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  1. Brilliant Bass. Very collectible
  2. Yeah I see what you mean. There is an extra valve or something on the top plus a couple of switches to the left . I now know they are made to order so some kind of special request maybe ?
  3. The compressor I use is the old style Markbass Compressore. Is highly unpractical on a pedalboard (tube, Needs it’s own power supply etc) so have it mounted next to the shuttle in a pedalbox and adjust it accordingly depending on the bass I’m using. It’s is my favourite sounding compressor to date. All my basses are active
  4. I can’t see me needing one anytime soon seeing as I was unsure about what exactly it was yesterday morning. I have two class D amps I use, the one (Genz Benz shuttle) permanently had a tube compressor hooked up to it just for the simple reason of warming/sweetening the tone
  5. Any idea on the make and model of the one in the photo ?
  6. I’ll sleep so much better tonight with this information. Thank you
  7. Though it was something of the like. Intrigued to its main purpose though
  8. Genuine question but I’m starting to see a lot of ???? about and not too sure what they are. My guess is A- some sort of valve pre-amp to sweeten up a class-D amp head. B- some sort of a fancy DI box C- a mix of both any info on what they are/do greatly appreciated cheers !
  9. https://www.facebook.com/alperiouspickguard/ He does some nice work. I had this control plate made the same time (blue stingray is exactly same modified speck as the cream one)
  10. I’ve got it’s four string brother with rosewood board. Also heavily modified Nordstrand bigman. East pre amp series/single/ parallel switch custom pickguard and control plate and battery box has been removed in favour of a snap and plate (off a classic SR) all original parts are safely stashed up but it’s definitely a keeper though
  11. Is the bass a 2005 LE in buttercream?
  12. None original tuners will drastically devalue it upgraded or not. You can buy the standard EBMM tuners, I had to replace a damaged one a while back and at just over £30 each. Sell the Hipshots separately
  13. I’ve Just ordered a copy of this
  14. I’ve swapped the pre amps and pickups in two of my StingRays and have kept all original parts just incase hell freezes over and need to sell either one. Put it back to as close to original as possible then auction of the aftermarket parts separately you will get more for it that way. Funny how that works
  15. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  16. Never too late, thank you for your post and recommendation I’ll look into it. Cheers
  17. there has to be a way around it and right hand fret tap is a great suggestion, can’t think of any other way. Its like theses are the notes but doesn’t work all on the same string. Great book though very inspiring stuff
  18. All the Good Stuff Book. How are you getting on with it using a four string bass or are you not (not using a four string) . I’m really for the first time ever wishing I had a high C
  19. Thanks ! I’ll be looking into this more
  20. Never heard of the frequency splitter. Two compressors. Please elaborate I’m intrigued
  21. Not heard of that one. He’s a great player though.
  22. Agree with you there. It’s prompting me to put the effort in to read. I’m getting there
  23. I’m just about to get started on it. Looks good though so far. It would be nice if it was written in traditional format rather than having the tab in a separate section
  24. Thanks for the info. Looks perfect. I’m slowly teaching myself to read but tab is still important. I brought one of Ed’s books a while back (walking bass line) no tab. Blessing in disguise as it promoted me to learn how to read it. Ordering a copy now. Thanks again
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