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    Yeah, 2007 model.. ( I brought it off this forum in 2011)I’ve also removed the lacquer off the back of the neck in favour of oil & wax
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    It’s evolving and I’m getting quite happy with it. I had to change the truss rod bolt, that was a task in its self finding the right one. I feel I should should panic buy a few bags of them after the haste of that !!!! But anyways, I collected a few other parts while it was out of action and have now put it all together.
  3. thank you all. I’ll pass this along to it’s owner. Cheers
  4. Yeah I though so. Any advances on that ? Lol 😂
  5. So obviously it’s a Guild B-301 im guesses it was made either 1978 or 1973 (1970 something not sure how the s/n works with Guild) but apart from that I don’t know much if anything about it. It belongs to a friend of mine who sad he brought it in about 1980. Its solid mahogany body, definitely not a through neck although it is a set neck but apart from that don’t know so having an ask here regarding its history and possible value. Sorry not the best of photos and thanks in advance cheers Dan
  6. Wasn’t totally happy with it so tidied it up a bit. (See how long this lasts 😜)
  7. Thanks for the summing up. My Phase90 is currently with a teck. I want basically a level/output modding into it but it’s all gone quite. Think I’ll just get it back and use it for something else. Any phaser I put in my chain (I’ve tried a few) always cut the volume a very noticeable amount
  8. @lee650 how are you getting on with the EBS phaser ? Didn’t know that pedal existed. Whats it like with volume spikes or drops as is the case with my Phase90 (mine drops the volume)
  9. My favourite sounding compressor ever I think. I’ve had a couple over the years, still got the old style shaped one, don’t need two but good luck with sale
  10. Few little tweaks to the bottom today tidying it up, black cable ties in the power leads and removed factory sticker off the 4x4 , re made the labels and stuck them on straight this time (it’s a pedalboards forum/thread so can talk openly lol 😂 lol 😂)
  11. Another rebuild. Running order still the same apart from the TU3 added so can use wireless or lead a lot easier. IN/OUT/OUT locking jacks mounted to the back. Matching purple boots on the jack plugs ........ New (don’t know what to call them, plastic bits underneath for the cable ties). They were previously bits of random mismatched wood covered in black tape, worked fine the last ?? many years but now custom cut matching plastic bits of thingy
  12. I’ll keep an eye out for them, well I’ll have a look now lol 😆 I only know of Elixir that do coated steels. I came across them by accident and would be begrudged to use anything else ive had a set of the XTs before didn’t like them
  13. Not heard of the Markbass and didn’t know DAddario made coated bass strings, do they do coated steels ?
  14. Thanks all. A set popped up on amazon so have ordered them, little bit pricey but hopefully they will be here by Saturday latest (not much point after that) the set that are on are ok just want new to record with. Hopefully Elixir will have it sorted soon. I’ve been using them that long that don’t know what I’d use as an alternative
  15. Just been sent a refund from bass direct. Guess they don’t have any after all (confirmation email either way would of been nice and a bit earlier in the day so could look elsewhere) but cheers anyways
  16. Wow. You are right and just ordered them. Thank you !
  17. Thanks I’ll follow this up. Never had a problem getting them in the past, I’m guessing it’s knock on effects of the past couple of years.
  18. Hi all. I’ve been using this set of strings now for 7-8yrs. They are 105-50 stainless steel. Never had a problem getting hold of a new set , next working day from strings-direct. The problem I have now is EVERYWHERE within a google search is out of stock. Anybody know what is going on with this? Import issues maybe? More importantly does anyone have a set I could buy ? I’ve got a recording session next Saturday and could really use them. Cheers
  19. @DiMarco nice bass! I’ve no first hand experience with the HS but would presume the S would add bass on its position alone. Eq wise (three band) as rule of thumb I generally run my bass at 3/4+. Mid on central dent and treble just off the dent in the + direction to keep the G string in line. Previously to this setting I’ve set the amp up with an all flat/center dent bass eq.
  20. That was the conclusion I was coming to but after testing with various different basses, guitars, amps, cabs and locations for the same result. Ive got a second MXR Phase90 that I brought around 2014, it’s been on permanent loan to my dad, I brought that into A/B with and that one sounds great, cuts in and out seamlessly so really don’t know. the new one is currently with my electronic friend. It should be coming back with a trim pot fitted to the output so I’ll see how that goes when i get it back
  21. A dummy pot would craze me have thought about it though. Keeping an eye out for a grommet of some description
  22. Wilkinson machine heads x2 sets, gutted the pickups and pre amp. Replaced with EMG’s (thanks again @Eldon Tyrell ). Volume volume tone, jazz style set up, room in there for a second battery so now 18v. (Need to find something to hide the extra/previous hole from having four pots, any suggestions?) A bit of tweaking here and there and I’m now very impressed with it, I’ve put my mark on it anyways
  23. Thank you. I’ve just started a new thread regarding this. What I want to do is add a trim pot so I can mix it to taste. Simple sounding request but apparently not as easy as it sounds. My last MXR p90 was amazing. New one not so much
  24. Hi all, got a similar question going on in another thread that’s started the ball rolling (pedal is with someone who will carry work out just asked me for suggestions) In short I’m wanting to add a eternal trim pot so I can adjust the output as at the moment the volume drop when the phaser kicks in is too much, needs booting. Uping the value of the output resistor is one option but a trim pot would definitely be nice for obvious reasons. Diagrams, photos, etc what I’m asking you for please and thank you 😊 Cheers ! Dan
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