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    1972 all original Fender Jazz, with the original case, she’s aged beautifully with great looking wear and checking all over, she was Olympic white but is now a gorgeous buttermilk colour with the most beautiful piece of tort I’ve seen, I think my soul was a small price to pay.
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    From my daughter. Main pressie from the wife was the Bassix EUB.
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    A huge part of Genesis was about having two guitars. Mike's role was just about unique. Something they also did was bring bass pedals to the fore.
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    Stop getting Rush wrong! It's Permanent Waves and Moving Pictures that are the best. Not the bland synth Pop of the latter years.
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    Now now, what would the Nickelback museum need Geddy's basses for? 😉
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    How’s about this then, Santa’s only gone and got me tickets from the Friday at the palladium. So it doesn’t matter if I get the call or not, I’ll see you there.
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    Ah, you’re referring to the 1/4” amp output then, which will be at instrument level. Merry Christmas, Rock & Roll Killers!
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    Fernandes The Revival RJB-75 Jazz Bass Great copy of a 60s Fender Jazz, made by Fernandes in the first half of the 1980s. This is the higher RJB-75 model. It looks great with its matching headstock: This bass plays and sounds great. Hardware and electronics work like they should (it has the reverse tuners) and the neck is straight. The frets are in great condition as they were levelled and dressed a few months back. There are some (minor) damages to be found, though overall this bass looks great for its age. There is a little what seems to be glue remnants near the nut. It is fitted with Fender flatwound strings on the pictures, but now has rounds on it. Not sure what brand. Adjusted price again: €630,- / £570,- Update: Shipping (with neck and body seperated) within europe/UK is now included in the price. The bass is located in the Netherlands, but I´m willing to ship within Europe/UK at buyers risk and expense. Costs will be around £30 when shipped with the neck detached, or around £70 with the neck fitted and with crappy hardcase. Payment in euro's per banktransfer, PayPal (family/friends) or cash on pickup.
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    Hi everyone, here is my Fodera Emperor Standard bass for sale/trade. Has some use but in excellent condition. Specs from the Fodera website: Hand-Selected, Aged Tone Woods 24 Frets PLEK’d Compound Radius Fingerboard 3-Piece, Quarter-Sawn Hard Rock Maple Neck High-mass, Proprietary, Adjustable, Bell-Brass Bridge Fodera/Duncan Dual Coil Pickups Fodera/Pope 3-band Preamp Ordered late 2017 and delivered June 2018. Original Fodera teardrop hard case included.
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    Not seen a Euro P/J setup before (I'm happy to be proved wrong here), they're usually twin humbuckers with EMG pickups. I'd imagine if you asked nicely you'd be able to get one made but it wouldn't be cheap. I know that there a USA customs with a PJ setup:
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    I think I’m quoting another BassChatter here when I say it seems to have a couple of meanings to different people but to me (and do excus e my not very technical lay-person’s explanation here) it is about traditional bass amps and cabs having a very ‘coloured’ output, so you might want a truer idea of what your instrument really sounds like without the ‘colour’. Some powered PA speakers give such a ‘colourless’ sound, if not completely ‘colourless’ then close, certainly closer than a traditional amp/cab setup. Also, once you start exploring this avenue you might (or might not) be persuaded that actually such a powered PA speaker might be able to completely replace an amp/cab rig. I have done this recently and I’m not going back. Like @Bridgehouse, I now play my bass through a preamp into a powered PA speaker and when I gig I send a DI from the PA speaker to the desk. The forty pages of discussion on the Interesting FRFR thread has radically changed my approach to amplification in all scenarios, a complete game changer for me.
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    It’s the Hal Leonard one: https://www.halleonard.com/product/viewproduct.action?itemid=696481&lid=8&keywords=Blues bass&searchcategory=00&subsiteid=7&
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    I'm studying for my PhD in electroacoustic composition at the University of Birmingham. As part of the project I've started building a website which will form a part of my final portfolio, the idea (actually my supervisors idea) is that it will connect everything I'm doing together; the blogs of my journeys, photos, descriptions of the places that I visit, maps of sound walks, field-recordings, and compositions. It's still very much in its early stages, I've never done a website before, other than a Bandcamp page. Comments would be most welcome, particularly if you've been to or are planning on visiting the places, even more so if you live there. The only sounds up so far are from a very recent visit to Belgium, I've got some from a trip to Amsterdam to upload later. There's a piece of music that I'm working on from Amsterdam that is up there too. I'm reasonably happy with how the site is starting to look. I managed to find an app that works how I want it to for the maps; it kind of does what I want anyway, I need to experiment with it. I've realised that there's going to be a fair amount of duplication across the pages and the content; I don't want people to have to skip to another page to see some photos, or to listen to something, so I'm putting photos and sounds in the sound walks section that will also appear on the photos and sounds sections. Some will also probably be in the blog section. Some people I guess might just want to look at the photos, or listen to the sounds. I'm using the free site at the moment, you can add photos but sound has to be via a link to Soundcloud, so I'll probably upgrade to a paid version in the next day or so. It's pretty versatile. You can have an image rather than blank behind the text for instance, I thought that looked good, but made reading the text awkward at times. I'd really, really like people to comment on it, and hopefully interact by adding comments to the contents, especially people who've either been, are planning on going or live in any of the places that I'm visiting. https://placesandsound.wordpress.com/sound-walks-and-maps/
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    Thats probably why they never interviewed him.
