the compressor accordingly and everything seems to be breathing a lot better. I’m sure I’ve had it at the start before and don’t know why I moved, or can’t remember more like lol but I’ve kept the last set of patch leads so easy enough to put back if it doesn’t work out but fingers crossed I’m hopeful
  14. danny-79

    DOD FX25 Envelope filter

    Classic effect, they definitely have a sweet spot on them , very fine line between getting it set just right and if ever the was a filter to kill your speaker cones this is it. Still very funky effect.
  15. danny-79

    DOD FX25 Envelope filter

    I brought one of theses years ago and never used it. Sold it only last week. Regretting it now 😪