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  1. Never heard of the frequency splitter. Two compressors. Please elaborate I’m intrigued
  2. Not heard of that one. He’s a great player though.
  3. Agree with you there. It’s prompting me to put the effort in to read. I’m getting there
  4. I’m just about to get started on it. Looks good though so far. It would be nice if it was written in traditional format rather than having the tab in a separate section
  5. Thanks for the info. Looks perfect. I’m slowly teaching myself to read but tab is still important. I brought one of Ed’s books a while back (walking bass line) no tab. Blessing in disguise as it promoted me to learn how to read it. Ordering a copy now. Thanks again
  6. I’ll look into this one next. Didn’t think I’d enjoy learning theory. Managed fine the last 30+yrs but I’m really getting into it and enjoying it so double bonus! (Just before I order a copy, how is it written? Bass clef and Tab hopefully)
  7. I’ve brought and downloaded the accompanying video. It’s what you would of expected the audio to be with the only difference you can watch the hands. Definitely worth it so all good. Starting work on it now !
  8. Same here. I just sold it cause I’d brought something new. Ive sold too many pedals over the year that I regret selling. File them away in a draw till they come back to mind. It’s hardly big money to be made in selling them. Only ever achieved that once (managed to hang onto one that’s now back in rotation rather than selling it and regretting it) but it’s definitely the way forward
  9. I regret selling my VT.Bass. Brilliant pedal. You can do a hellovalot of damage with it ! 😜
  10. Different. I’ll have a watch of that when got chance. Thanks again
  11. Is there any audio to download? Got the book today, only flicked through it. There is a link for a video. Not read it properly yet. Something to look forward to later. just thought I’d have an ask here
  12. Octave up and down. Never expedited that from its title. I’ll watch the link you have posted and report back 🤘😜🤘
  13. Boss multi Overtone. Never seen or heard of that one. Whats that about ?
  14. New board I’m very happy with. New board, power supply, cables, case. ....... just kind of feeling sorry for my old board. Lot of history together. It’s made up of two PT nano+ grafted together. I was debating splitting it back down and making a small essential board but prob best just get another board for that. Would hurt it’s fee breaking it up 😂😂😂😂😂
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