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    Just the Geddy Lee book I bought for myself Son #1 got a Darkglass 3BK, son #2 got a Hofner Ignition violin bass (he likes the Beatles) - so I still have new stuff to play with 😜 I may have to give up hopes of the Norris family band though with 3 bass players, unless we just play Big Bottoms over again
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    @CameronJ & @lemmywinks. Have just sat down for a more educated hours playing through the Fishman into the K12.2 using the Bass Amp preset and at Instrument level. It sounds great, I think I was just freaked out initially by just how loud it was so I was assuming I’d got it on an incorrect setting.
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    Probably wouldn't get on very well with Schubert, then.
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    I had a quick noodle on the Hofner violin bass that son #2 wanted for Christmas. Just a cheap Ignition, but actually a very nice little bass which arrived set up, intonated, and even in tune from Anderton's. I've never really fancied one before myself, but it's rather fun
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    Oh yes, just sat down for an hour playing through the new rig, it is glorious.
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    If I had a 55-02 that I liked, I really would not spend time trying other basses. To me the electrics are 'consumables'... you can change, modify, replace. You can restore to original if you wish too. I used to own a 55-02, and I thought the electrics let it down a little. A little. That thing felt great in my hands, it was beautiful, one of those rare instruments that feel just right. Had I kept it (not really into 5 strings after all) I might have replaced pickups and preamp: for me 1st the bass must feel physically right, then I'll deal with the electrics. That's just me.
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    It's all very much horses for courses. My 'FRFR' setup might not be considered the real deal (Barefaced with Markbass or Crown, although with modelling much of the time), but a QSC on the bass amp setting won't be either flat or full range- one might as well use a bass amp. In fact, I still don't know what the actual flat setting is on them. Regardless, I have a couple of PA type rigs, a 4x12, and if I can fit it in the Citroen, I might blow my credit card on a full SVT, just because I still have a few short years in which I might still be able to manouever the beast. Do I need one? Of course not, I can model one, but will I regret never having had one of my own on my death bed? Yup. Anyway, it is good to recognise the positives of a certain approach, but it shouldn't become dogma. This is good. That is also good. Good, good, noise. EDIT- thought I was in the FRFR thread for a second. Hard to know why the combo is not loud enough, seems like it might be a problem with the amp if it seems too quiet at home. If it is indeed hitting its limits, shoving more signal in won't help, merely saturate the limiting part all the more. High-passing and compression can help squeeze more volume from a system, but both require careful setting to do so 'invisibly'. Still if a 1x15 Ampeg isn't enough to satisfy in your living room, there surely must be something wrong with it.
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    Smooth Hound wireless. Not used it at rehearsal/gig yet but after a couple of hours noodling around at home I'm already thinking of getting a second set just for the house!
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    Wah! Heat... two classic singles and then a dwindle into the gutter of obscurity. Shame!
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    I'd agree with that - when I was at Liverpool Uni, OMD were kind of the "house band" in the student union just as they were breaking through, and I loved the early stuff, especially "Messages". They were always pop, but I found the later material bland in the extreme Great times - Echo & the Bunnymen, Teardrop Explodes, and Wah Heat! played there too as local bands just hitting it big, though one of my favourites were Original Mirrors who never did
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    The 300 to 6/7/800 (whatever it is these days) are all basically the same bass. Just the woods and electronics get a bit better the further you go up the price scale. They're all very good and although my Soundgear obsessed days are far gone, I still wouldn't hesitate with a lot of them. Thanks to the brilliant ergonomics I know that's one bass I can blind buy every time and it'll work for me. Saying that I think they're oversaturating these days with all the minor variations in body finishes and so on. The 655 in "ice black" or whatever, for example. Just another SR w/ Bartolinis that sounds good, but not great. If you can find one of the 6xx series ones in the brown stain finish with the Norstrand CND P/J pickups and active/passive switch, that's well worth the £6-700 price tag. Or just get the 300E for probably the best sub-£500 five string on the market. I'd also recommend looking at the TRBX from Yamaha which was very clearly their idea of an SR competitor when it dropped. Many good reviews on the TRBX305.
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    I love a bit of Collins era Genesis, guilty pleasures be damned. And if Gabriel hadn't left we wouldn't have albums like Peter Gabriel III, IV, So, Passion and Us which are all beyond-words levels of good. Everybody wins!
