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  1. Oh no how come ? Shame to split them up lol 😂
  2. The last bass I brought was a 2006 HH StingRay , really love the tone of position 2 , (outer coils) but all my others are single H (2x stingray and a Bongo) (got a Jazz but that’s something totally different) lovely matching pair you have there btw
  3. I paid £1050 in late 2006 for a brand new 2005 L.E In buttercream. It was simply old stock. It’s new pre order price was over twice that if you wanted on the day it was released. The only options I had with though were take it or leave it, not that I’m complaining in the slightest, still got it and in daily use
  4. That’s stunning. Love that blue. Nice score!
  5. I think you either love them or hate them. Me, I’ve got 3 (and a Bongo H) wouldn’t want to play anything else (apart from the token Jazz I’ve got 😜)
  6. Lol 😝 yup that’s me. SR4H. Three band. Then came another SR4H. followed by a Bongo 4H and recently a SR4HH..... I thought that should of killed all gas but now my attention is in the direction of a Big Al..... or maybe a Reflex? both 😜
  7. Got my Duality back from being checked over and all is well. Phantom fault that hopefully I won’t see again. New PT2 and Voodoo lab 4x4 power supply with Neutrik jack plugs and Van Damme cable. Finished for now at least 🤘😜🤘
  8. danny-79


    Recent refinish. Sea Foam won the day. No wrong answers on that shade though 😎😜
  9. So. .... out with the old i with the new!!! My board is somewhere between these two at the min. More photos to follow 🤘😜🤘
  10. I need a matching toaster now 😝
  11. Thanks for that, not sure how I missed it either. Definitely good to know though. Cheers
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