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  1. Looking for a Ernie Ball. Bongo. Must be a four string any configuration considered (preferably a HH) and colour not too important either but dark is a preference. Let me know what you have got cash waiting
  2. Bassist Available

    https://www.joinmyband.co.uk/classifieds/experienced-bass-player-looking-for-hard-rock-originals-band-t973763.html link to my advert on JMB
  3. Drop C tuning

    Thank you TKenrick. That’s the conclusion that I’m coming to. The material is to fast so I’m tripping over myself all the time trying to keep up it’s just hard readjusting my ears to it is thd biggest part of the problem but will give it another go
  4. Drop C tuning

    I’m after some advice. I’m a Four string player. Rock player. I’m used to bog standard EADG 440. I use that tuning on my jazz bass that I use while playing with my function band. And used the same tuning on both stingrays with my rock originals band. Tuning the second stingray BEAD 440 to cover everything else. So after 30 odd years of playing my ear and fingers are very much used to that set up. Even dropping to Eb causes mental complications. So having left the rock band the new band I’m getting to know play in drop C permently so I’m transcribing everything to BEAD and quite possibly causing myself a lot of unnecessary work. any advice or tips on what to do ? Logicly it’s possibly forget what I already know and relearn everything in dropC but that’s easier said than done. I love a challenge but this is proving quite difficult to be honest. All and any advice is more than welcome thanks in advance
  5. Father and Sons STINGRAYS.

    You can never have too many StingRay’s ? very nice pair indeed
  6. Still on the look for one of theses (MarkBass Little Mark 800w Tube) if any body has one there looking to part with please get intouch, cash waiting. Not interested in anything alternative Thanks Dan
  7. As the title, not really looking for anything else, cash waiting
  8. The Almighty - Wild and Wonderful If anybody got a tab for this would help me along thanks Dan
  9. Genz-Benx FCS 4x10

    After a second one of theses if anybody has one they want to part with get intouch please Focus 4x10 (600w at 8ohm)
  10. Pride & Glory - Horse Called War

    Back on it, anybody got any clues for this one ?
  11. Feeler still out for GENZ-BENZ FCS 4x10 still on the look for one
  12. Elixir Strings - user feedback

    [quote name='danny-79' timestamp='1436972081' post='2822469'] I got a set with a new BGM subscription, 105-45 Stainless Steels. I generally prefer a 50&70 on the D&G and nickel is what I use. I have in the past used coated strings of various brands an not found them to be worth the extra price. I love a new set of strings so stick to one brand and one gauge (Ernie Balls, Regular Slinkys) soon as the zing is gone put a new set on so this should be an interesting test. There going to go on a StingRay (the slightly tamer one of the two) at the same time as a new set of my usual on the other one,(there both due a change) and will rotate them in use as I always do and report back They should/will be going on today 15-07-15 [/quote] Getting quite worried now, there still on and going strong ! 11 gigs + rehearsals and home practice 50hrs easily, im used to putting a new set on about every 4x weeks and don't normally gig a set more than 3x times usually because they need changing or potential break risk. Do steels of any kind last quite a long time ? not had much dealings with them until now and complete convert now Regardless of how long they are lasting, they sound amazing win win
  13. Pride & Glory - Horse Called War

    [quote name='bagsieblue' timestamp='1445627302' post='2893014'] Sorry - can't find it...... [/quote] No problem, thanks for looking [quote name='Valhalalf' timestamp='1445631428' post='2893062'] Agreed! Great song, great album, great band. Yeah there both great albums, there all I have been playing all week Still need the tab though ? anybody else ? Really liked Zakk's follow up album Book of Shadows. [/quote]
  14. Pride & Glory - Horse Called War

    Thanks if you could it would be a huge help, thanks!
  15. I had totally forgotten about Pride & Glory until last night at rehearsals when the reoccurring subject of a cover came up. I had totally forgotten about this one and very happy to pull the cd off the shelf and play it again ! so Horse Called War is next just having a hard time finding a bass tab for it (few guitar ones kicking about for a start) so if anybody knows of one could you please direct it my way, I want to nail this one ! Thanks in advance Dan