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    @lemmywinks I just noticed the Catbus on your icon, good move.
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    I have something coming today. Bear with.
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    I use the instrument level input on the QSC K10.2 from the amp output on the Fishman, works fine for me.
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    I use Rockboard, EBS and Harley benton flat cables. I need all the space I can get. Too many pedals 😁. They all seem good quality.
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    Its a fair point I suppose, but they way the lyrics are shoehorned in are exactly what I like about Prog style music, nothing is ever simple! 👍for Turn The Page though. Hold Your Fire was one of the few 80/90's albums I actually liked.
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    I've found that a lot of the songs I prefer on the last few albums are all Vedder's. I do agree there was an intentional change, whether that was to move away from the Grunge scene or to try and avoid radio play I don't know.
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    It's Christmas morning. 4.23am. I'm wide awake, listening to foxes howling somewhere close by. And an owl hooting. Woo-hooooooo. Woo-hooooooooo.
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    I've used George L's for years. I've had them for so long I can't remember why I switched, but recently a guitarist friend of mine used a cheap "6 for £10" patch cable to jumper channels on his amp and everything went dark. I leant him a George L one I had spare and hey presto, great tone returns. Solderless cables of this calibre are an absolute MUST if your pedals are mounted on a board and there's minimal movement between the pedals.
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    One of the all time greats for blurring the line between artist and art in a way that barely anyone else has approached. I have a collection of his interviews and/or people being interviewed about working with him which is about the closest thing to an autobiography we'll get from him and it's well worth a read. My particular favourite anecdote was from a film director who had approached him about a part in a movie - I want to say Jim Jarmusch for Coffee and Cigarettes but can't quite remember. He's trying to arrange a meeting but only has a day in the area, so he can't do an evening like Tom wants; eventually after a lot of back and forth with his agent he gets told to come to Tom's house in the morning. On the day he turns up nice and early at this little bungalow in a perfectly normal California suburb, and he gets let inside and shown down the corridor to this closed door at the end. Behind the door is an almost empty room with all the blinds closed and paper over the windows so no light can get in from outside - Tom is huddled up on a single wooden chair in the middle of the floor wearing sunglasses and his hat pulled down over his eyes alone in this dark room at 9AM, and he looks up at Jim for a second and then exasperatedly gestures at the blocked out window and he growls: "Tell me, does it stay like this for long?"
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    AKA "Duck Egg Blue"? (Nips off to buy some Bombay Duck eggs for breakfast. They're rare you know, like hen's teeth rare. I might settle for a duck lip sandwich instead.)
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    To be honest, there’s not really a lot of point to these kind of threads, either “I can’t stand so and so”, or “so and so is fantastic”. All they ever end up in is a percentage of people agreeing and a percentage of people disagreeing. 99% of the time minds are already made up. All they ever prove is that we’ve all got different tastes, which is how it should be.
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    Forgot to talk about the merits of this Krampera rig: huge deep clear loud articulate. The cabs are nicely matched/ tuned to work together and it shows. Great quality bass head with practical footswitch. Everything else does seem slightly dull after going through this. Lucky me!
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    Since I’m trying a few tapewound strings out I thought I’d shield the cavities since I will be losing out on the grounding, once she’s in pieces there some interesting photos of the wear.
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    The buyer is probably another antique dealer.
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    No worries bud ,my Sr 500 will be resigned to the bedroom wall for a while now.
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    Over to the blank. I forgot to take a photo of that. There's the remains and the mock-up after cutting. Neck pocket cut,pickup routed out and bridge position set.
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    As much as the FRFR solution is (imho) very much about hearing one’s instrument without the colour certain amps and cabs give to it, for me the weight and size issue was hugely important. The K12.2 rattles my house just nicely! I think you are being wise not putting all your eggs in one basket. I looked. It reminds me of a rig I used in a thrash band I was in. There is a hugely heavy Acoustic (as in the make) head and cab at one of the venues I play at that I deeply covet, if I thought they’d sell it to me I’d buy it in a heartbeat, but, I don’t think I’d use it if I got it home, nonetheless, for some reason, I still want it.
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    It's possible you might get some increase in volume if your bass has a low output, but I think you're most likely to end up driving the preamp into distortion rather than getting any real increase in volume.
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    Some years ago I heard a story that Strings and Things would swap necks and bodies to meet specific orders.
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    Amazing how different people's tastes are... I know folks who love Californication as well. Each to their own! But then I'm a fan of Urban Dance Squad, 24-7 Spyz and Infectious Grooves.
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    Black Sabbath. For me the first 4 albums created and defined the genre of 'Heavy Metal' but, for me, they went a bit off the boil apart from the odd song here and there. Then Ozzy left and it wasn't BS any more, despite the name.

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