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  1. That’s a very good price! I’m tapped out but good luck with sale
  2. The rear pickup Ona HH is in exactly the same spot as the single H on a stingray so yes you can get the single H sound out of a HH The Bongo on the other hand is different positions so in that case it’s no.
  3. Not the best of photos as in photography but it’s hard work getting them all in the same room with out falling out. 😜
  4. Got them on two of my SR’s. you won’t regret it. Brilliant pre amps
  5. No it’s Firemist Purple. Not really a big fan of sparkle finishes.
  6. Ordered this yesterday. Just waiting for it to arrive 😜 better photos to follow
  7. Can’t believe I don’t know lol 😂 Both. Maybe scratch plate if it’s part of the assembly (strat for example) and pick guard if it’s not (like acoustic guitar) no right or wrong answer and I honestly don’t know what I use the most
  8. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  9. Brilliant Bass. Very collectible
  10. Yeah I see what you mean. There is an extra valve or something on the top plus a couple of switches to the left . I now know they are made to order so some kind of special request maybe ?
  11. The compressor I use is the old style Markbass Compressore. Is highly unpractical on a pedalboard (tube, Needs it’s own power supply etc) so have it mounted next to the shuttle in a pedalbox and adjust it accordingly depending on the bass I’m using. It’s is my favourite sounding compressor to date. All my basses are active
  12. I can’t see me needing one anytime soon seeing as I was unsure about what exactly it was yesterday morning. I have two class D amps I use, the one (Genz Benz shuttle) permanently had a tube compressor hooked up to it just for the simple reason of warming/sweetening the tone
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