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  1. I need a matching toaster now 😝
  2. Thanks for that, not sure how I missed it either. Definitely good to know though. Cheers
  3. Ok I didn’t think that was possible or even an option, I’ve never been that close to one only ever seen pictures and presumed that lacquer was part of the roasted effect
  4. I have only one twin pick up bass, active Jazz. All my EBMM’s are single H so a HH of some descriptive is next.
  5. Think you have everything more than covered with them two ! Very nice. Stingray HH is next on my GAS list
  6. I’m completely the other way around. I love the look of the Roasted necks but can’t for the life of me get on with anything other than an oil & wax neck finish and they need the lacquer to give it ye depth. I’ve got a fender jazz deluxe that I had to remove the lacquer off the neck. The only bass I own that isn’t oil,wax is my Bongo and can’t really do anything about that as it’s painted to match the body, that’s the only thing that lets it down for me. (All my basses are rosewood btw) its all just personal preference though. No right or wrong answer. Martthebass, that neck looks great !
  7. Couldn’t leave this one out !
  8. Just added custom pick guard and matching control plate
  9. No it’s few years old, 2005 camera phone photos. It’s definitely my go to bass. I like the roasted necks but don’t like lacquer on the neck so stick with what I know
  10. danny-79


    2007 Deluxe. Seafoam green refinish
  11. Thanks for your feedback. I’ll stick with it as is for now then. Maybe it’s a different chorus I’m possibly looking for. Been eying up the Sea Machine but apart from YouTube vids anyone else have any first hand experience with them ?
  12. That’s exactly how I have mine ordered currently. Thanks for reply
  13. Would I get a better chorus effect if I put it through the effect on loop rather than through the front last in line as it is now ? (MXR Bass chorus deluxe) i want it to sound more pronounced cause as it is it’s sounding very in the background. Also Would an octave effect be better of through the loop or as is (chorus is main question) thanks in advance Dan
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